Judge Lorna Alksne On The Way Out After Home Picketed

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Recently, we heard from a reliable source that embattled San Diego Judge Lorna Alksne spoke at yet another family law seminar in June 2010. She speaks at many of these events to rally her friends and associates in the family law profession to keep the courts humming with the profitable business of financially victimizing and violating the rights of children and families. There was talk both of her being furious over her home being picketed by an increasingly angry public and a job change she is planning. She anticipates being out of the San Diego family law system by the end of 2011.

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Alksne Planning to Bow Out Under Fire

Apparently the bad reputation Alksne has earned and the increasing public animosity towards her has finally had some effect on her career plans. She reportedly mentioned that she plans to stay in control over the San Diego family law courts for another year before she moves to another position.

There have allegedly been death threats made against her. There is public chatter about law enforcement investigations of the threats on web sites of those upset at Alksne’s abusive and biased conduct.

Picketing of her courthouse on Sixth Avenue has become routine as more and more parents understand that she aids and abets the ongoing abuse, corruption, and misconduct of family law courts and “professionals” in the county.

Hundreds of parents and concerned community members have signed a petition calling for the recall of Judge Lorna Alksne.

Alksne Wastes Taxpayer Funds

Alksne’s misconduct is not only resulting in the abuse of children and parents, it is also costing San Diego taxpayers plenty. The government has assigned more full-time security personnel to her and has assigned Sheriff’s Department staff and as well as agents from other agencies (the FBI has been mentioned) to root out the people responsible for the alleged threats.

When Alksne goes out in public, such as to family law seminars, she has a large posse of gun-toting uniformed and plainclothes security officers around her. But even in her own courtroom, in a well-guarded courthouse with security scanners and plentiful armed deputies, she still gets added security as her armed bailiff isn’t enough. This is a reflection of how abusive she has been to children and parents alike, worse than even most of the other corrupt judges in the county.

Why does a lowly county judge warrant security measures more comprehensive than those for many state officials? Because she is viewed as an abusive tyrant whom parents and their families blame for harming their children.

Alksne Supports Judicial Tyranny

The public should be asking what this judge who has created such a continuous public uproar is doing on the bench. Alksne has managed to prove to the public that she will whitewash, spin, hide, and obfuscate at every opportunity rather than to admit San Diego families are being harmed unjustly by the family law tyrants in our midst. She considers spin-control more important than reform and justice. Power first, money second, children — well, what San Diego judge would bother to care about them with Alksne setting the example she has?

As Alksne and her ilk’s reign of terror has intensified for years, it’s become more evident to the public that judicial tyrants are a far greater danger to the public than even irresponsible politicians. While politicians may mud-sling and vilify each other, they generally don’t target average citizens for attack in their own homes and don’t directly abuse their children.

Family law judges in San Diego and across the United States have amassed far too much power and have zero interest in justice. They avail themselves of opportunities to use their judicial power to silence and crush their own opponents as well as anybody who annoys a friend or associate and later appears in their courtrooms. This is not just a problem in San Diego. We hear of similar abuses elsewhere in California, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and many other locales.

Lies are facts in San Diego’s kangaroo courts. The judges know this well as many of them lie and deceive others about ex-parte communications, connections with parties appearing in cases, relationships with attorneys, evidence admitted or suppressed, and more.

Even when egregious outcomes are publicly disclosed, their leaders, including Lorna Alksne, have the unbridled arrogance to claim the courts are doing a wonderful job.

(from Joyce Murphy’s Letter Regarding Judge DeAnn Salcido)

Although most judges might have the grace to blush over revelations of in-your-face incompetence, keep in mind, San Diego, as demonstrated by Supervising Family Court Judge Lorna Alksne, is different than most.

In a rare display of a complete lack of credibility of family courts regarding the long over-due arrest of pedophile Bud Parson, (Family court judge DeAnn Salcido first apologized to Parson for having to undergo a CPS investigation, then granted him full custody of his and Joyce Murphy’s daughter for six years in spite of Murphy’s repeated attempts to protect their daughter), Judge Alksne’s cheerleading, “Family court judges are doing an excellent job.” was beyond the pale.

Ultimately, media exposure prompted Parson to plead guilty to six counts of child molesting split between two separate victim. He got off very lightly, sentenced to just six years in prison.

The outcomes are often decided once the judge knows who the litigants are, prior to impartial hearing of evidence and testimony.

If it looks like another mom making wild allegations, treat her like she’s crazy and strip her of all contact with her children rather than putting in safeguards to ensure both risks of abuse and false allegations are minimized.

If the litigant is a dad being driven crazy by court order violations, false allegations, and interference with custody, treat him like a violent criminal and proclaim “I’m a tough on crime judge” simply because he lost his temper and used a swear word in an email pointing out how his ex is refusing to even let the kids talk with him on the phone despite court orders.

If a litigant is a cop or other government employee, like the former husbands of many litigants in these courts, treat them like kings and the other parents like criminals. Judges want to keep law enforcement on their side, after all they need armed officers willing to hunt down, intimidate, arrest, and perhaps even kill the growing numbers of angry parents who have had enough with this system and want their children back.

Far too many judges today are responsible for what amounts to terrorism against the citizens, children and parents alike. The public can see that as more and more parents are banned from their children’s lives without any just cause, simply at the whim of a corrupt and abusive judge who decides she knows what is best and damn the plentiful evidence to the contrary.

We are not talking about parents who are extremists and pariahs like the Randy Weavers and Branch Davidians of the world. While the US Federal Government has wrongly murdered many of those people, the general populace didn’t feel so threatened by that because they could see clear “us vs. them” distinctions even if they didn’t approve of government agents shooting children in the back and torching homes.

But with San Diego family law tyranny, many of these victimized parents are normal people who find themselves in the middle of a nasty marital dispute and suddenly discover that there is no justice in family law courts. That’s particularly true for those who have managed to tick off anybody in the political establishment. With so many people on the government payrolls in the county, it is not hard to inadvertently end up on some government troll’s bad side.

Even if you have not annoyed anybody in the government, you had better hope that your future ex-spouse is not connected with the power-elite nor capable of providing them any substantive favors. That’s because it is often evident that a well-connected person, be it some real estate mogul or a news reporter, is going to get preferential treatment in San Diego courts.

Could Picketing Judges’ Homes Force Change?

The picketing of Alksne’s home may be one of the elements encouraging her to leave her comfy family court abuser position, raising the possibility that picketing the homes of other abusive and corrupt San Diego judges might have similar effects. Considering the number of San Diego judges involved in crimes against children and families, aggrieved parents and their families could probably keep themselves busy for years picketing the abusive judges currently populating the bench in the county.

Even gender-oriented court reform groups in the county are starting to set aside their differences to protest the growing court corruption. While malicious moms and dastardly dads may be nominal enemies, corrupt judges are even more of a threat so many of them have come to believe that battle must be delayed for now. It’s a bit like the US and the Soviet Union (as played by the gender-oriented parent groups) joining forces to fight Nazi Germany (as played by the San Diego courts).

Obviously I’d like to share with you some of the details of the picketing of Alksne’s home. If a recipe could be found to force a corrupt judge from office, it should be widely published and practiced. The judicial tyranny we have today in San Diego and in many American cities is a dire threat to the future of this nation and the freedom of its citizens. If picking a judge can turn around such a threat, the citizens should be aware of just how to do it.

Not being among the protesters and with my usual sources pleading ignorance of the picket, I turned to the Internet, figuring that Google and other search engines might make quick work of locating details. Given the many sites featuring criticisms of Lorna Alksne and other corrupt family law judges, I expected something to turn up.

What did I find? Nothing.

That a judge has so angered so many people that they picketed her home and she’s furious about it and apparently considering a job change seems like it should be making the mainstream news, but it isn’t.

Media Aligned with Courts to Hide Public’s Anger

Why isn’t the growing crisis of confidence in the abusive family law courts being reported in the local mainstream media?

One major reason is that there is an alignment of interests between the mainstream media and the power elite. Follow the power and money and potential threats to each and you’ll begin to understand what is happening.

Pretend for a moment that you are one of Alksne’s ilk, a corrupt San Diego judge. Would you willingly cooperate with the abuse a child by depriving him of a good parent to prevent a potentially damaging story being spread by a TV or radio news reporter who is a nasty abusive parent of that child? Almost any San Diego judge today would pick child abuse as the better option. Kids don’t get on the TV or radio to expose corruption and they don’t have money to donate to political campaigns, so what corrupt judge would care about children?

That’s why you see vicious parents who appear to be child abusing parental alienators like TV reporter Lynn Stuart getting away with apparent child abuse and violations of court orders with impunity. Between being a reporter and her ex, Cole Stuart, ticking off Lorna Alksne and other family law judges by organizing aggrieved San Diego parents to push for court reform, tyrants like Judge Lisa Schall and Judge Christine Goldsmith have decreed that parental alienation child abuse is acceptable conduct for their young son. Lynn Stuart has reportedly consistently refused to allow her son to see, speak with, or have any contact with his father despite court orders to the contrary. Even after Lynn Stuart’s stunt of falsely accusing her ex of alcohol abuse was exposed as such by Judge Joel Wohlfeil after he inflicted four months of alcohol testing on the father only to find not a single bit of evidence to support her apparently malicious false allegations, she reportedly stepped up the abuse by intensifying the interference with contact.

Self-serving judges like Lisa Schall and Christine Goldsmith won’t dare hold Lynn Stuart in contempt of court because they would rather see a child suffer than to have a bad headline about themselves on the television. In the calculus of power, the interests of a little boy mean nothing to a power-hungry abusive judge, especially when you can quash the story by sealing a case file and have a corrupt boss like Lorna Alksne conspiring with you and your colleagues.

The San Diego public cannot trust the mainstream local media to do an accurate or responsible job reporting on court corruption and abuse. While not all local media figures are child abusing parental alienators like Lynn Stuart appears to be, many of them are connected via friends and family to the judges and other power elite figures in the county. They have a vested interest in keeping the corruption and abuse covered up, and if and when the time presents itself, they will be rewarded for doing so.

Corruption and Abuse Details Hidden Until Parents Step Forward

The public may ask where the details on corruption are. It is frankly hard to get details for all but the most egregious cases of abuse for two main reasons. One is that the judges seal cases and block public access to information. The other is that the judges are effectively engaging in extortion and blackmail against parents.

Consider this, if you as a parent are down to seeing your child for only a few hours per week and have been told if you dare mention anything about the case in public that you may be punished (meaning you will not see your child again, perhaps for months or years), do you think you would risk it?

Many of the parents who are risking disclosure are so concerned about their children’s well-being that they are convinced their kids could be physically injured or seriously abused if they do not speak up.

But far more parents do not speak up as they may not have such concerns of immediate abuse by the other parent against their children, so they stay quiet, enabling the courts to abuse their families further. The courts continue the extortion and blackmail while they suck their finances into the vast family law system employing thousands of lawyers, psychologists, visitation and exchange monitors, and other court-appointed professionals. These parents know that nobody in the government will help them and that their children are pawns in a big game involving money and power that has nothing to do with the self-serving judicial drivel about “the best interests of the children.”

As the mainstream media mostly stays silent on the abuse, it helps ensure that few parents will step forward and expose the corrupt courts for what they are. Parents see there is nobody there to help them and so they stay quiet out of fear of losing the last bit of contact with their children. As such, tyrants such as Lorna Alksne stay in power, freely abusing and terrorizing thousands of families for the profit and job security of themselves and their friends and associates.

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  1. Madre in Malaise
    July 9th, 2010 at 23:37 | #1

    Am I right that you say this Alksne judge is going to STILL be a judge? That is victory?

    She cares not for upholding even the right of children to be with parents.

    Will she stick her middle finger up at the law in other cases?

    Will she toss homeless people to many years of prison for being dirty and smelly while sleeping on park benches in your fair city?

    Off with her own head, I say, before she harms another innocent.

  2. One of Thousands
    July 10th, 2010 at 11:23 | #2

    Judging is a skill–like juggling, painting, singing, or any other high-talent profession. Some people are born with natural skills — the Jackson family is a great example of gifted DNA — they were extraordinarily gifted and largely succeeded despite their public missteps. Others work very hard and succeed — witness Warren Buffet, the goofball “genius” in Oklahoma City. Most people wouldn’t want to be him (he’s baboon-ass-ugly), no matter how much money he has, but he’s very successful.

    But like most musicians, artists, or others, judging is a skill that few people who practice the profession have. Tons of bad artists out there — but then again they can’t throw you in jail so who cares? So why are these bad lawyers still judges? Simple: If you were a really bad artist, but you could force people to buy your art by threatening to send them to jail, you’d probably make good money from terrified people who you could shoot if they didn’t buy your crappy paintings.

    That’s it folks. They have control of goons with guns and badges, why do they need to think? It’s called tyranny in case you were interested enough to get this far. And if you did, know this — your freedom, life, and property are at risk.

    Sad fact that today in San Diego most judges lack talent necessary to be a judge — ain’t a Picasso or even a Wyland among ’em. They are selected from the District Attorneys office. They are long-term government employees who’ve never started a business, worked at a law firm, or done anything of note other than throw people in jail. DA prosecutors, despite their power, are generally not top lawyers. Check their resumes — you won’t find any Ivy League diplomas. In fact, most are from the bottom half of third tier schools.

    San Diego — your city is being run by the bottom half of a very mediocre class of lawyer. And you wonder why these people can’t balance your checkbook?

    But even worse is your unwillingness to do anything about it. It’s your city that’s being run by these uneducated, incompetent, immoral goons, but you regularly whistle past the graveyard and pretend everything’s fine and dandy. I wonder how much Prozac it takes to get to that level of denial?

    Good luck San Diego — great place, beautiful city, but I’ve been there, know how it works, and I can tell you your government is about as incompetent and corrupt as they come. Don’t let anyone fool you — that pain in your ass isn’t incompetent government, it’s premeditated rape.

    Throw these scumbags out on their ass, put in the best of the best in San Diego, and watch how your beautiful city will bloom.

    Blessings to all.

  3. Lynn Stuart supporter
    July 17th, 2010 at 04:06 | #3

    Lynn Stuart is a great mom. Why do you blame her for wanting her son all to herself? That’s a mother’s right. Fathers are nothing but sperm donors. I agree with Lynn Stuart on this 110%. Croix Stuart will never see his father Cole again, exactly what his mom and her friends in the courts want. He doesn’t need his father, his mom is all he needs.

    Cole, if your reading this, all you have left of Croix are the pictures of him on YouTube. If you ever try to contact him again, Lynn can have one of her police friends blow your brains out and make it look like your fault. If your not a corpse after that, any San Diego judge will side with her and the police.

    Have a nice day! Happy drinking!

    • July 17th, 2010 at 20:33 | #4

      Your comment helps prove the points we’ve been making.

      Malicious moms (or malicious dads) will hurt their children to get back at their hated ex-spouses. Badmouthing the other parent and blocking custody and visitation are common means, but so are false accusations in divorce cases. It’s all a part of parental alienation child abuse. It is likely to badly harm these children well into their adult years as we’ve discussed in many articles in the past.

      But many in the San Diego courts are happy that parents abuse their children like this. The judges in this group reward and encourage this type of child abuse. That’s because they want it to continue as it keeps them in control over families, boosting job security and incomes for all in the divorce industry.

      Many of the people in the divorce industry are nothing but parasitic child abuse enablers. They make their livings off of inflicting harm on children and their parents in order to maximize the funds they can suck out of the families for hearings, trials, transcripts, psychological evaluations, supervised visitation, and many other “court ordered services” that do little to help the families but do enrich the people abusing them.

      Follow the money. San Diego County Bar Association divorce lawyers and affiliated mental health professionals and court ordered service providers make big bucks off of judges who abuse children and families by driving conflict and dragging out cases for years without putting into place reasonable tools to stop the conflict and keep the kids involved with both parents. Money, not competence or helping families efficiently end a marriage with minimal damage to all parties, is what matters to SDCBA and most of the San Diego divorce industry. Judges who abuse children therefore will tend to get both excellent ratings from SDCBA and campaign donations from their affiliates.

      Incumbents get endorsements and campaign funding from SDCBA, other judges, lawyers, law enforcement, and others with financial and other interests in seeing the child abuse and judicial misconduct continue. This is exactly why voters in almost every case should be voting against current incumbents in the San Diego courts, government, and law enforcement. But if an incumbent has dared to rise up to oppose government misconduct, protect people’s rights, and heal families, that incumbent deserves fair consideration. Most of them, however, have done neither. The judges among them are just greedy child abusers in black robes.

      This entire set of circumstances also reveals why judges should not be allowed to deviate from 50/50 custody without an agreement between parents or a trial run according to criminal evidentiary standards with presumption of innocence and a fairly selected and impartial jury. If a jury of 6 women and 6 men is not convinced that a parent is so unfit that he or she shouldn’t have 50/50 time with the children, then the court’s focus should be on putting into place rules and support systems to ensure the children will get to see both parents more or less equally.

      The courts should be ensuring that all parties will have support of therapeutic mental health professionals. By this I mean therapists who are focused on helping the family to heal, not the terrorist parasites like Stephen Doyne and his associates who thrive by creating conflict via incompetent psychological evaluations that simply are used to drive more conflict and enable the divorce industry to suck a family’s wealth dry by terrorizing both parents into thinking their contact with their children is in dire jeopardy.

      There also need to be efficient means to resolve the usual minor conflicts without having to return to court. That’s where a parental coordinator would come in, to help coordinate the schedules for the children, to ensure that both parents have fair access to their school and medical records and can participate in decisions, and to mediate and arbitrate over the typical bickering that occurs between parents at odds with each other. Yet the courts and legislature appear to be opposed to this because it removes power from judges and lawyers, people who are good friends of many legislators. Again, follow the money — too often, the point of courts and lawyers is to serve themselves, not the community.

      Lynn Stuart has been making false accusations against Cole Stuart for years and she has been rewarded for it by Judges Lisa Schall and Christine Goldsmith.

      We’ve been informed that she accused her ex of being an alcoholic in the court of Judge Joel Wohlfeil. The court ordered four months of sobriety testing. Cole Stuart passed the tests. That judge called Lynn Stuart on her lies and verbally lashed her and her attorney Marilyn Bierer for their misrepresentations. Reportedly he was so appalled that he threatened to have Bierer arrested.

      Unfortunately, Judge Wohlfeil didn’t hold Lynn Stuart accountable in some meaningful way for her dishonesty with intent to harm her ex-husband and child that might have dissuaded her from trying it again. All he did was order joint custody and visitation — about 40% to the father. Lynn Stuart refused to cooperate with this. Instead, she has so interfered with contact that their son reportedly has not seen his father since March 2009.

      As you can imagine, a typical caring father put in this situation would be upset and he would continue to try to have contact with the children. That’s what Cole Stuart did.

      As Lynn Stuart’s reported interference and violation of court orders continued, he used some language (reportedly the word “bitch”) in his emails that Lynn saw as an opportunity to cause more trouble. She started making apparently false accusations of harassment, stalking, and other DV crimes. This is the kind of behavior you expect out of a child abusing parent who cannot separate her own emotional needs from those of the children. It is just a portion of the many reasons we think Lynn Stuart probably is in reality a parental alienator and a very malicious mom.

      If there was an ethical and competent judge involved, none of this would be happening. Such a judge would have put a stop to Lynn Stuart’s court order violations, particularly those involving custody and visitation interference, long before tempers flared so far to create the current situation.

      But instead of an ethical and competent officials, there are Christine Goldsmith, Jan Goldsmith, Lorna Alksne (who reportedly pointed out Cole Stuart to have him arrested at a family law seminar his group was protesting), and others who have grabbed on to the false accusations and exaggerations to use them as weapons for political persecution against Cole Stuart. He dared to protest against the harm being done to San Diego families by the family law courts and they are going to make him pay for it, the law be damned. Just look at the timing of the issuance of orders, failure to serve those orders until after the politically motivated arrest at a peaceful protest, and how the arrest warrant was issued on the day before the protest of which the family law courts were clearly aware. There should be no question that this is not justice, it is illegal harassment by the government to serve the personal political agendas of the people involved.

      Whether Jan Goldsmith or Christine Goldsmith were honest and reasonable people even prior to the political persecution stunts they are pulling in 2010 is an open question. There are reports about Christine filing for a DVTRO against Jan over an alleged argument with allegations of physical violence. Perhaps Jan has learned that when Christine tells him to do something, even persecute somebody illegally, he better do it or there will be consequences for him? He arranged for the arrest warrant for Cole Stuart on April 14, before Christine’s DVTRO orders could have been violated as they were not served until April 16 after the arrest. It’s nepotism at its finest featuring your taxpayer dollars at work to harass a person to suit the needs of the criminals in the courts and government.

      Subsequent events have shown that very likely the entire San Diego judiciary is unable to be impartial and ethical with regards to Cole Stuart. Whether it is because they are buddies with the Goldsmiths and Alksne, they are greedy bastards who value profits and power over justice, or some other reason, it is clear that he will not get fair treatment in San Diego’s courts with the current group of judges on the bench. Perhaps a jury might understand that this is all about political persecution. Even so, much harm will have already been done as it is highly disruptive and expensive for a person to have to defend against a criminal charge, even if it is a political stunt.

      Employing Lynn Stuart on the San Diego Channel 6 XETV News shows that station value looks and image over ethics and honesty. They care not if their pretty blonde reporter lies all over town so long as they get ratings. Anybody who has been on the receiving end of parental alienation abuse and false accusations in divorce should let XETV management know they don’t appreciate their station putting a child abusing liar on the air as a reporter, a role that nominally requires honesty that Lynn Stuart doesn’t have.

      You can send email to them at [email protected] .

      Or maybe it would be more worthwhile to encourage other San Diego media, particularly Channel 10 TV which has had some of the best coverage of the San Diego family law court mess, to cover how their competition’s reporter is involved in what appear to be malicious false allegations and child abuse. In a more ideal world, San Diego media would often cover stories to protect the public from government abuse. But even if they have zero altruistic intent, in this situation they might smell enough of a ratings-grabbing scandal with potential to embarrass XETV to report on what is happening with the case of reporter Lynn Stuart, her abused ex Cole Stuart, and the corruption and nepotism in San Diego courts and the city attorney’s office.

  4. Lynn Stuart is a censor
    July 20th, 2010 at 17:43 | #5

    @Lynn Stuart supporter

    What’s the matter, Lynn? Can’t even let your ex have the cute YouTube video of Croix for him and his family to view?

    Did you ask YouTube to censor it because it mentioned how you’re hurting your son by keeping him from seeing his father since March 2009?

    Let’s count the ways Lynn is such a fine example for a news reporter:

    1) She’s a liar.

    2) She hurts her own son.

    3) She’s a heavy drinker.

    When XETV fires you for being so dishonest and disreputable, you can take up a career modeling … for books on bad moms!

  5. Sad Dad
    July 21st, 2010 at 23:34 | #6

    @Lynn Stuart supporter

    Why do judges side with such rotten mothers?

    Many of my friends, like me, can see our kids just a couple times per month. We’d be thrilled to have more time, but our vindictive exs won’t allow it. Judges nearly always side with moms no matter how badly they treat the kids.

  6. one of thousands
    July 25th, 2010 at 16:59 | #7

    There’s a reason our country’s founders required trial by jury — and family court is a fine example of that reason. People in power (i.e., the regular men and women — no better than you or me — down the street who can tell thugs with guns who’s ass to kick) have for ages abused that power to help themselves or their friends unfairly, and to hurt you. When we give government power to “keep the peace” and arm them to do so, we place enormous power in their hands. But with that power comes responsibility, yet that responsibility is often abused by bad people.

    Juries are ordinary people — working people. Smart people. And not so smart people. But people who don’t have the power to send thugs with guns and shields into your home to screw up your life. They are the opponents of government power because they are the potential victims of it. They prevent the abuse of the power we give to cops and judges.

    In a different world we’d just let everyone have guns. The bullies would still try to terrorize the peaceful, but the peaceful could shoot back. Probably lots of bloodshed. That was the “wild west” where every shop owner/bartender was heavily armed.

    But in family court there are no juries. Hence no ability to check the power of judges. Hence the strong thirst of bullies to abuse their power goes unchecked. Hence tyranny and abuse.

    The solution? Vote them out. Vote in non-DAs who’ve done something significant with their lives other than throw people in jail. Vote for your neighbor. Your girlfriend. Somebody, anybody, who’s had to deal the the abuse of power we give them. Term limits for politicians work for a reason — they assure the politicos have to get out of their power position and live in the world they create. Not so likely to encourage abuse if you potentially face the barrel of a gun.

    There are no term limits on judges — that is if you don’t vote them out, complain them out, hound them out, or ….

    A woman asked Ben Franklin coming out of the Constitutional Convention: “Mr. Franklin, do we have a republic or a monarchy?”

    Franklin replied: “A republic. If you can keep it.”

    It is your republic America — vote them out and take it back.

  7. September 23rd, 2010 at 20:40 | #8

    @ Lynn Stuart is a censor

    The censored video tribute to Croix Stuart is once again available at http://vimeo.com/15068314 . Hopefully Croix will someday find this and realize that his father loves and misses him and the only reasons they can’t see each other are his malicious mom and her friends like the Goldsmiths and Alksne in the San Diego courts and government like to abuse children and their parents for their own varied interests.

  8. Ricardo R. Rivero
    October 25th, 2010 at 19:56 | #9

    From Ricardo R. Rivero

    They Illegally invoked the Jurisdiction of another man’s case against me…!!!!! ” NO JURISDICTION ”’ Echeverria Norberto J.CASE NUM.99-014859

    DISCLAIMER: We have sent this story to every congressman senate house member any and all representatives of the state and their affiliated entities. Help me howard wouldn’t help…We have been kicked off of Obama’s site…Oprah you name it… The Govenor the Florida and Sarasota Bar and all 142 lawyers seen and still counting and all the other hundreds of attorneys who sat in…we have now taken this to the Federal Court System where we have petitioned for a trial by jury… soon this injustice will be written correctly and we will become a landmark case. To change the system if not we will march this right on up to the Supreme Court.

    To: angiemedia

    The UN has closed a major gap in disability rights protection. 6 June 2008- The recent entry into force of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities closes a major gap in human rights protection for hundreds of millions of people around the world. I am Ricardo Rivero I suffer from a crippling learning disability referred to as Dyslexia.

    The story definitively begins with the birth of my son Ricardo Adrian Rivero on April 16, 1990 one of the happiest days of my life and sadly the beginning to an all out war of the roses. When he was born I soon found out that my relationship with Sheila Leal had been infected with the disease of infidelity that plagues our American Culture. Of course you know how quickly our emotions and insecurities arose during this torrential war and ended up in a separation. We parted paths and soon she found herself in another relationship that ended in the death of her new spouse by a heroin drug overdose. What a perfect role model for our child. During this time I found myself on the wrong side of the law and was incarcerated in a Federal Prison. Shortly before her new husbands untimely demise we entered into the Court system in Montana which it was decided by the court that the central depository would deduct child support from my paychecks. Failure to pay child support is a violation of probation as recorded by the Federal probation system.

    In December 2001 Sheila and I decided to reconcile our differences and attempt to live together for the common goal in this trivial pursuit of happiness to re establish our family. I continued to pay child support even though we lived together as documented by my Federal Probation Officer who informed me that it was a violation of probation not to pay child support. I discussed the issue with my probation officer who suggested that Sheila would need to cancel the child support since we had continued to live together to avoid any penalties. In October 2, 2002 we were sent a notice stating that child support obligations were cancelled.

    One year later we again separated and I moved back to Homestead. I received a letter from the Department of Revenue (D.O.R.) in Sarasota stating that I owed $15,000 in child support arrearages. The initial application that this entire action began with was redefined in a statement she made in open court I have not seen him or heard from him in four years… the exact amount of time recorded by my Wonderful United States Probation Officers… Unfortunately I could not get the courts to even glance at the evidence that I presented in my behalf that would ultimately sway the case in my favor. The Family court system that we now have in place favors the woman and makes it a crime to be a Father who merely wants to be involved in the life of our child. Even though the tender years Doctrine has been abolished in the late 80’s which briefly states that a child would be better suited to live with the mother than the father.

    Countless letters and documents were produced to the D.O.R. and the Judges presiding over the case and the expert testimony of my federal probation officer was quickly denied not once but twice, as my due process rights and my constitutional rights were thrown out of court. Time after time David G. Taylor a private Attorney who represented Sheila Leal and his client committed perjury with the intent to commit fraud against the court to gain equitable relief and to gain an unfair advantage. I represented myself as a pro se litigant as I was unable to swallow the expense of an Attorney at that time. I attempted to seek the assistance of the Florida bar that approved me with a pro bono Attorney. My request was denied by David Taylor and the Judge Dianne Moreland who stated that with a 6th grade education disabled or not I could have adequately defended myself. This again is a denial of my rights which I am covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Ultimately David G. Taylor seeking to destroy my credibility in court set a hearing date and did not adequately advise me through proper notification of the time and date or the presiding judge and the details of the hearing. Complaints coincidentally have been filed with the Florida Bar against David G. Taylor. I did not attend the hearing for lack of knowledge that it was to be held which the judge attached a writ of bodily attachment of $2,800. The officers seeking to place me into custody were sent to my address by Sheila and I was arrested on a bench warrant. After nine days I paid the purge and was released.

    Three weeks later I was arrested again during a routine traffic stop in which the officers informed me that the arrest warrant still stood and was not removed. I was held for five more days in a Dade County Correctional Facility. The guard awoke me from my sleep by kicking my bed and stated that we have nothing to do with this you now have what we call and consider a double jeopardy and I should pack my bags and leave Dade Counties illustrious criminal vacation facility. Sarasota received the money and had not removed the warrant that had already been appeased in my first arrest. I was not asked to bond out simply released due to an error. I was fired from my job and forced to move out of my home as I was living check to check with no job and out on the streets because someone forgot to process the paperwork that sat on some pencil pushers desk. I have now begun to file a 50 million dollar law suit for double jeopardy against Sarasota County .

    The image of blind justice with the woman holding the scales haunts my daily walk for it is the woman who holds the scales. How ironic that a person who see’s that image and reads the quote “All who Labor here seek justice” does not look at it as a woman who holds the scales.

    Four income tax checks, my passport, and my license has been seized on the basis that I have not paid my child support that I can prove I do not owe homeless and forced to live with a family member on the sofa with my son. Yes my son who has run away from home to live with me since he was 16 and we now celebrate his 18 birthday just this past April 16. The celebration is now that he is sur juris citing a landmark case of Crone Baugh v. Van Dyke. 415 So 2d 738 (Fla. 5th DCA 1982, Rev. denied, 426 So. 2d 25 (Fla. 1983) the cause of action to enforce the father’s child support obligations, [if any] and to collect those arrearages belonged to the children, and that their mother as such, did not have standing to enforce the children’s rights and to collect from the father the money due the children, neither did HRS have the right or standing to collect those sums on behalf of the former wife.”

    He alone has the right to enforce or withdraw the course of action of enforcement of child support and arrears. He is fed up with his mother’s actions and parental alienation of his father. He is a witness first hand to the plots against his father and the atrocities of the situation countless perjury attempts and vindictive maliciousness to utilize the system to gain an unfair advantage. He should have been protected from all pending court matters and disparaging remarks (as stated by chapter 61) made by his own mother that has damaged him psychologically. Parents fail to realize that when you attack the other parent you stab at the child as well for that child understands that he is a part of the other parent who is being attacked.

    In a land where African Americans sought and obtained equal rights, Women burned their braziers and protested for equality, Gays and Lesbians actively seek the opportunity to establish their relationships and be bonded in Matrimony. Why can I as the Paternal Father of our child have my equal rights to seek justice in a fair and impartial court system in Sarasota County ?

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Ricardo R. Rivero

    We have filed them in Federal Court in Miami ..FL. Sarasota Fl. case number. 2004DR9684NC

    Ricardo R.Rivero..case # 09-20852 civ.Gold Father

    Ricardo A.Rivero case # 09-20853 civ.Graham Son
    Ricardo Rivero Oct. 25 , 2010
    Email..richiebox11@ yahoo.com
    Phone Number .. (786) 738 – 2895

    Written by Louis Antonio Lliteras II a next friend

    Ricardo Rivero
    richiebox11@ yahoo.com

  9. One of Thousands
    November 1st, 2010 at 09:53 | #10

    Folks–it’s not going to change until we vote them out, hound them out, or just kick their sorry asses. It’s your country–but it’s being run by fascist-wanna-be tyrants who are amazingly arrogant for having done so little with their lives.

    Solution: Take control out of the incompetent hands of the bozos in robes and put it in the hands of caring people who don’t get a hard on running other people around.

    Now. Please.

  10. Denise Rogers
    September 14th, 2011 at 22:40 | #11

    I had a great judge in North San Diego County in 2002. My ex husband’s corrupt Lawyer Steven J. Moore requested a different judge and I was forced to go to Commissioner Lorna Alksne. She refused to read the family court mediator’s recommendation that stated very clearly custody should be 98% to me and 2% to dad. She never even read it. She ordered 50/50 custody and my daughter has suffered substantially for 8 years at the hands of her father and his new wife. The new wife constantly makes my ex tell my daughter that he loves his wife more than her. The wife does things like dump dish-soap down my daughter’s throat, and slaps her all the time. My ex has never been a good father, and never will be. I believe his lawyer and my ex paid the Commissioner off to favor them. GET HER OUT!

  11. Nicole
    September 18th, 2011 at 16:26 | #12

    I am in SD family court and my lawyer tells me if I take my case to trial he doesn’t think they will win because of the bio judge. I feel manipulated to take the settlement and give SD CPS a “true finding” . I can not live with myself going along with their allegations of severe neglect because I am a medical cannabis card holder and the possibility of the kids eating a med brownie. I need support during this trial [email protected]

  12. Nicole
    September 18th, 2011 at 16:29 | #13

    typo… I meant biased judge that looks at the false statement reported by CPS and look at me as a guilty mother and then I have to prove my innocence. It should be the other way around because I am innocent and CPS can not prove my guilt my children DID NOT test POSITIVE for cannabis.

  13. lori
    May 26th, 2012 at 17:11 | #14

    Lorna alksne is a criminal. She practices under the table for profit…..My case lasted 3yrs.
    She was blantantly negligent, she hates women, she cares nothing for the best interest of the children….my case is so corrupt..I am the poster girl for this issue……with intent, negligence and completed disregard for law.Had I known about this earlier……I would like to know the leading
    person in this project of removing her from the seat….my case could go as far as the Supreme court…I would like to tell the story…..evil to the core this woman is………..

  14. Cole Stuart
    May 24th, 2013 at 15:04 | #15

    I’ve posted a detailed review of San Diego Famil Court Evaluator Stephen Done and opened a discussion forum at http://croixstuart.blogs…. Parents are welcome to join the discussion and exchange tips/advice/experiences about Doyne or any of the other problematic San Diego Custody Evaluators. Please: Parents Only and focus on positive suggestions/advice rather than trashing Doyne even more. There’s plenty that exists already online.


    Cole Stuart

  15. July 13th, 2013 at 16:43 | #16

    @ Cole Stuart

    Oops! The link in the previous comment is broken. My bad. Hopefully the one below works….


  16. October 5th, 2013 at 12:26 | #17

    WARNING! Jeff Fritz, Basie and Fritz, Marilyn Bierer, Bierer and Associates, Sharon Blanchet, Ashworth, Blanchet, Kristensen & Kalemenkarian, Lori Viviano sued for fedeal criminal racketeering, fraud, abuse of process and his family court clients in United States District Court, Southern District of California, Case No. 13cv1944 CAB BLM. Google ccfc v. sdcba (California Coalition for Families and Children v. San Diego County Bar Association). More details at http://www.croixsdadsblog.wordpress.com

  17. Rob
    February 16th, 2022 at 19:29 | #18

    Hi Lori,
    Me and a few others are picking up the torch that Cole so bravely ran with for so long. Please reach out to me. Rob
    [email protected]

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