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  1. Steven Hazard
    December 6th, 2016 at 03:51 | #1

    Hello! Wanted to let you know that a Jefferson County Judge Nathan Stewart just got arrested on Dwi and 2nd degree assault charges in Jefferson County. They put everyone’s name on the docket except his. He was the judge who did my divorce and him and a GAL totally down played my ex’s constant drinking, like she did nothing at all, even after I reported what my daughter told me about a man swimming with my daughter while he was naked. She was so nervous it looked like she would puke in court. Of course she had her mom lie and say she as there in court, perjury. Anyway looks like another cover up attempt by his buddy and prosecuting attorney Forrest We’re. Please take a look at this. It just happened on November 29,2016 in Jefferson county Missouri. Thank you

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