Serial False Accuser Tiffany Marie Smith of Delaware Belongs In Prison

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UPDATE: About two days after we published this article, Tiffany Marie Smith was arrested for three of her most recent false police reports. Please read Tiffany Marie Smith Behind Bars for more information.

As of mid-September 2012, the Smith children continue to be blocked from seeing Gordon Smith despite all charges against him being dropped now that police are convinced Tiffany Smith is a liar. These kids are still in harm’s way of Tiffany Smith and the government needs to act to protect them from their mother.

Over the past couple of years, Gordon Smith has been accused of domestic violence more than a dozen times and arrested at least eight times by Delaware law enforcement. The exact number of allegations and arrests is difficult to track because it keeps growing in many recent months. The man must report to a probation officer and wear a GPS tracking device at all times. From this, you might surmise that he was convicted of one or more crimes. But in fact, Gordon Smith has not been convicted of a crime.

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Tiffany Marie Smith, Serial False Accuser

Evidence points to repeated lying by his ex-wife Tiffany Marie Smith to block Gordon’s contact with their children and to harm him. When she filed a report that he made “terroristic threats” over the phone to her, he was in fact in a courthouse where cell phones are not allowed and court video surveillance did not show him using a phone. When she filed a report that he left a note threatening to kill her and the kids, witnesses and other evidence placed him several hundred miles away in Georgia. When she claimed he was violating a restraining order by being at her home, video surveillance at a Taco Bell shows he was eating there at the time. When she made another allegation of a threatening note, GPS tracking showed he was nowhere near where she claims a new threatening note was left on her car.

The GPS tracking of Gordon Smith is being done by the government that has forced him to report to a probation officer and submit to restrictions on his freedoms deemed suitable for convicted domestic violence offenders when in fact he has not been convicted of any such crime.

The evidence suggests that he is the victim of crime. But instead of helping Gordon escape harassment by a malicious lying ex-wife, the government is helping encourage and reward what appears to be ongoing criminal filing of false police reports and perjury by Tiffany Smith.

While it is not possible to prove that Tiffany lied about every allegation, none of her allegations to date have been substantiated. For at least four of her allegations, there is solid evidence that she lied including filing false police reports. There is also a consistent pattern of what appear to be false and unsubstantiated reports going back more than two years that have been repeatedly used as basis to falsely arrest Gordon Smith and to engage in systematic violation of his civil and Constitutional rights.

The police seem to be suggesting that Tiffany Smith might have just been “wrong” without malice in some of her allegations and that nobody can prove who actually left the notes. However, the sheer quantity of the allegations and the number of times it is clear she was lying makes it evident she is a serial false accuser, liar, and perjurer who has the unlawful aid of the police and courts in her reign of terror over her ex-husband.

Gordon Smith’s Civil Rights Suit Against Police

Smith has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the police. It has merit in part because the police have acted against him completely without any legal authority to do so whatsoever. They arrested him for trying to call his kids, who were 3 and 4 years old, by calling his ex-wife’s cell phone. There was no basis for them to arrest him for this, and in fact it is fairly ordinary for child custody orders to require that parents are to permit the children to talk with the other parent.

In Delaware, a complaint such as “I told him not to call” or a false accusation “he threatened to kill me on the phone” by the ex is all that is needed for you to be arrested, forced into a probation program, and even to have a GPS tracking device attached to your body by the government.

Quoted from Injustice in Delaware:

There are a few things already quite clear. This is a nightmare turned real for Mr. Smith, who, among other things, was arrested by the Delaware State Police for calling his ex-wife’s cell phone to make contact with his children, who were not old enough at the time to initiate contact with him (3 and 4 years old respectively), when there was no restraining order preventing him from doing so. He was arrested simply on the word of his former wife, who told police that she had asked him not to call.

Gordon Smith is being harassed, persecuted, and harmed in violation of the US Constitution to reward his ex-wife’s baseless complaints and continued lying. The Delaware State Police are co-conspirators in these crimes as they arrested him without checking readily available evidence and then, when evidence show Tiffany lied, they failed to file charges and arrest her for filing false police reports.

Despite clear evidence that Tiffany Smith has been making legally baseless complaints and factually inaccurate reports to police with obvious malice, the Delaware government continues to conspire with Tiffany Smith to encourage and reward her false accusations with wrongful arrests and harassment against her ex-husband. She and certain members of the law enforcement and judicial community in Delaware should be prosecuted and disciplined for their continued illegal harassment of Gordon Smith. And if there is any justice left in Delaware, Smith should win his lawsuit against the cops.

VAWA and Civil Rights Violations Threaten All Americans

Delaware is arguably the birthplace of VAWA. That legislative attack on the US Constitution and citizens was pushed into law in 1994 by then Senator Joe Biden of Delaware who argued that it would somehow protect women from violence, falsely implying they are the only people ever subjected to violence. VAWA has since been used to make any person in a current or former relationship with a false accuser subject to being treated as guilty until proven innocent. Under VAWA, the government violates people’s civil rights as a matter of required policy. Routine practice today is to arrest and punish (via curtailment of rights of those accused of domestic violence) without any evidence or a trial. Months or years later, the falsely accused may get a day in court. But by then, often much damage has been done to the falsely accused, his or her family, and any children involved.

VAWA to date has mostly been used to abuse falsely accused men, in part because its title and wording imply that men are not victims of violence and are assumed to be offenders because of their gender. However, its “guilty until proven innocent” practices and similar ones operating in family law courts are being applied against mothers these days, too. We have received reports of moms being issued a restraining order and banned from seeing their kids because ex-husbands claim they made a “threat” that nobody else heard, just like happens to many fathers.

So it appears that sociopathic men have learned a thing or two from sociopathic women, including how to lie about domestic violence to police and courts.

As usual, the government is eager to help false accusers harm their victims. Doing so helps maintain and increase the power of the state, the first and foremost goal of politicians like Biden. Protecting anybody from domestic violence was never really the goal for VAWA. It was always about eroding the US Constitution to enable the government to further abuse citizens as it sees fit while duping special interest groups into voting for the politicians sponsoring such treasonous legislation.

No wonder that Obama picked Biden as a running mate. The two have continued to strip away American civil rights as they shred the Constitution with abominations such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that enable the government to indefinitely detain anybody, including American citizens, without charge and without evidence simply by calling them “terrorists.”

In an era of economic malaise and government budget shortfalls, one of the new cost-savings measures of the Delaware and US governments is to dispense with collecting and examining evidence, conducting a competent investigation, and holding a fair trial. It is more cost-effective in the government’s view to simply treat people as guilty based upon unproven and unsubstantiated allegations made by a person who has been shown to be lying repeatedly in the past or for whatever other reason they think is worthwhile.

Gordon Smith Running for State Legislature

In August, Gordon Smith announced he is running as a Libertarian candidate for the Kent County 30th district of the state legislature. As previously mentioned, he’s also sued the Delaware State Police for violations of his civil rights. Since then, Tiffany Smith has been filing more allegations against him and the cops have staged more arrests against him. It appears they do not want him to win this election, and perhaps they think continuing to harass him with lies and false arrests will help ensure their desired outcome.

Gordon Smith promises to work to rid the state of the practices that are being used to harass many people falsely accused of domestic violence by ex-spouses who know that malicious lies will be rewarded by the government. He’s probably one of the few people running for office who will raise a finger to protect falsely accused people in Delaware.

If you live in Delaware’s 30th district, be sure to vote for Gordon Smith.

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  1. Robert Masters
    November 8th, 2012 at 16:30 | #1

    Maybe if this unethical dirt bag wasn’t trying to take advantage of a young woman 18 years his minor, none of this would have happened. Sure she’s insane, then why did he marry and impregnate her? He’s even more guilty than she is, because he chose to try and control her rather than accept her for that psychopath she actually is. Anyone who’d vote for a pair of clown shoes like this doesn’t deserve to have a vote and makes any American with sense look bad. Only victims here are the children, both parents are scum. She belongs behind two sets of bars; both criminal and psychiatric, and he belongs nowhere near those kids/politics/anything involving a say over another human being. Wake up people!

  2. Paolo Pagliaro
    September 26th, 2016 at 16:05 | #2

    Excuse Mr. Masters, did you receive the full weight of a hammer in the middle of the front before posting your rant? What kind of preposterous accusations are you making?

    If Americans with sense are like you, the America’s sense is at the world’s bottom level.

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