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January 9th, 2023

Dietary & Nutritional Supplements

Buying nutritional supplements over the web can be a hit-or-miss proposition. You want to get a quality product at a decent price. You want to get the product you ordered, not be charged and never receive a thing. And you don’t want to end up with ground dog food in your supposed container of whey protein supplement.

In our articles on health and nutrition, we often refer you to sources where you can buy the supplements we mention. We’ve personally bought products from these suppliers ourselves. In particular, we’re fond of two suppliers from past experience.

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Life Extension

This organization sells quality products, ships on-time for even partial orders they cannot fill immediately, and explains up front why there will be a delay when they occasionally run out of stock on popular items, such as during a sale. They generally charge flat rate shipping at reasonable prices.

Members get best prices, especially when they order 4 or more containers of a product. The general public is welcome to shop, also, and also benefits from sale pricing. Membership is typically $75 per year, but they sometimes run offers that allow gift memberships to be purchased for lower prices.

Life Extension - Health And Medical Findings

Life Extension has a huge quantity of excellent information with extensive references to medical topics and research studies on their website. If you have a question on a medical condition, Life Extension’s web site is likely to have some helpful information.

Some of the supplements our authors and their family members use require periodic medical tests to verify that the dosage are correct and the desired effects are happening. For instance, any supplements you take to correct high cholesterol levels should periodically be checked with a CBC test with lipid panel to verify that your liver function is good and that the cholesterol levels are where you want them to be. DHEA hormone supplementation and vitamin D supplementation also require periodic tests to verify your dosages are correct. Life Extension offers once per year or more on blood tests you’ll need to make the best use of supplements like these, whether you buy them from Life Extension or another supplier. We highly recommend this company as part of your health support system in conjunction with your doctor, dentist, and a willingness to do some reading and research on your own health issues.

Life Extension Blood Testing

If you’re not sure about joining as a Life Extension member, click on the banner below to sign up for a free one year subscription to their monthly magazine. Each month features a few major articles on varied health topics, important news highlights on new research, and of course information on many of their new products.

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We think Life Extension has something to offer just about everybody who has an interest in the health of their family and friends.

Life Extension is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturer of dietary supplements. They also offer a discount pharmacy service and carry selected supplements from other GMP manufacturers.

Swanson Health Products

Swanson Health Products carries a huge variety of both their own branded supplements as well as those from dozens of other manufacturers. Their site offers reviews on many products. Shipping is speedy and reliable. They have consistently low prices, and so far their quality has been fine in our initial experiences with ordering from them.

Swanson Health Products is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturer of dietary supplements. They also carry selected supplements from other GMP manufacturers.

Medical Testing – Blood, Urine, Allergies, etc.

Life Extension Blood Testing

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Meaning and Interpretation of Medical Tests

How many times have you gone to the doctor and had tests ordered, gotten the results back, and still aren’t sure what they mean? Sadly, this is commonplace. Most people lack medical knowledge to understand their own care well, and time-pressured doctors often don’t have the time to educate their patients about their own health. Even when you have a helpful doctor and are reasonably well-informed about your health, you might forget what your doctor said or lose your notes or get two tests confused with each other. read more>>

Mouth Probiotics Speed Canker Sore Healing and Reduce Cavities, Arthritis Pain, Heart Disease

Probiotics lozenges for the mouth can help suppress harmful bacteria by growing many more “friendly” bacteria that release substances that block the growth of disease-causing bacteria. This can accelerate the healing of canker sores and other mouth injuries. It also helps reduce both cavities and oral inflammation such as gum diseases that lead to worsened arthritis, atherosclerosis, and other inflammatory diseases throughout the human body. read more>>

Vitamins B12, C, and E May Increase Telomere Length

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health explored the connection between telomere lengths in the human immune cells known as leukocytes (white blood cells) and the use of multivitamins. The data used came from 586 participants in the Sister Study of healthy sisters of breast cancer patients. The women’s ages ranged from 35 to 74 years. Women who used multivitamins on a daily basis had leukocyte telomeres on average 5.1% longer than those who did not use multivitamins. read more>>

Life Extension Overstock Products: Mega EPA/DHA and Niacin

As you may be aware, the latest Life Extension Overstock Sale ends on June 8, 2009. We’d like to call your attention to two of the overstock sale products that are a particularly good deal and would be useful for a lot of people trying to lower their cholesterol and blood lipid (fat) levels. read more>>

Is TA-65 the Means to Immortality?

Humans have likely dreamed about immortality for as long as the species has been around. Scientist and author Dr. Aubrey de Grey recently wrote about the advancing anti-aging technologies and why they may work in his book Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime If you’re not among those of us suffering from the current economic slump, now might be the time to take your shot to achieve immortality, or at least a healthier, longer life. read more>>

Curcumin May Help Reduce Weight Gain and Obesity

Curcumin is part of the widely used Indian spice tumeric. We’ve discussed many of its health benefits in a previous article. In short, they include anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, antioxidant, and other actions. Some newly discovered benefits of curcumin supplementation with regard to weight control have been brought to our attention and we’d like to share them with you. read more>>

Preventive Measures for Swine Flu

Obvious measures already mentioned in much news coverage include washing hands frequently, avoiding contact with people with flu and cold like symptoms, and staying home when you are sick. Although there is no vaccine for this new swine flu strain, there are immune system boosting measures that you can take at low cost which are likely to help you avoid getting flu and to speed recovery if you do get it. We’ll discuss several options you have to help stay healthy despite a flu outbreak. By the way, these suggested measures all apply to other types of flu, too… read more>>

Quack Therapies Spread Because They Don’t Work

Mathematical biologist Mark Tanaka of the University of New South Wales (Australia) wanted to know why ineffective health therapies, often called “quack therapies”, spread and develop reputations for working. He and other researchers interested in that paradox worked on creating a model of why people often try therapies and medicines which have no evidence of working and how they become more popular despite their ineffectiveness. …read more>>

Detecting Autism in Infancy, Starting Treatment Early

Early detection of autism can provide parents, doctors, and therapists the time to intervene early in a child’s development, before autism becomes more severe. Although doctors recommend screening for autism starting at age 18 months, it is difficult to screen kids under the age of 2 (sometimes even older) because of typical developmental variations between children that are apparent in the verbal, language, emotional, and motor skills tests used to identify autism…read more>>

Statin Side Effects, Risks, and Alternatives

Statins are a now famous (or infamous, depending upon your viewpoint) class of medicine used widely in American medicine. While studies do show they help reduce total and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol and triglyceride levels, there are serious side effects to these medicines. They can lead to lethargy, headaches, muscle weakness, confusion, memory loss, and other side effects….read more>>

Help Kids Avoid Type 2 Diabetes: Eat Less Sugar, More Fiber

Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California (USC) conducted a 16-week study to see if slightly modifying the diets of Latino teenagers would affect type 2 diabetes risk factors. They found that simply reducing sugar intake by a can of soda per day or raising fiber intake by half a cup of beans per day was enough to make significant reductions in risk factors for diabetes and obesity….read more>>

FDA Incompetence and Bias Lead to Poor Ratings & Results

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is celebrating a big improvement in its public perception. This year, only 47 percent of the US residents recently polled think the agency is doing a poor job. That’s a marked improvement for the agency, down from 58 percent of those polled expressing a “poor” rating a year ago. The public’s poor perception of FDA is based upon facts that show the agency is incapable of performing its mission and is not aligned with public health and safety interests….read more>>

Annual Life Extension Blood Test Sale has a members-only sale on blood test from April 1 to June 1, 2009. Members can save 44% or more on blood tests including lipid profiles (cholesterol tests), CBC (Complete Blood Count), vitamin D blood serum levels, and more. …read more >>

Life Extension “Super Bio-Curcumin” on Member Sale periodically sends out mailings to its members offering special discounts on its products. One of its recent offerings, good until June 1, 2009 for members, is for 50% off its Super Bio-Curcumin product via ordering code CUC901D. …read more>>

Free One-Year Subscription to Life Extension Magazine

Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds research studies and public education campaigns. It does this in part by selling nutritional supplements.

One of their publications we enjoy on a regular basis is their monthly Life Extension Magazine. It’s a mix between health and diet news and production information. It generally features three or four major articles on particular health topics plus news tidbits on recent medical research. …read more>>

Promising Peanut Allergy Treatment in Development

If you or a loved one, especially your children, have an allergy to peanuts, you should read the news about a research study sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Consortium of Food Allergy Research. It appears the doctors have found a way to significantly decrease and possibly cure peanut allergies using an exposure desensitization method. …read more>>

Idebenone, a Better CoQ10

Every one of the cells in the human body needs a way to provide energy to power the functions of the cell. Each healthy cell has numerous mitochondria, tiny little cellular power plants that produce most of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) used as a source of chemical energy in the body.

The natural enzyme CoQ10 is critical to operation of mitochondria to produce ATP, but when oxygen levels are low CoQ10 acts to create many damaging free radicals. An alternative synthetic form of CoQ10 known as idebenone has been found to not suffer from the low-oxygen induced increase in free radical production. It is being investigated for treatment of numerous diseases, especially of the cardiovascular and nervous systems in organs such as the heart and brain. …read more>>

US Baby Care Products Contain Carcinogens

American baby care products are not as safe as consumers may expect. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released a report on 48 baby care products that were tested for the carcinogens formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. …read more>>

Terrific Deal on Sublingual B12 5000mcg Lozenges

We’ve previously written about how increasing vitamin B12 intake can help reduce the frequency and severity of canker sores. B12 is also critically important for heart and nervous system health. Unfortunately, some of the best B12 supplements are generally fairly expensive as they use large doses of the less common methylcobalamin form of the vitamin. …read more >>

Health Risks from Tylenol, Acetaminophen, and Paracetamol

Although Tylenol (aka acetaminophen and paracetamol) isn’t implicated in Reye’s syndrome, it is the #1 cause for acute liver failure in much of the developed world. A recent study has also tied the use of the drug in children in the first year of life to reduce fevers lead to a 46% increase in the risk of developing asthma…read more >>

Resveratrol: Pro-Health Anti-Aging Miracle?

Resveratrol is showing promise at improving heart health, stopping diabetes, and extending lifespan. However, most of the research to date has been done using microorganism or animal models….read more >>

Vitamin B12 Reduces Frequency and Severity of Canker Sores

The combination of appropriate dosages of vitamin B12 with lysine is likely to cost you less than $5 per month from inexpensive quality dietary supplement vendors such as Puritan’s Pride….read more >>

Multiple Sclerosis Risk Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

In recent years, multiple studies have shown there is a link between vitamin D deficiency and contracting multiple sclerosis (MS)….read more >>

High Fructose Corn Syrup is Dangerous for Many Reasons

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a widely used sweetener in the United States. It has been linked to the obesity and diabetes epidemics…read more >>

Where’s the Beef? USDA Opposes Voluntary Mad Cow Disease Testing!

The USDA has fought hard and won in court to ban a beef producer from testing all of its cows for mad cow disease. Thanks, Uncle Sam, we really appreciate your equal opportunity stance on death of beef eaters by holes in their brains!…read more >>

Master Cleanser Detox Program

Information on the “Master Cleanse” body detox program using simple and natural ingredients such as lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper….read more >>

Canker Sore Prevention with Lysine

Some people with chronic canker sores may find they heal faster and are greatly reduced to almost completely eliminated by taking regular daily dosages of the inexpensive amino acid L-lysine…read more >>

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