San Diego Judge Edward Allard On The Way Out for Misconduct?

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We’ve recently heard that San Diego family court Judge Edward Allard III, department F9 at the Sixth Avenue courthouse, has been racking up a growing pile of complaints. While this is no different than many of the abusive and corrupt family law judges in San Diego, there are reports that he’s about to be moved out of department F9 over his unwillingness to be a reasonable judge. Rumors are that he will shortly be removed from the family law bench and possibly moved to some form of “purgatory for judges.” Video criminal arraignments were mentioned as one possibility.

We’re a bit skeptical of the rationale for Judge Lorna Alksne removing him from family law courts. If she were to apply the same reasoning to other judges in her oversight, she and many others would be joining Allard in purgatory. Perhaps it is simply a way for Alksne to play sleight of hand and blame others for the abusive, corrupt, and destructive practices of many of the judges under her supervision.

We don’t have details on particular cases of misconduct, but note that Allard’s ratings look poor. Out of 29 surveys completed, he’s earned an F (0.29) rating. A representative comment is this one:

(from RateTheCourts.Com: Comments for Edward Allard III, San Diego)

This judge is incapable of being impartial. Change judges if you have the chance before it’s too late. He does not have the ability to get any thing done in a timely manner. He could care less if your case drags on forever. He clearly has anger issues and blows up easily in court. My entire family witnessed this first hand. I would give more specific examples, but I’m actually afraid of him and how he might abuse his power to retaliate against me.

Among the more favorable comments on him was this:

(from RateTheCourts.Com: Comments for Edward Allard III, San Diego)

I love judge Allard he made me feel good in court and winked at me and reassured me that I will win my case. He blasted my husband and made him so little and then stepped on him like a bug. My husband is such a loser and a wimp I don’t know why I married him and to see him cry in front of the judge was pathetic. It made me sick. I just can’t stand weak men and he deserved the restraining order because he wouldn’t listen to me and make more money. I feel great I got all the money when my husband was in jail and he can’t go back to the house ever thanks to judge Allard so I will be selling all my husbands stuff in a garage sale and will get more money. Judge Allard thanks for your love and support for all women. I am glad your staff called me to make sure I was all right. I would really want to go out with a real man like you. Denise XOXOXOXOXO

As for a replacement, speculation is that newly appointed Judge Margo Lewis may be taking over department F9.

(from Gov. Schwarzenegger Appoints Margo Lewis to San Diego County Superior Court)

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced the appointment of Margo L. Lewis to a judgeship in the San Diego County Superior Court.

Lewis, 43, of San Diego, has served as a partner for Moore, Lewis, Schulman & Moore since 2000. Previously, she was an attorney and partner for Lewis & Schulman from 1997 to 2000. Lewis served the San Diego Community College District as an adjunct faculty member for the Legal Assistant Program in Family Law in 1995. She was a sole practitioner from 1995 to 1997 and a partner at Galam, Lewis & Pope from 1994 to 1995 and Galam, Hurt, Lewis & Pope from 1993 to 1994. Lewis earned a Juris Doctorate degree from California Western School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iowa. She fills the vacancy created by the disability retirement of Judge John L. Davidson. Lewis is a Republican.

The compensation for this position is $178,789.

As usual, we’d welcome your insights on Judge Allard, Judge Lewis, or any of the other San Diego family law judges or divorce industry players.

If you’re afraid to comment on your experience with an abusive judge or government official due to the likelihood of retaliation, we do accept anonymous comments. You can make them truly anonymous to the point that we and our service providers will not have your IP address on record by using anonymizing web proxies or anonymizing networks such as Tor.

Our article Tamworth, NH Shows Why You Should Stay Anonymous provides some examples of why it’s often best to stay anonymous when criticizing abusive government officials. In that case, a critic of the town government found himself with a $4 million property tax assessment as punishment for expressing his views. When criticizing a family law judge, your children and their future are at risk because many of these judges will persecute a parent and harm children when it suits their own personal agendas.

The article Exercising Your Free Speech Rights Despite Government Harassment explains how you can use technological tools to preserve your anonymity while sharing your thoughts with the world. If you’re careful to follow the guidelines and use the tools mentioned properly, you can view and comment on websites or even publish your own blog without revealing your identity, even if the local tyrants in your area decide to subpoena the records of web hosting and Internet service providers in an attempt to identify and suppress your criticism.

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  1. July 25th, 2010 at 02:10 | #1

    In a neighborhood CHULA VISTA, CA 91913, a self admitted Pedophile lives.

    What do I mean by self admitted?

    Well, first he admitted it to his wife, then to a family therapist, then to a San Diego County CPS social worker, then he made a sworn Deposition for J.A.M.S, then he admitted it San Diego Family Court. NOW, that’s what I meant by self admitted.

    Apart from that, his Step-son has made sworn affidavits with graphic details about this guy abusing him as a child.

    There is even an unsolved murder of this guy’s 12 year old niece that was found in a abandoned house, knowm to be used by the homeless as a drug house and brothel. Why is this guy running loose? Bonnie Dumanis is why? At least that is what Judge Allard III said. When I called Bonnie Dumanis she said it was the police’s fault. So I called the North Park police (where this sexual abuse he admitted to happen) and they said it’s Judge Allard III ‘s Fault. No matter whose fault it is, the result is the same. What is the result well, This Self admitted Pedophile has full custody of his victim and is he left to run free in the neighborhood.

  2. abused mom
    July 29th, 2010 at 19:29 | #2

    What makes anybody think Margo Lewis will be a good judge? Or even better than Allard?

    Margo Lewis was a horrible attorney. She is a greedy manipulative bitch. As a judge expect nothing else. Parents, when you see her assign children’s lawyers jobs to her friends and business partners like David Schulman, know this: it is about the money, not the children.

    • July 29th, 2010 at 22:01 | #3

      It turns out that the family law legal rumor mill must be wrong about some of this story. At a minimum, the timing is off.

      According to San Diego Superior Court staff listings, Margo Lewis has been assigned to the main courthouse department 8. Perhaps the potential for nepotism was a consideration given her partnership in a firm that does minor’s counsel representation. Whatever the reason may be, as a criminal judge she isn’t going to be assigning family law attorneys to “represent” children.

  3. Disgusted
    August 28th, 2010 at 21:21 | #4

    Margo Lewis is a fraud. She doesn’t do anything to help kids in need. Sbe doesn’t file mandatory children’s attorney reports. She doesn’t present bills for her services, not even when a judge ordered her to.

    Then she got a judge to more than quadruple her fees and help her extort the family she was abusing to fill her bank accounts.

    San Diego judges and San Diego attorneys are in cahoots. They are organized criminals, pillaging and abusing families. The FBI should be investigating them for corruption, fraud, extortion, child abuse, and more.

  4. Karen
    May 20th, 2011 at 16:03 | #5

    Celeste: You are a nut! You have involved yourself with every crackpot in town who doesn’t like the way their divorce turned out. But being a crackpot yourself its no wonder. You are calling someone a pediphile when you have NO FACTS whatever. You’re listening to the rantings of another crackpot like yourself.

  5. Jim B.
    October 13th, 2011 at 11:21 | #6

    I was in grade school and junior high (Woodrow Wilson J.H.) with judge Lewis. She was smart, popular, rich and attractive then too.

  6. exfelon
    November 6th, 2014 at 16:44 | #7

    ed allerd was a us attorney in a case i had when i was 18 years old he admitted i had nothing to do with the crime to my family but had to prosecute someone I got 10 years for doing nothing, I hope everything he does fails and he rots in hell

  7. Dean Smith
    July 19th, 2016 at 18:44 | #8

    I was recently called in for jury duty, July, 2016. Ed Allerd was the judge. His opening instructions about the procedures for choosing the 12+2 jurors should have taken about 30 minutes. Instead he ranted on this insane monologue that went on for 5 1/2 hours. He discussed IN DEPTH is love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the neighborhood cats, esoteric points of legal minutia, where he lived, his personal biography, the biography of his court reporter, the civil service job description of our court bailiff, on and on. He held us over the weekend and continued on Monday. When the prosecuting attorney finally got to ask all 40 potential jurors some questions, he was only given about 30 minutes. Part way thru a potential juror was over thinking the subject of circumstantial evidence. Allerd verbally pushed the attorney aside and went on this legal rant about the legal definition of circumstantial evidence that went on for eternity. Everyone just agreed with guy just to shut him up and get the jury selection over. I have been thru several trials in my life, but NOTHING equals Allerd for mindless time wasting. Perhaps if Allerd wasn’t a judge in Chula Vista, there would be enough money saved to have civil trials returned to the South Bay court.

  8. May 3rd, 2019 at 17:07 | #9

    I would just like to remark upon a few comments. Judge Allard worked for 25 years in the U.S. Attorneys Office where he was in several supervisoral positions including the criminal department. Any “misconduct” on behalf should be examined with very close scrutiny. For instance a few years back there were a rash of resisting arrest cases that we’re pushed through by the DA’s office that held no merit whatsoever. Interestingly enough, turns out there SDPD wasnt very happy with the DA’s office previously not opting to press charges in those cases and, well what do you know, it was an election year. The District Attorney wants to make sure he or SHE had the support of the local police and if a judge doesn’t play by the rules then we have problems. “Misconduct” is a generic term for judges who don’t play ball with the D.A.’s office. The DA’s office ruined Judge Allard’s career and forced him into retirement. I’ve met with the man, and yes, he may be long winded and yes he may talk to the jury regarding the minutia of law, but God forbid should the jury, who is in charge over the destiny of others-sometimes life or death-be overeducated in legal applications to which they are to apply. South Bay Civil trials were not removed due to a long winded judge. Do your homework, educate yourselves a little to WHY the civil cases were removed, before blaming someone who is just as much a victim of the corruption that plagues this city as you are.

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