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Alan Friedenthal was a Commissioner in the Los Angeles Superior Court branch in San Fernando, California, during which time he abused many litigants in his family law court. He has served as a judicial officers at multiple sites in the Los Angeles system.

Previous Address:
Alan Friedenthal
L A Superior Court
9425 Penfield Ave F 43
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Recent Contact Information:
email: [email protected]
phone: 818-576-8470

Two months after his severe public admonishment in April 2012 for misconduct and abuse in five family law cases, he was elected as the secretary-treasurer for the executive board of the California Judges Association without opposition.

He is also on the Board of Directors of the Valley Community Legal Foundation.

It seems California judicial officers like having a recognized abusive court officer on the board of their organizations.

Alleged voicemail recording (MP3 format) featuring Alan Friedenthal attacking the bio-mom (named Deborah) of his two adopted kids — Source states that this voicemail is believed to have been left by Commissioner Friedenthal during a call placed from a court complex landline 661-253-2967 during court hours of operation to a contact of the source. The recording was left by Friedenthal for the biological mother of two children adopted by Commissioner Friedenthal and Padilla. The biological mother lost her children through a dependancy court action in Los Angeles Superior Court, enabling court officials (Friedenthal and Padilla) to claim the children for their own.

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