Swanson Health Products

March 9th, 2010

Swanson Health Products was founded in 1969 and operates out of Fargo, North Dakota. It’s a family business that has grow tremendously over the years. The company is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified dietary and nutritional supplement manufacturer. It sells both its own branded products and those of dozens of other GMP manufacturers including other well-known brands such as Enzymatic Therapy, NOW Foods, and Source Naturals.

Some of our authors have recently started buying products from this company. Although our experience is still new, we’ve been pleased with the pricing, delivery, and no-hassle shopping experience. Based upon this experience so far, we’d recommend you give their products and web site a look when you’re in the market for nutritional supplements.

Their flat-rate $4.99 shipping on any size order is convenient, although it admittedly does encourage the price-conscious among us to add orders for several months of whatever is on sale at the moment in addition to immediate needs. Perhaps that is part of how they keep their prices so low?

The company offers frequent sales on its products at Swanson On Sale Now!.

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