CCFC Family Law Protest in San Diego Results in Arrest of Group Leader

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This is breaking news with little information available from the mainstream media. We clearly don’t have all the details yet, but we’ll let you know what we have learned so far.

Some updates from information we’ve been receiving:

The protest was peaceful and reasonably calm except for the interruption caused by the arrest. One of the protesters reported the officials at the site said they were being “great protesters”.

Cole Stuart was in good spirits despite being arrested. He complied with officers’ requests. CCFC group members photographed the arrest, in part to keep the police in check. After being released, Stuart said the officers “were extremely cool and supportive of our cause” and talked about how some of them had spoken of being harmed by stunts like this in their own previous relationships.

CCFC co-founder Dr. Emad Tadros posted bail for Cole Stuart. Bail was $25,000 for misdemeanor charges of stalking and annoying telephone calls.

Given that the protest was peaceful, it appears that somebody with an agenda against Cole Stuart must have called the police to report his presence and request that he be arrested. Possible suspects include:

  • Judge Lorna Alksne: supervising family court judge, she has her fingers in the court harassment against many parents and reportedly recognized Cole Stuart at the protest (she was present)
  • Stephen Doyne: ill-reputed psychological evaluator under fire from CCFC members (he was present as a speaker at the event)
  • Judge Lisa Schall: has an axe to grind against Cole Stuart as he’s reportedly filed a CJP complaint against her for her alleged bias and misconduct in his divorce case (attendance not confirmed)
  • Lynn Stuart: allegedly malicious ex-wife and San Diego CW Channel 6 News reporter (attendance not confirmed)
  • Jeffrey Fritz: family law attorney for Lynn Stuart (attendance not confirmed)

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San Diego Judicial Abuse Arrest of Cole Stuart
Cole Stuart Arrested During Family Law Protest

At the April 15 protest against the corrupt San Diego family law courts the San Diego Police Department arrested one of the leaders of the group, Colbern Stuart III, an attorney and vocal critic of the California family law courts. The arrest appears to possibly be an attempt at intimidation and harassment against San Diego parents who are fed up with the abuses they are facing at the hands of the local family law courts. It may also be part of the alleged parental alienation campaign being conducted by Lynn Stuart, San Diego CW6 News Reporter and ex-wife of Cole Stuart. She and many in the San Diego family law community, including specifically Stephen Doyne, Judge Lisa Schall, and Judge Lorna Alksne, have personal reasons to want to attack and harm Cole Stuart and other CCFC group members.

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Court Seeks To Silence Family Law Protestors?

Family law protesters before the SDCBA seminar
Protesters disgusted with San Diego family courts

It is our understanding that this was small protest of reasonable people who are upset over the continuing abuses being inflicted upon their families by the San Diego family courts. They could not be considered threatening to anybody but perhaps corrupt judges and psychological evaluators who might be very insecure as they see the public is starting to wake up to their criminal conduct. There were somewhere around a dozen protesters outside and inside the San Diego County Bar Association facility in downtown San Diego during a seminar being presented by members of the family law system including judges, psychologists, and other court service providers. Reports are that the protesters were reasonably calm and well-behaved and that their activities were no legitimate cause for the arrest.

While there may never be any way to conclusively confirm or deny this, it seems possible that this entire incident was staged by the corrupt San Diego family law system and reporter Lynn Stuart. There was an arrest warrant issued for Cole Stuart on April 14, the day before the protest, apparently based upon an email he sent her trying to arrange times to call their son on the phone.

He’s speculating that the courts, his ex, and her attorney found out about the protest from our previous article or other sources and used the email as a pretext to get an arrest warrant. As Stuart has put it, “Email your wife, she does’t like what you say, you get arrested.”

Evidence of the court conspiracy to cause a wrongful arrest for political motives may be hard to produce, but some is already available the related article Internet Evidence of Suspicious Timing of Court Awareness of CCFC Protest and Arrest Warrant For Group Leader.

Using TROs and Police As Court Weapons Against Vocal Parents

It appears that SDPD was forced by family law system to use an arrest based upon a malicious report to the police and a falsely obtained TRO to intimidate the protesters and punish Cole Stuart for having the audacity to oppose the court’s abuses against families.

A witness says that Cole Stuart was speaking up against the family law system inside the building shortly before he was arrested. The family law system attendees at a seminar reportedly did not like what he was saying. Stephen Doyne and Judge Lorna Alksne were both present and reportedly visibly reacted to Cole Stuart’s presence and words.

A private security guard present was reported as indicating San Diego Police Department (SDPD) officers arrested Stuart allegedly for some past misdemeanor accusation.

Searching the San Diego criminal court case database, we found no cases naming him or anybody with a similar name. The only court cases we found locally involving the attorney as a litigant were a personal injury lawsuit SDSC 703239 in August 1996 featuring him and his ex-wife (Lyndolyn aka Lynn) against Carlos Murphy’s Restaurant and their divorce case SDSC D504196.

Speculation that the arrest was an attempt to shut up the protesters seems plausible. We have seen and heard how local law enforcement and the family law system collude in using police abuse and harassment as a means to persecute parents who find themselves caught up in a difficult divorce. This is particularly common for divorces featuring a malicious ex-spouse making false allegations, especially if that ex-spouse has law enforcement connections and/or has hired an attorney with a reputation for using false allegations to obtain Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) as an aid to obtaining sole child custody for a client.

The police too often are involved in such cases. While some of the police officers are reluctant and apologetic about being forced to arrest people for things like calling their children, others get emotionally tangled up in what they are doing and violate ethical codes and civil rights. The officers who become involved like this effectively are working as a private police force paid for by taxpayers for the benefit of disgruntled spouses who are willing to stop at nothing to destroy the life of their children’s other parents. These parent’s only “crimes” are often that they want to be able to see their children and are upset about being falsely accused and treated like criminals who are guilty without a trial.

Given the common tactics of malicious parents in high-conflict divorces and Cole Stuart’s recent comments about this being a problem for many parents and him, too, in our early reports on this arrest we speculated that there may have been an arrest warrant naming him based upon the typical legal abuse tactic of Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs). TROs are frequently used to criminalize law-abiding parents by the use of false allegations made by a malicious ex intent on committing parental alienation (a form of child abuse involving destructively interfering in the relationship between a child and parent) and harassment against the other parent who wants joint child custody.

It turns out that this is more or less accurate based upon the latest reports, but that the arrest warrant may have been timed to help quash the protest. If so, this appears it was politically motivated.

One of the major irregularities here is that there was a TRO issued against Cole Stuart connected with the divorce case on April 8, 2010. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department restraining order index indicates it was not served on him until April 16, the day after he was arrested. This is highly improper to arrest somebody based upon a TRO of which he or she had no notice. It suggests that there was some effort made by his ex-wife, her attorney, and/or the courts to set him up for arrest before he even would know of the TRO.

TRO Information from Sheriff

RACE: White SEX: Male
AGENCY: SDSO COURT: (SDS) San Diego Central Superior Court
RESTRAINING ORDER NO.: D504196 001 DATE SERVED: 04/16/2010
ISSUED DATE: 04/08/2010 SERVED TYPE: (P) Personal Service
ISSUE TYPE: (OTD) Temporary Restraining Order EXPIRES: 04/28/2010

That the courts would use their power to jail people as retaliation should come as no surprise given the abusive conduct of California courts against parties who dare challenge their actions and legality of their funding. Attorney Richard Fine is still being held in prison in Los Angeles for doing exactly this. He’s been incarcerated for a year as a political prisoner of corrupt judge David Yaffe. Given that there are protests planned for April 20 against the LA courts for the political imprisonment of Richard Fine, I wonder if we’ll also see court-initiated police retaliation against those protesters.

Lynn Stuart, Malicious Mom?

In Cole Stuart’s case, his ex-wife Lynn Stuart, San Diego CW Channel 6 anchor and reporter, is reputedly such a malicious mom. The allegations against her include that she is a “malicious liar” who has engaged in threatening to kill her ex-husband, attacked him repeatedly, and twice broke into his home to steal property. She has also reportedly been falsely accusing her ex-husband of stalking her when he has called to try to talk with their son. Now it appears she and possibly others arranged to get an arrest warrant for him based upon an email he sent trying to set up times to contact his son via telephone.
It appears Stuart and some in his group may have known there was a risk for him even attending this kind of protest. His ex-wife, Lynn Stuart of San Diego CW Channel 6 News, has reportedly been engaged in a campaign to shut him out of of their child’s life and reportedly has used malicious false police reports to aid her. She has recently stepped up her campaign by obtaining a TRO, one of the dirty legal weapons that abusers use to get the courts and police to start treating a falsely accused parent as a criminal without a trial.

We’ve been told that she reported Cole for stalking because he called to talk with their child and she was upset about this. We’ve also been told the TRO she obtained ex-parte on April 8 was based upon an email that Cole Stuart sent to her attempting to arrange times to talk on the phone with their son.

It is common for court orders to require reasonable telephone contact between children and parents and yet an alienating parent (as Lynn Stuart appears she may be) attempts to both interfere with this and to misportray reasonable attempts to communicate with the children to cause trouble. It is common for such alienating parents to call police and make false statements in court trying to portray themselves as victims. These tactics often include claims that such phone calls are harassment, stalking, and other allegations in order to obtain the arrest and termination of contact of the target parent with the children.

In this case, it appears Cole Stuart is the target parent and Lynn Stuart may be a parental alienator engaging in the typical activities of using law enforcement and courts to persecute her ex-husband.

Parental alienation is a form of emotional child abuse centered around trying to disrupt and damage the relationships between children and parents. The tactics used by alienators vary, but can be widely grouped into access blocking and denigration of the target parent. When the alienation is severe, the children may take sides against the target parent for no legitimate reason, simply because they are being exposed to so much hate and may either start to believe it or may find that if they do not cooperate they will be abused even worse by the alienating parent. This abuse against the children is often difficult to prove because it leaves deep psychological scars that are often misportrayed by the alienator as being the children’s own opinions yet there is typically little to no physical evidence of the abuse. It creates a he-said/she-said conflict which makes it difficult to be entirely certain of what is happening. This is highly advantageous to the alienating parents because it often helps shield them from accountability for their child abuse while letting them continue doing it.

Looking for criminal cases or legal battles involving Lynn Stuart, besides the divorce case we found she sued Brehm Realty in 1996 in case SDSC 705852 for wrongful termination. There are several other civil cases involves a litigant named Lynn Stuart that may or may not be her including SDSC L535267 suit against Gary Lyle Pomplin for “other civil complaint” in 1991 and two wrongful detainer suits by Frank Tao against Lynn Stuart as SDSC U032464 in 1994 and SDSC U035536 in 1995.

Lynn Stuart hired dirty family lawyer Jeffrey Fritz as she wanted to stick it to her ex-husband by any means possible and she has the money to do it. In him, she found an excellent ally to perpetrate crimes on her ex-husband and son. They have teamed up to execute what looks like a very damaging distortion campaign and parental alienation against Cole Stuart, not caring about the damage it will do to the son.

Misconceptions About DV Help Perpetrate Abuses

If you or a family member haven’t been through an experience with an abusive woman, you might look at Lynn Stuart’s blond-headed smiling picture and think that this isn’t plausible because she doesn’t look violent. Yet such accusations against a woman are certainly plausible and especially so during or around a divorce.

While women are injured by domestic violence more often than men, that is not because it is more commonly committed by men. It is because men are usually physically stronger than women and therefore the women get injured more often, even though they tend to compensate by using surprise (attacking while he is sleeping) or using weapons to even the odds. Knives and other sharp objects are popular choices for women to attack their partners. See the story of the DV attack by wife Ellie Cunningham on husband Adam for photos of such injuries caused by a wife to a man who was trying to defend himself from her rage. Adam Cunningham later died from complications of the brutal injuries. Ellie Cunningham has been charged with domestic violence assault.

Numerous well-funded studies by respected domestic violence researchers working with universities and national public health organizations in multiple nations have shown that the popular perception that “men are abusers, women are victims” is not true. The last decade or so of research has consistently found that about half of couples experiencing partner violence (in other words, focusing on adult domestic violence rather than including child abuse) involve women and men engaging in physical violence against each other in the same relationship. About 1/3 of abusive relationships involved women committing the abuse on the men without retaliation by the men. About 1/6 involve the men abusing the women without retaliation by the women. Domestic violence is clearly not a gender issue, it is a human behavioral issue that crosses gender lines. Yet courts and law enforcement are trained to believe statistics coming from antiquated and flawed studies, many of them 20 or more years ago, because those studies are widely publicized by feminist organizations for political reasons. The effect is that bias and prejudice against men is widespread, so much so that many US states have no domestic violence shelters or assistance for men and the women’s shelters and programs refuse to help men who are being abused. Sadly, this simply perpetuates the problems while causing a lot of men to be abused at the hands of women. Often these men are afraid of calling the police because they know they will be accused of being the abusers. It often takes deadly injuries, such as those experienced by Adam Cunningham, for anybody influenced by the feminist propaganda to believe that a woman can be violent.

Part of the dilemma about discussing the truth about DV is that some men go overboard and start blaming all the women and some women go irate blaming all men and also deny that any women are violent and abusive. This leads to the divide-and-conquer effect that is impeding the ability of family law reform groups to get enough traction to force changes in the system. While men and women may have ample reason to distrust each other, they need to bury the hatchet and focus on going after the worst villians, those who perpetrate this biased and corrupt system on all parents and children who are being abused by it. That group includes many (but not all) of the politicians, judges, lawyers, psychological evaluators, and others involved in the family court system and law enforcement.

Gender Polarization Impedes Family Law Reform

Balkanization Of Family Law Reform Advocates

Polarizing family law problems along gender lines serves the purposes of those who would like to perpetuate the tragedies of today long into the future. The polarization pushed by “gender rights” groups balkanizes those who oppose the current system. It serves the divide and conquer tactics of the power-elite in government and lobbying groups who conspire with them. These groups are happy to pit men and women against each other in a fight to the death over child custody.

The government and lobbying groups that interfere with family law reform regard divorce as a sort of financial equivalent to the energy output of nuclear fission. Break apart an atom by fission and you get some energy. Break apart lots of atoms and you get a chain reaction that might blow up a lot more than just the decomposing atoms.

Likewise, breaking apart lots of families releases large stores of cash. The people behind are often “irradiated” severely, leading to long term ruination by psychological, emotional, and financial devastation. Others are figuratively incinerated by the nuclear divorce blast. Both outcomes are desirable for many judges, lawyers, CPS social workers, police, psychologists, and collection workers who comprise the divorce, domestic violence, and child support industries. That’s because the destruction of children and families helps ensure their financial security by sucking the lifeblood out of families. Additional revenues are gained by hocking off the pieces of what remains after mommy and daddy have repeatedly shot each other with legal bullets for several years and the children have had holes blasted in their souls by the conflict.

Child support begets a whole new government bureaucracy that serves to take from some to give to others while taking a cut along the way and abusing anybody who disagrees. Money doesn’t lead to good parenting, but wars over child support money lead to damaged and even dead children and parents.

Then those damaged children turn into ready enablers of job security for CPS, police, and psychologists because they tend to become depressed, anxious, antisocial, and even criminal. Many of them will go on to abuse their own children in the future and repeat the mental illness, divorce, child abuse, and crime cycle.

Cole Stuart’s Divorce Led To Outrage At Court Abuses

Cole Stuart came to realize that the San Diego family law courts don’t follow the law and abuse litigants, increase conflict, harm families, and engage in collusion and corruption after his own experience in front of Judge Lisa Schall. He found that Schall’s demeanor, behaviors, and decisions in the courtroom were incomprehensible given his 14 years of legal practice in civil courts in California and other states.

Lisa Schall is the ill-reputed San Diego family court judge with a reckless drunk driving conviction and a long record of Commission on Judicial Performance investigations over allegedly illegal political involvement in the campaign of former Governor Deukmejian (who appointed her as a judge), abuse of contempt of court powers against mother Joanna Slivka, and mishandling of a juvenile court case. No details of the juvenile court case are publicly available. This may be due to the common practice of the courts and government agencies (particularly CPS and law enforcement) claiming they are “protecting the privacy of minors” as an excuse to hide their misconduct and abuse against children and parents who find themselves caught up in the macabre horror of the juvenile and family courts in this United States.

Cole Stuart has also experienced the oft-cited alleged misconduct, fraud, and malpractice alleged by many San Diego parents against psychological evaluator Stephen Doyne. It may not be far-fetched to say that Doyne is the single person most responsible for the founding of the California Coalition for Families and Children. He has so outraged many San Diego parents with the emotional and financial devastation he has inflicted upon their children and their families that they have decided to unite to fight back against the corrupt San Diego family law system.

More Details To Come

It appears the battle of families against the San Diego family law system may be heating up with the events of April 15. We’ll be updating this article and adding new ones related to it over the next few weeks. There is no question in our minds that the San Diego family law system is highly destructive and in dire need of reform. The question at this time seems to be how far will the conflict go between the government and the families they abuse. The arrest of CCFC co-founder Cole Stuart is one more data point hinting at a much larger conflict to come given developments in the last couple of years involving recurring protests outside the San Diego family law courts and increasing threats against family law judges and even their families which are allegedly being investigated by the FBI.

(from Writ to Disqualify Judge Alksne)


The publicity this case has garnered is enough reason in and of itself for Judge Alksne to be disqualified. The media attention for this case has made her look bad. There has been coverage of this case by ABC, KUSI, Univision, periodicals, and websites. There has been an email campaign wherein over 15,000 people wrote to legislators and judicial officials complaining about the way Judge Alksne is violating laws, ignoring Damon’s brave disclosures of brutal abuse, and not allowing Damon to testify.

There are weekly protests in front of the court, where information is available about how Judge Alksne did not do the proper investigation or allow Damon to testify and is now threatening to send him to boarding school to change his belief that he was abused, etc.

There have recently been disturbing posts to many websites with death threats to Judge Alksne and threats of harm to her family and children [Exhibits]. Petitioner had nothing to do with these threats and does not condone violence. However, they are serious and it is a good reason in and of itself for her to be off the case, for her own protection.


Members of a court watch group who were kicked out of the courtroom after attending many of the hearings and taking notes, wrote to the Commission on Judicial Performance [Exhibit F]. They subsequently opened an investigation into her handling of the case.


Threats on Judge Alksne and her family’s lives have been posted on various internet sites in relation to this case [Exhibit G]. Someone says he/she is extremely angry for how Judge Alksne is taking Damon her daughters and other children away from protective mothers and handing them over to child molesters. The FBI is taking it very seriously and has begun an investigation.


Judge Alksne made all parties aware that someone from the Elkins Commission talked to her about Petitioner appearing before them to discuss problems in family courts. Therefore, there has been ex parte communication which is not allowed.

A person aware all of the aforementioned facts might reasonably entertain a doubt that Judge Alksne would be able to be impartial.

Will the San Diego courts and law enforcement resort to stepping up the crack-down to crush the growing dissent? Family court judges have already been making orders against litigants with intent of punishing them for revealing judicial misconduct. This is a strategy used repeatedly by some of these San Diego judges, including Supervising Judge Lorna Alksne. Clearly there are dire questions when it appears the courts are attempting to quash free speech for their own self-interests. If they are now resorting to arrests to quash opposition as it appears they may be, it is a dark day for San Diego and America.

While many are highly skeptical of San Diego mother and family court critic Cindy Dumas (including myself), it’s obvious that some of what is happening in her case smacks of judicial bias on the part of Judge Alksne to many people in the community. Dumas and her friends have built a large community of disgruntled mothers who despise many of the judges in the county, some of them launching websites and press campaigns just to focus on their particular cases and the judges involved. Judge Alksne is not serving the best interests of the community as her conduct is creating even more distrust for the courts than there already was. She needs to find a way to distance the courts from the growing convictions of many that they are hopelessly biased, prejudicial, and corrupt. If she can’t do it, she should step down and help ensure that somebody else who can takes on the job.

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  1. Kari McDonald
    April 16th, 2010 at 06:42 | #1

    Hey all of you listen …We here in WA state the worst Charted County for family court has failed 4 little ones greatly. We had been told we could end up with a homicide – that would be no surprise as we have seen danger to the kids before our eyes.

    Placing these very vulnerable kids with the known, more protected never prosecuted child sexual abusiver. More than a few named some claimed abusers in their family. The laws had NOT been held up!

    YES-the kids had disclosed…So much more—————-

    Question is who will be held accountable?
    Do we sit by and wait?
    Are safety, health, well-being, and protection rights?
    When will the childen get a true protected voice?
    Who can we count on????

  2. soulful
    April 17th, 2010 at 05:32 | #2

    he was served the warrant the 15th… he disregarded the notice, dropped it to the ground and walked away.
    for the record

    • April 17th, 2010 at 23:38 | #3

      How do you know this? Can you prove it? And do you really mean “warrant” or “TRO”?

      If you really do mean “warrant” then how can somebody be served with an arrest warrant for breaking a TRO that was never served on them until after they were arrested?

      If you do mean he was served with a TRO on April 15 and you could prove it, if the arrest warrant was issued on either April 14 as is being stated in the article, that’s still two days before he was notified of the TRO by the Sheriff on April 16 according to SDSO records. That is improper. No court should be issuing arrest warrants on TROs without proof of service. If this is indeed what happened, it speaks volumes for how illicit and likely illegal the actions of the San Diego judges will be when they decide to abuse their powers to attack their political opponents.

      Was Cole Stuart even notified of the ex-parte hearing on April 8 that resulted in biased Judge Lisa Schall issuing the TRO? If not, then why? If not, given this was in a case that has been in front of this judge for quite a long time, how can she justify issuing a TRO without ensuring both sides are heard? This is a central problem with this whole TRO process. It treats people as criminals based upon accusations, often without a shred of evidence based upon total lies, and can rapidly turn them into people who will be persecuted by the courts and law enforcement for years when they are law-abiding people who are not dangerous.

      The counter to this is of course coming up with specific extreme examples of people who were dangerous on whom no restraining order, temporary or permanent, was issued. Somebody dangerous is not going to be seriously deterred by a restraining order of any kind. There are additionally many examples of people on whom a restraining order was issued that the order itself appears to have triggered a violent reaction going so far as murder/suicide deaths that arguably would not have happened without a TRO being issued. And there are even more examples of people who have never done anything dangerous but who are now criminals with their lives ruined because they did something simple like called their child on the phone as usual in a normal manner any parent would or sent an email to a spouse asking a reasonable question or passing along important information in a non-threatening manner.

      If you argue that TROs are appropriate and should be issued freely because they are somehow going to “protect” somebody and that violating the Constitution by throwing due process out the window and failing to punish perjurers who are abusing TROs is all OK, then where is the limit? Why not just throw people in prison without trials based solely upon accusations? The way TROs are being used is not far from this. They can and frequently are used so abusively that they are a more serious danger to public well-being than the problems they were intended to remedy.

      A person can find out they are being kicked out of a home, banned from seeing or in any way contacting their children, and never even know why this is being done to them let alone have an opportunity to respond to it until weeks or months later. This is how abusive the system is on a routine basis. And when it is later proven that the accusations were false, almost never is anything done to punish the malicious liar. Filing false accusations to get a TRO on your target in San Diego family law courts is very close to a sure-fire way of gaining substantial headway on illegally obtaining sole custody of children and the risks are minimal. Further, it jeopardizes seriously the safety of anybody who might somehow be protected by a TRO who deserves some protection. Judges are so used to seeing malicious liars in court asking for TROs that they assume many or most people are not telling the truth.

      Perjury needs to be punished, and false accusations that result in harm against other people need to be punished even more severely. The problem is that proving that the accusations were knowingly falsely made is something that nobody in law enforcement will take the time to do. These criminals are effectively nearly always protected by the courts and law enforcement and often rewarded for their criminal activities while their children and the children’s other parent and his or her extended family are being seriously harmed in ways that can last a lifetime.

      In this particular case, do you really think there will be any objectivity by judges and psychological evaluators when the apparently malicious mother (Lynn Stuart of Channel 6 news) is a well-known local media celebrity who could attack them very publicly if they don’t do what she wants?

      People who behave as she appears to be doing are often diagnosed or believed to have mental health disorders that make them very effective pathological liars adept at ruining the reputations and lives of people who upset them. They are well-known as threats to the reputations and financial interests of the psychologists and judges in their cases if they don’t get exactly what they want. Even if they get 90% of what they want, or even 100%, they may still be dissatisfied and still continue their campaigns to destroy their perceived enemies. There is an innate bias in dealing with these people because caving in to such a malicious abuser helps to avoid being wrongly attacked by them. Perhaps if judges were not subject to election and/or recall votes that could be manipulated by biased media then this would not be as severe an issue, but it is a big problem today.

  3. keith brooks
    April 17th, 2010 at 08:39 | #4

    ODO kicks ASS!!!!

  4. From Emad Tadros MD
    April 17th, 2010 at 15:18 | #5

    From Emad Tadors, M.D.

    I was contacted by Mr. Cole Stuart in 2009 when he made an inquiry about my Discovery of Doyne’s Crystal Clear Fraudulent Credentials and Fake and Misleading Specialty Diplomate(s). Cole was first shocked with the discovery magnitude of such a clever, gentle and a very smooth operating professional.

    Cole is very much the only attorney who really cared about this issue from his heart where he is solid sincere about establishing proactive constructive change in our courts. Cole repeatedly emphasized that we need to approach San Diego courts in the most professional, respectful and constructive ways to our judges and court’s administration. Cole is the reason as to why the 4-15-10 protest was very professional and well respected by our local authorities.

    Cole spent much thought creating our ethical Credos outline for any and all evaluators who would intend to do anything with San Diego children and families. His sincere intention is to spread this state wide, hopefully soon. These Credos are well rounded to simply weed out fraud, deception, giving every professional a chance to function with integrity, wisdom and passion about child’s best interest. Cole’s credos sincerely prioritize families and children at heart and ARE foremost ahead of any court professional’s gain or greed that destroys families, by the so called “court professionals.” Cole and I clearly have the sincere, one way passion, to pursue this forwards and REGADRLESS.

    Cole is also the one who has been constantly encouraging CCFC to be as much respectful as possible of the other parent. When I told Cole that the “Dismantlers” encourage each parent fighting to take the child from the other parent; Cole stated: “I would never do this to my son, I want my son to be cared by his mother and loved equally by both parents. I want to make sure that our son is “healthy.”

    Please note that the blogs I have written earlier were influenced to a good degree by Cole’s input to me. His input is healthy, loving and constructive. His heart is in the right place and this man is extremely bright and sincere at heart. I have all the more respect to Cole who is clearly a good hearted professional. It was my pleasure to stand by him on the day of his fabricated and illegal arrest. This man is a blessing rescue to our values, really respects his wife, and never said anything negative about her. That should speak volumes of who this Cole, is to start with.

    We are all proud of Cole and COLE IS NOW OUR HERO. To the fact that Cole’s values are well rooted and sincere we trust Cole and we will support him endlessly. We are confident that the truth will only grow and credentials’ fraud will just have to keep running with his tail between his legs.

    Stay Tuned for Cole’s 2009/2010 Credos. We will publish them soon, once we get Cole’s permission.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Board Certified, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  5. Harold Rose
    April 18th, 2010 at 09:50 | #6

    Very well said, Dr. Tadros.
    I want to add that Dr. Tadros himself is a hero as well.
    Dr. Emad Tadros is a hero to the public at large. A hero especially to families who are caught up in the San Diego mess of a divorce system to include attorneys who proudly stand in court and highly recommend fraudulent psychologists to get involved so the fees and the incestual court relationships exacerbate ad-infinitum.
    The abuse to families in crisis in the San Diego Family Court system is unforgivable and criminal in nature. Dr. Tadros, a highly respected board certified M.D. and TRUE DIPLOMATE OF THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PSYCHIATRY AND NEUROLOGY, is an immigrant from Egypt and a very good Christian Man. Dr. Tadros is an expert witness in his field, and has been called to testify as such. Anyone who has come to know Dr. Tadros clearly sees that he is a fine man, a wonderful human being, and a caring soul. He cares for the well-being of parents and children similar to Cole Stuart. Both of these gentlemen are well respected human beings. I have not met a soul who respects fraudulent Psychologists who lie, wrought with deceit, and come off at first as though they are well-meaning gentle people. This quickly erodes and reveals the true nature of their souls. The same holds true for the many greedy family attorneys in this town. Those attorneys who never bothered to check the credentials of those so-called professionals that they are so quick to have come on board their family law cases. Attorneys who don’t care how fraudulent their Psychologists are, how greedy, how sub-human they can be. Yes sub-human. I have more respect for a cockroach than I do these sub-humans. After all, a cockroach takes care of its own kind. Sub-humans take advantage of people. People who are caught up in the most difficult times in their and their children’s lives. These sub-humans prey on people in divorce who have a house, a bank account, a job. If you are low wage earner, do not own a home, and have little, they don’t want your family law case. They simply move on to someone with financial means, so they can begin the suck on their financial lives, using children as bait.
    The CCFC is helping to wake up the public in San Diego to what is and has been happening for decades. Change is on the horizon. Positive change for children and parents of divorce.

  6. Ben Siegfried
    April 19th, 2010 at 16:39 | #7

    Cole Stuart III is a very good man. Since he created the Amicus Brief in support of Dr. Tadros case against Stephen Doyne who has “cat credentials” I have spoken with him a few times. He is a very grounded and intelligent human who has provided very good supportive ideas about relating better with your child and their mother.

    So he’s arrested for one phone call/email, whichever it is, to arrange communications with his son? What is this County that arrests him? What is this Judiciary that decides he needs to be arrested? I cannot believe what I’m reading, this is so scandalous it is unbelievable.

    Cole Stuart is a good man with good intentions, and stands up for the Families and Children in their support, as well as his own. Apparently, the local Bar and Judiciary just want to have him arrested?

    Is this America or are we living under inhumane dictator rule?

    I am proud and happy to know the arrested Cole! He’s a good guy who cares about Families and Children.

  7. From Emad Tadros MD
    April 19th, 2010 at 17:56 | #8

    This is my generic answer to the Phone Inquiries:

    You will need to do some Law and Public library research as the credential’s fraud is so very cleverly masked and hard to catch.

    However some helpful Internet links are as follows:


    1- Stephen Doyne Fraud Courthouse Forum (it has all the links on may be page 11-12-13, including channel 10 and other links).

    2- Expertise to GO the Print Attorney Mark Hansen ABA Writer Chicago.

    3- Scientific Evidence review and admissibility of the Expert Evidence in the Courtroom/Chapter 1 Expert Witness Qualifications and Testimony page 7 and 8. By Professor of Law Carolyn Henderson – Stetson School of Law- and President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

    4- The Credentialing Con.

    5- The Wall Street Article by Elizabeth McDonald: “It is in the Credentials,” is posted on Courthouse Forum as it is impossible to get it on line. You will have to go to either the main Law library on Front Street or the main public library on 10th or 11th street?

    6- Selected publication of Golding, Stephen. L. (1999). The Voir Dire of Forensic Experts: Issues of qualification and training [Subtitle: “Sheepskins for sale: Shortcut to Slaughter?].

    CCFC will be happy to orient the naïve trusting public and respectfully all our professionals who sincerely care about families structure and children.

  8. Goldsmiths Are Liars
    April 29th, 2010 at 23:53 | #9

    Don’t forget to name the Goldsmiths. Jan Goldsmith is a former judge and now city attorney for San Diego. Christine Goldsmith is his wife, one of Alksne’s corrupt family law judges. Want to take any bets that she called him to help her and her boss out?

    She is a crappy judge according to many. No wonder she’d be threatened by CCFC! She might also be one of the many women who bully men with fictional domestic violence allegations. If she’s not, however, then he’s a DV offender himself. Either way you look at it, there’s at least one bad Goldsmith in public office. Read the web page to see what I mean.

  9. October 5th, 2013 at 12:31 | #10

    WARNING! Stepen Doyne, Jeff Fritz, Basie and Fritz, Marilyn Bierer sued for fedeal criminal racketeering, fraud, abuse of process and his family court clients in United States District Court, Southern District of California, Case No. 13cv1944 CAB BLM. Google ccfc v. sdcba (California Coalition for Families and Children v. San Diego County Bar Association). More details at

  10. January 18th, 2014 at 15:42 | #11

    Divorce Industry fraud–and how you can recover damages–explained here:

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