CCFC Protests San Diego Family Courts on April 15, 2010

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California Coalition for Families and Children is sponsoring a protest against the corruption, misconduct, and abuse of the San Diego family law industry on the evening of April 15, 2010, in front of the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) . One of the more responsible custody/psychological evaluators in San Diego County has stated “the San Diego family law courts are the most broken they have been in decades.” Much of the blame falls most directly on the shoulders of many unqualified, biased, and even abusive judges who are harming children and families with their decisions in cases with devastating conflicts that are being encouraged by profit-seeking unethical lawyers and divorce industry service providers.

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CCFC Started In Response to San Diego Family Court Misconduct

Judge Lorna Alksne

Supervising Judge Lorna Alksne, the most influential jurist as she oversees the family law courts in the county, can be blamed for at least part of the sickening bias, corruption, and misconduct of the family courts under her watch. She bears significant responsibility for the evasiveness, deceit, corruption, and bias being demonstrated by many of the family law judges, including herself. Many parents and families who have been victimized by Alksne’s failed courts and their buddies in the divorce business have banded together to form the California Coalition for Families and Children. Attorney Cole Stuart and Dr. Emad Tadros are two of the founding members. They are fathers who have seen first hand how harmful the current system is. As they have expertise in law and psychiatry, they are in unique positions to understand just how dysfunctional the courts and the frequently used custody and psychological evaluations are in San Diego.

CCFC is certainly not a father’s rights group. While it undeniably has some members who are fathers who have been mistreated in a sexist fashion, many of its members are mothers who have been wronged by the courts. The typical CCFC member comes from a middle or upper-middle class socioeconomic background, wasn’t a target for persecution by courts and law enforcement until their divorce, and has spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars on simply trying to maintain reasonable contact with their children despite the other parent being intent on eliminating them.

One key point many members have observed is that money drives these conflicts. Generally both parents and their families have some money, be it income or assets. The courts and their friends can find ways to take that money for their benefit, often by encouraging a destructive “winner takes all” battle over imperfect but capable parents being able to spend time with their children. As actor and divorce industry critic Alec Baldwin observed, people who have substantial income and assets often get far worse treatment in family law courts than those who have little.

Parents are often willing to do just about anything for their children. The San Diego divorce industry milks this parental goodwill and mutates it into something truly evil to do lasting harm to children and their families in order to pump up revenues. “For the best interest of the children” is the euphemism they use when they truly mean “for our best interests of lining our pockets with your money.”

Protest Flyer

An excerpt from a flyer the group has prepared for the SDCBA event may give you a flavor of their positions:

California Coalition for Families and Children brochure for SDCBA seminar

San Diego Family Courts and Professionals are trained and paid to resolve family disputes efficiently. They rarely do. Why?

Courts, attorneys, and service providers are ineffective in assisting families in transition. In fact, they encourage conflict and expense that harms litigants, their children, and your community.

Reducing conflict may seem impossible. But with a few readily available and free alternatives, you can make a difference. Here’s the truth you won’t hear from tonight’s panel by the litigants whom you failed to invite.

You were hired to assist litigants in efficiently transitioning through a family dissolution.

Litigants come to you hurt, angry, and fearful about an uncertain future for the most important things in their lives: their children, family, and financial security. Unmanaged, that uncertainty and fear leads to conflict.

Your duty to your client and community is to end conflict, end fear, and let them move on.

Yet Family Courts presently offer few tools to calm emotions, while providing abundant tools to make them even more destructive. Courts and evaluators sit in passive judgment, yet rarely render guidance. Evaluators are scientifically incapable of identifying the “better” parent — yet earns millions from desperate parents by pretending they can. Attorneys rarely end conflict, but regularly use courts to encourage litigation, absorb resources, and harm their clients, children, and community.

Up To Parents

Members of the CCFC group are particularly fond of the work being done by website Up To Parents which advocates for parents to end their conflict and work together for the benefit of their children by reducing conflict and staying out of court. They invited Charlie and Barbara Asher who run the website to speak at a meeting in January 2010 in Del Mar, California. Having attended that presentation, I was impressed that the Ashers really do want to help fix the family court disaster and are spending their time and money to put together free resources to help parents handle divorces with less conflict.

Charlie Asher came to be interested in helping broken families mend as he noticed in his work as a criminal attorney that so many people with trouble with the law have histories of conflict due to failed marriages that went very wrong. His wife, Barbara Asher, is a retired psychologist who had noticed similar patterns of long-term problems being caused by difficult divorces.

It was very clear to the audience that the courts in Indiana, their home, are nowhere near as destructive as the courts in San Diego County. The many stories told by CCFC members, men and women, of atrocities they have faced at the hands of the San Diego courts and government were shocking even to an experienced criminal attorney like Charlie Asher.

Protest Details

The protest will be held outside the San Diego County Bar Association during a seminar entitled Litigants Behaving Badly: Do Court Ordered Services Work? that is being held from 6pm to 9pm.

San Diego County
Bar Association
1333 Seventh Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

6:00pm to 9:00pm

should arrive
early to set up

Many parents who have experienced “court ordered services” in San Diego County know that they really do work (sarcasm intended), just not the way a responsible and rational person should want them to work. They are highly effective at increasing conflict, abusing children and parents, and thereby siphoning financial resources from parents and families into the pockets of those who run the divorce industry in the county. This includes judges, Family Court Services (FCS) mediators, therapists, custody and psychology evaluators, supervised exchange services, supervised visitation centers, and perhaps most importantly the many family law attorneys who engage in unethical and dishonest tactics designed to “win” child custody on behalf of dishonest and abusive parents who hire them. It also includes the county CPS and child support agencies. These people all have a financial interest in seeing the present corrupt and abusive system stay the way it is or to expand its power and control even further. While some of the professionals in the divorce industry who really do want to help families and children are outraged by the abuses they see, they cannot afford to speak up against them for fear of destroying their careers by losing lucrative referrals.

If you’re interested in participating in this protest, please show up before the seminar starts at 6pm. You may want to print and carry posters as some of the protesters are planning to do.

Event Speakers

Speakers at the event include:

Judge Christine Goldsmith
Commissioner Jeannie Lowe
Judge Edlene McKenzie
Judge Joel Wohlfeil
Judge William McAdam
Attorney Laury Baldwin, CLS-F
Attorney Terry Chucas
Larry Corrigan, M.S.W.
Stephen Doyne, Ph.D.
Susan Griffin, M.S.
Attorney William Hargreaves, CLS-F
Attorney Meredith Levin, CLS-F
Lori Love, Ph.D.
Robert Simon, Ph.D.
Attorney Janis Stocks, CLS-F

Some of our readers may recognize these names from the thousands of those who profit from family law misconduct and abuse in San Diego County. We’d like to point out that while some of them are quite disreputable, perhaps even corrupt and abusive, not all are. Some on the list may be trying to do their jobs to help families and are maligned in part for their association with the San Diego Family Law Courts.

To give you an idea of the mix of people presenting at this seminar, below I’ll give brief write-ups on four of them and the types of roles they play in the system.

Stephen Doyne

Stephen Doyne, the ill-reputed section 730 custody/psychology evaluator, is probably the most infamous name on the list. Doyne would not have been selected as a speaker at an event like this if there was truly any intent to provide education on resolving conflicts and helping families. While being tasked with conducting a custody or psychological evaluation means that even a competent and fair evaluator is going to have some disgruntled clients, the level of distrust and animosity Doyne has succeeded at building with his clients is far beyond that of most evaluators.

I’ve met some of the parents aggrieved by Doyne and find they seem balanced in their views. Some of them with particularly bad experiences even go so far as to point out how they endured multiple psychological evaluations and found that earlier ones were essentially fair even though they were criticized for their own flaws. Doyne’s reports, on the other hand, did not strike them as fair or accurate. Many also pointed to financial conflicts and how Doyne’s attitude towards them changed when they had trouble paying for skyrocketing bills. They consistently expressed that Doyne was unprofessional, biased, exhibited conflicts of interests, and caused serious damage to their children, families, and finances. That SDCBA has chosen Doyne as a speaker says volumes about how this organization is not committed to anything but finding ways to make money for its members and their friends, even at the cost of abusing children and ruining parents.

In my previous article Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family Law Courts Under Fire, I outlined the nature of a fraud lawsuit against Doyne and the many complaints from parents whose families have been harmed by his conduct. That article contained many links to information on Doyne’s allegedly fraudulent credentials and coverage by San Diego television news and the San Diego Reader so it’s a good place to start if you want to understand more about how harmful psychological evaluators like Doyne can be.

Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin from Hannah’s House has been attacked by many because her child exchange and supervised visitation center earns revenue for “providing services” (the euphemism used by the divorce industry to refer to their pattern of abusing families and pillaging their assets and income) to many parents and children who are abused by the San Diego courts. While there is no doubt reason for some parents to dislike this organization, it may be that she and Hannah’s House are really not so bad as they are made out to be. The organization differs from the judges, attorneys, CPS, and psychological evaluators in that they didn’t request or order parents and children to be forced to use their services.

While they may have opinions that there is no need for supervised visitation for a falsely accused parent, they are not in the position to do much about it other than to try to accurately portray their observations in reports they write and to help defuse conflicts between parents. Even when they write glowing reports on a parent wrongly required to use supervised visitation services and point out the lies being promulgated by a trouble-making parent, it may still take many months or even years for the courts to wake up and stop the mistreatment. It is hard to see how Hannah’s House can be blamed for this, but also understandable that a parent shelling out thousands of dollars per month for a few hours per week with their children at Hannah’s House would be understandably upset at the cost and the injustice.

Judge Christine Goldsmith

Judge Goldsmith is reportedly upset about candidates other than the incumbents running in this year’s judicial elections. Judges in the county are used to running unopposed. Some like Goldsmith apparently believe it is their right to do so. She has reportedly complained about the judges in the county being attacked (presumably by groups and individuals these judges have mistreated) and has been trying to rally up support for “judges under fire” from friendly family lawyers. Given her politically inclined words and actions, it raises questions of a conflict of interest as it implies she’s aligning with lawyers who are friendly to her positions and are willing to support them. Goldsmith and judges like her are undermining the legitimacy of the courts and the public should be deeply concerned.

You might think that a judge violating the code of ethics would be held accountable. Think again. Judge Lisa Schall was implicated in similar types of unethical behavior.

(from Why Is San Diego Judge Lisa Schall Still On The Bench?)

Improper Involvement in Political Activities

Judges are supposed to stay out of politics to avoid the creation of a perception of bias. Even at the start of her judicial career when you might think she’d be keen on playing by the rules, Schall didn’t stay uninvolved. Attorney Michael Aguirre filed a complaint against Schall for her involvement in the re-election campaign of Governor George Deukmejian in what appears to be a possible violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct. This is the same person who appointed her to San Diego Municipal Court in 1985 and then to San Diego Superior Court in 1989.

(from Lawyer Seeks Probe of Forum Speech by Judge)

A San Diego lawyer has requested that a state panel investigate whether Municipal Court Judge Lisa Guy-Schall violated judicial ethics guidelines when she appeared on behalf of Gov. George Deukmejian at a candidates’ forum last week.

In a complaint filed with the California Commission on Judicial Performance, Michael Aguirre charged that Guy-Schall’s appearance at the forum violated a judicial conduct rule stating that judges should not take active roles in political campaigns. The commission is likely to decide whether to investigate the incident at its meeting Oct. 23 and 24, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Yet despite this, a drunk driving conviction, and reprimands for abusive conduct against litigants, she is still a judge in San Diego family law courts. It’s no wonder why San Diego family law judges have a reputation for being incompetent and unethical bottom-feeders.

Terry Chucas

I’ve been told by one experienced 730 evaluator that Terence Chucas often serves as minor’s counsel in difficult child custody cases. The evaluator expressed the opinion that Chucas is probably better than many such attorneys as he at least will talk with the kids and write required reports. Other people, however, claim he’s involved in covering up child sexual abuse. What is true? I can’t say with any certainty, but can see it is possible both viewpoints could be somewhat accurate given the miserable performance of many minor’s counsel attorneys. It wouldn’t take much effort for one to seem better than many others.

Too many minor’s counsel attorneys view their positions as being for their own interests of making money via court-coerced and sometimes taxpayer-financed money streams being paid to them supposedly for services they provide to “protect children’s interests.” Yet many of these minor’s counsel attorneys do little if anything to truly serve the interests of the children. At the same time, there is no effective oversight for these attorneys. The courts appoint them, then do nothing effective to supervise them. As a result, they are essentially unaccountable yet have government coercion ready to help force parents to pay them. Some even are paid by the government itself, apparently with no evaluation of whether the billing is even accurate or appropriate. In our previous story Eileen Lasher on San Diego CPS/Family Law Court Misconduct, we reported on victimized San Diego parent Eileen Lasher who revealed that the county pays these attorneys without any accountability to the public, or even the parents of the children, as to the hours they worked and the services they provided. Lasher was particularly critical of the failure to submit itemized billing and other games the minor’s counsel attorney played to pump up fees by creating and continuing conflict.

Appearance of Collusion

Putting aside the particular pros and cons of each of the people discussed above, consider their roles in the family law system. A judge can appoint a minor’s counsel attorney (or even one per child as in the Cindy Dumas v. Eric Moelter case which has employed three minor’s counsel attorneys, one for each child, for years) and a supervised visitation monitor. The minor’s counsel attorney(s) can insist supervised visitation is needed and name somebody preferred if the judge hasn’t already. The minor’s counsel attorney(s) can also recommend a psychological evaluation is needed and suggest a party to do it. The Court’s Family Court Services mediators can do the same things with regards to recommending these services are needed, but they may stay away from naming names to keep up an appearance of impartiality. The supervised visitation monitor can write somewhat objective reports that try to avoid offending anybody, but in the process don’t make it clear that the parent being supervised is just fine and the one not being supervised is an aggressive nutcase. Consequently, the minor’s counsel attorney(s), one of the parents and his or her attorney, and court want to keep the supervised visitation in place for longer, often saying they want to wait for the psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluator can take a year or more to do his or her job, then issues a report that often recommends therapists, supervised exchange and visitation centers, and other service providers by name. In the meantime, there are many hearings and piles of legal papers and nasty letters flying back and forth between the attorneys, all driving up the costs. Every letter one writes is an opportunity for the others to respond and bill more fees for doing so.

Who pays for all of this? Usually it is the parents, but sometimes taxpayers are picking up the bill at a much reduced rate. Nobody really wants to work at the county rate since it is a tiny fraction of their normal billing rates, so to keep busy they make sure they can identify “revenue sources” (parents with money) and then “recommend services” (help each other get jobs). If they are appointed at county rate, they will try to find some way to keep the job and change the billing rate. Sometimes they simply “neglect” to send invoices for a year or so and then demand payment at a much higher rate, often with the threat of interest accruing even though they never sent a bill previously. If the parents object and cite the court orders listing the county rate, the minor’s counsel attorney can simply lie and state they agreed to the higher rate already and this was communicated via their attorneys. The judge will probably uphold such an arrangement. The judge would rather the parents pay because every dollar shelled out by the county to somebody outside the court is one less dollar available for judges and court employees. Also, the judge doesn’t want to bring any of his or her buddies into disrepute for lying because after all, everybody in the system knows that nobody wants to be known as a liar and getting such a reputation will hurt their abilities to help each other make an income and maintain job security.

Everybody in the system is happy with getting paid well and having little accountability for their work. The only people unhappy with this arrangement are the children and many of the parents. But they are not part of the system, so almost nobody in the system cares about them.

It’s also important to realize that seminars like this one being protested are common. They are held many times per year in San Diego, often sponsored by attorneys, psychological evaluators, and others with a financial interest in keeping the system the way it is now. Cross-referring “professionals” show up at them and get to know each other and find ways to pump up revenues and profits via referrals and “recommending services” for troubled families.

If this whole arrangement strikes you as collusion, even fraud, that’s because it often is. There is big money to be made victimizing parents and children and everybody in the system knows it. While not all of them like it, even those who do not are sucked in to playing this game because the adversarial nature of the process demands they respond to the stunts and manipulations the other parties are playing to “win” or make more money or whatever their motivations may be.

Uncertainty And Inconsistency Incite Conflict, Increase Legal Revenues

One of the major causes driving conflict and therefore expenses and damage (or income and profit as those employed in system view it) is the uncertainty felt by the parents due to the wild inconsistency of the courts. Capable and loving parents are uncertain if they will even be able to see their children any more, whether they will end up labelled as deadbeats, child abusers, or worse. They see some divorces go smoothly and parents getting along and others turning into a microcosmic variant of World War III, complete with nuclear weapons like false sexual abuse allegations that create massive damage for nearly everybody (certainly the falsely accused parent and the children) once they are used. The courts sometimes crack down on this, other times they reward it. It appears like random chance, not a comforting situation when one is being confronted with this Russian Roulette game with the gun pointed straight at one’s family and self. It is terrifying and drives a self-defensive mindset that can increase litigation and conflict even in people who would normally want to stay out of courts and resolve conflicts peacefully. And of course this is a terrific opportunity for the “court experts” like the psychological evaluators to then point out how these parents are obsessive, depressed, and anxiety-ridden and need mental health care and oh, by the way, here are some suggestions who they should hire.

Not-so-good parents see the uncertainty and inconsistency, too. They look at them as opportunities to “win” custody, “win” child support, “win” the argument with the ex, and “winning at any cost” is what many of the worst of these people are all about. Because they know there is a significant chance a child abuse and especially child sexual abuse allegation will result in a judge blocking contact between the children and their hated nemesis parent for months or years with little to no evidence required, they realize that it is almost certainly a short-term “win” and might also be the way to get long-term sole custody. That’s because the courts often try to uphold the status quo and after a year or two of little contact with one parent they will often interpret that as solid grounds for awarding sole custody to the accusing parent. Further, they seldom punish anybody for making false accusations, even very serious and damaging ones that are later shown convincingly to be untrue. So dishonest parents have plenty of incentive to litigate and little disincentive since they often wrongly see themselves as victims who should have the right to do anything to get what they want.

If the courts would consistently require higher evidentiary proof, punish false accusations, and generally stick with 50/50 shared parenting with little to no child support (except in relatively extreme cases such as one parent is in poverty while the other is wealthy) then there would be more certainty and less incentive to litigate over marginal issues. I’m not saying that a parent’s concern about child abuse is never warranted, but sometimes the many bruises and cuts or other injuries can’t be proven to be abusive and it’s best not to litigate over them even though there are serious questions about what is going on.

The courts should also be putting in and enforcing mechanisms to help parents resolve these uncertainties without requiring litigation. Instead, they often make decisions that impede the ability to understand what is going on. The courts often make orders to allow access to medical records, know who the childcare providers are, and to bring kids in a high-conflict divorce to a child therapist. But then one parent refuses to cooperate, gains an advantage by doing do (for instance, hiding the causes of abusive injuries), and is never held accountable by the court for refusing to cooperate. This drives more conflict and litigation as one parent is able to manipulate the system freely and the other is worried about what is happening to the children due in part to the lack of information coupled with problems the children are having with behaviors, physical condition, health, or other issues.

It could be the child is not being abused by a parent but instead is being beaten up at school by a bully. But if the concerned parent can’t even talk with the teachers because they hate him or her due to defamation being spread by a hostile parent then what options do they have? They are likely to bring the issues to court as they often understandably cannot accept that “doing nothing” is a responsible choice when it comes to the health and safety of their children given the concerns they have coupled with the lack of answers.

Parental Coordinators

One option that has met with some success is the role of a parental coordinator with authority to resolve minor disputes. While this is yet another “court ordered service” and therefore should be suspect, paying $50 per parent (assuming 30 minutes at $200 per hour) to quickly resolve a dispute over child custody exchange time is a lot better than having lawyers fire off nasty phone calls and letters for a few days ($200-300 per parent there) and then ending up in court yet again for an ex-parte hearing (another $200-300 per parent) only to have the judge make some random decision that ignores facts that would have been evident to a parental coordinator who was in the trenches with the warring parents.

Parental coordinators are sometimes child psychologists, other times are attorneys. There is no set rule for this. Given the amount of conflict being caused by the broken family law system, it seem evident that if responsible people were running the show that efforts would be made to find ways to resolve conflicts inexpensively and quickly with minimum impact on children and a reduced chance of ending up in court again.

The idea at work here is to use lower-cost and faster ways to resolve small conflicts before they ignite a big battle. A lot of warring parents simply cannot do this on their own. While the popular saying goes “it takes two to fight”, that is entirely untrue in this realm. One parent can write a reasonable e-mail to the other trying to resolve an issue or relay important information and then find himself or herself reported to the police and having a temporary restraining order slapped in place as a response. That drives months more conflict and likely many thousands of dollars in costs. The unreasonable parent is often rewarded for this by having exclusive access to the kids for that duration. Months or years later, when it becomes clear there was no good basis for that parent’s actions, the courts often do nothing to ensure it won’t happen again. Some judges even refuse to put into place a parental coordinator when there is a history of false accusations, court order violations, and communications problems and a psychological evaluator recommended one be employed to help defuse conflicts early.

Because the courts are too slow and usually fail to do anything to stop such abuses, they encourage more of this same conflict. This can go on for the children’s entire lives up until they all become adults. What the courts are doing today is often a recipe for 20 year wars. Even though this is ruinous for the children and parents, it is beneficial to judges, lawyers, and the masses of court ordered service providers who all are getting job security and income out of the war they helped create and perpetuate.

While parental coordinators are yet another such service provider, it’s possible that they plus some tools such as monitored information sharing (children’s calendars, school assignments, medical records, messaging, private chat, etc.) like those offered by Our Family Wizard and ShareKids could go a long way towards keeping families out of the ruinous court system. It appears to make a lot of sense to keep the courts out of the typical periodic bickering over when the kids will see each parent while ensuring that there is some accountability that orders will be followed. The idea is still relatively new, however, and implementing it is often impeded by laws that do not allow a court to put such a party in place without agreement from both parents because it is viewed as usurping the court’s responsibility and authority to hear such disputes.

Feedback Needed

Not all of the people in the San Diego divorce industry are problems. Some really are trying to do their jobs. Unfortunately, they and the parents afflicted by Alksne’s dysfunctional courts cannot stick up for justice without being persecuted for it by the abusive and criminal elements in this system. Consequently, many of the better professionals stay silent about the abuses they know are happening around them because they believe they cannot afford to risk their personal reputations and careers over holding the bad apples accountable and that speaking out will achieve no meaningful change but will ensure they can’t help families who would be a lot worse off working with the many disreputable parties ready to pounce on yet another revenue source they can milk with deception, coercion, and abuse. That’s a sad statement on how little faith they have in the courts and other divorce industry players to do what is right for children and families.

If you have opinions on San Diego divorce industry players, please share your comments. Without visibility into how these people operate, there is no way to hold the abusive, biased, and corrupt ones accountable for their crimes. Comments about competent professionals are also highly valued as families would be far better off working with those who seek to resolve conflicts fairly than those who perpetuate them for their own self-interests.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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  1. Ben Siegfried
    April 12th, 2010 at 21:19 | #1

    I don’t know of a single family law professional out there in San Diego County that I would trust. Sorry Angiemedia. I see you trying to be fair, but the “cesspool” is too horribly stinking bad. I’m sorry if there are some who really are trying to make good, I still wouldn’t trust a single one of them due to the current corruptions from the too numerous who are ruining it for those trying to be good. Thank you Angiemedia for exposing these atrocities.

  2. Harold Rose
    April 14th, 2010 at 00:30 | #2

    Many Professionals in both law and the mental health business are disgusted by the handful (dirty dozen) crooks who pose themselves as 730 evaluators, conjoint therapists, etc.. It’s a shame, because there are mostly good therapists out there, and the crooked ones, some mentioned above, ruin the reputations of all.

    On the other hand, the vast majority of San Diego’s Family Law Attorney’s are specialists at increasing strife within divorcing parents, and creating the huge Industrial Money Gobbling Machine of minor’s counsel, therapy, supervised visitation and other hugely bogus methodologies which only serve to put money into their pockets.

    I have not spoken with one parent who has gone through marital breakup that has said they came out ahead after these vultures raped their bank accounts, took their homes, and ruined their children’s futures and college aspirations.

    San Diegans are fed up and will continue to expose the filth within our midst. This county should be ashamed for protecting these crooks who portray themselves as innocent Professionals, “just trying to help”. Judges fell prey to these UNprofessional schemers, and need to know they will also be held accountable for their actions/decisions in parents and childrens lives.

  3. From Emad Tadros MD
    April 17th, 2010 at 16:33 | #3

    From Emad Tadros, M.D.

    I was contacted by Mr. Cole Stuart in 2009 when he made an inquiry about my Discovery of Doyne’s Crystal Clear Fraudulent Credentials and Fake and Misleading Specialty Diplomate(s). Cole was first shocked with the discovery magnitude of such a clever, gentle, and such a “SMOOTH” operating professional.

    Cole is very much the only attorney who really cared about this issue from his heart where he is solidly sincere about establishing proactive constructive change in our courts. Cole repeatedly emphasized that we need to approach San Diego courts in the most professional, respectful and constructive ways to our judges and court’s administration. Cole is the reason as to why the 4-15-10 protest was very professional and well respected by our local authorities.

    Cole spent much thought creating our ethical Credos outline for any and all evaluators who would intend to do anything with San Diego children and families. His sincere intention is to spread this state wide, hopefully soon. These Credos are well rounded to simply weed out fraud, deception, giving every professional a chance to function with integrity, wisdom and passion about child’s best interest. Cole’s credos sincerely prioritize families and children at heart and ARE foremost ahead of any court professional’s gain or greed that destroys families, by the so called “court professionals.” Cole and I clearly have the sincere, one way passion, to pursue this forwards and REGARDLESS.

    Cole is also the one who has been constantly encouraging CCFC to be as much respectful as possible of the other parent. When I told Cole that the “Dismantlers” encourage each parent fighting to take the child from the other parent; Cole stated: “I would never do this to my son, I want my son to be cared by his mother and loved equally by both parents. I want to make sure that our son is “healthy.”

    Please note that the blogs I have written earlier were influenced to a good degree by Cole’s input to me. His input is healthy, loving and constructive. His heart is in the right place and this man is extremely bright and sincere at heart. I have all the more respect to Cole who is clearly a good hearted professional. It was my pleasure to stand by him on the day of his fabricated and illegal arrest. This man is a blessing rescue to our values, really respects his wife, and never said anything negative about her. That should speak volumes of who this Cole is to start with.

    We are all proud of Cole and COLE IS NOW OUR HERO. To the fact that Cole’s values are well rooted and sincere we trust Cole and we will support him endlessly. We are confident that the truth will only grow and credentials’ fraud will just have to keep running with his tail between his legs.

    Stay Tuned for Cole’s 2009/2010 Credos. We will publish them soon, once we get Cole’s permission.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Board Certified, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  4. shayne hebert
    June 14th, 2010 at 22:18 | #4

    It is hard to understand how FCS mediators can make a recommendation of who the better parent is by talking to them for 20 minutes. The court seems to always go with their recommendation also. This is very sad. So if one parent is fortunate enough to have the gift of gab and the other has a hard time articulating their stance on the welfare of their child then gift of gab wins. The parent that files first also has the advantage. The problem is not only with middle class, it is with blue collar workers and low income families. None of which can afford an attorney and in the realm of family law there are no attorneys that offer services for this class of citizen. There are pro bono offers for many other court cases but I’ve never seen one for a family case in San Diego. The Facilitator’s Office is a joke. They don’t get into stratagy or guidance. It’s just a class on how to fill out the paper work. The poor parents often go in hoping they get lucky. But for a Judge who has never met the child or observed the parents interacting with that child or providing for that child, they have the right to drastically affect that child’s life. There is no way they can do that well in 20 minutes. But they do it many times a day.

  5. Mr. R.L. Birch “Cowboy”
    August 1st, 2010 at 05:52 | #5

    Happened to find this information on this information, when searching this Lori Love.

    Unfortunately I have seen first hand for many years the corruption of the Family Court System, especially North County Court.
    Seems everyone in San Diego knows yet nobody cares?

    Now to the facts I came into possession of absolute evidence of this Lori Love was and is defending and protecting a known violent drug addict Crystal Meth and Cocaine and his killing of kittens and other information commenting on other violent acts thru information from his own mother, this Mrs. G. and his continuing drug use, and his disillusioned behavior. And keeping a helpless child with this violent addict?

    But Lori Love gets monetary gain from this persons family, so I am sure she well come up with some Psycho babble excuse, for her actions.

    The problem is Money!

    This controlling, old women Mrs. G. has an obsession with someone else’s child, and has convinced herself and enough corrupt others affiliated with the Family Court System that this child belongs with her. Approximately over $180,000.00 spent so far.

    Mrs. G. has told incredible lies after lies, all have been proven to be fabrications as even indicated by CPS and the Sheriffs Department, District Attorney all have found her allegations to be disgusting false fabrications, to further her family court case! The TRUTH DISCOUNTED by the Family Court as has its own personal amendments to their corruption and distorts anything not an agreement with said corruption, without considering the further consequences.

    Mrs. G. has actually come to believe her lies and is still to this day destroying another innocent little child’s life! Has destroyed her family’s life and her less then brave husband is all but destroyed financially and emotionally.

    Especially Family Courts appointed so called Minors Attorney’s what a nightmare, but that’s another story.

    Family Law Attorney’s and Psychologist who place themselves without merit to know what is supposedly best interested of the children. Not what the law indicates or what is in the actually in the best interest of the children, based entirely on momentary gain!

    They have actually convinced themselves they know what is best? Not the Laws?

    What is even the worst case most of these people could never pass the so called Psychologist examinations.

    Psychologist who can’t or is incapable of evaluating a violent known drug addict?

    Difficult for most decent people to understand but true never the less!

    I can post this because I have the proof of what I have said all along.

    Especially this Lori Love I have personally sent her proof of the Drug used and the violence and she continues to protect a known violent drug addict as long as the Money is there from this Mrs, G.!

    This so called professional Lori Love is partially responsible for destroying a little Childs life, and keeping her from her Mother.

    Finally I am over the shock of the corrupt Family Court System!

    Interesting fact these people should be careful who they cause wrongful harm too, allegedly a person could be so angered because innocent people and their families are harmed by their actions as they might want to cause harm to these corrupt individuals.

    As they actually do feel they are above the laws and human decencies.

    One Angry Cowboy

  6. One of Thousands
    August 2nd, 2010 at 09:53 | #6

    Cowboy, Herbert — you’ve discovered the smarmy underbelly of San Diego government. Millions are with you — never would any of us have believed such a beautiful city could be this screwed up. But even though you’ve found plenty, believe me — there’s lots more. >Lots< more.

    Change it by throwing judges out of office. Sue your attorney. Vote the irresponsible politician scumbags out as often as you can. Vote for those that give you a plan to clean up the sewage that is city government. Political ads are complete bullshit designed to drive fear. Of course: fear is highly motivating and drives retirees to the polls while the rest of us work to pay social security benefits to get them back into Applebees for another round of chicken dinners.

    "Those who desire power don't deserve it."
    ~Ben Franklin

    They don't. You do.

    You're the boss — act like it.

  7. Anna Anderson
    August 27th, 2010 at 18:48 | #7

    I truly am shocked after my last court date on 8/24/10. Commissioner Jeannie Lowe was biased the minute she met me. I filed order to show cause and contempt charges against my husband as he had stopped paying court ordered spousal support. I have many health issues and am on disability and having another surgery on 9/15/10. Even though it was clear that the court orded this by another Judge after trial, within five minutes of meeting Commissioner Lowe, she said if it were up to her she wouldn’t have him pay me anything. I thought Judges/Commissioners had to go by cannon rules and this is one of them. She then proceded to talk me out of going forward with the contempt charges, she said that the Respondent would get a court appointed attorney (free of charge) and it would be nearly impossible for me to win, and with her being the one to make the final ruling, I dropped the charges. After that I filed a permentry challange to get a new Judge and she denied it. I filed the OSC in the beginning of October of 09, and told Commissioner Lowe that I need this money and if he doesn’t pay the arrears that I would loose my car and my home. I also asked for modification as I am making much less due to my many health issues. It took her nearly three months to make a ruling and she raised the amount from $310.00 to $450.00, which he has still not paid, and during that time I did not have access to my file for nearly three months as it was in her chambers. Knowing I had no money she ordered me to have the Judgment drawn up after trial, as my attorney was supposed to do that, but she took my money and never finished the Judgment. I spent nearly $700.00 on the transcripts and Judgment and asked that he pay for half and she denied that. Needless to say, I have lost my home and my car. When I saw her last week, with nothing changed in our income, she lowered the support right on the spot. I could go on and on, but something has to change in our court system, I am going to file a complaint with the Bar and hope Commissioner Lowe gets removed from the bench, she has showed bias, favoritism, and has been extremly degrading to me and very nice to the one in contempt of court.

  8. harold mullins
    August 28th, 2010 at 15:09 | #8

    I am just beginning to come to grips with the out of control situation in the family court system in San Diego. My spouse abandoned the marriage and lived apart in San Franciso/Oakland area for 13 months from 12/05 to 1/07. She contacted lawyer Daniel Knowlton 1-12-07. Filed DVTRO, legal separation, and order for removal from residence 1-18-07 via ex-parte appearance. Judge Domintz denied/not signed the removal order and DVTRO. Judge Timothy Taylor was assigned the case. At an OSC 2-6-07 spousal support, lawyer fees, and restore her car insurance, I was unceremoniously kicked out of my residence that I had occupied alone for 13 months.

    I pleaded with the judge to reconsider his order, but he said that he had other people waiting. I cried like a two year old. My departing remarks were, “I don’t understand… it’s not fair.” Taylor called the bailiff, and I left the courtroom.

    The minute order stated that I had 1 hour to pickup my personal effects in the presents of a peace officer or counsel.

    The next hearing was scheduled for 2-22-07. This was the actual date that was on the summons.

    At that OSC hearing 2-22-07 spousal support, legal fees, substitution of attorney, Taylor stated that there was no TRO in place. I had hired attorney edward lindley to represent me. Lindley argued that there was a TRO in place “osc 2-6-07”. Taylor placed the DVTRO back on calendar and scheduled a hearing 3-12-07.


    While separated from the marriage for 13 months, my spouse earned $15/hour which full time is $31,200/year or $2,600/month. The last full year she worked full time 2004, her taxable income was more than $34,000/year or $2,833/month.


    As of 2-23-09, Knowlton has charged the estate more than $67,000 in legal fees.

    When this legal separation began, I was suffering from PTSD from my military service. I could not focus, and I could not accept the fact that this injustice was happening to me. I had heard about similar situations, but I always thought the person was not telling the full story. This is similar to the Denzel Washington movie Training Day. I always thought that at some point there would be an explanation for Denzel’s actions. There was, he was a crooked cop.

    It pains me to say this, but Taylor and Knowlton are crooked. The other judges who are aware of this are as much responsible as those two. The system has to take responsibility for monitoring their own. From my experience with other organizations, the brazen actions of these two are probably being duplicted by others.

    I served 22 years in the US Navy. There are sailors, marines, army, air force, and coast guard members giving the last full measure of devotion for our system of government.

    Some of us chose not to serve in the military; however, we are as much responsible for seeing our system of government remain true to our ideals as those under arms.


  9. harold mullins
    August 28th, 2010 at 15:16 | #9

    I will be contacting other organizations to see if we can be more effective in exposing this injustice, and seeing punishment is meeted out to those responsible.

  10. one of thousands
    August 28th, 2010 at 19:40 | #10

    Harold/Anna–you’re not alone in your frustration. Many thousands or more have experienced the incompetence, lack of professionalism, and outright corruption of family courts. Even the state supreme court has admonished family court judges for their inability to police themselves.

    You can file a complaint with the California Commission on Judicial Performance. They govern judges’ ethics. Look up “Judicial Cannons” to determine if your judges or commissioner committed an error. It’s important to be detailed and accurate–go through each Cannon and identify any errors your judge made. Having been through family court for several years, I’m sure there are many. But your ability to articulate those errors concisely is critical.

    You can also write to the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee–copy them on the complaint. Here’s a link to their addresses. = They’re well-aware of these problems but don’t have the political motivation to reform. Your letters demanding it help immensely.

    Also feel free to join CCFC–we’re working hard to improve a very broken system.

    Good luck and God bless.

  11. Anna Anderson
    September 14th, 2010 at 01:46 | #11

    Thank you very much for your advice, I will get a copy of all my transcripts and send a copy with my complaint. I understand it is crucial to state the facts and study the cannons. Too bad Commissioner Lowe has forgotten them. I am in touch with Dr. Tadros and if we all stand together we can make a difference!!! Harold I am sorry for your pain, please just don’t give up, you can find Dr. Tadros on Facebook, he can also give you some great advice.

    Thanks again “one in a million” I appriciate your support very much.


  12. Joe Collins
    September 24th, 2010 at 18:54 | #12

    It is telling when not one reply is positive or a defense of the ‘system.’

    I too am a victim of the San Diego court system. After returning from overseas military service, my ex-wife filed an order to show cause claiming that I had failed to execute my scheduled visitation, requested that my visitation percentage be reduced, requested that based on her bad decisions and under-employment that child support be modified upward and requested attorney fees.

    Feeling helpless, I was forced to hire an attorney over the phone who talked a good game but upon entering the courtroom seemed to switch sides. Little did I know at the time that my attorney, whom I only met in person the day of the hearing, had offices in the same building as my ex-wife’s attorney. My hope for a fair hearing quickly died as my attorney allowed my ex-wife’s attorney to talk over her, talk around her, dismiss her poorly worded complaints, etc.

    In the end, the judge only looked at me one time and that was to say, “Sir, I don’t care how many children you have, your going to support this one fully.” Without consideration that I had remarried, had two infant children and was living in Monterey which has the equivalent cost of living as San Diego, ordered my visitation decreased to 19% with no provision of it to increase, ordered my child support to increase from an already high amount of $950 to the max of $1419, ordered me to place $100 per month in a college savings fund for my son (which I was already doing but they seemed to think it was important to put that in stone), ordered me to pay $2000 in back support to the date of filing and ordered me to pay $1500 towards my ex-wife’s legal fees even though I was the defendant.

    The cop had to come and remove me from my seat because I was so shocked. I now live paycheck to paycheck, I still haven’t paid off my loans for this case and I live in fear of returning to court to request my support lowered. $1419 per month for one child…that’s over 25% of my income before taxes and over 30% after. I have a 1 year old and a 4 month old who have been marginalized and go without due to the financial strain of this order. This high child support ruling causes frequent arguments between my wife and I and has destroyed my joy of fatherhood.

    Visitation expenses are crippling and prevent me from enjoying the time I have with my son when he does visit. Meanwhile, my ex-wife enjoys her windfall of money by purchasing a new truck and sports her Coach purse at our visitation exchanges. She recently moved into a new apartment and enrolled our son in a private school….amazing how she can do all this on her claimed $1200 a month income. This State is so jacked up….have they forgotten that they only exist to serve the people….not the other way around.

  13. one of thousands
    September 25th, 2010 at 21:28 | #13

    All of our experiences in Family Court have taught us one thing clearly: Government, courts, and bureaucrats don’t care about you, the citizens who pay their salaries. They care far, far more for their own careers, reputations, and those of their colleagues — lawyers, other judges, bureaucrats, and “service providers” such as Stephen Doyne. It’s really quite simple — they help those that help them get re-elected. The personal situations, needs, and rights of litigants are merely an obstacle to the personal and professional gain of the main players.

    Joe’s story is but one example of the experience of millions. Even a veteran who laid his life on the line serving his country is converted by that very same country he served into a government slave at the whim of a very dishonest, deceitful system. “Thanks for risking your life. We’ll take all your money now too.”

    Disgraceful. Dishonest. Yet far, far too common.

    Solution? Vote them out. Vote against every incumbent judge. Every incumbent politician. Vote for third party candidates. Vote for people who have real world experience outside of the self-promoting government. Rebel — don’t pay unfair child/spousal support. Don’t pay taxes. Get outside of the system that’s intent on enslaving you. Avoid sales taxes by purchasing on the internet. Set up a private corporation to flow expenses through. Many, many ways — some legal and some not — to cripple this deceitful enslavement machine we call government.

    Good luck and God Bless.

  14. Anna Anderson
    October 20th, 2010 at 03:20 | #14

    I am so greatful for my friends with CCFC. Dr. Tadros, I just want you to know I am so glad I found you, thank God for the Internet! I felt so alone and I truly thought it was just me that the Judges did not like me.

    Today I just received a letter from the courts. I had filed for comptemt charges against my ex-husband and for a modification. What a nightmare this has been, I have been treated like a crimminal by Commissioner Jeannie Lowe, it’s almost too much to even explain.

    I regret so much signing that Jeannie Lowe could be my Judge, first of all, I watched her in court and I thought she looked like a nice, fair woman, and then I came home and looked her up on the Internet and if I am correct, (please don’t quote me on this) that her son had passed away in a car accident and my heart truly just broke for her. But this woman has no heart at all. My ex is in contemt of court order and I thought that was a big no-no but Ms Lowe has made me feel like the one in contempt, she has treated my ex the person in contempt like a hero and me like a complete idiot…I will post more facts tomorrow…Love my CCFC friends, Anna

  15. October 20th, 2010 at 14:13 | #15

    In August of 2001 my husband showed up at our house with a U-haul and said he was moving out. He proceeded to load up the U-haul with whatever he wanted, he took he big TV, the good couch and just whatever he thought would look good in his new place, even his sons bed and desk. Our boys were 12 and 13 at the time, Kyle was starting high school and David was in Middle school. A few days later my ex came and took my car, he already had his car, so now I have no way to get my boys to school.

    We were renting a big house at the time and since he left with all the money also taking out the rest of the 401K the day before he moved out. Now the kids and I were being evicted. The boys were a mess and my younger son cried all the time and always asked “why doesn’t daddy love us anymore”.

    My father came to our rescue and helped us move into a small apartment and lent me a car to drive so that I could get the boys to school etc.

    I still had no money, I had been a stay at home mom since 1986 when I first got pregnant and not a year later we had another son. At one point I wanted to go back to work, I had 10 years with TWA. My husband wouldn’t hear of it and said it was my responsibuility to stay home and take care of the home and kids, and that’s what I did.

    This man was married before and had abandoned his son as well, and now I find myself in the worst position ever and could not make ends meet.

    During my marraige my ex worked for the same company for many years, making over 200 thousand a year, however he kept getting in trouble at work and was fired after many warnings for his attitude and temper. After that happened we had to sell our dream house. He then got another job as a financial advisor, it took months with paid training and then he started working and before too long they fired him. It didn’t take long until he landed a great job, and was sent to Europe for training, while I stayed home with the kids, like I always did.

    After he started working for that job, that’s when he decided he didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of a family and abandoned his children, not caring if they were able to get to school or if they had a roof over their heads or were hungry, and hungry they were at times.

    He paid me whatever he wanted but not what he should have according to his pay but did nothing to file for divorce or anything. I sold my jewelry (my wedding ring) so that I could get a retainer for an attorney. I did find an attorney that was willing to work with me for the little money that I had, she must be one of the few attorneys that are ethical and are in the business to help people, her name is Robin Montes Esq.

    Then the nightmare really began, when I entered the Vista Court! I realised that my husband could get away with anything by lying. By now my husband had been fired again from the other job, we subpoenaed his work and I was shocked to hear why he got fired, he was making looser signs on his forehead with his fingers against his co-workers and yelling and intimidating everyone at the office, some of the co-workers were scared to death that this would turn in to a terrible violent situation, so again he was fired for attitude. This is what my children and me endured at home for years.

    The courts could care less about any of this, although after the children spoke to a mediator, she recommended their dad attend anger management classes, so to my surprise the Judge did order him to do that, which he never did, he has never done anything the courts have ordered and the courts don’t care even when I brought it to their attention. He was ordered to pay a small amount of spousal support and is in contempt of that now. That’s when I met Commissioner Jeannie Lowe. I was so relieved to have a new Judge, I truly didn’t think things could get worse after nine years in court but now it got worse than ever. Like I said before because of medical reasons I am on disability, I just had another surgery one month ago, so I filed for contempt and modification. It’s a no brainer that he is in contempt, it’s in writing and signed by the Judge before, but since of October of last year, I still have not seen a dime, after several months Commissioner Jeannie Lowe did raise the amount slightly and I needed her to sign off on papers that the law facilitator helped me fill out to have it taken from his paycheck. Now he is in contempt again because he refused to pay what she ordered, and not only did she not sign off on the papers, she changed her own court order, with nothing changed in our income. I’m surprised my ex hasn’t received some kind of a medal for being in contempt. More later….

  16. October 20th, 2010 at 15:13 | #16

    It’s all about money!!!

    My father was married to this woman for six years and no children, dad is a successful business man, has worked hard all his life. He always treated this woman like a queen, but when my mother passed away a few years ago, I was already in Iceland to be with my mom in the end, and then my two sisters and my father came over to Iceland to attend the funeral.

    When my father came back, his wife had retained these high powered Beverly Hills attorneys, it all came as a horrible blow. They owned two homes, one by his work in the Antelope Valley, and another in Dana Point. Well she decided to stay in the house by my father’s work, knowing it woud be difficult for him to get to work.
    She had put 20 thousand on his credit card for the retainer and her goal was to take him to the cleaner, with the help of her son. She had the upper hand from day one, because she made her move when he was out of the country at a funeral.

    In my situation my husband had this planned and was slowly taking out all of our 401k and even though I could prove he took it all out, the Judge sided with him because he took it before he left.

    My father ended up paying this woman 2.2 million, 8 thousand in spousal support, and he is 76 years old, this is unbelievable. If he is a day late sending the alimoney she calls her attorney and my dad gets threatened left and right, because he owns a business they use that against him.

    What really hurts is that my dad married my husband’s mother (no relation) and my husband helped his mom do all this to my dad and has called me laughing at how much his mom got out my dad and how he has gotten away with everything he has done to me, not to mention his children. He said in court not too long ago to Commissioner Lowe that he never wanted these children and that I had tricked him. When our 12 year old got sick, his appendix burst, he could have died, I spent every day with my son at the hospital (6 days) but his father never came and now the Judges let him get away with being in contempt, lying without blinking an eye, stealing from me, but this is the fact of our legal system, it’s sad that this is happening in America of all places.

  17. Griff
    May 19th, 2011 at 00:27 | #17

    Family court here is an obviously broken corrupt system based on self perpetuation and making Family Law attorneys wealthy. There is no benefit to being honest. In fact lie and get rewarded. They should be in jail.

  18. Jrowleybowen
    May 20th, 2011 at 18:16 | #18

    I wish I knew who I could talk to about the fraud that went on and continues to endanger my daughter who is stuck with the “wrong” parent who lives in the county and I moved to FL. When I moved I filed a move away giving my new address, I came to get our daughter from her daddy because he had his mother there to help watch her while I relocated. Never married, never taken to court to have him pay support, he paid a little here and there, a lot of abuse issues back then, and I just moved. I came to get her, and daddy refused, and pulled out a paper he had filed the DAY BEFORE in court. AN APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY ORDER FOR CUSTODY, and for child to remain in the county. Signed w/ a stamp…. We flag down a police car, and 2 Beat officers/Drug Team & Gang Team questioned our 5 yr old, and told the father she wanted to come with her mom, and told me it looked like he was trying to get custody. They asked if I had been served and I told them I hadn’t nor did I even know he was doing this~ They told us both to WORK IT OUT, and that they COULDN’T GET INVOLVED~ After they left, the father still refused to let our child go with me, so I turned around and said “OK, I guess I’ll see her later.” and she threw a fit to be with me, so daddy buckled her in the car and told me to be back in 3 hrs!

    I flew her home the next morning from LAX and called his LAWYER who had left a message for me, and told him to SERVE ME, and I’d see him in courtthe date was set 45 days out!

    I waited for 3 weeks and a MARSHAL at my door had the “HANDY WORK” of an experienced Family Law/Defense Atty who had actually had My exboyfriend call the Police and make a KIDNAPPING REPORT the DAY I called him back and told him to serve me. THAT POLICE REPT stated that TWO Officers had told me that I could not have the child, nor take her out of the county, and stated they showed me an ORDER OF THE COURT stating so! The next day, without letting me know anything, the ATTY took the FALSE POLICE REPT to the DA’S OFFICE to OPEN a file~ Two weeks later the ATTY gets a NEW JUDGE in FAMILY COURT TO ORDER A TEMP ORDER AS OF THAT DAY and GETS HIM TO CHANGE DATES OF SVC AND MOVE UP the time I need be served to just 48 hrs before the hearing, and he asks the court to MOVE THE Hearing date from SEPT up to AUG asap because he believes MOM MAY FLEE with the CHILD if given any time to RESPOND! The Judge moves the original date the other Judge made when the APPLICATION WAS FILED, and at that EX-Parte hearing NO CHILD WAS EVEN IN THE STATE, But the Judge didn’t know that….

    The VERY NEXT DAY, the ATTY takes the 1st and only ORDER of TEMPORARY CUSTODY to the DA’S OFFICE and now has an ORDER. THE DETECTIVE AT THE DA’S OFFICE had been quick to ok everything, and wrote a letter contridicting the name of the JUDGE stating THE POLICE SHOWED AN ORDER DATED AUG 3 BY JUDGE So & So, when the actual and ONLY ORDER in the file or filed in family court was dated AUG 16 BY DIFFERENT JUDGE~ THE 17 AUG is a stamped under PENALTY of Perjury TRUE & CORRECT!~ The Da’s office didn’t have to do anything but file, and they got paid from the STATE to KEEP A KIDNAPPING From OCCURRING! How it must feel when I have TWO complete Strangers get my 5 yr old because SD LAWERS and The DA’S office get paid for this Corrupt Flamboyant Violation of My 5th and 14th Ammendment~

    The child was made to stay w/ her daddy for two yrs, I got ordered visits in 2002-there was a STATE ATTY who did not want the child to have much time with me, and once I figured out how the fathers’ atty got an ORDER FOR KIDNAPPING AGAINST ME, I wrote it out and gave it to them before court, and they yelled in the hallway a bit, and the STATE ATTY TOLD ME…to my face, “I’M GOING TO GO IN THERE AND SAY SOME THINGS ABOUT YOU THAT YOU AREN’T GOING TO LIKE….AND YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT” and she did. I had to get counseling before I could visit w/ my daughter. I had done everything, and had visits back with her again all summer. xmas. spring brk for 3 yrs… in 2005 she showed me marks on her arm and told me she still slept with her father in the same bed. (She was 10) I filed a TRO and got it granted in FL STATE, but the father came in and got a copy of it before getting served, and I was unable to SERVE the Father before he went back to SAN DIEGO FMILY COURT and HAD A NEW JUDGE Order the child back because I was “refusing” to send her back. The STATE ATTY FAXED an OLD FCS RECCOMMENDATION THAT was actually never heard, because we took it off calendar…and it stated I needed Psychological help and I was just crazy~ She faxed it to the JUDGE IN FL who Just dismissed the PROTECTION ORDER and gave my 10 yr old daughter back to her abuser. THE FATHER WAS ADVISED BY MINORS COUNSEL TO get a 3 yr RESTRAINING ORDER against me. I didn’t see her for 3 yrs.
    My mom died… I couldn’t call~ I still need her~ THE MINORS COUNSEL WAS DISMISSED 2006 and I need help to get the RAW DATA OF MY PSYCH EVAL TO THE COURT. The Phd won’t give me a copy of my own results.~ [email protected] HELP IF YOU CAN~~

  19. SuSheela
    February 1st, 2012 at 18:38 | #19

    What happens then when a mediator recommends the best parent have full legal custody, and the judge then awards joint legal custody to the other parent who is on criminal probation? and who has coached the child into making abuse accusations, which were forensically proven to be coached? I wish someone could answer that one……

  20. Me
    February 15th, 2012 at 16:15 | #20

    You definitely need a Doctor. Looks like you have a lot of anger inside you. Calling Fater “abuser” tells a lot about you. Getting falce TPO against father is bad. You deserve what you are getting.@ Jrowleybowen

  21. Miranda Morillo
    March 22nd, 2012 at 06:40 | #21

    My child is dead because of the san diego family court and the mismanagement of the mediation services. 6 times different person each time…high confilict….. my 15 yo psych ordered not taken, hospitilized, scared of his navy dad, wanted to be with his mom – not steady income, now dead…… NCIS investigation over 2 yrs long…… not enough hard evidence, plenty of history of dad being a jerk in the court system….. my 15 yo is dead!!!! and the “better parent” who had custody, did NOT notify me or anyone in MY family for 10 weeks! then told his 19 yo daughter, put it on a child to tell her own mother that her brother was dead. Thank you san diego family court for all of your help and concern.

  22. One of Thousands
    March 23rd, 2012 at 16:30 | #22

    Miranda, it’s impossible to imagine what you must be dealing with. Death of child–I couldn’t bear it. You must be incredibly strong.

    I’m just one guy, but I’m so, so, sorry. May God bless and abide with you.

    You will be in my prayers.


  23. jessica
    June 30th, 2012 at 05:15 | #23

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a mother of two children, one 23 months old and my second child barely 9 weeks old.

    I am writing this letter on how wrong and corrupt the system is in southern California. My boyfriend and I were falsely accused of abuse to our daughter who at the time was 6 weeks of age.

    We took her to tri-city ER in Oceanside CA due to the fact she was in respiratory distress, we rushed to the ER where the staff used improper equipment and she was put through three x-rays because the technician messed up the first was not clear enough the second the gentleman forgot to put in film and the third he finally got it right. She was then transferred to Rady’s children’s hospital for further treatment. They put her through multiple radiation x-rays ct head scans and full body x-ray. The hospital staff said that they are making sure they can find out what is wrong with my daughter, which is why they ran some many test. Yet the staff ran the test not to make sure that she was sick with only phenomena but to make sure she had no other injuries because when she arrived Tuesday night around 11:30 pm she was admitted and the following day she ended up with a bruise under her left eye. Dr. Jennifer Davis photographed her eye and said due to the fact that she was not able to bruise herself and when she arrived she had elevated cardiac enzymes that we, her parents, abused her either by suffocation or blunt force trauma. Which is why the staff ran the multiple tests and exposed my baby girl of 6 weeks to so much unnecessary radiation, saying that it was in the best interest of the child. How is exposing a baby to unneeded radiation which could cause future damage to my daughter and if she decides she wants to have kids, not have any reaction to her children. As to the fact that every female are born with only a certain number of eggs which could have been damaged by the radiation.

    Friday June 1 2012 our daughter was taken into cps care due to the fact that we were falsely accused of abuse by Dr. Jennifer Davis, who has only been doing child abuse cases since 2009 when she moved to San Diego county from Georgia. We were never informed of her being removed from us to the state of California and put into a foster home. We were never given the chance to put our daughter with family she was put with a stranger, a foster mother. Which is costing tax payers money, the CPS in San Diego county of California should have their income reduced due to the fact that they are costing money placing my daughter in foster care and my son in Polinsky where tax payers are at cost. How many children are put into foster care or places like Polinsky under false pretenses? We as Jayden’s’ parents feel that Polanski is like a mini jail. We have to set appointments to see our son which is under supervision, he can’t have anything personal with him everything is done a certain time, when they eat or when they play in the yard (Where we see the similarities as juvenile hall or jail).
    All of this is because of the false accusations by one doctor and when we asked for a second opinion the cps case worker said we generally don’t do that we like to use our doctor and she is highly qualified. She has had her doctorate since 2003 and has been dealing with children and child abuse cases since 2009. That has not even been three full years, why is it we are not allowed to have a second opinion and possibly by one who has far more experience who would better fit the highly qualified criteria. Meanwhile my children are victimized and traumatized by the system and its failure to witness abuse children. My son at 23 months does not understand what is going on but will remember the trauma of not being with his family the ones who love him and watch him. When we had our first visit to see our son yesterday he had a red mark about an inch on his forehead and a bluish mark from the red mark to the top of his head. I made it clear that no one noticed the mark which can clearly be seen from a distance and no one can tell us his parents where it came from. It does not matter that it is only a scrape as their nurse noted but the fact that he was taken from family because of a precaution for his own safety and put where he would be safe and within a day and a half he has already hurt himself close to his eye and no staff member can say how or when it had happened. And who knows how long it would have been until someone did notice it if I his mother had not pointed it out. When we spoke to the supervisor she said she can clearly see it and speak with her staff to find out what happened. Yet still they have no answer for us. This incident was just one mistake made by their staff of them neglecting to see a mark on my own son, who knows how many times it has happened to other children sent to this facility. I am sorry if it offends people at the facility but being falsely accused of abuse to my daughter and taken my son as a precaution for safety and then in return he is marked and for which the staff has no explanation for it.

    Cps case worker Brad said that if our daughters’ full body x-ray on the 11th was negative we would be able to get our kids back. The test results were negative which we knew that it would be. Yet when he informed us that the results were negative we would not be getting our kids back due to the fact that Dr. Jennifer Davis has decided that she did not want to drop the charges of abuse. Stating that she still arrived with elevated cardiac enzymes and a bruise under her eye. Elevated cardiac enzymes could have been caused due to the fact that she couldn’t breathe and that would cause obvious trauma to the heart as they are linked together. Furthermore our case worker says we now need to take marriage counseling, we are not even married which makes no sense. Our daughter was diagnosed with a typical pneumonia from chlamydia, a bacteria from birth which makes sense she has had it since birth because she was in the nicu for a week for meconium in her lungs and it takes 30-60 days from birth for her immune system to fully kick in where she can fight off infection. We have left messages for Dr. Jennifer Davis yet she has not returned them. Our daughter 3 weeks after the incident still has not been placed with our family. Her 6 week old shots have been rescheduled three times. Our daughters’ foster mother has yet to get her shots done and has since she has had my daughter taken her to the Del Mar Fairgrounds and since this past Sunday is camping at mission bay down town San Diego, CA. When we spoke to brad and his supervisor they both had informed us that they would take care of it and she will get her shots. Though she just got out of the hospital for being sick and has been exposing her to the elements. We never took our son far or out of the house much the first couple of months of age to keep him save from possible infections. Family came to our house to visit and hands were always sanitized to keep him safe. Yet with my daughter she hasn’t had her shots and has been exposed. If we, as parents had neglected her shots we would be said to be putting our daughter in danger.

    The CPS and Vista County Sheriff’s Dept. took my son to Polinsky Children’s Center in San Diego County where he has got a cut on the side of his face yet none of the staff realized it. Stating he’s 23 mos. it’s expected for children to fall, really kids are great on their feet and stable until 4 or 5 years of age. I pointed out that I understand 23 mos. of age my son does fall but the fact of the neglect to notice him falling and I am sure he cried and that no notice it until I the mother of Jayden pointed it out. Once again I saw him 3 days later and he had a running nose and his voice was scratchy as he was sick. The staff did not have any know bouts of him being sick. I spoke with the nurse and she informed me that he’s fewer than two so we don’t give them any medications normally unless the child has a fever. I asked” well did anyone check for a fever?” She replied “ NO” so I said if no one checked him for a fever how do you know if he needs medication or not. The nurse checked him for a fever and put a humidifier in his room. This is what is going on with only my son at this location where he was put for his safety. Staff neglecting to notice simple things as a cold or realization of a cut, one especially close to my sons’ eye.

  24. San Diego CPS Victim Support
    June 30th, 2012 at 19:35 | #24

    Jessica, you are not alone. CPS and Rady Children’s Hospital do this to a lot of families. It is profitable for them and their victims often do not have the money and knowledge to defend their children from the abuse.

    Did you get a court hearing as required? CPS is not allowed to remove a child from family like this without having a hearing within a certain short period of time. It may be 48 court business hours.

    San Diego CPS is known far and wide for violating this rule as standard practice. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors knows they are violating the law and they don’t care.

    If they have not followed the law, you should be able to take them to court and show they violated the law and ask for your children to be returned to you and for the court to provide you an attorney at the government’s cost. The judge may balk at this because they are paid by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and align themselves with their employer.

    It will help to have an independent doctor testify that elevated cardiac enzymes can be caused by her pneumonia and related respiratory distress. You should also see if you can take pictures of your children’s injuries suffered at Polinsky Center and show those to the court and testify that the kids are being hurt and the staff there doesn’t even know what is happening to them.

    Abusive doctors like you say Jennifer Davis is do not limit their abuse to one family. You may be able to find other families and children she has abused. Check her licensing records in Georgia. She may have moved to escape problems there. File a medical licensing board complaint against her in California.

    It is not just individual doctors who are abusing kids and parents at Rady Children’s Hospital. These cases are common enough that Rady Children’s Hospital should be known as active participant in child abuse. Their Chadwick Center is staffed with doctors and therapists who are paid to lie at the request of CPS and the police. Sometimes you can catch them at this because they change their stories and the reason is not more contact with the kids but contact with CPS or the police.

    Taking this a step further, Costco is a supporter of this child abuse system. Ever walk into a Costco and get hit up for donations to Rady Children’s Hospital? Turn the tables on them, protest and picket against Rady Children’s Hospital outside of your local Costco. Rady is a corrupt abusive organization that should be forced to clean up its act. That will not happen without public pressure because they are making money with their current practices.

  25. Miranda Morillo
    August 15th, 2012 at 10:21 | #25

    Thanks. Grief and anger come in waves… Im on FB check it out I have a “note” that goes into more detail.@ One of Thousands
    My son was a fantastic articulate wonderful person.

    His father and I had a long drawn out bitter custody battle(about 6 yrs)starting when he was just 6 (my daughter was 11). From the beginning his dad said, “Don’t use the children as a weapon.” I tried to do my very best to NEVER say anything “negative” about their dad, sometimes I failed.

    My daughter was about 13 and her hair was falling out, she was being locked in her bedroom (on the 2nd floor)about 15 minutes after she got home from school. She told me she wasn’t given lunch money or allowed to take a lunch to school because she was too fat.” The following summer the dad, his girlfriend and her 3 girls plus my son went on vacation. They did not want to take my daughter because she was a “problem.” He asked me to keep her for the entire summer. I jumped at it. When school started she did not want to go back to ‘his’ house. He allowed her to stay with me. After about 6 months, I filed paperwork for ‘custody’he fought me and lost. He would not allow her back into ‘his’ house for her things.”She didn’t have any ‘things’, I paid for anything you had or used while you lived here.” I told her to ‘let it go’ we would replace her things.

    I continued to fight for my son. During that time, my ex kept him away from me time and time again, had me arrested for kidnapping (which I didn’t), and a whole list of other things.

    Whenever my son would have his time with me, he would be all miserable, angry, sad. After I gave him some time to adjust to my house, I would remind him that it was a choice to live happy or not, and his disposition would switch – like a light switch. When he went back to his dad’s he was punished. For what? For having a good time for being happy for loving his mom.

    After 6 years of fighting and seeing my children suffer through this, I made the hardest decision I’ve ever made. That was to remove myself from my son’s life, so he would not get hurt anymore. That was in 2006, just before he turned 14. I (we all) thought it’s only a couple years we’ll have him back in our lives in no time at all. That wasn’t the case. His dad had him diagnosed with all sorts of crap, and gave him all sorts of meds. Why? Not because he really needed all those things, but because when you have a child who is smart, and funny, and has their ‘own’ thougts and feelings you have to actually pay attention to them, interact with them.

    Long story short. My son is dead.

    We were told it was an “adverse synergistic reaction to drugs complicated by pneumonia.” Guess what?! That was just a small part of it. NCIS investigated for more than 2 yrs. Just recently, I got a copy of that report. My son was NOT mentally ill the last time I was with him. He was severely mentally ill the day he died.

    In the report, out of say, 25 neighbors interviewed, only about 3 knew my son existed, 1 knew he existed and lived there. The investigator made the report/inventory/observation of my son’s room and everything else.

    In my son’s room, it smelled of urine and feces, the whole house had AC, my son had a fan, a deflated air mattress, heavy blanket in his room. Had no closet doors, dead bugs, holes and brown stains on his walls. 4 puzzles, and about 4 peices of clothing. HE WAS 15! He was “home-schooled” because of his “behavior” problems, was never allowed to go anywhere without someone else there ‘watching’ him. Ate almost all his meals alone in his room, and on and on…..

    We found out the day he died he became unconscious 2 times and the “step” did not call 911.

    No one in my family was even told until 10 weeks after he died, and then it was my ‘ex’ who called my 19 yo daughter and told her, after making sure she was alone.

    I tried to protect my son from being hurt from an idiot by removing myself (the cause of everything bad in the world according to my ex), thinking he would be ‘safe’ with his dad.

    While I agree there is probably some sort of genetic pre-disposition for ‘mental illness’. There is a very big factor that gets too overlooked. That is the ‘invisible’ mental, emotional, de-humanizing abuse that goes on behind closed doors repeatedly hurting, demoralizing, in effect, killing the person that was once there.

    This is a way of controlling another person.

    The one on the receiving end (a child who is supposed to be protected and loved, nurtured and taught)instead is made to believe he is bad, is not normal, has a mom and sister who abandoned him because he was bad….and so much more…has no other way of coping but to pull inside themselves and believe all the lies and garbage the ‘adult’ who ‘loves’ them puts into their head.

    You will NEVER convince me that environment does NOT play a HUGE role in someone’s life.

    What must my ‘normal’ son have gone through to become the way he was when he died?

    I share my story in hopes that no one else will ever have to go through what my son did.

    Thank you Sharon Kalamakerian for keeping my son away from me, setting up “supervised visitation” after NOT ever having that for 5 yrs. For allowing my sociopath EX husband to use my child to break my heart to see him in pain, for allowing his DAD to kill him. And an extra big thanks for being so incredibly kind and sensitive, that when my daughter called you – in anger and grief blaming YOU for this happening…you telling her, “well these things happen sometimes.” If I had been a lessor person, you would have experienced something, not so nice. As it is, I would loved to see you debarred or at least taken off the courts as a resource for children.

  26. San Diego NCIS Critic
    August 21st, 2012 at 19:48 | #26

    @ Miranda Morillo

    Was this San Diego NCIS? Was your ex in the Navy?

    I have heard some horror stories about NCIS. They are not like the TV show. They employ people who are morons who do not understand how to do their jobs. They cover up for misconduct and crimes by government employees. NCIS is more interested in whitewashing criminality by Navy abusers than in protecting children.

    What you describe is at least clear cut child negligence that caused your son’s death. I would call it child abuse if the rest of the home was in better shape than the hovel you described where your ex had your son living.

  27. San Diego NCIS Critic
    August 21st, 2012 at 19:57 | #27

    @ Miranda Morillo

    Is this the Sharon Kalemkiarian you mentioned?

    Was she working as a minor’s counsel?

  28. February 28th, 2013 at 00:24 | #28

    Recent order in my case. Ex husband supposedly got fired from his $153,000 year job by the company he is part owner of. The judge ruled that since I can’t prove he has made any money in the past 2 months, he does not have to pay support at all. No imputing income, no discovery to find out where all his companies went, no look at the years before that never got looked at simply becuase my ex did not pay the neutral expert. There is no way this is legitimate. I proved my ex lied on all his I and E’s, Assets report , etc. I proved he had $300,000+ each year for past 10 years, just in the accounts I know about. I am sad for the children and parents that live like paupers while the abusive ex takes it all, house, assets, companies. I want to help in any way I can. I am having others come to court with me. I have Courtwatchers T Shirts for those who come, I want to organize a peaceful demonstration of our distaste, and I am willing to help others help themselves at no cost, so they don’t need to get a lawyer who just sucks them dry and makes it worse.

  29. One of Thousands
    January 10th, 2015 at 09:00 | #29

    @Moranda Morillo: Here is the punishment California Family Courts bestowed on Sharon Kalemkiarian for her role in your son’s death:

    SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the appointment of Sharon L. Kalemkiarian to a judgeship in the San Diego County Superior Court.

    Kalemkiarian, 58, of San Diego, has been a partner at Ashworth, Blanchet, Christenson and Kalemkiarian since 2000. She was an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego School of Law from 2010 to 2014, director of San Diego Project Heartbeat from 1996 to 2000, supervising attorney at the University of San Diego School of Law Child Advocacy Clinic from 1993 to 1996 and a Skadden fellow at the Legal Aid Society of San Diego from 1991 to 1993. Kalemkiarian served as a law clerk for the Honorable Gordon Thompson Jr. at the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California from 1989 to 1991. She is a member of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. Kalemkiarian earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University. She fills the vacancy created by the conversion of a court commissioner position on February 7, 2014. Kalemkiarian is a Democrat.

    The compensation for this position is $184,610.

    My God forgive us all.

  30. Rebecca McGarrahan
    July 15th, 2015 at 22:23 | #30

    Does anyone have any info about an attorney Catherine Leffler? She is probably retired by now…but I would like to know more about her reputation…I was not happy with her…Susan Griffin is corrupt…is anything being done to prosecute her? She should be in prison.

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