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November 13th, 2019

If you find this website useful, we’d appreciate your support to help provide new content, pay our operating expenses, and upgrade our web server as our readership grows.

There are many ways you can help support the site, including some that don’t take even a dime out of your budget.

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Content Contributions

We’re always looking for new content. If you’re interested in writing about a topic that seems suitable for our site, we’d be pleased to consider it for publication. We at times started with a story idea offered by a reader and develop an article based upon it. But the most helpful content contributions are articles that are already nearly ready for publication as this will help us offer a wider variety and depth of content to readers than we can do by writing every story on our own. We’re of course happy to help with editing, adding links, finding related quotes to bolster your point, and so forth.

Some of the best stories are those about factual cases in which a family, child, parent, or person has been injured or harmed by misconduct or crime by the government and its many allies. We realize that there’s a risk to those who speak out. Some lose their children and freedom for speaking out against government abuse and misconduct as the powers-that-be and their employees and associates are quick to persecute, ridicule, and marginalize any who criticize them. But without opposition to the worldwide tyranny and abuse against families and citizens, there is no realistic way for the situation to improve.

To contribute ideas or content, send an email to info [at] — replace the [at] with @.


If you would like to make a donation to help support our work, we accept donations via Paypal to help keep your financial information secure. Even a small donation can help offset the costs of keeping our site running help thousands of people each month. Our readers include many who are financially devastated by the family law industry. These people are seeking resources to help with difficult issues involving the corrupt family law industry and its horrific mixture of crimes by abusive governments and courts, predatory “professionals”, and the malicious liars who enable good parents and children to be victimized by this system for its own profit. If you happen to be more financially fortunate that many of these people are, consider donating to support the cause.

Amazon Kindle

If you’ve got an Amazon Kindle or are thinking about buying one, many of the books we mention in our articles are available on Kindle in addition to print versions.

Kindle readers are available for free for personal computers, smartphones, and tablet computers, so it’s a handy way to take your reading with you without having to haul around lots of heavy books. You can also use them to preview the content of many books before purchasing.

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We have selected advertising partners and vendors that have products and services that may be of interest to our readers. Several of these vendors are ones with which our writers and readers have had positive experiences. Here are a few links to popular vendors that help support us financially via commissions when you buy products or services from them via a visit from our site. They include products and service related to divorces, health and nutrition, books, electronics, mobile phone apps, and even car tires.

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