CJP Investigation of Judge Lisa Schall Heats Up, Citizen Input Sought

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Drunk driver Judge Lisa Schall of San Diego is being investigated yet again by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. She’s been repeatedly admonished by CJP in the past for her drunk driving conviction involving driving the wrong way down a divided freeway while intoxicated and for abuse of process and violations of civil rights of litigants. As is typical for judicial criminals, all she got was a hand-slap. But as the number of complaints against Schall grows, CJP is looking into her alleged violations of law once more. We’re left wondering — just how many abuses and crimes will it take to remove her from the bench?

If you’ve been abused or harmed by Judge Lisa Schall, please read the following comment we recently received about how you can provide input to CJP to assist in their investigation and hopefully forcing her removal from office much as happened to Judge DeAnn Salcido who resigned when she was on the verge of being removed from office for abuse and using her courtroom to advance her “TV judge” career aspirations.


I have just spoken with the investigator for the Commission on Judicial Performance handling Judge Schall’s case, Mr. Brad Batson. He was unable to provide specific comments regarding the investigation of Judge Schall, but mentioned it was “complex”–i.e. ‘serious’ a la DeAnn Salcido’s resignation ‘serious.’ He also encouraged others with complaints re: Judge Schall to submit them in writing. As there appear to be many just on this site, the CJP is requesting your cooperation as well as the cooperation of others of whom you may be aware. Submit specific complaints in as concise a format as possible to:

Mr. Brad Batson
Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 557-1200

(415) 557-1266

Good luck and blessings to all.

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CJP Action Against Judges Often Weak and Timed To Rig Elections

Salcido deserved being forced out of office. But in all fairness, she got worse treatment than other judges simply because she dared to speak out against court practices she saw as problems. This made her a target for persecution by the “justice” system as the worst offense anybody can commit in their eyes is to criticize a judge.

Many other judges such as Schall have engaged in very serious offenses against litigants and get nothing but hand-slaps timed to hide their offenses until after elections. The intent appears to be to fleece the public into re-electing tyrants who are willing accomplices in the California judiciary’s reign of self-serving lawlessness.

This serious offense against the integrity of the judicial election system by hiding serious proven allegations is CJP’s doing. They are controlled by people who are aligned with the belief that judges can do virtually anything they want, even felony-level vandalism of public property for personal gain. In a case investigated by CJP that resulted in yet another deceitfully timed hand slap, Judge Peter McBrien hired a private tree trimming company to cut trees on a public park. They cut off the tops of the trees to improve the view from his house. When an investigation started of this felony-level offense causing more than $20,000 damages to public property, his wife allegedly intimidated investigators with statements that her husband is a judge. The charges against McBrien started as a felony, but local law enforcement quickly backpedaled and refused to arrest him for the felony and then changed the charges to a misdemeanor. It strongly appears that this is because they were more concerned about the judge retaliating against them via bias in the judicial process in cases that may involve the county than holding him accountable for his crime. Sacramento media reported that McBrien’s conviction resulted in a $500 fine and $20,000 restitution. That’s a bargain given that local real estate experts contend that the destruction of the trees on public land improved the view from McBrien’s house enough to add $100,000 value.

McBrien clearly received better treatment than he deserved because he was a judge and in the opinion of the government deserves to be able to violate the law and get away with it without the consequences anybody outside the government would get if they did the same. The same corrupt preferential is given to most other judges, too.

CJP Complaints Should Be Made Public

There are probably CJP investigators who honestly do want to do their jobs well by upholding the law and eliminating bad judges. Unfortunately, they are not in charge of the system and report to parties with vested interests in covering up judicial misconduct. When you engage with a CJP employee, treat them reasonably because you may be lucky enough to find one who really does care such as it appears may be the case for Brad Batson who is investigating Schall.

Because CJP as a whole cannot be counted on to protect the public’s interests or uphold the law, we encourage citizens who have a complaint against Schall to make it public. The voters have a right to know how corrupt, abusive, and even criminal the judiciary is so they can vote out or recall the worst offenders. We will help those who want to publish their complaint publicly for the world to view by posting it on this website and writing an article about each complaint. While we do not have the resources to investigate each complaint ourselves, we believe the public has an important right to know about the many complaints being filed against judges that are hidden in the files of the CJP. There is certainly a risk that some complaints may be unwarranted, but it appears that certain judges are getting high volumes of complaints and those complaints are being hidden by CJP as they take years until after the next election to announce their findings. This usually gives these abusive judges five years for them to pull the wool over the public’s eyes again before they next stand for election.

Many of those with complaints about Schall are fearful of retribution by the court/government mafia of San Diego. Many good parents and other citizens have experienced persecution intended as personally targeted terrorism as retaliation for pointing out obvious violations of the law, civil rights, and due process by a San Diego family law judge. This is a legitimate fear, but we believe if many file complaints and make those complaints public then it will be much harder for the corrupt and abusive courts and government of San Diego to persecute citizens with legitimate grievances.

Chris Noble’s For the Love of Gun

Chris Noble is one of the many parents who claim Schall and other family law courts violated children’s and parental rights and harmed his family. He’s started his web site For the Love of Gun to expose Schall’s abuses and the alleged lying and perjury of his ex as means to game the system in her favor. He’s posted significant amounts of filings and evidence from the case to show just how out of line with justice and the law Schall is. The site is worth a read.

Schall Is One Bad Apple In A Rotten Forest

Schall is but one of the many abusive and out-of-control judges in the San Diego judiciary. The entire system needs top-to-bottom reform and replacement of most of the judges. There are a few who have tried to follow the law, but even they cannot because of the widespread perjury, evidence fraud and tampering, harassment, and persecution that the San Diego family law system not only permits but actually encourages and rewards.

DA Bonnie Dumanis refuses to prosecute perjury cases even when there is ample evidence of lying under oath and filing of false criminal allegations costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in individual cases via wasted spending on law enforcement and courts. The courts often award custody to the perjurers. Their reasoning is often that since the kids have been with the lying party for years based upon very serious yet false criminal allegations, the children should live primarily with the abusive parent because they are used to it. Yet these abusers typically continue their abuse against the other parent and the children via child abuse tactics such as parental alienation and continued filing of false law enforcement reports. The courts and government literally are functioning as child abusers themselves by perpetuating these harmful situations.

Drastic Reforms Desperately Needed

Mechanisms designed to protect the rights of families and punish false accusers are critical. The current reliance on appeals and CJP complaints is unworkable and unfair. Most of the people being abused in this system do not have the financial or emotional resources to fight a multiple year battle just to get an appeal case heard while they are their children continue to be abused. As a result, violations of the law by San Diego family court judges are routine and numerous. We believe that these violations would be curbed if family law judges could not deviate from 50/50 shared custody without a jury trial. Juries are not perfect, but they are better able understand that children and falsely accused parents have been seriously harmed and that the malicious party should not be rewarded for such actions.

Additionally, the law should be changed to provide for taxpayer-financed prosecution and forced restitution for those making knowingly false and malicious child abuse and domestic violence reports to CPS, the police, and courts. This is key to stopping perjury in the court system and stop the spiraling incursion of abusive family law courts into the lives of anybody targeted for ruination by a malicious ex. As it stands today, all it takes to remove a perfectly capable and safe parent from a home, banned the parent from seeing the children for weeks, and then forcing them into supervised visitation for months or years is for a malicious parent to make a false accusation. San Diego’s family law courts practice what amounts to a policy of rewarding liars, punishing victims, and abusing children while churning cases for years as the legal community makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off many of the victimized families.

Child Welfare Services Involved in Child Abuse and Violations of Law

It’s not just the courts involved in perpetuating these abuses. Employees or associates of the County of San Diego Child Welfare Services (commonly known as CPS) or local police departments are all too frequently engaging in perjury and harassment. They believe themselves judge, jury, and executioner and because of the failure of DA Bonnie Dumanis to prosecute government criminals they get away with it. Many CPS social workers operate under the unconstitutional principal that people who are accused are guilty and cannot be proven innocent. The situation is particularly bad for falsely accused men because a significant number of San Diego CPS social workers are extremely biased against men and buy into a lying woman’s accusations even when evidence shows the woman is not being honest. They routinely fill CPS files with provable factual errors and lies portrayed as facts. Their defamation and abuse funded by the taxpayers and the malicious damage they cause families can lead to deaths and attempted suicides as has been seen in past cases such as the persecution of the Wade family of San Diego. Mandated disciplinary action, public disclosure of abusive and dishonest practices, and prosecution of government employees and contractors who violate the civil and legal rights of citizens is vital to cleaning up the abusive system. But today, when a CPS social worker is caught breaking the rules and engaging in abuses or violations of processes or laws, this information is hidden as a “private personnel” matter. That is completely unreasonable for such serious offenses by government employees who can literally destroy people’s lives with their violations of law.

As an example of this, we were recently told of a case in which it is alleged that a San Diego CPS social worker intentionally filed false child sexual abuse complaints against the father of her children. Allegations are that Rady Children’s Hospital Chadwick Center then assisted in execution of this crime. Because Chadwick Center functions as a service provider or contractor to the County of San Diego, there is little independence or accountability for that organization and they are willing to assist lying San Diego CPS social workers. If we can get more details, we would like to report on this case further. We view the limited information received so far as credible because of the source and note that past San Diego Grand Jury investigations of CPS have shown that their staff has been caught lying and perjuring and that Chadwick Center staff working with CPS has contributed to such offenses. Those who assist in abuse against children and parents by violations of law and due process rights such as lying, hiding evidence, and circumventing legal safeguards such as mandated hearings should be fired from their jobs and prosecuted in criminal or civil courts as appropriate. If you have further information on this case or other instances of San Diego CPS abuses against families, please leave a comment or drop us an email.

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  1. One of Thousands
    November 9th, 2011 at 16:51 | #1

    Schall is unfortunately just one of the many unscrupulous tyrants on the San Diego Bench. Alksne, Goldsmith, Dumanis, Grotch, and the list goes on and on.

    Folks–I’m a lawyer–a country boy from Hot Springs, Arkansas. When I took the oath to become a lawyer–as all lawyers must do–I had to swear an oath to “protect and defend” the U.S. Constitution. I thought that was a good idea because in my near decade of study of history, politics, philosophy, and law I understood that Tom J. established the Bill or Rights to protect against government oppression. Government: Goons with shields and badges–trust me folks–they’re illiterate morons who, in our infinite wisdom, we’ve allowed to overtake the power to shove you around.

    Solution: Screw ’em. Virtually every government officer, judge, cop, or other official has betrayed their oath to thousands who gave their lives to create, protect, and defend the liberties of a new nation. Why? Because they want a paycheck at the end of the month and are willing to bend over to corporations and attempt to corral your freedoms so that they can have another Dominoes Pizza next weekend and spend a week in Hawaii between slavery sessions 51 weeks a year.


    Wake up folks–you’re getting raped. Do something for a change…

  2. Alan Ernesto Phillips
    November 22nd, 2011 at 23:44 | #2

    What is happening to the people who are SWORN and HIGHLY PAID to protect our children and families? As the pedophile priests and the Vatican model, behaviors (as Schall’s) are enabled and their misdeeds are often covered up.:


    MANY of our judges, clerks, lawyers, mediators and therapists can be beholden to a judge and collusive for profit and “the next win.”

    In Shasta County, CA we have an 85 year-old, 18-YEAR-veteran “Assigned Judge” who retired in 1993 with a platinum parachute and a FAT pension. He collects $12,000.00 per month for part-time demented and fumbling-work, He faces NO ELECTIONS and no accountability from our Presiding Judges, His pals on the Judicial Council or Chief Justice for scores of formal complaints of serious substantiated breeches of law and procedures. He has refused recusal requests including a 170.1 from me just yesterday. I have complained for years about this double-dipping scoundrel – who harms children and families – to all agencies but the CJP and our Governor. I have been in the Family Law Industrial meat-grinder for over 15 years. If He, et al, takes my second child soon, I’ll have nothing left to lose. God save us…

  3. November 22nd, 2011 at 23:48 | #3

    Oh yeah, here’s my little website:


    Thank you AngieMedia for your service and for validating the overlooked effects of surviving the corrupt side of the Family Law Industry…

  4. One of Thousands
    November 23rd, 2011 at 22:13 | #4

    Mr. Phillips–

    You are not alone. If you may, please join CCFC at http://groups.google.com/group/ccfconline.

    We are unfortunately at warfare with our own incompetent government criminals. It’s not the first time. With coordination, courage, and tremendous effort, hopefully it will be the last.

    My best to you and yours Sir.

  5. Ben S
    January 25th, 2012 at 11:49 | #5

    Supervising Judge Lorna Alksne and Court Executive Officer Michael M. Roddy have both lied, deceived, and oppressed my complaints about mandatory rules of court that they are now currently in ongoing violation of. They do absolutely nothing which takes the violations a step deeper in that my concerns MUST be processed. They have processed nothing. I showed them facts, hard material facts that the violations exist, and they do nothing. This is exactly, precisely the kind of thing that One of Thousands is talking about. They are illiterate, ignorant, and worse, knowingly corrupt and in violation of the very rules of court they swore to uphold. President Obama said last night in the State of the Union address that we need to follow rules. These two ignorant morons of our San Diego Superior Court need to go to jail for what they are doing for they are not only violating me but the entire County of San Diego.

  6. hjarold
    June 17th, 2014 at 22:13 | #6

    Mar of Mullins D523959
    Ex parte 1-18-07, OCSC 2-6-07 – spousal support, lawyer fees, pay her car insurance; order for removal from residence executed; no DVTRO
    OSC 2-22-07 DVTRO denied; kick out order remains
    OSC 3-12-07 spouse awarded an ability to earn of $1,500/month; income tax 2004 taxable income $34,215
    Lawyer fees as of 2-23-09 greater than $67,000 paid by spouse
    Awarded 2 CA houses appraised as $440K and $400K 12-07; spousal support $1,727 per month
    $200 still being garnished “indefinite” 12-31-14
    Judges Timothy Taylor, William McAdam, Lisa Shall, and the latest “$200 indefinite” Margo Lewis.
    My only consolation is that Judge Shall will be on the bench the next 6 years. The UT, Bar, and all
    her fellow judges endorsed her. Judge Lewis actually called my separated spouse at home,
    told her to come to court, and proceeded to take off calendar al l my pleadings. Judge Taylor continued to write minutes and orders until 11-19-09 after he was reassigned 10-14-08. Judge McAdams appointed an elisor to sign my name at a fiticious hearing 3-5-10. He disqualified himself from the case 6-22-10. The disqualification OSC was submitted April 2010. When I drive by my stolen CA houses, I get in a funk for almost
    a week.

  1. August 9th, 2012 at 23:01 | #1

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