Bill Gore Is Poor Choice For San Diego Sheriff

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Bill Gore
Bill Gore

We’re not ready to endorse a candidate for San Diego Sheriff yet, but we do believe that we have ample reason to advise voters to vote for somebody other than Bill Gore.

Gore is a member of the “good old boys’ network” of San Diego political corruption. His personal friend, former Sheriff Bill Kolendar, jammed through Gore’s role as interim sheriff with full support of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors when Kolendar retired in 2009.

From speaking with those familiar with Gore and the duties of the sheriff who benefit from a vantage point inside of the Sheriff’s Department, it is our understanding that there is little respect for Gore from many of the officers of the department. Gore reportedly hasn’t ever held a role in local law enforcement previous to becoming interim sheriff via backdoor political machinations. What experience Gore has in law enforcement comes from serving as an FBI agent for 32 years. Yet in this capacity, Gore did not have to manage large numbers of personnel, manage a budget, or perform many of the other tasks that the sheriff must handle. But management inexperience may be a minor concern compared to the others arising out of Bill Gore’s history with the FBI and his ties to the corrupt political machine ruining San Diego County.

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Bill Gore And Ruby Ridge Government Murders

More concerning, Gore’s record as an FBI employee is fraught with problems. He was the agent in charge for the Ruby Ridge FBI assault on Randy Weaver’s family that resulted in multiple fatalities, including the death by shooting of a mother holding a baby and a child shot in the back as he fled law enforcement gunfire. The government settled out of court with a $3.1 million award to Randy Weaver for the wrongful deaths of his wife and son.

(from Shredding the Bill of Rights by Gore Vidal)

Others had done the same, including the Weaver family, who had moved to remote Ruby Ridge in Idaho. Randy Weaver was a cranky white separatist with Christian Identity beliefs. He wanted to live with his family apart from the rest of America. This was a challenge to the F.B.I. When Weaver did not show up in court to settle a minor firearms charge, they staked him out August 21, 1992. When the Weaver dog barked, they shot him; when the Weavers’ 14-year-old son fired in their direction, they shot him in the back and killed him. When Mrs. Weaver, holding a baby, came to the door F.B.I. sniper Lon Horiuchi shot her head off.

Gore is believed to be the government agent who issued the “kill on sight” orders to federal law enforcement agents that lead to the unnecessary and wrongful deaths.

Gore plead the 5th Amendment during an investigation of the FBI and US Marshall Service misconduct that resulted in the deaths at Ruby Ridge. Some speculate that Gore was merely trying to protect his law enforcement buddies who killed the Weavers rather than trying to protect himself. Even if that is so, it illustrates that Gore’s loyalties are not with the citizens and Constitution which he is supposed to protect. They lie first and foremost with the dangerous goons in law enforcement who abuse both. Obviously this makes him a poor choice for Sheriff in and of itself.

Bill Gore And 9/11 Terrorists in San Diego

Gore was also involved in the failure of the FBI to apprehend 9/11 terrorists training in San Diego to use airplanes as manned flying bombs. An FBI informant working with the FBI San Diego office, of which Gore was in charge, was in contact with two of the terrorists. Yet the FBI missed the opportunity to catch them before they killed thousands. Gore claims there was no evidence of Al Qaeda activity in San Diego and that’s why his branch didn’t find any such evidence.

(from Ex-FBI Official Assails 9/11 Report)

The congressional report on the Sept. 11 attacks is rife with inaccuracies and greatly exaggerates the possibility the terrorist acts could have been prevented, according to the former head of the FBI’s San Diego office.

In an interview, former Special Agent in Charge Bill Gore asserted there was no evidence the FBI missed opportunities to catch two of the hijackers who for months lived in San Diego.

He also said there was no evidence that anyone, including Saudi officials, knowingly assisted the terrorists.

“I believe the joint intelligence committee jumped to conclusions not supported by the facts of the FBI investigation,” Gore said. “I was convinced by the time I left the FBI [in] January that there was no Al Qaeda support network in San Diego prior to or after 9/11, and that no group of people wittingly helped the hijackers in furtherance of the 9/11 attacks.”

In its 900-page report, the joint panel of the House and Senate intelligence committees criticized the pre-Sept. 11 counterterrorism analysis done by the FBI and CIA. The report suggests there were several missed opportunities to foil the attacks, and that alleged intelligence failures were especially obvious in San Diego, where two hijackers were known to a longtime FBI informant.

Bill Gore Deploys Military Crowd Control Weapons At Political Rallies

Even if you buy into Gore’s version of the San Diego 9/11 connection and dismiss the Ruby Ridge fatalities as being somebody else’s fault, look at Gore’s track record as interim sheriff. Gore has made it clear he values control and power, including the ability to inflict harm upon citizens at political events, more than he values his nominal role in protecting citizens.

(from San Diego Sheriff deployed military crowd control device at Congressional town halls)

Rep. Susan Davis-D Calif. and Rep. Darrell Issa-R Calif. held town halls that exceeded capacity (10,000+ total attendees) and prompted the Sheriff’s Department to have Long-Range Acoustic Devices(LRADs) standing ready.

Both town halls took place without incident; however the use of the military device concerned San Diegans. The LRAD crowd control is primarily used in Iraq to control insurgents and can cause serious and lasting harm to humans.

According to the manufacturer, American Technology Corporation, the LRAD provides “military personnel the capability to transition through the rules of engagement to determine a target’s intent and also provides greater assurance that innocent lives on both sides of the device are not lost due to miscommunication.”

Why did SDSO Deploy Military Sonic Weapon at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings?

Sheriff’s Court Services Role in Abusing Litigants

Even if you’re not a criminal, if you find yourself in San Diego family law courtroom you have reason to be afraid of Sheriff’s Department employees acting as the muscle for abusive judges such as Lisa Schall, Christine Goldsmith, and Lorna Alksne. The department provides bailiffs and court security. Yet judges like these are willing to misuse law enforcement to persecute people who anger them.

Schall Reprimanded for Abuse of Power

Schall is the family law judge who has been responsible for alleged misconduct in the divorce case of Cole Stuart and Lynn Stuart. While Cole Stuart professes to be shocked by her conduct in the courtroom, it isn’t anything new for her. Schall was reprimanded by the Commission on Judicial Performance for ordering a bailiff (a sheriff’s department deputy) to take a litigant into custody and jail her because she became upset in the courtroom during her family law case.

(from Why Is San Diego Judge Lisa Schall Still On The Bench?)

Many judges seldom do a thing about perjury and contempt of court. Schall is usually no different, but when she has chosen to act, she’s done so abusively and illegally. In 1995, Schall abusively misused a contempt of court ruling to imprison an upset litigant for five days in violation of court rules. She illegally ordered the bailiff, an apparently uninformed and/or spineless employee of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, to violate the litigant’s legal rights and throw her in jail. As many bailiffs errantly believe they are akin to a personal security detail for judge-dictators, the bailiff did Schall’s illegal bidding.

The California Commission on Judicial Performance publicly admonished Schall for this misconduct.

Bullying Citizens Upset With Family Law Courts

Judge Lorna Alksne, supervisor of family law judges in San Diego, is suspected of having acted in concert with Schall and/or Goldsmith, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, the San Diego County Bar Association, and possibly others to set up Attorney Cole Stuart for arrest during a California Coalition for Families and Children (CCFC) protest against her corrupt courts.

On April 8, either Schall or Goldsmith signed a TRO against Cole Stuart. He was trying via email to arrange times to talk with his son on the phone. As with so many hostile and alienating parents, ex-wife Lynn Stuart opposes this and is willing to use dirty legal stunts to attack her ex-husband. This sort of abuse with the assistance of the court is routine for judges in San Diego, especially when they have self-interest to serve as has been the case for Alksne, Schall, and Goldsmith.

Schall is biased against Cole Stuart in part because he filed a Commission on Judicial Performance complaint against her for her misconduct in his divorce case. Slapping a TRO on him and working to have him arrested would be payback for her.

Alksne and Goldsmith have a bias against Cole Stuart because he and CCFC members are building up support to reign in the corruption and abuse of the San Diego family law courts.

On or about April 14, San Diego judges and court employees became aware of Stuart’s plans to protest the April 15 family law seminar sponsored by the San Diego County Bar Association and which Alksne would be attending. Based upon our logs, we believe they may have learned about the protest via an article on our website. The courts issued an arrest warrant for Stuart on April 14, yet he wasn’t even served the TRO until April 16. The arrest warrant request was filled out as a felony offense, something they will likely claim was a “clerical error” as that isn’t even applicable to the charge of “annoying phone calls” which is at most a misdemeanor.

Cole Staurt was inside the family law seminar on April 15 and had paid for his admission. He was not causing any trouble, nor were any of the other protesters. Lorna Alksne became aware of his presence, possibly after having been informed by ill-reputed custody evaluator Stephen Doyne who makes frequent appearances in Alksne’s family law courts. She disappeared backstage after speaking. Shortly later, six uniformed sheriff’s deputies were reportedly glaring at Cole Stuart. It appears that Alksne coordinated having him forced out of the seminar by SDCBA security so that San Diego Police Department (SDPD) could arrest him for a misdemeanor that demands no such aggressive action. Despite attempts to influence them to act more aggressively, SDPD was planning to wait until he left the seminar to contact him and had communicated this to other security and law enforcement personnel at the scene.

Our initial information was that Schall signed the TRO, but later Cole Stuart reported to us that he found Christine Goldsmith’s name on the CLETS TRO printout he was served by the Sheriff’s Department the day after San Diego Police Department arrested him. Further, we’ve been informed that it was Goldsmith’s husband, San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, who signed the arrest warrant request. It appears that Cole Stuart is a target of the San Diego political insider network that includes such ill-reputed parties as the Goldsmiths, Bonnie Dumanis, Bill Gore, and many San Diego judges and politicians.

Apparently this form of “legal service” was staged to make it appear more legitimate that he was arrested for a violation of a TRO of which he was never told until after being arrested. It was reportedly further defective in that they failed to notify him of the hearing date on April 28, 2010. Reportedly Judge Christine Goldsmith proceeded to issue a permanent restraining order on him even though he was improperly served notice and didn’t even know of the hearing until we contacted him to ask for his comments.

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Cole Stuart now has a 5 year restraining order on him. Yet he never had an opportunity to defend himself as required by law. It strongly appears the courts manipulated law enforcement in both San Diego Police Department and San Diego Sheriff’s Department to violate his due process rights and the law for their own political agendas. That they can do this even to an experienced civil attorney goes to show they are perfectly capable and willing to violate the rights of anybody targeted by the corrupt San Diego courts and their allies.

So why was Cole Stuart handcuffed and removed from the SDCBA seminar when SDPD wanted to wait? It’s likely because Alksne and her cohorts wanted to shut him up, embarrass him publicly, and intimidate the protesters. Witnesses state there were discussions about arresting other protesters, but San Diego Police Department refused to do it because they were not causing trouble. While sheriff deputies didn’t do the dirty deed of slapping on the handcuffs because SDPD had jurisdiction, there is no question in the minds of witnesses that if this had been outside of the City of San Diego that Alksne’s goons supplied by the Sheriff’s Department would have followed her orders even if they were an illegal use of her authority with intent to abuse citizens she and her fellow abusive judges dislike. Given Gore’s bent on trampling citizen’s rights and even lives, there is no likelihood he would ensure SDSO deputies are trained to refuse to execute illegal orders by a judge and to report the judge for abuse of power.

Gore’s Connections To Bonnie Dumanis Are Disturbing

While certainly not all San Diego judges are abusive, biased, corrupt, and incompetent, the ones who aren’t becomes targets for the diseased San Diego political machine. Some of them are under attack from law enforcement elements such as Bonnie Dumanis and her prosecutors that hide exculpatory evidence in violation of the law because they have dared to cite and oppose the illegal actions of the District Attorney’s office.

Gore worked for Dumanis after he retired from the FBI and is likely to side with well-connected abusers like Dumanis over the citizens he is supposed to protect. Having a sheriff like Gore who clearly has no regard for citizen’s rights makes it all the more likely that courts using law enforcement as a tool to persecute their opponents and anybody else they dislike will be a recurring outcome of the corrupt San Diego courts. Citizens should not have to fear law enforcement violating their rights, yet Gore has done this himself with deadly effect and is aligned with others who do it for political purposes.

Citizens Speak Out Against Gore

As shown by our “further reading” links below, there are many aware of Bill Gore’s record that are opposing his continuing role as sheriff.

Craigslist “Rants N Raves” shows that even common citizens have started to point out that Bill Gore is a poor choice for sheriff. While some of the writers there engage in childish bickering and worse, it’s clear that at least some who are aware of the impending vote are very much against electing Bill Gore as shown by this example posting:

(from Bill Gore for Sheriff- hell no!!)

For critics of Bill Gore, this news comes as no surprise. Gore has a history of heavy handed actions toward American citizens. In 1992 he was the FBI’s agent in charge of the highly criticized Ruby Ridge incident; issuing “shoot on sight” orders to his snipers and other FBI SWAT Team operators. This resulted in the unjustified homicide of the families mother, who was holding her baby in her arms at the time the FBI snipers bullet struck her in the head and killed her. The family’s son was shot in the back while running away and family dog were also killed. Gore later plead the fifth at the Senate subcommittee hearing, which heavily criticized the FBI for this incident. The FBI later fired and disciplined numerous members of Gore’s FBI assault team, but as the senior agent in charge of the assault, Gore came out apparently unscathed.

We hope voters will be wise and select a better candidate than Gore for the important position of San Diego County Sheriff. Either Jay La Suer or Jim Duffy would make a better choice for sheriff than Bill Gore. It’s time to stop the dominance of the crooked San Diego political machine over the citizens. When election day comes, if you remember nothing else, remember that a vote for Gore is a vote for continued abuse and violation of the rights of the citizens for the benefit of a local government that is dominated by a corrupt political insiders club.

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  1. Built Stronger
    April 21st, 2010 at 07:02 | #1

    Appointed Sheriff Gore; Why did you deploy an LRAD weapon to Congressional Healthcare Town Hall Meetings?

  2. John V. Doorn
    August 31st, 2010 at 08:38 | #2

    Gore, has to help the health care lobbyists stay out of harms way? Why else would you have interest in listening to a health meeting with a known weapon? Gore, can get away with this because of the Patriot Act I think he was searching for the Taliban rebels who are tring to keep Americans alive through health care reform? Or maybe he was using his second amendment of our constitution to bear arms? Or maybe he was practicing and your home is the next objective? Patriot Act means we are in Marshall Law!

  3. September 1st, 2010 at 10:37 | #3

    Shake your head and see if it rattles. A great deal of the information about Gore came out from candidate Bruce Ruff’s Campaign (website) months before Duffy or LaSuer touted Gore’s shortcomings. The public was sternly warned at virtually every debate by Ruff about Gore’s incompetence and the scope of the good ol’ boy network Gore had been associated. From Kolender to the Commissioners to Ruby Ridge, everyone was warned about the fix. Ruff predicted the betrayal of Kolender quitting early and installing Gore over a year ahead and the end result is what the sheeple got. No one listens.

    I agree Duffy and LaSuer would have been better, but they had background problems as well. Ruff got disgusted with the whole charade and backed away. Ruff has all the experience and qualifications in all phases of the job acquired over 30 years. People need to educate themselves.

  4. One of Thousands
    October 28th, 2011 at 00:20 | #4

    Bill Gore is a murderer. In any sane society such a monster would be strung from a high tree for his treachery at Ruby Ridge–running an F.B.I. operation indisputably responsible for murdering an unarmed woman and child running for their lives >after committing no crime. No doubt, they held politically unpopular beliefs–disgusting political beliefs. Was Randy Weaver a model citizen? No. He was a white supremicist and clearly not the kind of guy most educated people would want to hang out with. Did he have a right to be on his own property and say whatever dim-witted stuff he wanted? I couldn’t imagine any of our founding fathers, no matter how much they disagreed and how much we disagree with the content of his speach, would say “no.” In fact, they’d probably say “that’s why we risked and in many cases gave our lives–freedom from the yoke of government oppression telling you what to say, think, and do.”

    Gore deserves the same fate he has inflicted on dozens wrongfully-accused, punished, and even murdered citizens. Yet in the Sanders/Dumanis/Goldsmith/Lansdowne/Gore reign of terror gripping San Diego, which utilizes clear terror tactics to inflict it’s horror, so many go whistling past the graveyard we selectively ignore the truly despicable state of affairs these demons impose.

    Solution? Vote them the hell out. Ignore police–in fact give them a piece of your mind. Tell them they’re inflicting horror on their own neighbors–and depriving our country of the “blessings of liberty” described in the Constitution. “To Protect and Serve”–they have to be kidding us. “To Harass and Oppress For Financial and Political Gain We Couldn’t Otherwise Obtain If We Weren’t Jackboot Tyrants” should be the motto.

    If we all stand up and shout back together, they’ll have little choice but to back down. Until we do, the tyranny creeps will keep creeping. Let them cut us out one by one and the tyranny will keep creeping. Creeping toward You, San Diego.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    ~Pastor Martin Niemoller, regarding the stunning complacency of the German people in the face of advancing Nazi tyranny

    Speak up San Diego. The words to use are “No f’ing way”

  5. Mavado
    November 17th, 2011 at 15:57 | #5

    “Sheriff” gore is corrupt, Rebecca Zahau’s blood is on his hands, what is he hiding? I want to see a full investigation, not only about the Rebecca Zahau case, but a full review of his entire career.

  6. Lu Liu
    December 16th, 2011 at 17:45 | #6

    “Gore called Dr. Phil’s evidence sensational and short on facts”. After watching Dr. Phil’s Show, I found that it was based on the fact regarding Rebecca Zahau’s case. What the heXX was Gore talking about??? Don’t fool citizens anymore. Your power is just temperary…You are the one that short on facts but manapilatinging power to expand your part of rotten society. Politcal clown. I have seen these kinds of political scandals everywhere which involves with these wolves covered with sheep skin. Only time will show and will tell how is going to affect them and their family if these wolves have the same situation…it’s pathetic that most these politician made the shame out of the US.

  7. bob
    October 14th, 2013 at 12:35 | #7

    and now Hannah Anderson! I think its time Bill Gore to reconsider his career!!

  8. Ingrid Forsberg
    October 3rd, 2014 at 17:47 | #8

    What about this?

    Sheriff Bill Gore said he will protect the citizens of San Diego so we have no need to protect ourselves. Somehow Sheriff Gore missed the thousand of crime victims in August. Most victims were unarmed and defenseless.

    Here are a few examples from a very long list:

    A local merchant’s group put up a $10,000 reward after a half-dozen women have been attacked from behind and assaulted in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.

    An elderly homeowner was robbed of her money and jewelry after two armed men forced their way into her home. The robbery took place in broad daylight.

    A convenience store was robbed by a masked gunman. Police believe this is the thief’s second convenience store robbery in the last week.

    Two men were finally captured after they shot and murdered a San Diego barbershop owner four months ago.

    Time for a new sheriff in San Diego?

  9. Sam
    February 27th, 2018 at 14:27 | #9

    Bill Gore seems like a sociopath. Creepy. Dark man inside. A mentally unsound devious and dark soul. Hes obsessed with finding out everything about others cause he has so much to hide. Defiance, for example.

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