Judge Lorna Alksne Eager For New Weapons For Judicial Abuse

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Protecting citizens from crime is a good goal. Technology has contributed many new tools to the effort such as burglar alarms, car security systems, and cell phones. But some technological tools have vast potential for abuse. GPS monitoring devices being used for family law and civil restraining orders are one such application fraught with serious abuse potential.

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GPS Monitoring Raises Risks of Convincing But False Accusations

The potential for false accusations and harassment is aggravated dangerously if GPS tracking devices are used in family law and civil restraining order cases in which there has not been any conviction in a criminal court. That’s exactly the common case for many people falsely accused of domestic violence who have temporary retraining orders (TROs) slapped on them with no evidence, no chance to contest the false allegations, and no due process. This is business as usual for abusive judges like Lorna Alksne and Lisa Schall of the San Diego Superior Court as well as other similarly abusive judges across the United States. They issue such orders routinely without even a shred of evidence and no chance for a defense until much later.

TROs A Weapon For Corrupt Judges To Abuse Critics

Schall and Alksne apparently go even further by using TROs as a tool to persecute their political opponents by creating opportunities for false arrest and false prosecution. The recent alleged actions by Schall and Alksne to harass and intimidate Cole Stuart and family law protesters who are members of the California Coalition for Families and Children are a prime example of this form of judicial treachery that if true may warrant the removal from office and prosecution of Schall and Alksne for judicial abuses and civil rights violations.

Alksne Wants More Tools to Abuse Litigants and Critics

Alarmingly, Alksne is now investigating the usage of GPS tracking monitors for people slapped with restraining orders.

Judge Lorna Alksne Looks for New Tools to Abuse Parents for Profit

Based upon this video, it appears that Bonnie Russell, a person who should very well know just how abusive the family law courts are given her Family Law Courts website, is actually advocating for these GPS tracking devices. This is disturbing and raises some questions about Russell’s true intentions and full knowledge of the family court crisis. While I have spent some time reading her site and think she’s far more honest and rationale than many of the extremists out there who proclaim that parental alienation isn’t real, all men are bad, and women are always victims, it may be that she hasn’t fully considered the problem of false allegations as to how they affect domestic violence restraining orders and family court conflicts.

Anybody who has seriously examined the problems in family law courts knows that one of the prime categories of trouble-making litigants is the personality disordered abusive parent who makes false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse with devastating effects. The damage done to the targets of such abuse is astronomical even when the accusations are later shown conclusively false when the courts months or years later get around to allowing the falsely accused parent to defend himself or herself against the lies. Some parents simply can’t mount a defense because they can’t afford an attorney and don’t know how to defend themselves on their own and end up persecuted by a falsely obtained permanent restraining order that can last for many years.

TROs are a frequently used weapon of abusers in family law cases. There was no violence, but lying that there was is so easy to do that an abuser intent on harming a victim parent can and will resort to such false accusations. Adding GPS monitoring to the mix creates the potential for even more damaging false accusations as I’ll explain in detail below.

Also consider the reports of death threats and heightened security around Alksne due to the growing number of people in San Diego who are fed up with the abuses she and other family law judges are committing. Perhaps Alksne would like to be using these tools (at taxpayer expense, of course) for her own family and have TROs and GPS tracking devices slapped on all of her political opponents, critics, and litigants she abuses because they could help her harm these people and their families for her own profit and that of her friends even more than she already has.

TROs Are Often A Dirty Weapon Of Liars

There is substantial danger to innocent people from these devices, even if you don’t have a civil rights abuser like Alksne as your judge. Many of the people slapped with TROs are falsely accused as a stunt to help gain sole custody in a divorce or child custody dispute. Some estimates are that the vast majority of TROs are issued for precisely such abusive purposes. Attorneys widely recognize that likely more than half of TROs are not warranted but are simply dirty legal tactics by people who are willing to perjure themselves to harm their ex-spouse, particularly when it seldom triggers any penalties even when their lies are discovered. That’s because if the lies work, they substantially bolster their chances of sole custody of the children and large child support and spousal support payments.

Misused GPS Monitoring Can Result in More False Accusations

GPS tracking monitors can be used by the false accusers to create a wrongful record of restraining order violations to assist in the persecution of their targets. All it takes is the false accuser knowing something about their target of abuse’s typical patterns of movement in the community. As many false accusers are former spouses or were in a long-term relationships, they know precisely where their targets shop, pick up mail, work, get the kids from school, and other typical activities. With the new toys that Alksne is seen salivating over in the above video, they can easily frame their targets for violating a restraining order when their targets did not even know they were in proximity to the false accuser. That’s because these devices alert the user when the supposed “threat” (or target, in the view of a false accuser) is within range and update their displays to indicate the changing distance.

It doesn’t take much effort to close the distance to set up the target for false claim of a restraining order violation. A false accuser can simply lie in wait of the target near a school, grocery store, shopping center, or other frequently visited location after they have entered, or better yet inside before they enter. Once the GPS tracking monitor the false accuser is carrying alerts her to the presence of her target, she can determine which direction to head to get closer and position herself nearby within the “keep away distance” (often 100 yards or more). It can be staged to make it look like the target is the one closing the distance to make it even more convincing. Then she can call the police to have the target arrested for violating a restraining order even though the target had no knowledge or intent to do so and was completely unaware the false accuser was in the area.

Giving false accusers a weapon, which is what the GPS tracking with notification really is, will cause more false arrests and persecution of innocent people. If you doubt this, consider the story of Ken Newell who has been repeatedly arrested for incidents that his ex-wife causes as well as entirely false allegations. Give a person like her a tool like the GPS tracking with victim notification and you will find they will stalk their “abuser” in order to frame him or her for restraining order violations. Newell’s ex-wife should be prosecuted for filing false police reports and causing false arrests. Instead, the police and prosecutors do nothing about her crimes.

The “evidence” of such “violations” will be in the tracking system. The typical techno-illiterate judge (as Lorna Alksne is) will eat up this lie joyfully and further persecute the target on behalf of the false accuser. It will be much easier for dirty and abusive judges to wrongfully put permanent restraining orders on targets, strip them of time with their children, and toss them in classes and services from which their corrupt family-abusing friends profit such as batterer’s intervention classes, anger management classes, psychological evaluations, and more. It also makes it much easier to issue abusive child custody determinations that can be used to financially victimize the target on top of all the other wrongs. The local child support office will provide the muscle to make the victim pay the abuser. This is great news for judges in these days of unstable government finances because the governments paying their salaries often derive a substantial portion of their revenues from US federal government payments for enforcing such abuses. It may seem ironic that a judge violating a person’s rights gains job security from doing it, but this is commonplace.

Perjury And Harassment Common When TROs Are Involved

If you are not familiar with how family law courts work, you may not understand that it is common practice for malicious parties to perjure, suborn perjury, produce altered evidence, and to distort the meaning of factual evidence all in an effort to get what they want. Many of the factual-seeming types of evidence which naive observers may believe are objective and reliable are in fact neither. If you’ve been following the reasoning about how these GPS monitors can be misused, that is one example. Below are a couple more examples featuring other supposedly “objective and reliable evidence” such as audio recordings and photographs. These are realistic examples based upon actual behaviors seen in high-conflict family law cases typical of those involving TROs being used as abusive weapons use by a malicious parent to persecute a good parent to gain child custody and financial advantages.

Malicious mom brings in a recording showing her ex-husband is yelling, screaming, and cursing at her. Obviously he is a violent dangerous person. Or is he? It may be very easy to stage such a recording. For instance, mom can ruin the father’s property, leave a nasty insulting note, make threats, and then record dad exploding in a verbal rage after he comes home to mom screaming at him for no apparent reason, finds dishes smashed in the kitchen and his childhood trophies (or other property he values) smashed to bits, hears mom repeatedly threatening to leave him and take the kids away so they will never see him again because he’s “dangerous”, and sees the kids are visibly upset and even crying at the destructive behavior of their mother. So he yells at her for being an “unreasonable bitch” along with a few other insults. She’s recording it and will select just the part where he and the kids sound upset and portray him as a violent man who scares his children. “Just listen to the kids crying in the background!” she emotes to make her lies sound more convincing. If asked why the earlier part of the recording is missing, she’ll say there’s nothing missing, she just didn’t start the recording until he started screaming in a rage after he was drinking. That he didn’t have a drink that day doesn’t matter as he is assumed guilty and can’t prove otherwise. It is all part of the distortions she does to make him sound dangerous and out of control, yet reality is that his response to her aggressive abuse may have even been relatively even-keeled compared to how most people might have responded in the same situation.

Destructive dad brings in photographs showing his ex-wife stalking him. She’s hiding in bushes and taking pictures of his home. He says she is obsessive about him and is so jealous of his new girlfriend that she has more than once threatened to kill her. She’s clearly violating the restraining order on her and should be arrested. In reality, the photos are more or less real, but nothing else is. She isn’t obsessed about him or threatened by his new girlfriend and has not threatened to kill her. As for the photos showing “stalking”, she’s standing in public view at a park next to their former home together (before he got a kick-out order on her) taking pictures of the kids and he’s hiding in the bushes to manipulate the photo to make it look like she is the one hiding. He’s altered the date/time stamps in the photos to make it look like this happened after he got a restraining order on her when it actually occurred two weeks earlier as he was plotting to get rid of her.

You can easily interchange the malicious mom and destructive dad scenarios above as abusers come from both genders. Over the years, our writers have personally seen and been told about countless dishonest scenarios like these which were highly effective at causing severe damage to the targets and which almost never result in punishment or sanctions against the abusers.

The facts are that family courts rewards liars like these malicious moms and destructive dads time and again. Giving them new tools to harass their victims like GPS monitors will simply mean they adapt to come up with new and inventive ways to distort reality for their own benefit. These people may be mentally ill with a personality disorder, but they are not obviously crazy to many people who know them. Many of them are very intelligent and capable of convincingly lying. They are therefore dangerous precisely because most people do not understand how manipulative they can be and believe their lies and false evidence with little if any hesitation.

Lawyers Enable Perjury And Distortions

Given how many dirty family law attorneys are willing to help clients frame and persecute ex-spouses to “win” cases and rack up big fees, there is a high potential for abuse from these people, too. The client could be dense to the point of being incapable of doing it on his or her own, but the attorney could easily supply the names of a few “experts” or “investigators” who could help them commit such a crime convincingly and likely get away with it. Even if this is discovered, the attorney could feign ignorance or blame the client as so many family law attorneys already do when they are caught being manipulative and dishonest.

Risk of Judicial Tyranny Greatly Elevated

For a judge like Lorna Alksne who appears intent on violating the rights of parents to maximize profits for the courts and her friends, GPS tracking is a terrific new tool. But for a judge like Lorna Alksne who is willing to stoop to deceit and civil rights abuses to persecute a critic as she has allegedly done, the danger to innocent citizens is even more severe because many people who have not been through the hellish disaster of the family law courts naively believe that such dirty judges are honest.

Even those who many judges are dishonest and abusive may have reasons for helping them perpetuate such abuses against the citizens they target. For instance, law enforcement appreciates it when judges pretends a dishonest cop is telling the truth even when it should be evident there is reason for doubt. Helping a judge abuse a few opponents in return could be seen as scratching each other’s backs for such dishonest law enforcement officials. Dirty district attorneys helping their friends who are judges with arrest warrants for their adversaries backed up with false “GPS monitoring evidence” is another possibility for further abuse.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how a truly reprehensible judge could misuse these devices to frame and imprison a serious critic or opponent and readily get away with the crime. For instance, a judge could falsely claim that she received a threat from some litigant in her court or a court of one of the judges she supervises. She and/or that judge could get a TRO on the target litigant requiring 100 yards (or more) keep away distance from them and their family members. These judges have ready access to plentiful information about where the target lives, works, picks up kids from school, and more in the court files, even if they are sealed from public view. It would take little for them to frame the target for a violation, the same way a falsely accusing spouse might do. But in this case, the repercussions for the target could be far worse because the false accuser is a high-and-mighty government official who will demand “more justice” than even a very effective false accuser spouse could get.

Potential for Abuse Too High

For law-abiding citizens who are tired of being abused by family law judges and the government, GPS tracking devices with potential for abuse as these ones have are yet another item to add to the growing list of reasons why the United States is a dysfunctional and abusive nation that violates the civil rights of its residents on a daily basis. I’m a fan of technology in general, but the potential for abuse of this particular technology is so high as to make its use completely unacceptable for anybody who has not been convicted of a felony violent crime in a criminal court. That family law judges are examining this technology for use in their cases is deeply disturbing and frightening. If such devices are put into use, it will be a very short time before parental alienators and false accusers figure out how to manipulate them to cause even more destruction of children’s and good parents’ lives. The dirty judges and their conspirators will be laughing all the way to the bank as they help them commit even more of these abuses than they already do.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

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  1. San Diego County Parents
    April 25th, 2010 at 18:40 | #1

    Recall Dishonorable Lorna Alksne now!


    Please sign the petition!

  2. December 4th, 2010 at 19:13 | #2

    Those involved with the fear factor should realize two things.

    1. Men are secretly having themselves GPS’d to combat false allegations;
    2. Women are secretly having themselves GPS’ to combat false allegations surrounding drinking; and
    3. GPS elminates PERJURY.


    • December 4th, 2010 at 21:37 | #3


      GPS doesn’t eliminate perjury if the “false victim” (i.e., the false accuser) is provided the location of the actual victim and can use it to frame him or her for a restraining order violation.

      The system you’re advocating needs to be implemented to ensure that it cannot be abused by a false accuser. As it has been described so far, it seems to be vulnerable to abuse and may cause even more damage to real victims of false accusers than they are already experiencing.

      GPS is also not totally reliable. I’ve seen consumer grade GPS devices fail to provide accurate location information due to signal impairments or other technical problems. They can easily be tens of meters off in the location they record. This itself can cause false conclusions to be reached. For example, in your “GPS to stop false drinking allegations” example, it could look like somebody was inside a bar when in fact he or she never went closer than the fast food restaurant 100 feet away.


  3. One of Thousands
    December 6th, 2010 at 12:01 | #4

    There’s a critical disconnect between Bonnie’s comments–which are well-taken–and Chris’s. The question is “who makes the choice?” If a parent wants to put a GPS device on themselves to combat false accusations–they can do that today. Good for them if it helps. I did it and it helped my case. The very different question the article addresses is ‘should courts have the ability to order normal, ordinary, non-criminal citizens to be tracked involuntarily by GPS?’ In my experience courts–particularly divorce courts–screw this kind of power up all the time–and I’m a lawyer. They’re worse than congress–have a problem, throw a bunch of money and legislation at it and hope it helps. Giving GPS tracking power to idiot family court judges is like giving guns to children. It’s a reckless threat to liberty and just another tool for abuse of power. I’d respectfully suggest to Bonnie that she market her devices to parents rather than courts.

    Blessings to all.

  4. November 1st, 2012 at 03:00 | #5

    IF you want the truth, LESS THAN 3% of all the CONTESTED cases in FAMILY LAW COURTS IN THE USA bring allegations of SEX ABUSE! Judges and courts USE THIS AS A WAY TO NOT HAVE TO MAKE TOUGH CHOICES and to AVOID ending a case to prolong the pocketbook. If you go to “www.mothersoflostchildren.com you will find a pole / study done with the results inside. The fact is what most Americans don’t know is how corrupt the system is and what needs to be done.
    We NEED change in FAMILY LAW COURTS in this country, and it begins with the fact that:

    1. Every FAMILY COURT ROOM should be made available on VIDEO TAPE WITH AUDIO for every litigant directly following the hearing for say a $20.00 Fee. I call the bill, “ALLAN’S LAW” Forcing Judicial Accountability Through Video Tape. This also must only be released under sworn affidavit that it will only be used in the court system for places review such as the AOC, or the GRAND JURY, Perhaps even the JUDICIAL COUNCIL, or other court officials for REPRIMAND of bias, degrading remarks, defamation, and Prejudice. These Judges are getting away with extortion, ruthless bias, and a number of other things that have NO PLACE in family court! VIDEO TAPE would supply each litigant with a FAIR TRIAL and still not put the reporters out of business because they still would have to transcribe the VIDEO COMMENTS AND POSSIBLE BIAS ACTIONS IN THE COURT.
    You may sign a bill relating to (“Allan’s law” Forcing Judicial Accountability through Video Tape) at http://www.change.org
    2. We want Children to have a VOICE IN COURT AND ALWAYS BE TRUSTED UNDER AGE 10 TO TELL THE TRUTH! Our kids do know LYING IS BAD, and at such a small age to be called a liar, its what is killing these kids!
    3. If one litigant has a LAWYER, the other should be appointed one! Thus = EQUALITY! And ALL CONTESTED CASES should be reviewed by a PANEL of REGULAR CITIZENS either annually or semi annually for review of reasonable and fair practice and with the panel being elected electronically online with an up to the min. posting of ballots totals so their will be no electoral voting. And On these Panels should be a minimum of 1Womans rights advocates and 1 fathers rights advocates to keep it fair and ensure both sides of all the proper points to child safety are upheld.
    You can find a listing of the demands for changes in http://www.lawlessamerica.com, where Bill Windsor directs the equality factor in family court systems to the congress and house of the USA.
    thank you

  5. November 3rd, 2012 at 22:40 | #6


    We posted a link to your petition on our Facebook page. A few months ago, I wrote about how video and audio recording devices should be widely used in courthouses to protect against liars and abusers.

    Regarding your comment on kids being labeled as liars in family law cases, the fact is that this happens. Kids often lie to support their abusers because they feel trapped and safer supporting the abuser in the hopes it will reduce the abuse because they can see clearly that they are going to be stuck living much of the time with the abuser and that the non-abuser (the parent against who they most often lie) is likely not to treat them badly in retaliation.

    Such kids lie against both against fathers and mothers. The target depends upon the dynamics in the family.

    Teaching a kid to lie to hurt the other parent is by definition emotional child abuse. That doesn’t stop bad parents from doing it.

    The notion that a really severe accusation cannot possibly be a lie because nobody would like about something like sexual abuse, attempted murder, etc. is just not true. Look at what governments and CEOs and others do on an everyday basis. We as a society are fed a constant stream of lies, from the little ones to the big whoppers used to justify killing millions of innocent people and to dupe many people into helping execute such crimes.

  6. Green Peace 415
    May 10th, 2013 at 07:45 | #7

    Your in outer space, check it out, your reality is lacking some true facts. You are comparing children under age 10 even 5 years of age to governments and CEO’s., outer space is minimal. Babies are not going to lie for one parent against the other, they know right and wrong, they love both of them, it is false, and besides in less than 3% of all disputed custody cases do sexual allegations rise, this means they maybe should believe what these kids tell. And another thing, it is proven through the US DEPT. Child INFORMATION GATEWAY that many times kids finally disclose abuse following parental separation or divorce due to the new found security they feel by having a 2nd home to run to. It is fact! And if you review interviews from now adult child victims such as the fox interviews and series the news is reporting called “Lost in the system” from LA, then you will see grown people still at even the age of adult hood, still telling about all the abuse suffered as children. Their is not a bit of coaching going on their. get real dude! And I followed that Allan’s law link and its gone! But still it was a great idea i must say!
    Video tape is needed to even the grounds of justice in court, i think they should be also like criminal court to provide a reporter in family law, its unjustified they don’t! And don’t inform the litigants first prior to hearings they don’t have one. this blog is ridiculously bias against women from what i see. Go remove all your narcissistic comments, your a freak!

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