John Van Doorn Runs for San Diego County Supervisor in 2010

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John Van Doorn has announced he is running for San Diego County Supervisor in 2010. We believe he deserves strong consideration for your vote in the June 2010 primaries.

The corruption and abuse within the County of San Diego government threatens the well-being of the citizens and particularly children and parents of the county. Bill Horn, the incumbent candidate, has participated in hiding and continuing these abuses. Despite two decades of San Diego Grand Jury reports detailing how San Diego CPS has wrongly removed children from families, fabricated evidence, perjured, and acted in a malicious fashion against many parents and children, Bill Horn has not lifted a finger to correct these problems despite being a member of the County Board of Supervisors during this long era of egregious CPS misconduct.


I’m running again in 2010 as I continue to feel passionately about the issues I raised in 2008. Thanks to the people of District 3 for their vote of confidence in that message.

I knew that as a newcomer to the political scene, in running against a very well liked incumbent, I was likely to face resounding defeat. However, in receiving 30% of the vote in the June primary, this was to me, an affirmation that the message and issues I put forward in the campaign were very much on the hearts and minds of San Diegans.

That said, in the past year, I’ve heard from many of you about the concerns felt by many of the residents of District 5, that being, our vulnerability to wildfire, our ever dwindling supply of water, and our current supervisor’s questionable relationships with developers.

It’s time to bring an outsider into this office, one that does not have ties to big business or special interests, one who wants to make himself available to you and your concerns. As such, I am running for the office of County Supervisor of San Diego County, District 5, and I hope we have the chance to meet in the months ahead, discuss some of your concerns about where this county is headed and come June and possibly November, see to it that we the voters bring about for ourselves the leadership we deserve and can trust!

My 2010 website will be up and running before the end of February. Until then, you can click here to view my 2008 website as it looked back at the election in 2008, nothing has changed since then (other than our address and FPPC number). If you would like to contact me, you can e-mail me at [email protected].

Again, I look forward to the privilege of being considered as your next County Supervisor!

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2008 Campaign

In 2008, John Van Doorn ran for the County Board of Supervisors as a virtually unknown candidate against four-term supervisor Pam Slater-Price. Despite his newcomer status, he attained 30% of the vote.

I believe his strong showing in part came from sharing his views about how the County of San Diego is harming children and families and how he wants to stop this destruction. His personal experience with the corrupt and broken San Diego government and courts has educated him in the way the county hurts children and parents for a profit. He has seen in person the abusive conduct of County of San Diego Child Welfare Services (commonly referred to as San Diego CPS). He has been subjected to harm against his family by the broken San Diego County Superior Courts that fail to understand that children need both parents. It’s evident to him that the County of San Diego government has decided that declaring fit parents as child abusers or “bad parents” and tossing their children into foster care or sole custody are viewed as money-making opportunities. The county gets Federal Title IV payments for each child it takes from a family, each parent it labels as an abuser, and each child support case it opens up.

You and your children are but dollar signs to the County of San Diego. They care about their budget and jobs, not about your family. John Van Doorn says that he knows this well and wants to put an end to it.

Using Children To Pump Up Revenues

The County of San Diego has financial motivation to label you as a child abuser or a bad parent. That you have not abused or neglected your children or that you may have made a mistake that has CPS upset at you but did not seriously endanger any children doesn’t matter to them. The shocking truth is that San Diego CPS management predetermines the outcome of some “risk evaluations” to meet their financial goals. You can be declared a child abuser to have your children taken from you and put into foster care so that the County of San Diego can get paid by the federal government for doing it. They are likely to fight to keep your kids in foster care, even if there is no reasonable justification, as they “earn” federal Title IV-D revenues for each child in foster care.

John Van Doorn related in a conversation in January 2010 that this disgusting practice of predetermined risk evaluations was revealed to him by a CPS case worker as an explanation for why he couldn’t change a CPS report with false information and conclusions. He said his supervisor told him what the outcome would be before he even did the interviews. He explained that he could not change his report even though he knew the bruise on the child involved was from slipping in a bathtub and hitting the tub spout and that this has been verified by the interviews.

Van Doorn was alarmed and brought attention to this problem in a public meeting of the County Board of Supervisors. He explained how these practices hurt innocent parents and children who are in no danger. Instead of moving to correct the problem by ensuring CPS management stops this abusive profiteering, the CPS case worker who disclosed the abusive practices of CPS management was promptly fired.

Hiding Title IV Funding Dependencies Upon Abusing Families

CPS and the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors want to hide their very dirty secret that a large part of funding for county operations comes from abusing children and parents to get payments from the federal government. It doesn’t just involve foster care and child support, it even involves adoptions. For many years, by delaying or blocking adoptions, the county maintained its revenue stream for each child living under its “protection” in foster care. That foster care is statistically more dangerous than leaving children with their biological parents is well known but commonly ignored because putting children in foster care is more profitable and helps keep county social worker jobs secure.

When this problem became apparent to some in the federal government, rather than cracking down on the CPS family abusers, they passed a law allowing payments to county governments for each child they adopted out to make up for the revenue loss. Now adoptions are more often supported by San Diego County. It’s not because they realized that adoptions are generally better than leaving children in foster care until age 18 and then kicking them out on the streets. They are now more supportive because adoptions have become yet another revenue center for the county. Maximizing revenue involves declaring parents child abusers, taking their kids and putting them into foster care, and then moving to terminate parental rights and adopt out the children. This is the way County of San Diego Child Welfare Services (CPS) helps funds its own operations and that of other county agencies.

John Van Doorn wants to end this practice by substantial cuts in funding and employee count for the family-abusers in county government. Children who are in danger should still get help to ensure their safety, but children who are merely poor or needy or whose families are going through temporary difficulties shouldn’t be removed from their homes simply because the government can make a profit on them.

Broken Family Law and Juvenile Law Courts

This corruption spreads into the San Diego family law and juvenile courts. The judges know that they are expected to help fund county and court operations. They can do it by issuing unfair and punitive child custody and child support orders as part of the Title IV federal funding paid to the County of San Diego is for collecting and enforce child support. Taking away children, dragging out trials for years, and abusing families are tactics they can use to help do their part to fund county operations.

Encouraging the use of psychological evaluators in cases in which they are not needed is another tactic that the local courts use to pass along dollars to their friends. Van Doorn has experience with this abuse, too. Despite a fair and impartial psychological evaluation by one psychologist that pointed out the good points and flaws in both parents, the courts allowed Van Doorn’s ex-wife to force a second psychological evaluation conducted by ill-reputed Dr. Stephen Doyne. Doyne was allegedly upset at Van Doorn for not being able to pay him because his assets were frozen by the court due to the divorce. Van Doorn pointed out that his ex-wife could pay, so it appears her payments got her the evaluation she wanted. The San Diego Superior Court rubber-stamped this corruption and the county benefits from it doing so as the county is paid by the federal government to place children primarily or solely with one parent to force the other parent to pay child support.

(from Custody Evaluator’s Credentials Questioned In Lawsuit)

John Van Doorn, a Doyne client, said “You have a certain expectation that the courts have vetted out the person they are appointing.”

San Diego family law courts have allowed Stephen Doyne to act as a court-appointed psychological evaluator even though he appears to have published questionable and allegedly fraudulent credentials and failed to file state-mandated disclosure and reporting forms required of all psychological evaluators. Doyne has earned the ire of many San Diego parents for allegedly biased evaluations and unethical business practices. Some of the other section 730 psychological evaluators in the county have been critical of Doyne, expressing the opinion that Doyne is making a bad name for all psychologists involved in resolving child custody and divorce disputes in the county.

Too often the result of this type of corruption is that children are prevented from spending more or less equal time with each of their parents. The abuse of using a divorce or child custody case as a means to impede or terminate parent/child relationships is traditionally committed against fathers. But it sometimes happens to mothers, too. Whichever parent is the target, the children will suffer harm in virtually every case. Even when good evaluators spell out workable plans to keep both parents involved in the lives of their children, San Diego courts may misuse such evaluations in “winner takes all” decisions that ultimately harm the children and are extremely unfair to one of the parents.

Children need both parents. The government should get its fingers out of perverting children’s lives for its own financial gain. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with children who have adequate food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care (which is the case with the vast majority of children) from spending equal time in each parent’s home and seeing that their parents have made different choices and have different lifestyles as a result. This would be far more beneficial to the children than yanking them away from one parent, damaging or destroying that child-parent relationship, and doing so to maximize the amount of child support to be paid and thereby maximizing the amount of Title IV funding that the County of San Diego will be paid to enforce these abuses.

New County Board of Supervisors Members Needed

The wrongs heaped upon San Diego children and parents will never stop with the current board members in place. As one of our authors wrote last year:

(from San Diego County Grand Jury Cites Further CPS Misconduct)

The failures and shortcomings in the CPS agency in the county have been brought to the attention of the Board of Supervisors repeatedly. Yet they do nothing effective to fix the problems, leaving CPS and its abusive staff free to continue to abuse the county’s children and parents.

There is no realistic doubt that the current San Diego County Board of Supervisors is substantially at fault for the abuses in the current system. Grand Jury reports have exposed the problems to them over and over again with substantial evidence of the misconduct of CPS and its sister child-abusing agencies. But little to no action is taken to correct the serious deficiencies.

The current Board of Supervisors consists of Greg Cox, Dianne Jacob, Pam Slater-Price, Ron Roberts, and Bill Horn. All five of the supervisors have been in office since 1995 or earlier, a period of time during which Grand Jury investigations have consistently shown that serious problems exist with CPS and that the agency blows off the recommendations to fix them on a routine basis.

The county supervisors have no incentive to clean up problems in the system because to do so, those problems must be discussed further. This is political risk-taking intolerable to them. They know they were in charge during this whole period of time and should have done something about the problems. Doing it now is effectively an admission that they were negligent in the past. Instead, they do all they can to bury these problems behind the scenes so that they are not politically damaged by their harmful and negligent conduct.

The county badly need new leadership to put an end to these problems and clean up the abuses and corruption.

John Van Doorn is a candidate who has stated that he intends to do exactly that. While he alone may not be enough to clean up the county, there’s no doubt in my mind that the alternative of re-electing Bill Horn will certainly lead to four more years of the same bad government.

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  1. Joan Parro
    March 1st, 2010 at 15:56 | #1

    I sent you an email from both the San Diego County Federated Republican Women and the Oceanside Republican Women Federated inviting you to two separate meetings. I used the email [email protected] and it won’t go thru. What is another email I can use? Please help me.
    Joan Parro, Program Chair

  2. Chasity
    March 29th, 2010 at 19:52 | #2

    Hey I’m a mother, and going through a custody battle. Ever since, the grandmother of my son (his dad’s mother) is constantly making malicious reports on me. All have been unfounded, with the exception of one in VA. Her and her son and daughters lied and said that I gave her youngest daughter alcohol when I didn’t but they believed her. Don’t know why, when I have witnesses saying that I wouldn’t do that. CPS also made up lies from witnesses on my side, saying that they told them something different, and one was one of my best friends and others that CPS told me they had contacted and really didn’t. Also now the grandmother is still making false allegations against me for abuse and neglect, and all of those have been unfounded. DSS tells me that there is nothing they can do to stop her even though DSS now knows that she is making the reports to harass me and try to gain custody of my son. The GAL and DSS is aware of this. Also the judge won’t let anyone else try this case which I feel is biased. I have a clinical social worker that tells me something can and should be done. This judge has gone so far as to giving shared custody between myself, dad, and grandmother without considering that the child has other grandparents that never get to see him because they live in another state. When I don’t have my son the dad’s family has him, so when my family is in town for holidays my son is always with them. Why can’t anyone help me or give me some straight answers to why the system is allowing this woman to continue to abuse the sytem to try and gain custody based on lies. When does a judge say ok, this is where I draw the line!! Or is it just the simple fact that the whole system is corrupt?!!

  3. Tariq Mousa
    April 29th, 2010 at 00:23 | #3

    Tonya from District Attorney’s Office North County Division stated to me that her office is 10 feet from the 5th District Board of Supervisors. She agreed to go on a recorded voice memo that states she has worked next door to Bill Horn’s Office for 2 years and has not seen Bill Horn in his office or his staff members at his 5th district office at 325 N. Melrose Suite 5200 the whole 2 years she worked there.

  4. Tariq Mousa
    May 11th, 2010 at 06:30 | #4

    Hello every body I have personaly spoke to John Van Doorn and myself victim of CPS my name is Tariq Mousa I my self agree with the statement that there is some very corrupt people runnig CPS. When I was A child CPS would come to my house alot, to be exact 7 times there where violent act done to me by my Step father Bob Lawrence these reports are documented by schools and baby sitters and reported to CPS . The digree of violent behavior Reported was every thing from bitting me to beating me with belts at age 5 that left welts of black and blue on legs and butt. Back in the day when the police would come to a domestic seen for example if the husband was beating there wife and or child the police would not arrest the husband, what would accur is the police would tell the wife to leave and get a hotel since they could not ask the husband to leave since he was on the lease. I did this on a regular basis I swear, it was insanity!!!!! The funny thing is Im entitled to my childhood records up to 38 years of age but CPS and the county sent me a certified letter stating my child abuse records where sealed with out my permission and all information thus far has been destroyed. But all juvinille criminal history remains these buricrats that run our county run it with very poor moreality and they really don’t care about people it really sucks…….Oh by the way my mothers name is Betty Lawrence and my ? To her is why did she let that guy do that to me over & over& over again? And to the county my question is Why? To Your suprise the reason I contacted John Van Doorn was not becuase of CPS but becuase of our corrupt medical system & our currupt fith district supervisor Bill Horn oh by the way folks I have an audio of the DAs office stating Bill Horn hasn’t been in his office in 2 years here in N County which is 7′ feet away from Bill Horns front office. When I spoke to John Van Doorn he explained to me that 5 years ago CPS took his children from him, John thought I was another father in the same boat I knew this becuase he explained to me he understood what I was going through why he thought this I don’t know. He then explained to me how CPS workers lied on witness stands and they told John “they where above the law” why he told me all this I don’t know? I explained to this man I have incriminating evidence against the medical establishment he explained I should give up becuase trying I was not going to go any where with my efforts in a very polite way he explained I would either go insane from disapointment or would end up my conversation went on with this man as he ridiculed me for being emotional while he telling me he knows how corporations are billing the goverment for medical services “over charging” and leaving patients sick. He told me I would better serve the good of the people “WE” is if I healed and wasn’t emotional then people would believe me. I then I asked John” if other sick patients call you and there emotional because the medical system are you going to tell them when there better and and non emotional then you be of help he then hung up on me! I called him bac and he said he can’t help and if I wanted to express my self I would need an advocate. So I have been having friend call and ask him ?s. My first friend spoke to him for 30 min he told my friend Nate if he got elected he would help me. This is not the case case I had another person call and John started saying dud because he was being asked sensitive ?s and said to him the children are more important well hey buddy Im one of the victims of the CPS system too! Can you be a little more sensitive please! The ? my friend asked was “how is Tariq supposed to get better if the Dr.s lie to him” My ? If we want to make this land great we need basic principles love, kindness, forginess, hope , peace , honestly & most of all God like it says on our money In God We Trust. Oh so I meet with Fabio Marci at Starbucks yesterday this man has a soft heart for you who do not understand he is very kind and very eager to help the community he works full time and he has these traights, quick to listen, slow to speak that is what we want in community leaders he’s genuine you can tell he’s never been about a quick dollar he’s miticulase and punctual and out to do the best he can with no bios opinions and no hidden agendas like getting back at CPS…..We need a leader like Fabio who tells me when he goes to fundraisers people give him $50 & $100s as donations not lots at a time but what people can afford. John Van Doorn explained to me “with his 2 months of fundraising efforts he’s only taken in $150 in total donations” I told him how can you a run a campaign on a $150 he told me” he’s spent $150,000 out of his own pocket” I asked how he got it he explained to me he was successful in his last position. My question is if you only got $150 in fundraising money in 2 months why would you throw your own money away like that. If this is any indication on yr business sense you should you have no rite in a county buget especially when u have $150,000 in expenditures and a $150 in profit We want people in office like Fabio who don’t lie about the donations they recieve and are willing to help more than them selves. Real leaders lead by example they should be humble John Doorn you of all people know what it’s like to be a victim of buricratic madness you of all people should have compassion twards the children and it’s victims old and young. John you decided if you can’t beat em join em.

    Thank You For Reading
    Tariq Mousa
    The Good Word Truth!

  5. Tariq Mousa
    May 29th, 2010 at 10:22 | #5

    People are watching because of the Attack on Tariq Mousa by Angie Media what they call the “Vindictive Campaign” THE PEOPLE with BDP is Angie Media for sleeping with the pharmaceutical companies. Im with my Attorneys and I saved everthing to disk and gave it to some one responsible!
    Jesus LOVES

    • June 18th, 2010 at 22:10 | #6

      Tariq, your animosity towards us is misguided. Where have we attacked you in any way? Not writing about your issues is not the same as attacking you.

      As for your allegation that we’re “sleeping with the pharmaceutical companies”, that is nonsense. We’ve written repeatedly about the corrupt collusion between big pharma and the FDA contributing to the deaths of many people and denial of safer cost-effective treatments to many more. How is that in any way aligned with pharmaceutical companies?

      It is our understanding that you talked with John Van Doorn and he cautioned you that you could hurt your own cause by behaving in this fashion, but that you didn’t seem to understand the message.

  1. April 20th, 2010 at 15:35 | #1

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