Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family Law Courts Under Fire

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County of San Diego Judge Lorna Alksne

What started with a dispute over allegedly fraudulent credentials and work history of San Diego County, California, family law section 730 child custody / psychological evaluator Stephen Doyne is expanding to encompass the entire family law court system in the county. Flying about are accusations of corruption, irresponsible conduct, law violations, and other problems committed by judges, judicial staff, lawyers, and the large community of “professionals” associated with the San Diego family law courts who make their living off the conflict and misery of divorced families from which they profit and in some cases encourage.

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Psychological Evaluator Stephen Doyne, Ph.D. Sued for Fraud

Local TV channel KGTV (channel 10) news aired a story about the problems with psychological evaluations in the county and with Stephen Doyne in particular. Doyne is being sued by father Emad Tadros who is deputy head of psychiatry for Scripps Behavioral Health Services which is a large health care organization in the area.

Tadros is suing Doyne in relation to a psychological evaluation he performed connected with a child custody dispute. Based upon court records, the problem case involves both Tadros and mother Yvonne Leijen. Leijen filed a paternity claim in 2004. In 2009, she filed domestic violence actions against Tadros. Oddly, she filed actions on the same day in two courts — both Central San Diego and North County Vista courts. Such filings are routine tactics in California child custody battles, even when no domestic violence exists.

Doyne is claimed to have misrepresented his credentials and work history. To pump up his reputation, he lists a diploma-mill certificate from an organization that has even issued such a certificate to a pet cat.

(from Custody Evaluator’s Credentials Questioned In Lawsuit)

“I think it’s a big deal to have misleading credentials, particularly when you are a child custody evaluator that the courts refer people to,” pointed out Angelucci.

While Dr. Doyne is a licensed psychologist, questions remain, for instance, the “Diplomate” title Dr. Doyne uses.
In a letter filed in court documents, Dr. Doyne signs his name and calls himself a “Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners.”

The college, Angelucci says, is a “sham organizations” that “sells fake diplomas.”

“They’ve given credentials to a cat,” he said.

The cat was named Zoe. D. Katze. The American Bar Association Journal reported how the housecat was credentialed.

The I-Team called the American College of Forensic Examiners for a comment. They were told they could not have any information without the signed consent of the member they were calling about.

Doyne claims to have taught at universities including Alliant University, University of San Diego, and University of California at San Diego (UCSD). Yet these organizations have reported to the court that there is no record of his employment with them.

The problems with Doyne and the family law courts are being discussed in many places on the web, among them in a Courthouse Forum thread and on the 10 News I-Team Blog.

Doyne Failed To Perform Basic Duties

One of the basic duties of a 730 evaluator is to talk with mental health professionals working with the family. Tadros and others claim that in their cases, Doyne never made these basic professional contacts. As Tadros is a psychiatrist, he’s familiar with the standards for mental health care professionals and believes that Doyne is an unethical fraud who doesn’t do the job he was hired to do.

(from The American Board of Nonexistence)

But the mental health professionals are not hired by the court. They’re hired jointly by the parties in the custody proceedings. Tadros was in Doyne’s office to decide whether to hire him to perform a 730 evaluation in his 2005 custody case. “Doyne reassured me,” Tadros continues in his court declaration, “that he was Board Certified in his line of work of forensic psychology and that the evaluation would be confidential. I trusted and relied upon Doyne’s representations about his credentials and about confidentiality, and on that basis I entered into an agreement with Doyne for him to be the custody evaluator.”

Tadros, who is a psychiatrist and the vice chief of Scripps Behavioral Health Services, came to regret the decision to hire Doyne (for $8000) upon observing the latter’s methods. “Being a board certified psychiatrist,” Tadros states in a lawsuit he later filed against Doyne, “I noticed that Doyne’s performance was poor and substandard. I also noticed what appeared to be unethical practices, such as billing for things that never occurred, and incorrect billing records.”

Tadros adds that Doyne “never contacted my therapist even once as the court recommended. In addition, I was never able to confirm the validity or truthfulness of Doyne’s contact with the mother’s therapist.”

Doyne turned in his custody evaluation on September 30, 2005. He signed it as a “Diplomate of American College of Forensic Examiners.” Unhappy with the findings in Doyne’s custody evaluation and deeply suspicious of his professionalism, Tadros began investigating Doyne’s qualifications. He discovered, his court declaration says, that “The ‘American College of Forensic Examiners’ and the ‘American Board of Forensic Examiners’ are sham organizations known as ‘vanity boards’ or ‘certification mills’…run by the same con artist, Robert O’Block, who sells fake mail-order credentials and ‘diplomas.’ Both of these organizations have specifically been exposed as mail-order credentialing shams in various media and professional journal articles, including…a Wall Street Journal article that called the American College of Forensic Examiners a ‘mail-order credentialing organization for which the applicants need only pay $350.00 and pass an ethics exam.’ ”

A 2002 article in the online journal of the American Bar Association chronicles how a psychologist obtained from organizations, one of them affiliated with O’Block, several professional certifications for his cat under the name Zoe D. Katze.

Child Custody Battles Destroy Families Emotionally and Financially

Families who have been harmed by the family courts in San Diego have started to demand accountability. Supervising Judge Lorna A. Alksne is in charge of the corrupt family law courts in San Diego County. She is coming under fire from a variety of parties for her failure to push towards reforms that would fix the tragically slow and expensive custody battles taking place in the county. These can drain both parents of hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years to be resolved. Children are often deprived of significant contact with a parent for months or years as psychological evaluations drag on and judges try to hide behind the evaluator, claiming they cannot make a decision without the evaluator’s input. Some cases go back to court year after year in a never-ending cycle of destruction for the family that can only be escaped when all the children are age 18 years or older.

Elkins Task Force: Ineffective Ploy?

Judge Lorna Alksne is a member of the California Elkins Task Force that is supposed to push reforms in family law in the state. But so far, the group has accomplished little of any value other than offer false hopes to the judicially abused children and families of California.

There have been questions whether Alksne is even a suitable representative. Corruption involving the family law courts, DA Bonnie Dumanis, and family law attorneys in the area has been alleged:

(from San Diego Elkins Task Force member)

This site covers Northern and Southern California. However, when it comes to crimes against children, between the absolute failure of San Diego police, the DA and family court, San Diego as media has profiled, is in a class all by itself.

October, 2009: San Diego attorney Eric Fagan was arrested for murder in child custody case.

One silver lining. Steven Liss was not a member of the Elkins Task Force. When family law attorney Steven Liss was arrested on July 20, 2009, in a murder-for-hire plot targeting his wife, (Liss was charged with four solicitation) it was discovered Liss, although practicing law for decades, had the blessings of the State Court, to return to an active family law practice.

That said, former Los Colinas deputy Lowell Bruce does set a new standard for low, as does DA Bonnie Dumanis for rushing to deliver aid and comfort after he shot his wife in the face, in front of their child. Given Judge Preckel’s ruling in the FARTUNA KHEYRE matter, (D046830) it hardly seems likely he was prejudiced against the murderous deputy.

Unfortunately, as current Grand jury is top heavy with retired law enforcement and police personnel, the selected leader, Victoria Stubblefield – only the third woman selected in San Diego’s history, seems a push at best. Between four retired law enforcement types, (including a police chief), three, former military personnel, and two retired attorneys, the public would be wise not to expect much in the way of San Diego judges who routinely put children at risk, or those who operate outside the law.

San Diego judge, Judge William Howatt in an effort to convince one litigant he studied the case, mentioned that he took the file over the weekend. Howatt claimed to have made copies of eleven year old psych reports, (the new ones didn’t suit his feelings). But, hello:

Removing a file from the court is a felony.

Except in San Diego.

That’s just one demonstration of out-of-touch, San Diego judges. Sadly, when it comes to family court, the really out-of-touch are generally in charge.

False Accusations Often Drive Custody Battles

Like many US family law courts, San Diego courts are quick to yank custody away from parents simply based upon allegations without a shred of evidence. But while some courts quickly dispatch the terror tactic of falsely obtained domestic violence restraining orders used to obtain sole child custody, such actions can drag on for years in San Diego. The accused is treated like a criminal, the accuser treated like a victim, and all this starts before the accused even knows about it let alone has a chance to mount a defense.

As a general rule, in San Diego an accusing parent gets de facto sole custody of children for at least several weeks or months. Delays in fixing unjust deviations from 50/50 custody splits can go on for years. Lawyers and judges claim they must wait for the psychological evaluator to complete the report. They repeatedly reschedule hearings and trials and pull other games to delay decisions, too. Perhaps the judges are hoping that some other judge will get the case after they rotate out of their unpopular family law assignments.

The parent who retains primary custody is frequently the one who makes false accusations against the other parent. This is where psychological evaluations are often ordered by the court. However, the psychological evaluations themselves seldom take any less than half a year to a year and cost upwards of $10,000. Some take over two years and cost upwards of $50,000. The Tadros case and some others result in multiple psychological evaluations taking more than 3 years and/or rack up billable hours for the evaluator(s) in excess of $60,000.

Sometimes the party with the sole custody intentionally drags out the evaluation by refusing to pay for work, claiming it can’t be finished because more evidence is pending, or other excuses. It is to this party’s advantage to drag out an evaluation for an extra year or more because it gains more near 100% custody time with the accusing parent. Then seemingly as a result, the psychological evaluation often concludes it would be in the “children’s best interests” to continue to have little contact with the parent cut out of their lives, not because that parent is severely flawed, but because the children are used to it.

The San Diego courts crawl like slugs for years while children suffer from being deprived of one of their parents. Often that parent’s entire family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are blocked from contact with the children due to the inhumane collusion of the accusing parent and the courts.

Extortion by San Diego Family Courts

Parents are often forced to pay vast sums of money not only for lawyers to defend themselves against litigious ex-spouse, but also for psychological evaluations in San Diego County and for expensive psychotherapy which might not even be needed were they and their children not being abused by the courts, lawyers, CPS, police, and other parties who involve themselves in family law cases. Often these people take sides without examining evidence. Judges even refuse to read filings, then turn around and illegally admit evidence that was obtained by criminal means and has questionable value.

If parents can’t pay for the psychological evaluation, the evaluator will not provide it to the court. The courts generally won’t order the evaluator to provide the report, even though in theory that should be in the best interests of the children. Instead, the courts collude with the evaluators to ensure that the evaluators will get paid under threat of continued minimal or no contact with one of the parents. To such a parent and many who have seen this happen, it is nothing short of a kidnapping/extortion racket with the courts and evaluators as perpetrators and children and at least one parent as victims.

(from Parents Say They Are Drained Of Money By Court Professionals)

Wittmack said he had 50-50 custody of his children and that he and his wife typically were cordial to each other until the lawyers and professionals became involved.

He said he agreed to the first custody evaluation, but made it clear that he couldn’t afford the second one.

In a letter, the custody evaluator who worked on his case said Wittmack failed to pay the entire “cost of the assessment” up-front.

The evaluator wrote it “resulted in the court changing custody.”

Wittmack has his pictures of his children all around him, but he only has his children every other weekend.

Supervised Visitation Centers And Monitors

The lack of results from the psychological evaluation is often an excuse to not correct unfair and unjust custody situations for extended periods of time. The judges pretend they can address these problems by ordering “supervised visitation” in which a parent is watched and often videotaped while with their children. They must use supervised visitation centers or monitors approved by the court at rates often well in excess of $50 per hour to see their children. While some of these centers vary rates based upon income of the parent, it is as if the rates are chosen to consume the parent’s entire income. A order for 5 to 10 hours of supervised contact per week is not unusual. The cost per hour typically is anywhere from $30 to $100 (or more) per hour depending upon the supervising party and the parent’s income.

It’s not unusual for supervised visitation for a parent to cost several thousand dollars per month, leaving the parent with having to decide between having money to live, money to fight the court battle, or money to pay for seeing the children. Often there’s simply not enough money to pay for any more than one of these, unless perhaps the parent is blessed with relatives who are willing to help. The San Diego family law system is happy with that option when it occurs. It gives them hundreds of thousands of dollars more to swallow up, feeding a monster that is hurting many people.

Crime Rewarded by Family Law Courts

Litigants in this system often feel that in San Diego family law courts, crime pays. The courts reward the crimes of false accusations against good parents. Government agencies such as the police and CPS frequently involve themselves in these cases, too. When they can’t find any criminal activity, they virtually never go after the falsely accusing party. Instead, they sometimes punish accused parents without a trial or due process by helping to deprive them of custody for months or years and to financially and emotionally destroy them.

In many cases, the government knows they have no way to prove there was ever any child abuse in the first place. But they want their pound of flesh. So the police or CPS put their targets on child abuser watch lists that have been ruled as unconstitutional violations of the law. They and other government agencies then use these lists as excuses to destroy the targets.

For example, the government can go after a target with financial attacks by revoking or refusing to issue professional licenses. One woman falsely accused of child abuse had her years of training to be a nurse deep-sixed by the government as they refuse to issue her nursing license. She’s listed on the CACI child abuse index because the investigation was marked “inconclusive”. She was never charged with a crime, nor did she ever get a trial. But she’s been tried and found guilty by the police and is now stuck in a low-paying waitressing job because California bullies her unjustly.

CPS social workers often advocate against such parents and make custody orders that override court orders. The family law courts refuse to deal with the problems caused by these dishonest and power-hungry social workers despite decades of documented civil rights abuses, due process violations, and perjury by County of San Diego Child Welfare Services (aka CPS) staff.

If a family law judge does dare to tangle with CPS, CPS can request the case be yanked from the family law judge and put into juvenile court where it has even more influence over the judges. A judge who actually cares about the case and family might not want that to happen as he knows the juvenile court is likely to cause even more damage.

Lack of Confidence in Government

If you look at the expanding number of web sites and discussion forums which are describing the horrors of San Diego family law courts and their associated government gangs including CPS, you’ll certainly understand why the public has lost confidence in the courts. But the problems go further. The lack of accountability for government agencies, financial corruption, perjury, cover-ups, and the use of threats and judicial gag orders to hide many of the problems is truly troubling.

When there is wrongdoing by attorneys, judges, and government employees including CPS social workers and police officers, sometimes the family law judges go so far as to order the parties to not discuss the case with others. After being financially devastated by the San Diego family law courts, these parties can seldom afford to mount law suits against others who have harmed them. It appears the judges intend to execute cover-ups to ensure that this sick system continues to harm children and families for the profit of their friends and associates while maintaining their own job security.

(from Issues Judges and others with the Elkins Task Force should address.)

The problems which exist in California family court are legendary. Sadly, the same old people are relied upon for solutions. It’s not working.

We have no idea whether Judge George was made aware of either our request or recommendations listed on the page for San Diego.

We have no personal stake in Family Court, or animosity to the current Supervising Judge of San Diego Family Court. It’s just that someone as unaware of San Diego’s painful history, as Judge Alksne demonstrated she is, remains the best example of a bad example of who should serve on the commission.

Personally, we believe outside of the courtroom, Judge Alksne to be a very warm individual. However, as the Elkins Task Force asked for input, then the first order of business is to address input received. Or, as a wise friend once remarked,

“If you always do what you always did – you’ll always get what you always got.”

Because Chief Justice Ronald George has been in office and removed to a large degree, from the stark reality of the abject failure of family court, change will only begin when people who are not part of the problem, have input.

We remind Judge George although California is a, “no fault” state, judges by largely, ex-prosecutors looking for blame. Blame arrives via custody evaluators, therapists, and police officers not doing their job. Ergo this site was created for the express purpose of education for California’s top judge. We hope to hear from Chief George, and our sincere hope he is not shielded from it by countless intermediaries.

Personally, my request to speak to the Task Force stemmed from the three-fold frustration of:

1. San Diego judges continuing to order expensive services of individuals who have been exposed in print and television since 2001 as fakes; (See news video, below);

2. Indifferent County Counsel chief, John Sansone who, since 2001, has refused to act on behalf of family court litigants, as authorized via Family Code section 7507; (making the case for term limits) and

3. Every San Diego DA since 2001, continuing with DA Bonnie Dumanis who remains completely non-responsive to calls and letters for appointments to address this and other issues. Her assistant, Terrie Gonzalez: 619-531-3522 neither returns calls or emails. Our tax dollars at work?

How does this impact all Californians? Dumanis also sits on policy making boards for the State of California. Is there good news?

Pushing for Reform

Good news could come from the public forcing the government to truly change the courts in San Diego for the better. This probably has to start by purging the current system of many of those who impede reform. As elected officials, judges can be recalled. Mount recall efforts against the family law judges in San Diego starting with Judge Alksne. She sets the tone for the rest of the judges in the system. If they see her go down in flames in a recall and replaced by a judge who will put an end to the problems, they might get the message.

However, even if Alksne is recalled, the remaining judges could simply elect a new supervising judge for the family law division who would still impede reform. Or the governor could simply appoint a new set of anti-reform judges to fill in for open positions. It may take changes in state law and replacing all of the family law judges in San Diego to push reform. With the current ruckus about Doyne, the San Diego family law courts, and the California state budget crisis, now may be the best time in years to start this effort.

Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and the Rape of American Justice

Booklist Mini-review

A take-no-prisoners condemnation of psychiatric experts being waved into the witness box, this account trashes psychiatry in general as a quack profession. Hagen (a psychology professor) assails most of the diagnostic tools of the field in her text, which roams among court cases whose outcome hinged on the testimony of mental-health experts. Her fundamental contention is that psychiatry is a junk science whose theories when extended to matters of legal culpability go against common sense. Indeed, Hagen assumes the posture of that legendary legalism, the “reasonable person,” and her prose is peppered with exclamations and rhetorical questions like “Who could believe that?” which might annoy as many readers as it might convince about whatever points are in question. Among them are such topically current items as battered-wife syndrome, recovered memory claims, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and urban psychosis claims. The average person could easily encounter in divorce and child custody litigation the situations Hagen vigorously complains of, so her energetic attack could gain considerable attention. Gilbert Taylor

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  1. November 19th, 2009 at 11:17 | #1

    My children and I have been held hostage in San Diego Family Law Court for 16 years and counting – no issues have ever been resolved. My husband (we are not divorced yet the matter was brought to court in 1995) is a San Diego Police Officer and the agenda is to service him. Most recently the request for child support was brought to San Diego Child Support Services and the request has been thrown out by Commissioner Radiken. San Diego Child Support Services Representatives have brought evidence to her such as Officer Lasher and the San Diego Police Department have evaded service and cost the tax payers extra. When San Diego Child Support Services hired a private process server to finally “catch” Officer Lasher and serve him Commissioner Radiken is still siding with the Police Officer and has not made the order to provide his children with child support. The matter has been to Court over 4 times and she has failed to review the facts but continues to service Officer Lasher and his Attorney Dave Schulman who also sits as a temporary judge in San Diego Child Support Services. On November 17, 2009 I begged her to recuse herself as she is biased and is wasting the tax payers’ money.

  2. FightingCorruptFamilyCourt
    November 19th, 2009 at 16:14 | #2

    There is no more faith in family court as it is a failed experiment peopled with corrupt judges, psychologists and minor’s attorneys. If there is abuse it should be investigated in criminal court. Other cases can be handled in civil court. Family court is too corrupt to continue. Alksne sets the tone for her band of thugs. It’s all about money and “in-the-best-interest-of-the-child” is a catch phrase to hide behind as they continue to break the laws of our State and our nation. Or as Commissioner Jeannie Lowe likes to say, “My Court; My Law.”

  3. Deborah Barclay
    November 19th, 2009 at 20:11 | #3

    This is not only happening in San Diego, it is happening all over the country in family courts. This is a National Epidemic and a National Disgrace!

  4. November 19th, 2009 at 20:47 | #4

    Dear Sir or Madame:

    I have no idea who you are, but…

    You just knocked the ball out of the park.

    Your article entitled “Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family Law Courts Under Fire” could not have been a more accurate expression of the conditions in San Diego family Court, and the sentiments of hundreds of thousands of San Diego families who have been defrauded through this extraordinarily careless, biased, and corrupt system. Your article was entirely accurate, fair and balanced.

    I am certain that tens or hundreds of thousands of San Diegans and Californians are today nodding their heads in agreement with the straight, daring, but brutally honest truth about our government, society, and economy you’ve communicated.

    Thank you for your courage, honesty, and dedication to the well-being of your fellow citizens.

    You may be aware that this firm represents Amici in the Tadros case. We would be please to provide you with any relevant resources to assist you in your search for truth and the health and welfare of San Diegan, Californian, and American families. There are hundreds of thousands behind us.

    Cole Stuart,
    President, California Coalition for Families and Children

  5. Ben Siegfried
    November 19th, 2009 at 23:34 | #5

    I have heard enough stories and seen enough truth through all that have told their stories to fully believe that this article right on the money, so sad, but so true.

  6. Jimmy Trujillo
    November 20th, 2009 at 14:48 | #6

    Thank you very much for courage to publish this article. The more I discover about the “business” of Family Court Services, the more disallusioned I become. To my anger and dismay, my exhausting, expensive and degrading experience with Family Court is not unique; scores of parents in San Diego have endured the same nightmare. I find it appalling and inexcusable that focus is shifted from what is truly best for our children to greasing the wheels of the money machine that is Family Court.

  7. FightingCorruptFamilyCourt
    November 20th, 2009 at 16:56 | #7

    When I first became involved in family court I was accused of Parental Alienation when my child told me he was being abused by his father. I met lots of women who lost custody of their children when they accused their spouse of abuse. But now I am hearing from men who lost custody of their children in family court as well. It appears that family court is structured to make certain that the litigation continues and parents are pitted against one another to the detriment of the child. Frequently, the parent with the most money wins. Family court is a rico inspired ring of corrupt judges and lawyers who use our children as money makers.

  8. Alienation Target
    November 20th, 2009 at 19:50 | #8

    FightingCorruptFamilyCourt mentions she was accused of parental alienation when she believes her child was being abused.

    Sad but true, there are many women who make false complaints of abuse and try all they can to keep the kids from seeing their fathers. There are some fathers who do this, too, but the perception is that it’s mostly mothers. The result is the real cases of abuse often get ignored.

    This isn’t a gender war. It’s a war between vicious liars and responsible parents with confused judges trying to call strikes and fouls.

    Fully agree that the courts and lawyers push the litigation to keep right on going. But there are also alienating parents who do the exact same thing. Bill Eddy’s book “High Conflict People in Legal Disputes” talks about these kinds of people. Often they are personality disordered due to childhood abuse of their own. They can’t shake the feeling that the ex they hate so much must be abusing the kids just like they were abused by their own parents. They are also often desperate for “love” from the children and feel jealous of any love the kids show to the other parent. So they make lots of false and baseless accusations.

  9. Janette Isaacs
    November 20th, 2009 at 20:20 | #9

    I was at the L.A. Elkins Family Law Public hearing all day. Doyne’s name came up over and over again. I have the exact same issue going on over her in Los Angeles. Our Stephen Doyne here in Los Angeles is Dr. Gary A. Chase. He gets paid to do the same thing this SOB Stephen Doyne does. Yes, I have proof. Please feel free to google my name Janette Isaacs, Jaymus Isaacs and Dr. Gary Chase. This story is protocol in our corrupt California Family Courts. These sick SOB’s belong behind bars. Civil suits are the only way to go. Where are our class action attorneys?

  10. November 20th, 2009 at 22:59 | #10

    Janette Isaacs rocks. The court is vicious and evil to take her away from her children. She does have overwhelming evidence of fraud and perjury in her case, but no one in the court seems to care. They just keep finding in favor of the $1000 per hour attorney who represented her husband.

    The court, specifically Judge Elizabeth Feffer does the same thing when attorney Laura Wasser steps into her court. Wasser sounded like an idiot to me. But both women are second generation legal families and they go to the same synogogue I hear. I wonder what their God thinks of what they are doing. At least they only need to repent one day a year, instead of every Sunday.

    Ladies, you are making a mockery of the legal system and of your supposed faith.

  11. From Emad Tadros MD
    December 1st, 2009 at 12:02 | #11

    From Emad Tadros, M.D.
    “Rules and Regulations Are The Product of the Whistle Blowing On Earlier Corruption”,.. as stated by Past San Diego City Attorney “Mike Aguirre.”

    Since 2001, The California Judicial Council called ALL California Court officials including the San Diego CEO Mr. Michael Roddy. On 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009 meetings the motion of California Rules of The Court section 5.225 was seconded and starting 2005 CRC Forms FL326 and FL327 were A “MANDATE” for every CA Local Court to follow. The San Diego Family Court was well instructed to follow California Rules of The Court as a MUST. Section 5.225 spells it out that it is MANDATORY to “Accept and Process” any and all complaints made against any 730 Evaluators. The State Officials speak it out “loud and clear” that there is a reason to put each and every Evaluator under the microscope. Lacking such MANDATORY “Accept & Process” any complaints that are only a MUST by the California Rules of the Court generated this Irresponsible, Reckless, Deceiving and Greedy Air leading to such Unprofessional behavior. Not just that the San Diego Family Courts are derelict violating California Rules of the Court, but also the Board of Psychology is responsible for issuing those “Professionals” their licenses and turning a blind and eye and a deaf ear on their professional conduct.

    I send my respect to all those loving and caring parents who are clearly frustrated with this issue. I say to our supposed to be “Professionals” that I interviewed many parents. They are well educated, mean very well and hard-working conscientious parents. They love their kids dearly and do not suffer from any substance or alcohol abuse problems. They are overwhelmed with this Unending Sadness and Progressive Frustration” as a result of this flat out unfairness grounded by the “Unprofessional Greedy Empire.” These parents came by The Book, looked for the Book and could not find the Book in our Courts. This is such a shame and outrageous INJUSTICE and DISSERVICE to the trusting public.

    I say to Jim, I am sorry for what you have been going through. You prove that you are an insightful and tolerant parent. I say to every caring parent please do NOT be this trusting and therefore do not give any weapon to those “Family Dismantlers” whom their one and only agenda is to CLEARLY Leach on your Kids College Funds. Respect and Prioritize the dignity of the other parent of your child, regardless of how much he/she wronged or lied about you…”Lead By Example”, so your child can live in peace between you both. Any anger becomes the Feeding Frenzy for the Pathological and cleverly Splitting Family Dismantlers to leach on you naming your case as a High Conflict. In their subtle communications “High Conflict” signals the clear-cut cross-alert for the “Dismantlers found High Cash Flow” to pack their pockets with your Kids College Funds.

    Thank you Channel 10 and the public for your support of THE TRUTH.

    “The Truth is The Most Powerful Weapon.”
    Emad Tadros, MD Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

  12. Anna
    January 14th, 2010 at 20:33 | #12

    I have been going to the Vista family court for over seven years now. I am so shocked at how corrupt the court system is, it has almost given me a nervous breakdown.

    One thing is for sure, the courts protect the criminals. After years of dealing with this one Judge, I was so relieved that he had moved to a different department.

    I went to court the other day, as my ex is in contempt of a court order. Commissioner Jeannie Lowe told me right off the bat that if it were up to her that he would not pay anything. I told her that we went to trial and this was an order by another Judge, she repeated that again, “if it were up to me, he would not pay you anything” and now we have another hearing coming up in February 9th, dept 18.

    The Judgment was never drawn up and filed with the courts and she has given me little time to get this done, I don’t have the money to do that at the moment, but she has made it clear that she will overturn the order if I do not have this done by our next court date.

    I have filed a Permetry Challange sec, 170.6, as there is not a chance that I will get a fair hearing from Commissioner Lowe. I believe this statement coming from a Judge that is supposed to be impartial to both parties is in violation of Cannon Rule 3.B.

    I have fought this long and will not give up. I have represented myself for the past several years, it is not easy but I have learned a lot and actually have not had much luck with my attorneys either. I am ready to fight this to the very end, and if anyone has any advice for me, I would love to hear it.

    I am so sorry for what Dr. Tadros has had to go through, having his children taken from him because he was not given the chance to prove that Stephen Doyne was a fraud. I am also sorry for all the other people’s lives Doyne has destroyed. I wish Dr. Tadros all the best and Thank You, because you are helping more people than you know.


  13. From Emad Tadros MD
    January 15th, 2010 at 22:52 | #13

    Anna: It is the atrocity, ongoing pain, growing sadness, furstration and agony that I have seen my patients going through, same as some of my dear and well educated colleagues that ignited the torch to expose the Truth. My child is loved and cared by both parents at all times. As a psychiatrist, I was able to see very clearly those so called “Professionals.” Some unique and CREATIVE Professionals make monster cash Income from your own life savings by inciting and growing more conflict between parents. The Higher the Conflict the more the Cash-Flow for the Professionals to grab. Allowing a room to split between parents does not help your children but only make them richer. Parents must not believe or listen to an iota of any statement those professionals convey about the other parent, Period.

    Unfortunately I thought their job is to convey “honestly.” Instead some are uniquely creative and the proof is in the CAT Diplomate. The average public are embarrassed and keep quite and as you can see clearly this only invites the fraudulent and unprofessional to grow like Cancer. Read “Whores of the Court” online page 98 and 99 and you will be able to easily put pieces together. This will not surprise you to discover that the Cat Diplomate was teaching and running freely in our courts.

    California Coalition of Families and Children/CCFC are a group of professional, dedicated, sincere and loving parents who are going to be public and committed in supporting and alerting current and potential upcoming victims to take precautions and protect their Kids College Funds from the so called “Professional Predators.”

    Money is the origin of all evil. We appreciate some of our judges and we believe they have the heart and that is why they decided to be judges, to start with. That we long for and trust that they will understand. It is not the atrocity of our enemy but the silence of our friends.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Board Certified, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  14. AGO
    March 1st, 2010 at 16:25 | #14

    You think Doyne is bad, or rather a business-man the San Diego County Superior Court has fostered and encouraged, check out Dr. Parker. The guy doesn’t even have a degree in psychology!

    • Anonymous
      March 5th, 2010 at 19:05 | #15

      If you’re referring to Dr. John Parker in La Mesa, California, I think you’re way off base. Simply because somebody doesn’t have a degree in “psychology” doesn’t mean the person is not qualified to practice. My understanding is that Parker’s Ph.D. in education is from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor based along the lines of a curriculum that has become a joint education/psychology Ph.D. program as described on the web page Education and Psychology – Interdepartmental Degree Program:

      The Combined Program is a coordinated set of courses and research experiences leading to a Ph.D. degree in Education and Psychology. The focus is on instructional psychology, broadly defined. Students are trained to conduct research in school settings, on significant educational problems related to:

      Human development in context of schools, families and communities
      Cognitive and learning sciences
      Motivation and self-regulated learning
      Culture, ethnicity, social and class influences on learning and motivation

  15. From Emad Tadros MD
    March 4th, 2010 at 16:26 | #16

    This is my reply to some public questions asked:

    1- I want to assure the public that I am a part of California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC. We are sincerely committed to the public’s interest to expose the CAT Diplomate and his Fraudulent Associates, Regardless. CCFC will not settle and the CAT Fraudulent Fake Deceiving Diplomate will not be allowed to purchase my silence. CCFC will relentlessly and dutifully shed the light until The CAT totally walks away from ANY and ALL activities that has anything to do with children and/or families.

    2-“Every parent who remains in conflict is used as the Fraudulent Evaluator’s asset/tools and a proof that custody evaluation(s), adversarial motions and hearings, trials, appeals, and more evaluations to un-entangle the earlier destructive ones as necessary.” More ambiguity invites more evaluations invite more money for the un-professionals to legally and cleverly cash your children’s savings for years to come. It is as simple as that.

    3- To expose this legal corruption, I believe we need parents who’ve fallen into that system but then rescued themselves and their families from it. Every parent who remains in conflict, insists that he or she is saddled with a deficient or dangerous co-parent, is a victim of some other bias that needs straightening out, so justice will emerge in the next adversarial proceeding, or just needs one more adversarial proceeding in a slightly altered state for victory—each of these parents is cited as justification for the adversarial system we have. “See, Tommy, they’re crazy, so lucky for the kids that we’re (Evaluators, therapists, supervisors etc) here.”

    4- What we professionals rarely acknowledge and often don’t see is that the adversarial paradigms in the law and our work create a major share of that conflict.”

    *** Can you share your thoughts and recommendations at this time?

    5- Answer: My professional input is that as long as you have minor children, keep your eyes open. Do not achieve the Fraudulent Evaluator’s subtle advice and/or goal victimizing your children. Your children innocently become the fence for the Conflict-Ring that the Fraudulent Evaluator installs to lull both parents fighting each other into it. Parents have been habitually lulled to be innocently lulled by the Fraudulent Evaluator’s Shopping Cart “High Conflict” to keep fighting each other and the Fraudulent Evaluator sit on the side watching and cashing for their needed and/or court ordered “SERVICES” for many years to come. It is such a sad state of affairs.

    6- Naive trusting parents: please beware, listen and deeply think about these serious warnings. One would make sure to expose the unprofessional Fraudulent Evaluator subtle signals and never keep quiet about them. If you were a rich parent, the Fraudulent Evaluator will fabricate your case to call it: “High-Conflict” which means to fabricate negative exaggerated stories and misleading statements to the judiciary to achieve “High-Cash-Flow” for the Fraudulent Evaluator’s Self Serving Financially Oriented Agenda.

    7- Again, please allow me to emphasize and reiterate over and over, as there is no other solution: “Try your best to respect, love and forgive the other parent and teach your kids the same, Regardless.” Never mention “my kids do not want to see their other parent”, as this is just the perfect recipe for the Fraudulent Evaluator to widen the wedge deeper and deeper between parents.

    8- Any Conflict is simply the flat out the feeding frenzy and launch-pad for such Fraudulent Evaluator to leach on your kids’ savings asking for more evaluations to neutralize the earlier ones, thereby causing their market to grow like cancer. The net result is your kids will pay the hefty price and will be too late to correct anything by the time you both figure this out.

    9- To rear a healthy child, make sure to help your child to be “equally proud of both parents” and make sure to always help and lead the other parent in that direction. Again “Lead By Example.” Do not believe your lawyer that you should hunt for more than 50/50, to get paid more money. At the end it is all going to the private Dismantlers’ pockets who will maneuver getting court-order(s) to fix the havoc they only cultivated for 18 years or less, as you request more than 50/50. The younger the child’s age, the bigger the investment size for the Fraudulent Evaluator and His Associates to collect.

    10- Make sure to unconditionally care for and respect the other parent, regardless. Only, if you found that one of a behavior is directly and clearly dangerous to the child, then make your warning professionally clear, that you will stop at nothing to protect your child.

    11 – To the fact of what do for living, I was able to very easily read and uncover the Fraudulent Evaluator’s destructive and totally misleading agenda. With this knowledge size, I will make sure to cooperatively grow and orient loving parents and that is what CCFC is all about. “This cooperative measure, we believe IS absolutely necessary.”

    Thank you.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Board Certified, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  16. D
    March 28th, 2010 at 00:24 | #17

    I’m not sure I should be posting my comments. However, I’ve spent the last 2 months researching online, spending every Saturday afternoon at the public law library downtown and going over the family court transcript from my San Diego family court hearing 2 months ago.

    Here is my situation in a nutshell. I’m a single parent who has had custody for over 6 years with no incidents. Recently my ex filed for a physical custody AND a move-away (which we all know is a big deal these days). He cited a recent CPS report against me, the one and only CPS report against me that came back as “inconclusive”.

    Based on this one CPS report and an adverse recommendation from the FCS mediator the newly assigned family court judge not only took custody of my children from my, she granted the move away to my ex, allowing him to take our children from San Diego. I have been the primary care taker of my children since they were born. They have lived with me in this house for 11 years. There has never been an issue with CPS until 2 months ago – and the judge gave me 5 court days to get my ducks in a row (which wasn’t nearly enough time to call or subpoena witnesses) and I literally lost my kids in 5 court days…..with no history or past issues except for this one CPS “inconclusive” report.

    I don’t understand, but trust me….I will one day. I’m preparing an appeal but I’m sketchy on the process. I’m also preparing a lengthy letter to supervising judge Lorna Alskne. If anyone has any suggestions or comments it would be very appreciated.

  17. Jonny
    March 28th, 2010 at 01:58 | #18

    I feel for you. You are finding out now that what has happened to your kids and you is normal conduct in San Diego.

    Falsely accusing the other parent of abuse is almost a guarantee to get full custody in that county.

    Even convincing the court to find that the accusation was without merit may take months or years. Then the fact that you were away from the kids for so long will be used as an argument why you should continue to be kept away from them.

    Writing about what the courts have done to your family is risky. Many of the judges are against free speech. They punish people who admit to publicizing the misconduct of judges or any of their friends. The punishment isn’t just berating them, it can including financial penalties and worse, including little to no time with their children.

    The supervising judge you think will help you probably won’t. She is one of the judges who oppose free speech and will punish people she suspects of having said or written things she does not like, even when true. She and other San Diego judges are known to reward parents making abuse allegations with increased custody even when they are found to be false.

    The only positive for you is that you’re female and female judges are often sexist. But don’t count on it helping you. Judges know they should appear unbiased by gender. A female judge might decide she’s going to reward your ex’s abuse allegations to demonstrate she isn’t biased against men, to offset the many the times she prejudicially sided with other women.

    You should know you’re probably listed on the California child abuse index now. That’s what happens to many people in situations like yours. “Inconclusive” means you’ll be considered a child abuser without a trial or hearing. This could be really bad for you. You may have trouble getting a job or changing jobs. Your ex and CPS benefit from defaming you and will mention the accusations against you and use them to control outcomes.

    The only way you don’t get listed in that index is if the investigation says the accusations are unfounded. What that means is very subjective, but CPS has financial incentive to list you as a suspected child abuser so they tend to do it. I’ve read they get paid by Uncle Sam for labeling people as child abusers.

    Getting off that list is difficult. Even when people are found factually innocent and a court orders the government to remove their names, they won’t do it. It can negatively impact parenting and child custody and even the employment of people who work in education, medical care, counseling, or anything that might involve children.

    Is that a violation of law to treat somebody as guilty without a trial? The government and courts don’t care. Look at for an example of their twisted reasons about why it is OK for the government to defame people as child abusers when they are not. That was in Yuba County, but San Diego is no different.

  18. Jonny
    March 28th, 2010 at 02:36 | #19

    Dr. Tadros,

    Don’t forgot another reason why so many families are bankrupted in California family law courts. The judges like it that way because it makes it impossible for the families they victimized to appeal their cases.

    Right up front, they expect the litigants to file disclosures telling everybody about all the assets and income. The judge and attorneys know exactly how much litigation they can squeeze out of the family to maximize their fees and reduce the chances of appeal.

  19. Jonny
    March 28th, 2010 at 02:40 | #20

    Eileen Lasher,

    Surely your kids must be adults by now? Why are you still fighting to get child support?

  20. Ben Siegfried
    April 4th, 2010 at 19:25 | #21

    I have written letters to Lorna Alksne and she has written back.

    Clear-cut violations of CRC Title 5 have been brought to her attention and she beats around the bush, evades the questions I ask, and well, basically ignores the problem when it is her duty to handle the complaints against Custody Evaluators. I had Stephen Doyne who has violated CRC 5.225 for years and in my case. He never legally attached to my case as a 730 evaluator. The proof is in the paperwork, yet Alksne does nothing. She is the worst Supervising Judge imaginable, and Doyne is the worst violator imaginable. Doyne teaches the very CRC 5.225 that he violates. San Diego Family Court doesn’t give a rat’s-rear about doing what is right and moral, all they care about is their own self-interests.

  21. Al
    April 5th, 2010 at 18:33 | #22

    Why do you think San Diego divorce courts are so bad? I’ll give you a clue — the head judge, Supervising Judge Lorna Alksne, is an evasively duplicitous and biased judge. She sets the standards for all the other judges she supervises in the divorce courts. Few will bother to rise above her miserable examples of dragged out court battles with kid-abusing for the profit of her lawyer friends.

    There’s a petition to recall Lorna Alksne being circulated at

  22. justicedelayedisjusticedenied
    May 18th, 2010 at 18:30 | #23

    The supervising judge should be brought before a criminal trial, with a jury of her peers. She would be found guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance, negligence, incompetence. She would be behind bars for decades, probably to her grave.

  23. From Emad Tadros MD
    June 29th, 2010 at 20:11 | #24

    When I first got involved in the forum of family court I, like most parents dragged into this system, expected justice, fairness, and that courts would respect the law. Every child is taught in school that our nation is founded on Constitutional principles of respect for citizens and limited government intervention. Yet that is not the case in the United States today, particularly in family court.

    Many of the comments I have made here are the result of my efforts to gather information to understand why the family courts are not working as most parents would expect. At CCFC we’ve learned from many parents that courts are not operating to promote their communities and their citizens. Many parents have been broken not only as parents, but as human beings. It is extraordinarily sad to hear how the courts have produced thousands of frustrated, financially broke parents who, before entering this tragically broken system, were effective, functional, and loving parents. After leaving family court their assets are decimated, likely owned by the so called multi-millionaire psychologists, attorneys, and others whom I have called Family Dismantlers.

    Most people don’t understand how the courts, psychologists, and the family court system operators have grown beyond their normal boundaries like a treacherous malignancy. Rather than resolve disputes efficiently, attorneys, courts, and service providers have become quite adept at orienting moms and dads to escalate conflict, setting up every family member, most tragically including the children, for failure, arrests, baseless accusations and on many occasions for the children to be controlled by the state and deprived of their own very loving parents hands.

    The state, acting often on no evidence whatsoever, prefers to traffic children into foster homes instead. By virtue of their baseless and irrational actions, in a very real sense, our state is engaged in kidnapping, child trafficking, and child abuse.

    Why would a state be charged with responsibility for promoting the general welfare and health and safety of its citizens take such action? The answer is simple: As the whistleblower informant in the Nixon Watergate scandal deep-throat said: follow the money. During my years in practice and family court I learned that when the Evaluator (or attorney at the start) fabricates and heats up instability between parents, the court personnel are rewarded with their own “Stimulus-Package” of court-ordered payments taken out of the family’s savings paid to the so-called court ordered NEEDED SERVICES:

    Court-ordered therapists (I use that term with unabashed sarcasm) regularly charge parents $200-$400 per 45 minutes for services to remedy the very havoc the attorneys themselves have engendered, and the courts have utterly failed to resolve. The more time spent fixing a fabricated and desired havoc created by the therapist, the richer the court-ordered therapist becomes. In family court the therapists desire and do attempt to take years and tens of thousands of dollars to resolve what? The problems the attorneys and courts themselves created, and the therapists perpetuate?

    To be fair, the therapists are not the primary culprits of the system that incentivizes aggressive parents to engage in this extremely unhealthy battle is the primary culprit. Parents are told that the system is broken and susceptible to manipulation.

    They’re told that if they don’t strike first then they could be the victims. Like 29th century duelers, they face a terrifying choice, either I take advantage of this easily-manipulated system first, or my ex-spouse will, leaving me broke and childless. Thus the system effectively encourages, perpetuates, and feeds off of practices which are extremely harmful to litigants, their children, and communities. The
    current practices in family court are a shocking offense to the rule of law, community order, our local and national economy, and human rights.

    Parents who had never had problem parenting their own children before divorce once in the family court, are suddenly ordered to pay supervisors $100-$200 per hour just to see their children. Why?
    Because courts are ineffective at accurately evaluating when supervision is truly necessary, and fearing a blemish on their own political record, err on the side of caution by placing parents into a supervision situation at the drop of a hat.

    Yet courts shockingly fail to recognize the clear harm such orders cause by draining parental financial resources, interfering with parent-child relationships, and encouraging abusive parents to use supervision to destroy the relationships between their child and the enemy parent. Often the perceived enemy parent isn’t an enemy at all, but abusive parents driven by their own fears, anger, and aggression, stoked by attorneys and courts are motivated to such actions out of harmful emotions of fear, anger, and vindictiveness. Under supervision, contact with your own children can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year per child. And of course courts are reluctant to remove supervision as abusive parents seek to keep the hurdles in place, the psychologists are eager to pass business off to their regular colleagues in the form of further Court Order Mediators, Case Managers, Special Masters, Reunification Therapists, Evaluators, Exchangers, and others that justifies the family funds to be rechanneled to the Ancillary “SERVICES.”

    And courts are fearful that if they remove supervision their own political careers may be impacted. Results burden the child and parents with costly, always unnecessary, and incontrovertibly supervisors at the parent’s own cost, trouble, and expense further enabling the abusive parent and incentivizing the psychologists, attorneys, and service providers to continue the abuse regardless of its legitimacy.

    Courts regularly appoint Minor’s Counsel to speak for the child even though the child’s best interests are almost universally the same: Unfettered access with both parents. Minor’s counsel, earning $250-300/hr., regularly have little or no real understanding of the child’s needs (and many have never even seen the child), yet are paid handsomely to advocate for the child. In fact, however, they are advocating for their own job security by perpetuating conflict and hence a need for their services.

    Tragically, one of the worst things that could happen to a child (who didn’t hire, doesn’t need, and can’t fire his or her own attorney) is to be appointed someone who doesn’t even know or love them, doesn’t know their parents, needs their money, and is willing to take it to promote their own career. As often as not, minors counsel regularly put liens on the homes of the parents, thereby robbing their own clients of their inheritance and financial future. It is a shocking and despicable practice fraught with conflicts of interest that should never be tolerated by any sane society.

    Reunification Therapists (who are purportedly hired to unify what was dismantled by the court professionals) are equally unnecessary. Courts, rather than simply avoid destroying the family in the first place, order that parents pay such professionals $250-300 a session to help to repair what the courts themselves have destroyed. They often insist on taking many years. The younger the child’s age the bigger the investment size for those professionals. If there was no isolation, there will no job for this job title.

    A Specific Evaluator Court ordered by name who will evaluate, fabricate, intentionally dismantle for months, reevaluate for years at $250-300 an hour and then kickback re-evaluations from other evaluators to un-entangle the havoc each evaluator created, in the first place. Would that fit the criteria of a RACKET?

    A Specific Case Manager and or Special Master is personally court ordered at the same $$ range to do the same. Would you expect anything? I mean anything to EVER be managed?

    In addition many claimed non-existent phone charges amongst the so called specific name court ordered professionals making claims of side talks with each other billing and ripping off the parents thousands of dollars per child, per calendar year!

    San Diego Parents ask me: How much does the San Diego court get $$ compensated monthly from placing every child away from his parents in foster homes? Does anyone know?

    How much the total to the court would be if foster home placements were ordered for many children? Would that be the millions? And if many children were placed for few years, would that be in the tens of millions?

    How much does the court get compensated for issuing restraining orders?

    Evaluator Stephen Doyne is a good product and live example of our San Diego County Courts. Does this fake credentialed Stephen Doyne, phd, whom his judicial election donations remain secret and not publicly divulged, get his recommendations practically rubber stamped by the judges?

    Why the Evaluator creates a havoc to successfully split between parents, fabricating the so-called professional recommendations, thereby creating justification for the court to rubberstamp his referrals to only a specific names of court professionals but not others in the community while in-fact those community’s ones carry REAL SPECIALTY CERTIFICATION credentials?

    IS there a secret code or hidden language amongst the limited by names court ordered professionals?

    Or is it because corrupt professionals do not wish be uncovered and be figured out by such real caliber certified professional colleagues of how unprofessional they can be?

    Would a good parent need the imaginary Evaluator’s and/or ancillary services? What would be the financial consequences on the Court appointed “SERVICES” when stating the truth about a fit parent?

    Would the result of stating the truth about how good and loving and of a parent he/she is, cause this specifically named Court Ordered professionals by the judge(s) be broke? Yes or No?

    Are these Election donations creating injustice, unfairness and inequity leading to such cesspool fake fraudulent fabricating un-professionals pirating the innocent citizens and their family assets?

    Do we have a subtle system that would cause the Kids Funds and family retirement and assets be siphoned down to nothing by such court dismantlers? And Why?

    Final question, When the Court lacks to condition its professional qualifications to the real and well respected actual specialty boards, why does the court still limit its court orders against the trusting and innocent families by specifying the order to such deceiving and SPECIFIC NAMES?

    Should we call this Justice or Racketeering?

    Cole, I have no doubt in my mind that your intelligence was able to very easily see through this Chronic Judicial Fraud and CCFC is proud of you. Your intelligence is striking, giving families and children many hopes and only causing the fraudulent(s) to be on the run. You are well balanced, sensible, respectful and your approaches are professional. You can read others well and your approach is very skilled to all of us to act in the most professional way approaching our San Diego County Courts from fostering any fraudulent behavior and/or violating California Rules of the Court that have been already violated by our County Courts from 2001 till end of 2009. Your fervor is needed to aid those unfairly court ordered moms and dads and their innocent suffering children. Time is on “the justice to prevail side” and I am confident that as we continue to blow the Justice-Horn, fraud associates will vanish and IT IS MATTER OF TIME.

    We are proud of you and Professor Baskerville whom both figured out those Family Dismantlers who operate by simply uncovering their “Legal-Art-of-Non-Sense” funneling it down to fuel a High Conflict between moms and dads and victimize the children.

    Wake up moms and dads. I do see every parent who continues to utilize the dismantlers’ services as naive and not being able to see the overall picture, yet. Since when the dismantlers care about your child? If that is the case, would those multi-millionaires do it for free? … The dismantlers can read you better than you think….

    You do need to get down to the level of your innocent child’s heart desires and struggling mind, before it is too late suffering a product of a victimized child on your hands who would need more of their SERVICES. If you taught your child directly or indirectly to disfavor the other parent; your child will grow to learn how to hate, Period. Eventually you yourself will be added to your child’s hateful mind orchestrated by those clever Family Dismantlers.

    If you could not make a homerun in your marriage, strike by the closest you can. This can only be accomplished by peace, love, admiration and respect to each other parent, regardless. Be a good example to your own kids. When you read Baskerville and, you all parents will realize that you have to lead each other in the most loving and respectful direction of your own suffering child’s mind “I love mom and dad equally” to take the control out of the frauds who are only focused on getting your monies and never your own Child’s Best Interest. “Tell your child of 10 good things about the other parent. Go down to day one of how you both started and give your child the priority and not your own.

    I personally believe that it is never how bad mom or dad is. It is how clever the ancillary destructive services parent to keep parents in the ring, fighting.

    Undue pride, fabrication by parents as being guided by the dismantlers, justify the court dismantlers to come back full circle to fuel leaching on everything you own down to the bone. Ask yourselves: Did I love mom more or dad more or both were 100% loved but just different?

    Your child is not any different and this is what your child thinks. Both parents need to help your children “with their innate needs” and never our own. A child reared by one parent is never healthier than a child reared by both parents, regardless of what the dismantlers falsify! Would one parent be in the child’s best interest? It is in-fact the child’s worst interest!

    Child’s best interest is the mantra that such fraudulent misleading San Diego County Continuing Legal Educator teacher, Resume Repeated Fraud, Stephen Doyne phd, who publicizes to own Diplomate certification when in-fact he purchased a useless piece of paper over the internet for $350 to lull the judges, deceive the attorneys and intimidate the naïve average public. He purchased it the same owner of this Diploma-Mill who sold a Diploma to Zoe the cat.

    Google Expertise to GO the Print by Mark Hansen & Professor Carolyn Henderson Scientific Evidence Review and Expert Witness Testimony in the Court Room page 7 & 8 & the Credentialing Con. The truth, logic and science speak for itself here.

    Thank you and wish both parents of every child the very best for your child’s endeavors.

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
    Co-Founder California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC

  24. Ben Siegfried
    June 30th, 2010 at 21:47 | #25

    Stephen Doyne has a phony Diplomate credential from a man who runs a certification mill who has given a Diplomate to a pet cat named Zoe, and to a jailed convict. Doyne’s Diplomate is not a real Board certification like from the ABPP or ABFP. Doyne uses this Diplomate to fool you into believing he’s a real bonified Diplomate. Google below and see what is fact about the certification mill Diplomate he has.

    Google… the credentialing con
    Credentialing: It May Not Be the Cat’s Meow

    Google… The Print Vol. 16 by Mark Hansen
    Expertise to GO

    Google… Professor Carol Henderson Scientific Evidence Review: admissibility and use of expert witness (Read pp.1-8 that come up)
    Expert Witness: Qualifications and Testimony

    Doyne also lies on his CV. See for the facts. Do a search within that site for “Doyne,” then view pp.7-13. Doyne lies about his teaching experience.

    Ask him for his CV or his credentials, he won’t give them to you. Real professionals would practically be running to their copy machine to share their achievements with real pride, but not Doyne. Why? View the facts and you’ll see why.

    Doyne also says on his CV that he teaches CRC 5.225 and 5.230. This would mean that he has filed a form FL-326 for every litigant he has done a 730 custody evaluation for from 2001 onward. FL-326 is THE form for due process of an evaluator legally attaching to litigants in a custody evaluation. It also allows him to prove he is properly trained and has the lawful training and education as mandated by the State of CA. FL-326 is a MUST. Prior to July 24, 2009 Doyne never used FL-326, therefore he has been nothing but an illegal interloper in 1000s of custody evaluations he has done from 2001 to 2009. Go look in anyone’s case file you know who has had a custody evaluation, you won’t find an FL-326 for anyone from 2001 to July 24, 2009, not with the clerk of the court or in any litigants case file, and you won’t find one that was completed in the proper time-frame as mandated by the State. Again, Doyne says on his CV that in 2004 he taught CRC 5.225 and 5.230. Doyne lies! He lies and is a CA State Rules of Court violator. He has NEVER been qualified to be a 730 Code Custody Evaluator from the time FL-326 became mandatory to July 24, 2009. Beware of this so-called professional. I recommend using real Board certified professionals that don’t lie. Good luck finding one in San Diego, San Diego Superior Court NEVER used Forms FL-327 and FL-326 prior to July 24, 2009. These forms have been black letter law for mandatory use, a MUST, for years. Beware San Diego Parents. Beware of the unFamily Court and its unprofessionals. They will violate you in more ways than you can ever imagine.

    August 6th, 2010 at 22:26 | #27


  26. C. Signs
    August 28th, 2010 at 01:50 | #28

    I whole hardly agree with these accusations, my daughter was put through the court system in Vista. The father of her child lied on the stand as well as his two sisters. I couldn’t believe that liars could win in a court system. We paid a lot of money to my daughter’s lawyers. The dad is getting child support and spousal support, this is unbelieveable!!!! He is a dead beat. I just have lost faith in the court system in this state for moms.

  27. From Emad Tadros MD
    September 3rd, 2010 at 16:53 | #29

    List of Animals With Fraudulent Credentials-Whores of the Court- Snake Oil Saleman

    As a part of ongoing CCFC Mission to our community with sincere advice, we now present our professional findings with sincere hopes alerting the public and be politely constructive to our judiciary:
    1- What is and what is not Specialty Board Certified? 2- Why Specialty Board-Certification is Pivotal and was created as early as 1947?
    3- Were there fraudulent psychologists that created a clear and convincing evidence justifying the existence and growth of such ABPP, which is the real board certification?
    4- What is meaning of having a “Diploma”?
    5- Why Stephen Doyne was very clever using the word Diploma but in the same breath and in all Truth Doyne was successfully deceiving the judges, attorneys and the public at large and why this took place for many years?
    6- What was ZOEKATZE dot com or Credentialing con, CAT owner Dr. Eitchel trying to tell our nation in the most practical way?
    7- Did the CAT owner and Dr. Tadros prove their point and actually proved it well?
    8- Would there be a shred of professional integrity, science or any clinical credibility when a well trusted child custody Evaluator allows himself to kick-back between other court professionals for all be paid for all roles such as either as Evaluator or Parents’ or Child Therapist or Mediator or Special Master or Reunification Therapist; who then excels in defrauding the public and legal community with totally deceiving credentials and for many years?
    Public BEWARE that Stephen Doyne Phd and “His Associates” have taken the Extra MIle to intimidate the Courthouse Forum by removing all the concrete evidence that was posted in the form of True and Factual Exhibits landing on a dime pinpointing Doyne’s fraud and as a matter of fact. The exhibits that were removed are already filed in San Diego Superior Court that some of them are now mysteriously gone missing!!! In those Exhibits Doyne shifted between 3 Diplomas: a- Diplomate American college of Forensic Psychology which neither heard of Doyne nor ever issued a single Diploma.
    b- Diplomate American College of Forensic Examiners which is never the real board with 14 counterfit boards for a PRICE, one of which Doyne shifted to and called himself: c- The American “Board” (same as the college in #2) of forensic Examiners. Again, this college is only a Propaganda sham piece of paper purchased for $299 when it is on sale, otherwise it is $350 for a worthless piece of paper, looking good enough to convey credibility, printed at a 2500 square foot home on 2750 East Sunshine Springfield Missouri, built in 1957, owned by Robert O’Block, who has been cited by Google: 1- Attorney Mark Hansen Expertise to GO at the Print by the ABA, 2- Scientific Evidence review and admissibility of the Expert Evidence in the Courtroom/Chapter 1 Expert Witness Qualifications and Testimony page 7 & 8, Professor of Law Carolyn Henderson – Stetson School of Law- and President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. 3- The Credentialing Con. 4- The Wall Street Article by Elizabeth McDonald: “It is in the Credentials,” which is now removed from being publicly posted on Courthouse Forum as it is impossible to get it on line. You will have to go to either the main Law library on Front Street or the main public library on 10th or 11th street? 5- Selected publication of Golding, Stephen. L. (1999). The Voir Dire of Forensic Experts: Issues of qualification and training [Subtitle: “Sheepskins for sale: Shortcut to Slaughter?]. Google these articles and compare the details as to what is the REAL ABPP is all about, Doyne and his Associate Frauds will speak for themselves.
    THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, INC. (ABPP) 600 Market St., Suite 300 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 http://www.abpp org is the Real specialty Board which never heard of Doyne as Eligible or ever Certified for anything! With our Best Wishes to San Diego Public….
    Posted by California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC

  28. From Emad Tadros MD
    September 3rd, 2010 at 17:04 | #30

    Whores Of the Court page 98 & 99 Snake Oil Saleman ‎ – ‎ – 2010-09-01
    What is wrong is that the psychological industry takes advantage of the public’s desperate need for answers to impossible psychological questions and claims to be able to satisfy that need. It is a lie. These snake oil salesmen PRETEND to a gullible public and to our courts to know things-to have been trained in things-they cannot possibly know anything about, and pretend to be able to provide help
    they cannot possibly provide. Worse, professional organizations stand behind these claims of psychological expertise, not only by permitting advertising but by providing continuing education credit for what is nothing more than complete nonsense. Worse, our state governments
    license practitioners to make claims of expertise based on this same nonsense.

    It is crucial that we determine whether someone will kill again
    or if a child will be harmed in a particular setting, whether someone is guilty of a particular action, when someone is lying. Because these matters are so vital, our courts are desperate for certainty and they search for this certainty beyond their own limitations. In the current system of American jurisprudence, psychologists are asked to make these decisions under the assumption that theyunlike their poor, benighted, nonpsychological brethren-are specially
    trained and skilled at making these decisions. They are not.
    They cannot be.

    Claims about psychological expertise are being made on and off the witness stand, and psychological “services” are being offered to the public by entrepreneurs who represent themselves as CERTIFIED and licensed and expertly knowledgeable in matters about which they cannot possibly qualify as true experts because no one on earth could.
    Let us be very clear about the true state of the psychologist’s art.

    Psychologists do not know any more about behavior than the average man or woman in the jury box or the judge’s robes. Psychologists do not know what causes behavior and they are entirely incapable of pinpointing some hypothetical event in the past that has led to the present state of an individual. They do not know what got done, how it got done, or whodunit. And not only are they unable to predict future behavior any better than the man or woman on the street, they …..(page99)… are actually worse at it, blinded as they are by the illusion of their own expertise. Diagnostic categories are not validly established and diagnoses cannot be rendered reliably. Neither can therapy be reliably used to change the behavior of our citizens, juvenile or adult, violent or simply wayward. Psychologists have no special ability to read into the soul-or
    mind or psyche-of another human with any more accuracy than the rest of us. Upon finishing graduate or medical school they are not gven special soulographs or psychometers that let them plumb the depths of anyone’s psychological being. There simply is no mental stethoscope, no matter how much our justice system wishes there were.
    Clinicians are not trained to perform the myriad tasks the legal
    system asks them to perform because no body of knowledge exists to support such training. It is a sorry state of affairs, but it is the onlystate we’ve got.

    This an our ongoing commitment to Alert the Naive Trusting Public, Promote the One and Only Real Specialty Board Certification and weed out the Bogus Propaganda Credentials Frauds starting with their Leader, Stephen Doyne Phd.

    Posted for Educational and Credentials Enhancement Purposes by California Coalition for Famileis and Children/CCFC..

  29. One of Thousands
    September 17th, 2010 at 08:39 | #31

    Doyne has been exposed to have fraudulent certifications, to have lied on his resume three times, to have changed the names of institutions he claimed granted him legitimate credentials, has bilked dozens of parents out of millions of dollars, has been sued numerous times for fraud, malpractice, lying and theft.

    These are not controvertible facts — see the evidence by searching Doyne, Channel 10, San Diego Reader, or simply review the files for yourself at

    That’s troubling. But even more troubling is that he’s now propagating even more lies and abuse. At events he speaks at he regularly tells audiences that the lawsuits have “been dismissed.”

    First, that’s a lie. There are at least two ongoing lawsuits involving Doyne. None have been dismissed.

    But even more untruthful is that Doyne does not tell his audience members that the only reason he is able to protect himself against these charges — which are demonstrably true — is that he is hiding behind what he calls “quasi-governmental immunity.” In other words, he’s saying “I’ve been successful in thwarting efforts to hold me accountable for my lies, fraud, and abuse because I work in a courthouse sometimes.”

    No kidding folks — he believes that he can lie, cheat, and steal, but that the law allows him to do it with impunity. Yet despite the fact that he essentially admits to these acts — he hasn’t issued any apology, hasn’t changed his thieving ways, hasn’t refunded any client’s money, and most troubling repeatedly continues to make the very same misrepresentation that have been proven false.

    In other words, he’s thumbing his nose at the courts, attorneys, his clients, and their children and our community, yet continues to earn millions under the nose of those who we’ve entrusted with the responsibility to care for our community.

    This is a disturbing reality that shows exactly what George Carlin stated in 2007 before his death: “Your government doesn’t give a s**t about you.” Your government, San Diego, is saying “sure, it’s clear Doyne rips people off, lies, and harms people and their kids, but we’re okay with that.” No kidding folks — your government is complicit in, and indeed encourages, illegal conduct. If that doesn’t give you reason to wake up and throw these crooked judges and bureaucrats out of office I don’t know what will.

    San Diego — if you’re willing to permit judges who permit this kind of corruption and abuse to remain in office, you’re either stupid, in on the deal, or taking way too much Prozac. Wake up people — you’re getting screwed big time.

    What to do about it? Only one solution: throw the bastards out, vote for judges who will roll up sleeves and clean up the cesspool that is divorce court, and take back the democracy that the blood of your mothers and fathers accomplished for you. It is the only responsible thing to do as an American.

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”
    ~Thomas Jefferson

  30. November 30th, 2010 at 03:58 | #32

    @ Deborah Barclay
    You are correct, I live in Illinois and the evalautors GALs and attorney here are just as corrupt as California. It seems that everyone just wants to force people to try to get along even when it is proven time and time again that it is just not working. I am convinced that these whores of the courts just want to keep people in the system so they can keep on taking their money.

  31. Emad Tadros MD and The Chronically Cheated Families at Large
    December 16th, 2010 at 01:48 | #33

    On 4-15-10 I stated in public, to Judge Bloom that FL326 is mandated to be filed “Under The Penalty of Perjury.” On this form, a verified signature by the evaluator is mandated according to Rule 5.225 k-1-b, which states in BOLD that this form must be filled out and signed “Under The Penalty of Perjury” 10 days before ANY custody work starts, by any evaluator.

    The ethical, legal and professional instructions from the SDCBA to all San Diego attorneys, who are supposed to care about the child Best Interest, is to never touch any old cases as it is illegal on its face and according to the clear cut mandate outlined by 5.225 k-1-b.

    As a matter of fact filing these forms after the fact is only committing perjury in day-light.

    Any layman would wonder: was this prompting to flagrantly violate CRC, serve the public or serve the Attorneys?

    Was this about Child’s Best Interest or was it about taking the candy out of the kids mouth and keep the attorneys sucking on it, instead?


    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 12:34:31 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Email from Robert Lesh to Family Law Community


    Below is a forwarded email I received from an anonymous source who is a member of the San Diego Family Law community. I was told that this email was sent as a mass emailing to all members of the San Diego County Bar Association who practice in family law. I had originally received this email in early October of 2009 and as you recall, had forwarded it to you and various other members of the ‘Doyned’ community at that time.

    If required, I can and will testify under oath as to the conditions that I received this communication under and the integrity of the individual who forwarded this document to me and his/her professional affiliation (a practicing member of the family law section of the San Diego Bar Association) in order that you can legally establish the veracity of this document with the courts.

    John van Doorn

    Robert Lesh [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 5:19 PM
    To: SDCBA Family Law Section
    Subject: [sdcbafamilylaw] Important Custody Evaluation Forms/Orders

    SDCBA Community Message Sent by: W. Lesh. To reply privately to W. Lesh,
    Click Here

    Note: By replying to this message, your response will be e-mailed
    directly to the individual sender. Click “Reply to All” in your e-mail
    client to send your response to all SDCBA Family Law Section members
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    Section. Do not forward messages or post confidential case or client
    data on this list server. For a list of SDCBA list serve guidelines,
    click here.

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    I have been advised that a press conference occurred today (October 1)
    which involved the issue of custody evaluations and the submission to
    the Court of the attached Family Law Forms 326 and 327. As you may be
    aware from a prior e-mail I sent to all of you, these forms are
    mandatory and have been now for some time. Whenever you are involved in
    a custody evaluation matter, you need to make sure that your custody
    evaluators sign form FL-326 and that that gets filed with the Court, as
    there is a strong possibility that the custody evaluator will not be
    paid for work that they perform prior to the form being signed and
    submitted to the Court.

    As to Family Law 327, that also needs to be signed and contained in the
    case file.

    It seems apparent that there is going to be a tremendous amount of
    scrutiny being placed upon these forms and if you have any old cases
    still pending where these forms have not been used, please make sure
    that they are filed appropriately as you risk claims from your client
    that the matter was not properly handled, if they later disagree with
    the recommendations from the evaluator.

    If you have any particular questions regarding this, feel free to
    contact me.

    Bob Lesh
    CFLS Chair


    You are a receiving this email as a member of the San Diego County Bar
    Association’s Family Law Section. This email was generated through a
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  32. Emad Tadros and the Habitually Cheated and Frustrated San Diego families and Children
    December 18th, 2010 at 19:43 | #34

    September 15,2010
    San Diego

    Dear Senator Boxer:

    The pleadings that are screamed aloud by the violated San Diego Families are real, and are of extreme concern. Our San Diego County Judiciary now fits the criteria of a Fascist establishment that operates in conjunction with a specific group of the private industry, who constantly and illegally fund judges’ election campaigns, all to collude and rip off the families and grandparents of their assets while using the suffering children as PAWNS. “Pay for play,” otherwise the financially capable parent cannot be able to see his/her children. The San Diego Court professionals have been unprofessional thugs violating California Rules/CRC of Court for the last 9 years. The CRC were made Mandatory for a reason! As a result parents and their children have been constantly broken down financially, professionally and as a human being stripped off their basic rights.

    The California Administrative Office of the Courts/AOC (which employs the California Judicial Council that establishes California Rules of the Court/CRC), has been cleverly represented by Mr. Eric Pulido. He is, in my opinion, specifically “hand-picked” to be as diplomatic as he can, absorb, waste time and frustrate the complainants from the “clear as day” violated families! By doing so, families feel hopeless, go no further and throw in the towel. All in my opinion, at the hands of the top of our state, the AOC that is located in San Francisco. The Public is not allowed any formal communication with these public officials. Their email is held “confidential.” The one thing allowed is 866-865-6400 with only a recording and very limited time to leave a message for a maximum of 30-45 seconds or so.

    Repeated Phone calls and pleadings to the AOC have not been returned to many of our citizens for a reason! And when AOC does (with much prompting) The documentation is left up to the interpretation and bias of the AOC listener or complaint taker, Erik Pulido. Nobody knows how and what AOC exactly writes when they take such a phone complaint. They have taken some of our email addresses or contact information and said that they would send us a confirmation of our complaints. So far, AOC has done nothing.

    This is exactly what happened in my case, total silence from the AOC. I met with the Senate Judiciary Committee at the State Capital in Sacramento, they expressed that the AOC is the “Fox in the Hen-House.” Is it true?

    AOC very cleverly established a masked “Performa” Complaint Process. They refuse to give their email out and they tell you to locate their physical address off the internet, but they will not give it to you over the phone and God only knows why the AOC behaves this way?

    The AOC only allow a general fax (never a personal one) and this never confirms whether or not they received anything and how many pages they received to start with? Therefore, the AOC has created a complaint process whereby there is no formal way of documenting anything. The AOC makes sure not to have it formal for a very good reason!

    The thievery, lies and deception all in the name of Justice is atop our nose. We are a group of committed high-functioning San Diego parents numbering in the 100s, and on their behalf, CCFC is NOT going to keep quiet with those local and state corrupt officials who are all conspiring “wide eyed,” ripping off family assets, all in the name of justice.

    We are ready to fly to the White House. Whom should we ask to arrange a meeting with our President? Can you help us out?

    Referenced Google sites are:

    Angeimedia Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family COurt Under Fire

    Channel 10 blog Custody Evaluator’ credentials questioned in a lawsuit

    Stephen Doyne City Search Reviews

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Cofounder/California Coalition for Families and Children

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “benjamin palmer”
    Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 7:29:12 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “Saskia Kim”
    Cc: “Equalparenting” , “cole” , “Eileen Lasher” , “Maureen Miller” , “Harold Rose” , “John Van Doorn”
    Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 7:22:19 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    Dear Senator Saskia:

    On the behalf of San Diego Parents, we are obligated to respect your office and your person as long as your office serves and does not mislead the public! Any silence on what appears to be Organized-Crime, will be carried forwards and WE will go to the White House and IT IS A MATTER OF TIME.

    Please allow me to express to you that I do not appreciate your silence which clearly conveys unprofessional approach, corresponding with my serious concerns, in regards to our County Parents who have constantly been ripped off all her assets by our court Personnel, for many years, conducting illegal activities and flat out violating California Rules of the Court. I do not believe that there should be an iota of any government official who should dream that he/she will ever be “Above the Law.”

    Please take a note that we are documenting any and all email communications with your office. And that we so far, have received nothing from your office.
    Emad Tadros, M.D.

    .—– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “Saskia Kim”
    Cc: “cole staurt” , [email protected] , [email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 3:45:07 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    Dear Senator Saskia:

    Did you receive my May 21 2010 earlier email and its same attachments? If you did, we at California Coaliton for Families and Children/CCFC would appreciate your office’s professional reply.. We have a lot of the ripped off families who lost their shirts because of our San Diego county’s court derelict and unprofessional behavior! You reply is pivotal. Our San Diego County Courts, BAR and judges continue to use Doyne who is the solid CA Rules of the Court CRC/Violator and total fraud as their number one referral source and lecturer to our judges and lawyers. I find this to be quite frustrating and is clearly building more anger in our county and our families…. Are you going to do anything here?
    Thank You..
    Emad Tadros MD

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “Saskia Kim”
    Cc: “cole”
    Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010 3:13:29 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    Dear Senator Kim Saskia:

    My name is Emad Tadros, MD, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Your email was sent to me from my previous attorney, Mr. Michael Aguirre who used to be the San Diego City Attorney for many years. I accidentally found your email and discovered that I totally forgot to send my requests to you.

    Mr. Aguirre was handling my case as a plaintiff before the San Diego Superior Court accusing Court officials of Fraud. Mr. Aguirre and I both mutually gave up on his further involvement as long as my case stays in San Diego county Courts. Mr gruirre concluded that a BROAD San Diego formal investigation of our county courts would reveal fraudulent and illegal utilization of state funding by our County Courts.

    We have discovered that San Diego county Superior Court had undertaken unusual and unprofessional steps for the last nine years would mount to serious State and Federal Felony Tax Evasion. Please investigate and I attached My Internal Revenue Service Letters for your convenience.

    Emad Tadros, MD
    San Diego
    [email protected]
    office 619-291-4808
    cell: 858-775-2122

    Attorney Cole Stuart
    “cole” ;

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “michael aguirre”
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 4:13:21 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: [email protected]

    Michael J. Aguirre

    Aguirre, Morris & Severson

    444 West C Street, Suite 210

    San Diego, CA 92129

    (619) 876-5364

    [email protected]

  33. Emad Tadros and the Habitually Cheated and Frustrated San Diego families and Children
    December 18th, 2010 at 20:18 | #35

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “eric”
    Cc: ……………………………………………….
    Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 4:18:41 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Formal email communication to request a Formal Investigation against San Diego Judiciary filed CCFC


    Dear Mr. Pulido:

    We sincerely appreciate your professional approach handling our San Diego matter. While we will try our best to put restraints on our frustrations to your office, we ask your administration to realize the fact that the parties are at immediate harm, and who have been and continue to be at a total loss are the helpless and “silenced” Children.

    For clarification purposes, the court professionals who for decades put legal “duct tape” on the children mouths to make sure never to allow them to vent their frustration and the truth about who those court professional are, have been those same court professionals mostly Minor’s Council and the Illegal 730 Evaluators, sheltered by our judges fostering such behavior! Some of our honorable county judges are also Family Law Lawyers part-time! This is a gross conflict of interest. One of whom has been a total fraud ripping off parents and putting liens on their homes. Yes, this is done by some of the Family law Honorable, whom 33 (out of total 36) are in the habit of not reporting Election Campaign Funds, when in-fact it is the law to report to the public by filing Form 700 and report it in all relevant court hearings.

    Our San Diego CEO Mr. Michael Roddy is well respected and honored to the point he received medals of some judicial and special recognitions. Mr. Roddy was advanced to be one of the most respected executive members of the California Judicial Committee/CJC and this has been the case already for many years. This CJC is the one that is supposed to sincerely listen to the public, act on behalf of the public, and execute CRC as requested, voted and mandated by the Public.

    These CJC Executive members owe us back Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. As a result Mr. Michael Roddy being one of the CJC Executive members, was the guard on the Hen House, the state of California in general and San Diego specific.

    Mr. Roddy is getting annual salary ~ $185,000.00 and to my understanding with “incentives”, he gets paid around half a million more or less annually. As for donation to him or his office and who donates to him, this remains to be a secret?

    Mr. Roddy has been travelling to San Francisco on a regular basis (average twice a year or so since ~~ 2000). Mr. Roddy noticed, approved and seconded the CRC 5.225 to:

    1- Establish FL 325, 326 (both are serious forms and they both are signed under the penalty of perjury from day one for a reason to protect the Public) and 327 as strongly recommended in each CA county. To our Knowledge every CA county has been compliant in using those forms as strongly recommended by our CJC Executive members except San Diego County Superior Court where Mr. Roddy is actually the Court CEO! Why?

    2- Every year thereafter these forms are more and more appreciated and detailed for a reason. Yet Mr. Roddy would travel regularly, but somehow as soon as Roddy lands in San Diego, he suffers from “Selective Amnesia” as to what was being strongly recommended under the penalty of perjury in his own San Diego County where he sits as Court Executive Officer.

    3- Starting January 2005 these forms, besides being under the penalty of perjury and being more detailed annually, had become MANDATORY and again in every CA County. Yet, Mr. Roddy somehow continues to suffer from this “Selective Amnesia” Process especially when they become Mandatory.

    Was there a reason or financial incentive for the churning caused by the illegal 730 evaluations who were constantly ripping off and committing frauds on the naive trusting parents and their helpless children? These Evaluators in San Diego County alone have been charging upwards of $350 per 45-minutes, or an average of $15,000 per Evaluation. This is grossly excessive.
    Each and every Evaluator is a multimillionaire, drives a $100,000 Mercedes funded by the stolen and illegally seized college funds, at the court order. To our knowledge many of them take months vacations “around the world” and are cleverly fraudulent that you do not really know where they invest their illegally stolen property at?

    Those mostly led by the fraudulent Evaluator (who also illegally take on other roles by chameleon the same parents case, with different professional colors, at the court order, such as Mediator, Supervisor, Therapist, Reunification Therapist, Case Manager, Special Master) are not held accountable for any of their fraudulent billings that continue on a day to day basis. This is a custom to keep ripping off families with fraudulent work hours, fraudulent phone calls and fraudulent contacts. Judges would not move an inch or ever allow the public any chance to formally expose such a fraud! It is a custom not to make any court orders of any inquiry or allow any details ordering such frauds who “IN REFUND” constantly and illegally fund the Judges’ Election Campaign. Why is that?

    Most of our county judges have been sitting there for years and they un-contested with, in the first place? I learned that it is unspoken language to never dare to challenge a judge on his/her re-elction. The statistics are very low to challenge any judge and strongly speak against any judge losing re-election! Therefore , why do our San Diego County judges (FL 327 repeated Violators and passive violators of both FL325 and FL326) still allow parties at different attorney/evaluators’ homes held for their re-election Campaign Funds? Is this called Money Laundry or Bribery, committed by our San Diego County Judiciary?

    In late 2009 I advised Jaqueline Hernandez MFT who was one the captives in the Riverside Family Court(70 miles away from San Diego). She gave due diligence over Roy Bradbury, Phd credentials claimed expertise, being taught by Doyne’s own CLE courses and his verified status as a 730 Custody Evaluator. Ever since, Dr. Bradbury has been under the Credentials Microscope. When he was due to formally file his credentials and expose them to the court as mandated by the CJC, he shot himself committing suicide in a parking lot in Riverside County on 5-21-10. It was discovered that Bradbury never filled out the mandated CJC forms, same as Doyne, since 2003. Also records confirm that Bradbury actually never fulfilled the legally required CLE hours, to start with. Clearly such unchecked Bogus Credentials taught by Doyne were ripping off and controlling thousands of families. This is totally expected when CRC were violated. This is FRAUD! Fraud by Mr. Michael Roddy, fraud by the Evaluators!


    We are not just parents who have been violated. We are speaking on the behalf of many intentionally kept silent suffering children. For that, we have been spending much time and finances uncovering every deceptive and fraudulent Court-Professional who dares to mess up with the Children. Seeking immunity and shelter behind the judges’ robes and granting it to those violators, have been the bread and butter practice, fostering Fraud in the name of Justice in our San Diego County.

    As long as I refused to keep quiet and or settle earlier with the Fraud Doyne, I am now ordered to pay the Fraudulent Doyne $80,000 in Attorney fees by the Honorable Bloom who makes sure to hold on to the case personally and never let it take a breath out of our corrupt San Diego county, FOR A REASON. The order to pay the “clear as the sun” Fraudulent Doyne $80,000 is nothing more than “Spread the Fear and Terror” in the hearts and minds of San Diego County parents who dare to speak up and uncover the San Diego Superior and Family Court Chronic Judicial Fraud.

    So far, we have been stopping at nothing. We sincerely thank you and your office for taking us seriously. We are sincerely hoping that you would help us to stop at your office and go no further.

    Emad Tadros, MD
    Diplomate American Board of Psyhciatry and Neurology
    California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC

    Attached Hereto is my Petition for Writ of Mandate, to Recuse Judge Bloom in Tadros V. Doyne.
    Due to email limitations, Petition by the 92 members of the public to Recuse judge Bloom off Tadros V. Doyne filed by the public and filing with the State Supreme Court to recuse judge bloom will be follow on another email.
    Thank you again for your patience and professionalism with us.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Eric Pulido”
    To: “Emad Tadros”
    Cc: “Equalparenting” , “cole” , “Eileen Lasher” , “Maureen Miller”
    Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 4:46:54 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: RE: Emad Tadros Reply Brief from CCFC

    Dr. Tadros,

    At this time, today, I am in receipt of four messages with attachments from you with timestamps of 3:27p, 3:31p, 3:39p, and 3:40p.

    I am still reviewing all the documentation that both you and Mr. Siegfried provided on Friday. As you know the volume of those submissions is also very high. I am reviewing the information on a first-in-first out basis.

    At the suggestion of Mr. Siegfried, I am carefully reviewing the documents. In addition to a full workload before your group’s complaints and the high volume of documents submitted so far by members of your group, it will take me some time to get through the information submitted so far. This office is not staffed to handle this volume so I respectfully request your patience and consideration.

    You and your colleagues will receive acknowledgement letters soon. You and others in your group have stated your individual and collective frustration. Considering this, I implore you and others not to misinterpret the language in the letter as my office ignoring your complaints. Due to the sensitive nature of any complaint process not much information is provided.

    The information submitted thus far will be reviewed and if needed further contact will be made. You are still welcome to submit more information; I do want you and your colleagues to be aware it is taking time to get through the information.

    Eric Pulido
    Supervising Internal Auditor
    Internal Audit Services
    Judicial Council of California – Administrative Office of the Courts
    455 Golden Gate Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
    415-865-8030, Fax 415-865-4331, [email protected]

    “Serving the courts for the benefit of all Californians”

    —–Original Message—–.
    From: Emad Tadros [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3:40 PM
    To: Pulido, Eric
    Cc: Equalparenting; cole; Eileen Lasher; Maureen Miller
    Subject: Fwd: Emad Tadros Reply Brief from CCFC


    Dear Mr. Pulido:

    I appreciate you looking into this serious Public matter. Please take a note of this PUBLIC document (Reply Brief to change Venu filed for 6-11 hearing that never took place) as a part of my formal complaint against what appears to clearly corrupt and unprofessional San Diego Superior Court. This document among many serious concerns outlines the flat outright violation of CRC since 2001 and that only 3 out of 26 judges reported election campaign funds in San Diego County.

    Please let me know that if you do not consider this as a formal document without my signature. I will be glad to sign the last page and send it to you.

    We at California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC appreciate your candor and professionalism approaching this serious matter. Please maintain this email for your records.
    Emad Tadros, MD
    Cofounder California Coalition for Families and Children
    CC: Some Members of CCFC.

    CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: The information transmitted in this e-mail message is intended to be confidential and for the use of only the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you are in possession of privileged information, also, you are hereby notified that any retention, dissemination, distribution or copy of this e-mail message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, immediately notify us via return e-mail at the address above, & discard, remove, delete, & destroy any trace of it.

  34. Emad Tadros MD
    January 22nd, 2011 at 19:23 | #36

    This is my Clarification to the nationwide phone inquiries in regards to the “Authentic-Psychology-Specialty Board”? Please note that we only mention the facts and not opinions.

    The Facts Are:

    The American Academy of Forensic Psychology/AAFP is the one and only legitimate / well respected Forensic Psychology Board. It is the Forensic Sub-specialty branch of the APA: The American Board of Professional Psychology or ABPP. There are a total of 11 sub-specialty ABPP Boards. Each one of them is a well respected psychology subspecialty board recognized by the APA/American Psychological Association as opposed to the counterfeit APA/American Psychotherapy Association that is owned by Robert O’Block.

    Why did O’Block recreate the same “APA-sounding” name?

    Mr. O’Block created a counterfeit APA, (using the same APA initials) as the real APA: as if to convey his entire sham organization as the real APA, and justifying it by calling it the American Psychotherapy Association?

    It is layman’s language to state the APA or AMA or FDA etc. and one rarely states the full three words.

    Would that fit the definition of Fraud?

    The naïve public is victimized and deceived by such counterfeit APA Wall Plaques that appear from a distance to be the real thing (read with the APA in big letters) but the actual words underneath and their meaning need a magnifying lens to tell the difference.

    It is obviously clever that Mr. O’block created a name that sounds exactly the same as the real APA. O’Block’s “sleigh-of-hand” is cleverly crafted counterfeiting of the APA’s name. If you happen to inquire from his phony certificate purchasers as to whether or not their certificate was authorized by the APA, the answer would be “Yes”: Thus confusing and defrauding the naïve public.

    Please review the Real Diplomate Directory dated 9-26-06 above, where it says 0 Dilpomate under the American Academy of Forensic Psychology/AAFP for Stephen Doyne.



    [email protected]

  35. lann ringling
    June 18th, 2011 at 00:30 | #37

    Judge Pollard ignored investigation of DV that showed I was victim. I’m a male — the father — and the aggressor was the mother. She was found guilty in criminal court. CPS substantiated neglect. She hired a retiring social worker who stalled. Clear case of lies. I was able to expose her to upper level social workers and Santa Ana police and social services very shortly before sued county for a social worker who took kids with no cause. This was worse, she filed false CPS report filed it then I contacted social services who told me they would make surprise visit. They did explain that her report was false and in their opinion 730/also a active social worker was biased and had to be removed !!!

    By then I’m in Commissioner Wilson’s court who allowed lie after lie for 4 years allowed my ex to go on how our son had baby shots finally 4 years later after this she admitted nope, I had brought him current not bias like court court ignored both and a suicide note my wife sent with our 3 year baby his mother both Pollard and Wilson ignored funny pollard threaten uci shooter if she hears any accounts of father saying he’s going to kill himself he’ll looose custody hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! da did nada !!!!

    On top I proved to the court I had no criminal history but Pollard put me in domestic violence classes for 1 year because ex and her attorney on record said I was a felon and they saw my background check. Pollard quickly said not enough time on calender, never ever allowed court room to be closed. There is no jury. Pollard closes cases she plans on being biased or payed for certain result. Tell you what I believe. Pollard will donate with others a big sum of money if pollard or any judge can pass a polygraph have you ever been biased 1 questions pollard says in court cops can’t be trusted what they have been polygraphed big cartel. I read Pollard made racist comments to a father in her court caused death in another case and warned before by appeal courts for her deragotory remarks. Long live Frank Pollard where ever he may be. Last father to win a case involving Pollard huh wow funny family friends putup or shut up Polllard discusses cases out of court everyone knows shes a bitter angry racist. DA knows this case up to court to forward to criminal court they protect themselves not children get rid of family court have court verify info they take as truth !!!and no judges a jury duty thing with 1 male 1 female and cases have enough merit go to criminal court duh got to be civil right to fair trial I sure can prove I never got one. If Frank Pollard ever reads this had a witness who may have been related to Pollard against me in court room she was concerned Pollard would remove her or kick her out several people witnessed this then Pollard allowed her to stay. Her married name was Huggins before that Burt — spitting image of Pollard though. Frank come on take her down DA won’t you know why !!!!

  36. One of thousands
    October 23rd, 2011 at 18:20 | #38

    San Diego-your courts and ‘family’ agencies such as DCSS CPS etc. are corrupt. As an attorney practicing in them for 16 years, they have proven to be irresponsible, ignorant, and reckless. Have no-zero-confidence in a judiciary that fails to police itself. Until heads roll, don’t bother with the attempt to obtain justice. Crime pays-so get paid.

  37. July 2nd, 2012 at 21:43 | #39

    It is not only the family law judiciary that is out of control in San Diego, but also the probate. Family law makes money off of pain and misery in families, Probate does the same, The only differenceis is that the pain and misery in family law is the loss of parents who are still living while in probate the parents are dead. The following is my story. Please post and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you like.
    Case:” #37-2011-00150239-PR-TR-NC–Vista Superior Court. VIsta, California

    Posted June on Role Model Lawyers

    Not So Role Model
    Judge Cline trying to help school children learn that there are two sides to every story is important. However, he should practice what he preaches when school children aren’t around. On point is current Case #37-2011-00150239, in which he made decisions that took away the rights of one of the beneficiaries, a current pro-per, Jennifer Grant, in favor of a trustee who’s also a real estate attorney and alledged pro-tem judge, Rusty Grant (not related to Jennifer). When the whole case is seen in context, little doubt exists that Rusty is favorably biased toward one of the other heirs, Bradd Schwichtenberg, despite her mandate to act neutrally (Probate Code 16003).

    Three petitions and a large volume of exhibits form the bulk of the case. The first petition was filed by Rusty on May 17, 201l and appears cleverly contrived to force a life estate residence left Jennifer into abatement. All petitions seem to revolve around beneficiary Bradd Schwichtenberg’s stated goal of getting this residence sold ( Bradd’s Response to Rusty’s Internal Affairs petition paragraph 4 page 4, Remove Trustee petition exhibit Q).

    The Remove Trustee Petition was filed by Jennifer who is seeking to remove Rusty from all three trusts though the reasons are different for A than for B and C,. However, exhibits 23-25, filed by Jennifer on April 16th, 2012 for an April 19th protective order motion hearing reveal a more personal motivation for getting the residence sold There is clearly a conflict of interest and likely violation of Business Professions Code 3-310 as Rusty Grant, her own attorney, Constance Larsen, and the realtor, who is designated to sell the residence, should Jennifer give it up, are long standing members and officers of a social organization in Escondido .

    Jennifer filed two motions for the April 19, 2012 motion hearing. . In her 2nd Motion filed Feb. 2nd, accompanied by exhibits, Jennifer links the subpeonas to the third petition. Its main prayer is Bradd’s request for a forensic accounting with the obvious goal of hoping to force the life estate into abatement should he prove successful since he is accusing his mother of misspending Trust B and C assets and wants A, containing the residence,, to repay them. Constance Larsen tries to claim in objections to motion that the purpose of the forensic accounting is to determine what is in the trust in order to distribute it. However, if one reads the three petitions and Jennifer’s motion responses to Bradd and Constance, it is clear that all parties know what is currently in the trust and where. Rusty had previously filed a response to Bradd’s petition, that she was willing to aid him in his objective, thereby further establishing her bias. Jennifer objected to both parties, alleging that Bradd’s interpretation of the trust terms was incorrect and he was using an erronous chart on which to base his accusations of misspending. She offes refuting exhibits to support her positon,

    . Since the need for the forensic accounting is alleged by Bradd, it should be his responsibility and Rusty should only be involved if his allegations prove correct. If Bradd’s motion declaration is read carefully he states the subpeoned documents will be sent to him. However Bradd’s attorney, Richard MacGurn, is taking advantage of the situation so all seven trust beneficiaries will have to share in the expense instead of just his client. Meanwhile, Judge Cline appears to have no qualms about burdening 5 beneficiaries, who aren’t even involved in the litigation, as well as Jennifer, forcing them to spend their inheritance on what promises to be a costly enterprise given the number of institutions subpeoned.

    Judge Cline’s motion ruling calls Jennifer’s contentions, outside the first Motion for a Protective Order, “irrelevant and unproven” though he fails to discuss any subsequent document or exhibit other than stating he read the Consent to Serve. Little wonder he considers it “irrelevant “as the title clearly defines it belongs with the Remove Trustee petition, not the motion. Instead of giving Jennifer a chance to prove her “unproven” allegations during at time of trial on the petitions, he grants Bradd the main prayer of his by ruling his requested forensic accounting go forward, depriving Jennifer of her right to have her objections to this petition heard at trial,

    Ruling on one petition before trial at a motion hearing would seem unjust enough. However, in an examination of the other two petitions, it is found that both Rusty and Jennifer claim they are trustee of the B and C trusts despite Rusty only appearing on the scene six weeks prior to Jennifer and Bradd’s mother’s date of death in 2010. B and C became irrevocable back in 1997 when her father died.. Since the forensic accounting is over issues related to whether the Jennifer and Bradd’s mother misspent B and C, who the legal trustee is bears great importance. If it were to be proved that Jennifer is trustee of B and C, and Rusty merely trustee of A, then accusations of misspending of B and C should be taken up with Jennifer, not Rusty. Therefore, Judge Cline’s Protective Order motion ruling underhandedly declared Rusty Trustee of B and C, once again denying Jennifer her right to trial. Rusty is now also gifted with free rein to spend B and C money as well.

    The court registry shows that Rusty has been quick to seize her victory as she is now using the title “successor trustee” when prior to the ruling she had merely been known as “petitioner”.

    Jennifer apparently made one final attempt to get her petition rights back. In her Case Management Statement for the May 18th courtroom appearance, Jennifer points out to Judge Cline that he has just ruled on the petitions at a Protective Order motion hearing and asks what what he will do about this. The answer obviously is that he plans to do nothing to restore her rights as he subsequently signed the order and never addressed the issue. He also ignored her request for bifurcation on the petitions which would have seemed appropriate given the numerous code sections Jennifer alleges that Rusty has violated. In context of the whole case’s documents and exhibits (or at least the descriptions of the confidential ones), Jennifer appears to be justified, They include exhibits of
    an e-mail from Rusty stating “Can you believe this woman ( apparently Jennifer)? I say let the beneficiaries duke it out in court. Of course I am sitting here with my glass of wine, so maybe my tolerance level is low” (Motion for a Protective Order Exhibit 17 and also Remove Trustee Petition Jennifer’s Response to Objections Exhibit R ),
    trust property damage (Remove Trustee Petition, Jennifers Response to Objections Exhibit S (2pgs),
    Constance making claims Jennifer did not notify her of her alleged right to B and C trusteeship until after the Rusty’s petition was filed in May 2011 though a countering exhibit shows Jennifer had e-mailed both of them with this fact back in April (Remove Trustee Petition Exhibits O and L),
    Constance and Rusty trying to prevent Jennifer from obtaining statements which would help clear her mother of the misspending accusations (Motion for a Protective Order exhibits 6 and 7),
    an image of the county tax accessor’s website showing Rusty was negligent on paying property taxes on time (Remove Trustee Response of Jennifer to Rusty’s Objections Exhibit R )
    and MANY more.

  38. Disgusted by the system
    March 26th, 2013 at 13:06 | #40

    I am a victim of an abusive husband. I am a mother of abused children. The abuse started when I was pregnant with our first child. The abuse went on for years in the home and I was too broken to leave. It took me 10 years to leave the marriage. Whenever the children visit with their father, he abuses them verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    My 14 year old daughter ran away after her father beat her, called her names, and shoved her. A stranger called me in the middle of the night to let me know that my daughter was at his house. I was confused and called the father. He first denied that she was not with him. My other child who was there told me that my daughter left. The police was called. The father lied and said that she ran away. Yes, she ran away because he abused her.

    My 10 year old child has to endure his father’s rages and beatings on a regular basis whenever he is in the custody of the father.

    The police did not want to get involved, they suggested I contact CPS. I contacted CPS, they said that the children are clearly emotionally abused but they did not see any bruises on them. They told me to go back to FCS and that I would get the help needed.

    We went to FCS. The father illegally provided an attachment to the Data Sheet. That is against FCS rules. The counselor JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ read it and gave it to the father. Although I was the moving party, I was not asked to start speaking. Instead, JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ was abusive and belligerent during the mediation. There was no mediation taking place. During the entire interview, I was interrupted by the father or by him. JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ felt that my daughter running away in the middle of the night in a questionable part of San Diego was NO BIG DEAL. I filed a complaint about him but I was advised by my attorney not to turn it in until after we went to court. BIG MISTAKE!!! THE JUDGE AWARDED THE FATHER, WHO IS A WIFE ABUSER AND THE CHILDREN’S ABUSER MORE TIME WITH THE CHILDREN…. The children are terrified and don’t want to go with their father.

    JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ did not contact the school to identify how the children were doing. He lied and said that he could not get in touch with anyone there. HE NEVER CONTACTED THE SCHOOL.




    The father is very well educated. He looks good on the outside. He works for the government. He is blonde and blue-eyed.

    The father lies about everything and makes up stories to cover his tracks. He is very good.

    The system is broken and something needs to be done to repair it.




  39. Cole Stuart
    June 16th, 2013 at 20:09 | #41

    All: I invite you to review the recently filed Petition for Certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court by Dr. Tadros against the State Bar of California and family law attorney Robert Lesh (below). The website also has many useful tips for parents in dealing with custody evaluators, mediators, and family court.

    Best of luck parents–stay clear of family court. The website is an excellent free resource to save headaches, money, and your and your children’s future.

    God Bless.

    Sorry Angiemedia–I’m posting a few times for convenience-I apologize if this is spam!

  40. October 5th, 2013 at 12:30 | #42

    WARNING! Stepen Doyne, Lori Love, Love and Alvarez, sued for fedeal criminal racketeering, fraud, abuse of process and his family court clients in United States District Court, Southern District of California, Case No. 13cv1944 CAB BLM. Google ccfc v. sdcba (California Coalition for Families and Children v. San Diego County Bar Association). More details at

  41. January 18th, 2014 at 15:44 | #43

    Divorce Industry fraud–and how you can recover damages–explained here:

  42. Rob Collins
    October 11th, 2014 at 07:11 | #44

    What complaints can you file against Bad Family Court employees that lie like JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ at San Diego South Bay Court, Family Court Services 619-746-6097?

    He looks like he is around age 51 and only identified himself as counselor and when asked his name he stated “What you going to file a complaint against me!” He is extremely rude and confrontational. I felt like I should have filed a report against him immediately but not even the big fat Mexican women at the reception refused to provide his name. They know the whole family court system is a scam and enjoy placing children with the worst and most abusive parent and the good parent is screwed out of the children’s lives.

    JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ is the worst human being I have met. It is funny that he has an ongoing criminal case in the courts he works for and has been arrested and convicted multiple times for various alcohol and violent crimes and he is still employed by the courts. It reminds me of the Capos working at the concentration camps in Nazi Germany and we just have made it better and our taxpayer dollars go to jerks and rip off artists like this.

    Please feel free to contact me or reply back if you could provide an answer to filing complaints. I would have done it sooner and should have done it. This guy saw no problem with my 14 year old daughter sleeping over for 3 weeks at her 29 year old boyfriend’s house while my ex-wife was on a trip to the east coast to visit a man she met online. JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ get sadistic joy in destroying families and now my daughter is pregnant and it is amazing how the whole system let’s you down and the Judge read the recommendation by RODRIGUEZ and fails to do anything.

    JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ should be fired! He must know some dirt on people that is keeping him on the San Diego Court payroll because this is just insane.

    Please provide steps and links to filing complaints. I would be happy to file and prevent another good parent from being abused by this bastard.

  43. alice salley
    May 10th, 2015 at 03:18 | #45

    I know someone now who lost her kids to their 21 year old half sister. They went for a visit and were kept there and weren’t allowed to see or talk to their mom. The sister went to court with nothing showing abuse or neglect and without their mom. Now the sister and the judges and cops are all members of the same church. Its like a cult and the sister was given the kids. Their mom has tried to call, visit and even talk to them on Facebook but the sister monitors them and doesn’t allow it. The mom is poor and lives over 100 miles away. I think this sucks.

  44. Tom Brady
    June 28th, 2015 at 20:22 | #46

    Judge Elizabeth Feffer is an intelligent, dedicated judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Family law private investigator John Nazarian, who calls it like he sees it (i.e. he will criticize judges, too), had a positive blog entry about Judge Elizabeth Feffer on his website, Desperate Exes. It is an objective comment, versus a comment by an obviously disgruntled litigant. The link is below:

    It is worth checking out.

  45. Michelle Chan
    December 10th, 2016 at 06:28 | #47

    I am the victim of whistleblower retaliation because I know that SF Superior Court Dependency Division and SF Children and Family Services are not following state and federal guidelines. Furthermore, they are violating parents due process rights and rights to competent legal counsel. The court-appointed attorneys, judges, caseworkers, and supervisors are corrupt and I have significant and credible evidence to prove this. The department and courts knowingly placed my son with the abuser, even after I submitted recorded evidence of a four hour incident of domestic violence and child abuse. The department subsequently failed to implement any safety planning for me or my son, even refusing (via email correspondence) to order my abuser to relinquish the keys to my home during a time that I had an emergency protective order against him. They have willfully allowed him to continue abusing me, meanwhile holding my son hostage. I haven’t seen my son for weeks and he is suffering dearly. The charges against me are bogus and I was able to prove it. the hearing keeps getting pushed back while the prosecution engages in dirty tricks in an effort to shut me up. I have evidence to support all my claims. Please help.

  46. January 22nd, 2021 at 00:37 | #48

    Wow you said it all! I am a victime of unetical judges and corrupt in San Diego Family court. I’ll share my story here
    A single mother doing all I can to protect us fromy abuser the court took my money no problem did nothing.. judge broke ethical codes.. didn’t get my fair time or trial.. 6 years and $60k later I am broke.. my voice is my fight now.. it’s all I have left…

  47. Ava Goldmann
    December 7th, 2021 at 17:14 | #49

    Does anyone have experience with North County San Diego Judge Harry Powazek? Has anyone else had their entire life dismantled by this man?

  48. My kids’ mom
    July 29th, 2022 at 11:39 | #50

    I have been in Powazek’s department for over five years now. I will write a book one day. 5 attorneys, 1 parent coordinator, 4 FCS sessions, 1 730 forensic custody eval,!6 DVTRO attempts from abusive ex husband. Approximately $350,000 later, and I am still the NCP. I’m a wonderful mother, was a stay at home mom. Powazek is DANGEROUS. Read the comments on the Robing Room.

  49. Alexis
    August 26th, 2022 at 15:12 | #51

    @Ava Goldmann
    Hello, Powazek took my child from me in 2020, for reasons that are unknown to me. Would you please email me at [email protected]

  50. Dina Sarkisova
    October 17th, 2022 at 05:45 | #52

    @Ava Goldmann
    Hi ava, I had a horrible experience with Harry Powazek, he is a corrupt dirty judge who committed my child to a trailer park life with an alcoholic father, please contact me. Dina [email protected]

  51. Dina Sarkisova
    October 17th, 2022 at 05:49 | #53

    @My kids’ mom
    Hi mom, I spent well over 200K to engage in unfair predetermined litigation, rigged by shameless corruption of that dirty judge. Please contact me [email protected]

  52. anon
    December 1st, 2022 at 20:56 | #54

    There is a lack of big picture understanding and of history here. First the history lesson. In the middle ages, the catholic church in Europe threatened eternal damnation – unless citizens paid the clergy class tithes and paid for indulgences. Why? Because the facade of some promised good – salvation – could easily be exploited by the clergy class for profit.

    The big picture here is the same. The lawyers, judges and evaluators are no more interested in justice than those priests were in salvation. The facade of justice is leveraged by the lawyering class to take money from the people.

    The problem is, there is no opportunity for a Martin Luther type to protest and – an analogy here – found a new legal system. The only solution is to “not go to church.” Or avoid the legal system entirely. The stories on this page meant to be read as “horror stories” I assume, are in fact the legal system working as designed.

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