What Will Happen To The Children Of Gordon And Tiffany Smith?

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Family law courts habitually fail to recognize that women can be sociopaths that are dangerous to the children. Even when they show strong signs of a sociopathic personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder, the courts and government agencies like CPS often ignore warning signs and fail to act to protect the children when there is clear reason to believe they are in danger from their disturbed mothers. They make orders that indicate a belief the children are somehow better off living with a female sociopath who breaks the law and court orders than with a safe and sane father who is repeatedly falsely accused of things he did not do and is following the law and court orders.

This pattern is exactly what we are seeing play out in the case of Gordon Smith and Tiffany Smith of Delaware. Tiffany Smith has executed a distortion and harassment campaign against Gordon for more than three years. He has been repeatedly arrested based upon false accusations. Reports from late August 2012 were 8 arrests for 14 false allegations.

The exact numbers of the moment, which have changed rapidly in the past few months as many more false allegations were made by Tiffany Smith, is not particularly important. What matters is that the cost to Gordon has been the loss of his time with the children, severe harm to his career, major financial damages, and repeated suffering from false arrests and incarcerations. All this happened despite him having not been convicted of a crime and the police being in possession of solid evidence that many of the accusations were outright lies.

The Smith children suffer from lack of their father and living with a mother for whom two of her foremost goals in life is to prevent them from seeing their father and to put their father in prison using malicious false allegations. Tiffany Smith clearly isn’t thinking of the best interests of the children, but the courts continue to leave the children in the custody of a monster.

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Tiffany Smith Finally Arrested

Until recently, Tiffany Marie Smith got away with her abuse of Gordon Smith with zero consequences to herself. On August 31 or September 1, 2012, Dover Police Department finally arrested Tiffany Smith for recent false allegations and reports to police because they had clear cut evidence that she lied to them which had caused them to falsely arrest Gordon Smith. The official police department statement is:

Woman arrested for Falsely Reporting Several Domestic Incidents to Police
Complaint Number: 50-12-22517

Date of Incident: 08/31/12

This News Release was entered 09/01/12 by Lieutenant, Alan Rachko and last updated on 09/01/12

Location of Incident:
Liberty Court Apts. 1289 Walker Road Dover, DE.

Tiffany Smith 29 reported several domestic related crimes to the Dover Police and Delaware State Police over a period of time in August in which she stated she was victimized by her ex-husband Gordon Smith 47. On August 18 the Dover Police arrested Mr. Smith on several charges relating to a domestic incident. After the arrest Tiffany Smith continued reporting that Mr. Smith was stalking her and on one occasion had physically attacked her. A joint investigation by Dover Police and the Delaware State Police found that Tiffany Smith falsified all the complaints she made against Mr. Smith. Tiffany Smith was arrested on three counts of falsely reporting an Incident and one count of providing a false statement. All charges against Gordon Smith have been dismissed at the request of the Dover Police Department.

Providing a false statement to police
Falsely reporting an incident to police (three counts)

Tiffany Smith
Gender:F, Age:29
Liberty Court Apts. 1289 Walker road Dover,DE.

Charges: -Providing a false statement to police -Falsely reporting an incident to police (three counts)
Bond: $Released $5,000.00 unsecured

You can read more about the details of the many false allegations and arrests in these articles:

It appears the police will no longer consider Tiffany Smith’s lies to be basis for arresting Gordon Smith. However, sociopathic parents in custody disputes often use false police reports for purposes of defamation and harassment even when their victims are not arrested. Such reports can be used to cause substantial damage to victims, even when the police determine they are false reports.

Smith Children Still In Danger

Tiffany Smith immediately was bailed out on $5000 unsecured bail, meaning she paid nothing. Reports are that she then quit her job and has “disappeared” not to be seen by police since her arrest. The children are reportedly staying with her parents who claim they do not know where Tiffany Smith is. Despite the situation, the government still is not allowing the children to see their father.

The actions of Tiffany Marie Smith are textbook behaviors of a sociopath. Gordon Smith and all of us should be worried about the fate of these children. People who behave as Tiffany has often do horrible things to children, up to and including murdering them to “protect” them from their falsely accused parents. To see the potential for harm for these children, it is useful to consider some past cases of falsely accused parents and what the malicious false accusers did when they did not get their way.

Murder Suicide in Orange County

Almost three years ago, I wrote about the triple murder suicide committed by grandmother Bonnie Hoult against her daughter and granddaughters aged 2 and 4 years. An Orange County court ordered that the kids were to remain in California rather than to be returned to Texas where the mother Elizabeth Fontaine had taken them. Immediately after the hearing, the children were killed.

The father in that case, Jason Fontaine, had been falsely accused of child sexual abuse. After that scheme to block his contact with the kids failed, then Elizabeth Fontaine schemed to move the kids out of California saying that she had been asked to relocate by her employer when in fact she is the one who sought relocation. After arriving in Texas, she then blocked the kids from seeing their father by using a new Texas court venue to obtain a restraining order against him. This tactic is sometimes called “court shopping” as it depends upon the abuser taking her “business” to a new court that has no idea of what she did in the past.

Elizabeth Fontaine was later ordered to return the kids to California for a hearing in an Orange County court that had jurisdiction over the case.

After the hearing, the Orange County court ordered that the kids were to remain in California with the sister of Jason Fontaine. That the court did not simply place the kids with their father is another example of the “abundance of caution” reasoning of courts that continue to reward false accusers and persecute their victims.

The court had ample reason to believe the kids were in danger of parental abduction if the mother did not get her way. Elizabeth Fontaine had essentially lied to the court about her job situation to coerce the court into approving her move, and then disregarded the court’s warning to not reignite the conflict in Texas.

Commissioner Thomas Schulte could have easily prevented the tragedy of four deaths by immediately putting the kids into custody with the paternal aunt or a transitional child care provider before Bonnie Hoult and Elizabeth Fontaine left the courthouse.

Instead, Schulte gave them hours of free access to the kids after he made orders that elevated the frantic paranoia of the mother and grandmother.

The Fontaine case is a lot like the Smith case in its overall pattern of severe false allegations and bad court decisions followed by a slight shift against the clearly misbehaving mother while the court continues to allow the kids to be blocked from seeing the falsely accused father.

Parental Child Abduction in San Diego

The Dumas v. Moelter case in San Diego is another child custody case with a similar pattern. In that case, Cindy Dumas made what the court ruled were false allegations of child sexual abuse against Eric Moelter. When she did not get her way, she then ran away with the kids and hid for approximately three years. While the three boys in that family are still alive today, the youngest, Damon Moelter, is very badly damaged by his mother’s parental alienation brainwashing campaign and her continued baseless claims to the world that Eric Moelter will kill Damon Moelter to hide what happened. Damon Moelter is suspected to be in hiding in Northern California after he ran away from home in 2011. As of 2012, Cindy Dumas continues to make trouble for the kids (who no longer live with her) and her ex-husband.

Risks to the Smith Children

When you consider Tiffany Smith’s behaviors in the context of the patterns seen in the Fontaine case in Orange County, the Dumas v. Moelter case in San Diego, and many others like them, it is obvious that Tiffany Smith has evident potential to harm the Smith children. This harm may range from a continuation of the ongoing parental alienation child abuse to abduction or worse.

What Will Tiffany Smith Do Next?

To figure out what Tiffany Smith is likely to do next, you must consider the typical behavior patterns of sociopathic abusers in child custody battles and the nature of the situation in which she finds herself.

The evidence of her allegations being inaccurate and malicious is stronger than what you see in most cases involving false child sexual abuse allegations. In many false child sex abuse allegations, there is often no evidence of any sexual abuse at all besides that there were allegations made. There is, however, often evidence of other lying and manipulation on the part of the false accuser. But too often courts brush this under the carpet as if it does not matter when in fact it does.

In the Smith case, the reported video recordings and GPS data (from the GPS tracking device that Gordon Smith was forced on him by the government) show beyond a reasonable doubt that Tiffany Smith was knowingly lying to police to harass and harm Gordon Smith and in the process also harmed the children.

Sociopathic abusive parents in child custody battles love to portray themselves and their kids as victims of a “bad parent” beyond all reason and evidence. When they see people are doubting their act, they generally intensify their false allegations and harassment trying to be more convincing.

If Tiffany Smith follows this pattern, you would expect to see her find new ways to frame or falsely accuse Gordon Smith of some crime or to harm the children and then somehow blame him for that harm.

Some of these sociopathic parents in their twisted way of thinking believe that killing the kids to “protect” them will be the ultimate proof of their victimhood. Some of them may also kill the kids just to spite the other parent.

At least one of the reported “attacks” on Tiffany involved alleged self-inflicted injuries that were falsely blamed on Gordon. This suggests she may be willing to inflict significant physical harm to herself to get her way. Often these people have trouble differentiating their children from themselves, so there is certainly reason to believe she would be willing to harm the children as a way to harm Gordon.

Even if the court does not believe she would kill the kids, how hard is it to believe she might intensify her alienation campaign or run away with the kids given the current circumstances and her past actions? Any of these actions would be child abuse, and each of them fall within the realm of what you would expect a person like her to do next.

Smith Children Belong In Supervised Visitation For Now

Supervised visitation is used far too much by the courts and CPS for reasons of far lesser importance. But in the Smith case, it would be appropriate for Tiffany Smith to have no access to the kids outside of supervised visitation. Why allow her contact at all? One reason is to document what she does with that contact. Often these disturbed people cannot help but show signs of how they have emotionally abused the children for years in private. If she cannot behave reasonably in supervised visitation, it would not be prudent to allow her future unsupervised contact with the kids.

These kids need to be placed somewhere safe while this is all sorted out. Ideally it should be with family members who do not have an axe to grind with either parent. It should be a location where Gordon also can see the kids (at minimum no less than Tiffany sees them) without worry of further false accusations and harassment while he re-establishes his relationship with them. That isn’t going to happen with the kids in the custody of Tiffany Smith or her parents.

All charges against Gordon Smith have been dropped. As such, going forward he should get at least shared custody of the kids. Given the hostile aggressive criminal behaviors of Tiffany Smith, the children should be with their father and their mother should receive only supervised visitation until she can demonstrate that she has stopped making false police reports and accusations against Gordon for a significant period — perhaps a year. A year is but a fraction of the more than three years of escalating false allegations in which she has engaged to harm Gordon and the kids and thus even that may not be enough.

These kids, if their estimated ages around 6 to 7 years old today is accurate (estimates based upon reports they were 3 and 4 in 2009), have spent essentially their entire lives they can remember with their mother terrorizing their father and blocking them from seeing him. It is going to take time for them to be able to see their father objectively without the distortions of their mother getting in the way.

In the short term, it would probably be beneficial for the kids and Gordon to rebuild their ties initially in supervised visitation. Supervised visitation is often viewed rightly as a horrible intrusion on children and parents. But in cases like this one, when there are so many false allegations and likely much said and done around the kids to bias them against one of their parents, there is a need to do some initial monitoring of the renewed contact between the falsely accused parent and the abused children. This can help establish the extent of the damage Tiffany Smith has caused to the kids. It can also help determine a course of action that is appropriate based upon how the children are behaving.

In many cases, conjoint and individual counseling with experts on reunification in parental alienation cases is important to help the children overcome misinformation they have been fed by an alienating parent. Sometime the kids know the falsely accusing parent is a liar and therapy helps them learn to cope with the liar. Other times they have bought into the lies wholeheartedly and it may take years to undo the brainwashing.

Severely alienated children are known in at least some cases to lie against good parents. Animosity caused by the alienating parent can often be overcome over a period of several months as the children build their own genuine memories and experiences with the falsely accused parent.

For Gordon’s protection from additional false accusations, it is important to start this process with monitoring such as found in supervised visitation settings to ensure that he and the kids can be properly protected from ongoing harm caused by Tiffany Smith. It is also important to get this process started now, while the kids are young enough that therapy can help undo some of the damage they have experienced. Action now is essential to helping them avoid the fate of children like Damon Moelter who are jerked around in the family court system for several years as they are being abused and end up being caught up permanently in the lies, distortions, and parental conflict and suffering from their own lifelong mental health problems as a result.

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