San Diego Judge DeAnn Salcido Demeans Litigants and Justice to Create Demo Videos for Her Proposed TV Show

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We received a tip on this story from source personally familiar with the common abusive and criminal behaviors of San Diego judges. Before reading the documents and only knowing they concerned San Diego Judge DeAnn Salcido, I anticipated it was going to have something to do with Salcido’s deceitful political antics a few months back regarding her accusations and law suit against other San Diego judges as a ploy to boost her popularly in the June 2010 election. While that is in part the case, the documents contain some surprises. The 21 page long formal complaint against Salcido reveals an arrogant and superficial judge who shows contempt for the law, her judicial office, litigants, attorneys, court employees, and common decency. Salcido’s 75 page long response further shows her apparent contempt for judicial canons and the law. Yet Salcido has the audacity to berate, insult, and threaten a litigant who she thinks shows disdain for her. Judging from her reported actions in numerous incidents, Salcido is entirely worthy of immense disdain by virtually anybody appearing in her courtroom.

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Election Rigging?

Particularly alarming is that the complaint was kept secret by the Commission on Judicial Performance until after the June 2010 balloting which re-elected her. If the public had known the quantity and severity of complaints regarding Salcido, it is likely that some voters would have voted differently.

(from Judge Salcido probe kept secret during election)

Under strict confidentiality rules, the commission could not say anything about the investigation until a formal complaint was filed, which happened on Sept. 20. Salcido, now assigned to a downtown San Diego courtroom, is supposed to file a response to the allegations today.

The 21-page complaint details conduct dating to January 2009, more than a year before the election.

Lawyers mentioned by name in the complaint declined to comment, citing confidentiality rules or that the matter is pending before the commission. Only one lawyer was willing to acknowledge speaking to commission investigators before the June primary.

Salcido’s opponent in June, Harold Coleman Jr., said he wonders if the commission had told voters about the judge’s conduct if it would have made a difference in the election.

Coleman was one of four candidates backed by a conservative religious group that challenged incumbent Superior Court judges in June. Most are re-elected without an opponent. None of the challengers won, though Coleman captured more votes than any of the others. He had 41 percent to Salcido’s 60 percent.

“I don’t know if this would have been enough to close that gap,” Coleman said. “But I think it (the investigation) is a very material factor the public ought to have known.”

While the San Diego Union Tribune explains this away as compliance with confidentiality rules, it turns out that keeping complaints and disciplinary actions secret until shortly after elections is common practice for CJP. They have done it time and again with other abusive judges like Lisa Schall and Peter McBrien.

(from Sacramento Judge Peter James McBrien Dismembers Park Trees and Families In Contempt for Law)

CJP is a spineless organization that covers up judicial misconduct as its mission. It nominally takes complaints and is to investigate them while making the investigations open to public review. But the reality is that it suppresses information about the complaints and helps judges to prevent any serious impact to their careers. For example, in 2000, around the time of the McBrien tree cutting episode, it buried 948 out 951 complaints so the public could not see them. In the complaints it does investigate, it generally takes multiple years to investigate and often issues public admonishments and censures after elections. This helps keep the voters in the dark about what a judge has done wrong, thus helping the judge to be re-elected.

Although CJP has the authority to remove a judge from the bench, it seldom does so. What it generally does, if anything, is to issue a private or public admonishment and time it to minimize its impact. Drunk driving, sexual harassment, vandalism, false imprisonment, and other crimes are all routinely whitewashed by CJP.

The lesson here is that if you have a complaint against a judge, you should endeavor to make it public. CJP cannot be trusted to do its legally specified job, what it will do is to try to minimize the impact on the abusive judge in nearly every case.

Salcido also engaged in pre-election posturing using her conflict with other judges and the publicity of the Amber DuBois and Chelsea King murders by convict John Gardner to gain favorable publicity for herself. While she has openly attacked other judges trying to portray herself as more law-abiding than they are, the details of her many alleged misconducts paint a rather different picture.

Salcido Wants To Be A TV Star

Like judges in far too many American courts, the black-robed thugs sitting on the benches in San Diego courts certainly don’t want accurate records maintained because it might expose many of their crimes and abuses for the public to easily see. But some judges do want a record kept for their own personal gain. DeAnn Salcido is one of those judges. She apparently thinks video recording her abusive antics for the entertainment industry, where she hopes to get a future job being a wise-cracking rude TV judge, is acceptable conduct in a San Diego courtroom.

Video and audio recording in a court room should be routine for the benefit of creating an accurate record, particularly for litigants who can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for transcripts that are error prone and are often inaccurate because of mistakes and even intentional alterations done by off-the-record actions for the benefit of people paying money to the criminally dishonest judges, court reporters, or other court staff who disregard the law as they lie and abuse the rights of citizens for their own benefits.

Don’t think that such abuses are typical of just entry level inexperienced judges. In corrupt counties like San Diego, altering or destroying records and covering up such tampering is common practice all the way up the bench to supervising judges like Judge Lorna Alksne, one of Salcido’s supervisors during her time in family law court assignments since Salcido became a judge in 2002. When the supervisors and Commission on Judicial Performance make it clear to their subordinates that bias, corruption, and criminality are tolerable conduct for a judge, can you expect the courts to be fair, just, and law-abiding? Certainly not.

Particularly appalling is how some of these ridiculous behaviors appear to be something Salcido does for the benefit of a video camera in the courtroom. The formal complaint proceedings prepared by the Commission on Judicial Performance make this clear:

The purpose of the filming was to promote yourself for a role in a potential television entertainment program featuring a judge.

Salcido apparently fancies herself a budding entertainment celebrity ala TV’s Judge Judy. In violation of law and legal process and for her own personal gain, she had her bailiff’s husband and later a professional video crew videotaping her acting on the bench with court in session on multiple dates in order to pass along demo videos to entertainment industry contacts in hopes of securing herself a job. She improperly used her court room to demean, ridicule, and berate litigants for the purpose of videotaping her acting talent to show she could be an entertaining judge.

Furthermore, allegations are that she rearranged her court schedule to benefit the video recordings. The CJP complaints include mention of email evidence of this.

In an email message dated March 5, 2009, sent by you to the entertainment lawyer, you suggested that filming in your courtroom be scheduled for April 24. You told him that you “have been setting my more interesting defendants and those with substance abuse issues for Friday April 24th.” On March 9, 2009, following his suggestion that filming occur on May 1, you sent an email message in which you told him that “I will line up my most interesting cases for the afternoon of [Friday] May 1st.” Your statements give the appearance that you were scheduling cases based on their possible appeal in a videotape to be used to promote yourself for a television program. It also creates an appearance of impropriety to represent that you would manipulate your calendar for non-judicial purposes.

Your conduct in count one violated canons 1 (a judge shall uphold the integrity of the judiciary), 2 (a judge shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety), 2A (a judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary), 2B(2) (improper use of the prestige ofjudicial office) and 3 A (a judge’s duties shall take precedence over all other activities).

Salcido’s Antics Aren’t Just for TV

After reading the many initial pages of detailed complaints and responses about Salcido’s misconduct pertaining to videotaped court sessions, I couldn’t help but wonder if her arrogant and abusive conduct was worse than usual in an attempt to be entertaining. But the complaints go far beyond the videotaping incidents. It seems reasonably clear that Salcido’s very personality is one of an arrogant abuser whether she has a camera recording her or not. Below I’ll highlight some of the more outrageous examples of what is apparently common conduct in her courtroom.

Salcido Destroys Court Evidence

Salcido apparently thinks that she can destroy material submitted to the court by a litigant’s attorney as she sees fit.

On June 30, 2009, around 3:11 p.m., attorney Alan Spears appeared regarding his pregnant client Justine Means, who was in Maine. Attorney Spears, who was seeking a continuance, said that his client felt unable to travel because of the pregnancy, and gave you a physician’s letter that noted her due date. You stated that pregnant people traveled all the time, and noted that the physician’s letter did not say that the defendant was at high risk or subject to bed rest. After the prosecutor said that she did not object to a continuance, you said that you would grant it. As you explained that you were granting the continuance for discovery reasons, not because Means was pregnant, you ripped up the physician’s letter, and either threw the pieces in the trash yourself or handed the pieces to your clerk to put into the trash.

Maybe she got the idea that destroying filings is acceptable conduct from her friend Judge Lorna Alksne who has been involved in the cover-up of court misconduct regarding misfiling and/or destroying mandatory family law court forms going back many years, including all the years during which she has been Supervising Judge, and then trying to cover its tracks at Alksne’s orders.

Salcido Denigrates and Discusses Violent Threats Against Public Defender

Salcido participated in insulting and denigrating Deputy Public Defender Richard Longman and discussing having her bailiff use a Taser against him.

Similarly, on July 28, 2009, near the end of the court day, during a discussion in open court not connected to a particular case, you repeatedly referred to DPD Longman as “Mr. Federal Case” and complained that you never get out of court early when he is in your department. And, on May 1, 2009, while waiting for DPD Longman, the bailiff jokingly asked if you wanted her to Taser him; after responding in a joking manner that you did not want her to Taser him, you asked either the bailiff or someone else present in the courtroom, “Do you want to Taser him?”

As it is the bailiff who brought up the mockery and discussion of violence, the bailiff should be subjected to disciplinary action for this misconduct. But if these reports are accurate, Salcido played right along with it and she is not simply an innocent bystander. If you read the full text of the complaints, it is clear she routinely ridicules Longman in her courtroom and encourages others to do so, also.

Salcido Engages in Possible Defamation and Display of Bias

The judge apparently doesn’t know how to shut her trap about matters not before the court and/or to recuse when she has personal involvement that is too close. In this portion of the complaint, it appears she is engaging in possible defamation against football player Shawne Merriman by accusing him of illegal drug usage and reveals personal knowledge that should cause her to recuse from any case involving Merriman.

On July 28,2009, at about 10:06 a.m., during a case discussion with a privately retained attorney, you remarked regarding football player Shawne Merriman, “Although I do have it on a reliable source he likes to play with Ecstasy pills.” You further remarked, “A friend of mine personally observed it, it was at his house.”

Salcido Attempts to Dissuade Litigant from Speaking With Attorney

The judge apparently thinks it is OK to push litigants from discarding their legal rights. If they are uncertain, then she thinks it is OK to make fun of them.

Around 4:10 p.m., defendant Jemeelah Coleman appeared before you unrepresented; she apparently had failed to comply with a condition of probation. You advised her that you would allow her to serve 24 hours in custody, instead of the customary 48 hours, for the violation of probation. You advised her that she had a right to be counseled by an attorney before admitting the violation and being sentenced, and informed her that she would have to come back on Monday if she wanted to speak with an attorney. At one point you told her, “But I might not be so gracious on Monday.” After further discussion, the defendant said that she wanted to “do the 24 hours.” When the defendant paused after you said that this meant she would waive her right to speak with an attorney, you asked, “You want to ask the lifeline? You need a lifeline?” The audience laughed at your remarks.

Salcido Violates Contempt of Court Rules

This troublesome conduct is much like the actions of drunk driver Judge Lisa Schall that got her into hot water with CJP. CJP found that what Schall did by throwing an upset litigant into custody without a hearing was a violation of due process and abuse of contempt of court powers. Salcido has done much the same.

On January 7,2010, around 10:03 a.m., defendant Chadira Gipson appeared before you in case number C287545 for a change of plea. As set forth below, you took Gipson into custody for direct contempt without affording her due process or complying with the legal requirements for direct contempt, and without sentencing her; you also directed comments to the courtroom audience that failed to uphold a high standard of conduct:

Court: Oh, Chadira Gipson.

Counsel: Good morning, Your Honor, Michael Kern appearing on behalf of Ms. Gipson. She’s present in court for the court out of custody for change of plea to a 415(2) as a misdemeanor.

Your conduct constituted an abuse of authority and demonstrated embroilment. It violated canons 1 (a judge shall uphold the integrity of the judiciary), 2 (a judge shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety), 2A (a judge shall promote public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary), 3B(2) (a judge shall be faithful to the law), 3B(4) (a judge shall be patient, dignified, and courteous) and 3B(7) (a judge shall accord to every person who has a legal interest in a proceeding the right to be heard).

Salcido Demeans Court Staff As Incompetent

Salcido repeatedly denigrates other judges in her courtroom. This is probably what is driving CJP’s actions more than anything else. CJP normally hides judicial misconduct, but in Salcido’s case it appears she may actually get something more closely approximating justice simply because she has attacked other judges and they and their allies likely have made their displeasure known to CJP.

While the “I am God in my courtroom” and “I don’t care what other judges say” attitudes shown here are typical for San Diego judges like Lisa Schall, Lorna Alksne, and many others, the level of direct insults of court staff is unusual. Salcido probably has earned herself a bad reputation with other judges. This in and of itself might not be so bad as many San Diego judges are truly reprehensible people. However, combined with her other misconduct, it is clear this does not reflect Salcido attempting to stick up for justice but instead are simply glaring displays of the severe defects in her personality.

On June 9, 2009, around 10:27 a.m., you raised concerns regarding an August 7, 2008 order entered by Judge Peter Gallagher in a criminal case involving defendant Sean Strange. After checking the court file, you commented, “Ah, Judge Gallagher, aka assistant public defender.” You later commented, “Is that ridiculous that Judge Gallagher did that. I mean it’s a sex offender case. Yeah, whatever, you know. A DV statute says it’s mandatory but, you know, we’re the judge, we can do what we want. Quote. Justice be damned.”

On July 6, 2009, around 2:38 p.m., while reviewing a request for modification of the terms of a protective order in the Houmi case, you remarked, “I can’t do this because it’s not consistent with the statute, … I mean I can send it up to Judge Deddeh since he’s the one who doesn’t want to follow the statute.”

In approximately early 2010, you made remarks in court disparaging the general clerical staff as follows. On a number of occasions, you referred to the business office staff as “cucumbers.” For example, on one occasion around March or April 2010, when it was suggested that a case be postponed to the afternoon, you said words to the effect that “no, because the cucumbers might lose the file.” On another occasion around March or April 2010, after referring to the clerical staff as “cucumbers,” you then added that “they aren’t even potatoes because potatoes have eyes.” On more than one occasion around March or April 2010, you have made the “potatoes” comment to the courtroom audience and have added that “they aren’t corn because corn has ears.” On January 7,2010, around 10:32 a.m., after a defendant appearing on a warrant referred to information he had received from a clerk, you stated, “Sir, most of those clerks, I wouldn’t trust a guinea pig to. Let alone my freedom.”

On May 20, 2010, around 2:30 p.m., during a discussion about a paperwork mix-up in a certain case, you sarcastically said, “however, I was going to say another word, the brilliant people in the back office decided not to file your paperwork in the court’s file ….” You later commented “Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi. This is what I have to work with, all right, every day.”

On February 22,2010, court operations supervisor Beverly Harris had assigned a backup clerk to your department who had to leave at 3:30 p.m. While waiting for a replacement clerk, you made disparaging comments about Harris in open court, some of which referred to an email she had previously sent to your clerk. Your remarks included, “the supervisor decided to send us a clerk that had to leave at 3:30,” “That was what they taught them at Management 101 seminars that they attend,” and “How to get the most of your employees. Let them know they could get fired.” When Harris arrived in your courtroom you asked her, “did you know we finish at 5:00?”

These quotes and the related matters are possibly part of the reason why she has tried to resort to deceptive practices to get the uninformed public to side with her against other judges in 2010. She almost certainly knew that these complaints were being made against her as the investigation started before the election in June 2010. It appears she may have thought her May 2010 stunts could help deflect the coming disciplinary actions against her or to provide a deceptive “escape hatch” by which she could blame “unfair disciplinary actions” upon rival judges whom she has attacked as being soft on crime.

Salcido Just One Bad Judge Of Many

Salcido doesn’t belong in a courtroom as a judge or an attorney. She should be tossed off the bench and disbarred for making a mockery of the law and courts.

But Salcido is just one part of a much larger problem. Many of the other judges in the county and state belong kicked off the bench, too. Alas, if the public relies upon CJP to do its job, corruption and injustice will continue to be the norm in San Diego and California. People who are being wronged by these judges need to be taking their cases to the public and media rather than letting CJP engage in cover-up and whitewashing in secrecy.

Sheriff’s Department Role In Judicial Abuse and Corruption

San Diego Sheriff’s Department should take some disciplinary action against the bailiff involved, but to be fair give her retraining and a second chance given that she probably was improperly trained to serve the black-robed thugs without considering the law. More importantly, the Sheriff’s Department should institute training of its entire staff, especially its court services staff, on their requirements to disobey illegal orders made by a judge and to report such judges for disciplinary action and prosecution. To date, the Sheriff’s Department has been providing poorly trained bailiffs to San Diego judges who then proceed to violate the law at the command of these judges. But with Sheriff Bill “Ruby Ridge” Gore in charge of the department and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors stacked with its own corrupt and abusive officials, don’t expect there to be any meaningful reform without first purging the county of the tyrants in control via recalls, elections, or other means. While in some counties those “other means” might include criminal prosecution, in San Diego that’s not likely with DA Bonnie Dumanis clearly siding with the crooks and abusers that are her friends throughout the region’s courts, governments, and law enforcement agencies.

Salcido is not alone in making improper use of Sheriff’s staff. Judge Lorna Alksne is another of the judges making improper use of Sheriff’s resources. Alksne has her own personally controlled security staff because she has reportedly been repeatedly subjected to death threats and protests. When this was recently explained to a sitting Federal judge who has previously served varied judicial assignments including family law, the judge’s reaction was that something must be very wrong with such a judge because competent and fair judges do not engender this level of animosity. But as Alksne is neither competent nor fair, the surprise should not be the death threats and protests but that nobody from the Sheriff’s department has yet gotten hurt due to the abusive black-robed tyrant Lorna Alksne.

Public Action Needed to Force Judicial Reform

With a Supervising Judge like Alksne showing the way for tyrants-and-wackos-in-training like Salcido and drunk driver Judge Lisa Schall, San Diego family law courts have a well-deserved reputation as kangaroo courts that violate the law and people’s rights and wrongly hurt children and parents as a matter of practice. This is not going to change until the abusive judges are run out of office, either via elections, recalls, or other less usual means. Even though CJP has the ability to remove these judges from office, they will not do it unless forced into it by their allies or the public.

Salcido has a decent shot of being removed from office only because of how she has angered other judges. But most abusive judges do not make that same mistake and constrain their abuses to defenseless citizens and other people that the judiciary would like to target for its own improper motives. CJP is fine with such judges violating the law and abusing people’s rights so long as they don’t embarrass or anger other government officials. So in a sense, there is a double standard at work here by which other abusive judges will not get reprimanded and punished but Salcido will. This doesn’t make Salcido any less of a bad judge, it simply shows that CJP is a biased organization that does not promote the law or public interests as it should.

DeAnn Salcido

Salcido is trying to fight back with a propaganda campaign of her own. Yet even the photos of Salcido available show her concern for image and influence over justice and the law. The photo at the top of this article is the glamor shot she uses to make herself look better than she really does, perhaps to influence TV shows to be interested in filming in her courtroom and the public to have a favorable view of her. The photo on the right is a more accurate representation of her appearance. She has reportedly posted a Facebook page to help organize people to “support” her violations of the law and justice by duping them into thinking she is actually opposed to the corruption and abuse in San Diego family law courts.

Salcido talks out of both sides of her mouth just like so many other judicial sociopaths in San Diego. “Best interests of the children” and “protecting women from violence” are propaganda phrases used while she and her cohorts in judicial crime emotionally, legally, and financially rape, pillage, and ruin so many families. Sociopathic judges make it appear they are concerned for the public good and upholding the law when in fact their real concerns are selfish, spiteful, and entirely at odds with the public good. Spinning Hitler as family friendly by photographing him giving an apple to a child doesn’t make him any less of a mass murderer, just as Salcido’s propaganda campaign doesn’t make her any less of an abysmally abusive judge.

The case of Richard Fine, the attorney who has made great noise and fury over the illegal payments being made by county governments to the judges discussed in this article and many more, shows what the California judiciary will do to its opponents if the public does not support reform. Fine has pointed out for years that the illegal county payments to state judges created the appearance and effect of illegal bias in courts in nearly every California county. In retaliation, the California judiciary agreed to throw him into jail on trumped-up allegations of contempt of court without proper due process and to have its allies in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department hold him in solitary confinement incommunicado until activists and affiliated free media journalists pushed to shut down the communications blockade. Even with that pressure, it took 18 months of increasing public uproar and the resignations of Judge David Yaffe and California Chief Justice Ronald George for the judiciary to relent from its illegal actions and let Fine out of prison. When somebody with political and legal connections like Fine has from his service in the Clinton Administration’s Department of Justice can’t get justice in a speedy and fair fashion in California, you can bet that almost nobody can. But it does show that public pressure may have an effect. This is why it appears that the public is going to have to put a lot of pressure on CJP and the legislature to start cracking down on judicial abuse and corruption. When judges like Salcido, Schall, and Alksne start falling like flies, then perhaps the people can again have some confidence that judicial tyranny has been defeated and the rule of law will again prevail.

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  1. CourtWatch_OneOfManyMillions
    October 23rd, 2010 at 15:42 | #1

    San Diego is known for much corruption in its courts, especially “Family Courts”.

    Judge Salcido is a disgrace to humanity. Why it takes an act of Congress, nonetheless, an act of the CJP is beyond this tax paying citizen.

    There should be a special Grand Jury vote of the citizenry regarding whether she should be indicted for crimes. After seeing the facts, a Grand Jury would easily indict her.

    But instead, the CJP who supposedly “polices their own”, gives every benefit of the doubt for their Judges. No adherence to even the “slightest possibility of impropriety”, rendering the canons as unimportant to any judicial misconduct of any kind.

    It is true, “when the people fear the judiciary, there is tyranny”. It doesn’t get any more tyrannical than this in San Diego or elsewhere.

    Also, the Bailiff for this criminal judge should be taken to task by the Sheriff’s dept. But it won’t happen. The Sheriff’s dept. is deeply involved in all aspects of this Judge’s crimes, and backs her up completely, unequivocally.


  2. One of Thousands
    October 23rd, 2010 at 16:10 | #2

    Salcido’s antics, sadly, are but the tip of a large iceberg of incompetent arrogance. There is no corporate environment in the nation–much less the county of San Diego–in which this type of behavior would be tolerated for ten seconds. Yet in San Diego, Salcido’s colleagues simply turned their lazy “see no evil…” eyes away.

    Shame, shame, shame on you San Diego judiciary for participating in and facilitating the degradation of your communities and public confidence in courts. It’s no surprise given that most of you have done little important with your lives other than throw people in a government cage and have little if any accountability, training, or relevant experience. If this happened in a corporate environment you’d all be collecting food stamps for your next meal.

    San Diego: Your courts are incompetent at best, but more likely corrupt. Have no–ZERO–confidence in them. Until heads roll, don’t set foot into a courtroom thinking you’ll receive fair justice.

    Solution: Stop paying taxes. Stop obeying orders or laws that don’t suit you. Most of your judges certainly don’t–why should you?

    “Power is the great evil with which we are contending. We have divided power between three branches of government and erected checks and balances to prevent abuse of power. However, where is the check on the power of the judiciary? If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny.” – Patrick Henry

    “The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body – working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.” – Thomas Jefferson

    They were right, and here we are.

    To kill a poisonous snake, you don’t grab it by the tail or battle the fangs–you cut off it’s head in –one swift stroke. Anybody have a hatchet handy?

  3. Burn Them!
    October 23rd, 2010 at 19:53 | #3

    What do the judges in your article have in common? They wear costumes of black robes, behave as criminals, hurt innocent people, control others with threats, and all are women. Last point makes me wonder — there must be some bad male judges, too? Well, no matter, burn them all at the stake for being witches, warlocks, and devil-worshippers all!

    You need to write more about Lorna Alksne’s crimes. Her conspiracy with Michael Roddy to violate the California court rules for custody and psychological evaluations went on for years before it was discovered. There’s more to report than her actions to hide it by correcting court files years later after the law was already violated. She was the SUPERVISING JUDGE for a whole court system that violated the law to rob families as its way of doing business. She should be the first cast onto the funeral pyre, be sure to pour on some gasoline before tossing the match else her dirty rotten corpse may not burn!

    • October 24th, 2010 at 01:18 | #4

      In my opinion, it’s probably at least partly coincidence that there are so many disgustingly bad high-profile female judges in San Diego. But there may be other explanations, too. For instance, perhaps they associate with each other and encourage each other’s misconduct.

      You can certainly find lists of complaints against male judges, too. Take a look at Bonnie Russell’s website for a long list of complaints against various San Diego judges, most of whom are men but several of which are also women including Alksne, Salcido, and Trapp. Use the drop-down menu to flip to the “Judging Judges” page.

      While I think Russell’s proposed solution for domestic violence prevention using GPS tracking with “victim notification” is likely to cause a lot more crime given the widespread false use of DV allegations as I described previously in Judge Lorna Alksne Eager For New Weapons For Judicial Abuse, it’s possible she doesn’t understand this. Perhaps she had actual experiences with real DV that were ignored? However, there are a substantial number of people who are being victimized by false allegations, often starting with false DV allegations and moving on to even more serious false allegations.

      Giving false accusers a weapon, which is what the GPS tracking with notification really is, will cause more false arrests and persecution of innocent people. If you doubt this, consider the story of Ken Newell who has been repeatedly arrested for incidents that his ex-wife causes. Give a person like her a tool like the GPS tracking with victim notification and you will find they will stalk their “abuser” in order to frame him or her for restraining order violations. Newell’s ex-wife should be prosecuted for filing false police reports and causing false arrests. Instead, the police and prosecutors do nothing about her crimes.

      Stopping DV is a great goal and I support Russell in that. But stopping false allegations is also a great goal. Both need a lot of attention and anything done to solve one problem has a high potential to worsen the other. She doesn’t seem to account for this and in my opinion plays the gender card too much, so keep this in mind when you’re reading her site. She is on the mark with many of her comments, however. I particularly like this one recommending a Federal investigation of the corrupt San Diego courts: recommends a federal panel. One outside San Diego, and the too cozy confines well documented in this area and arena.

      When you understand the money and referrals flowing between judges, lawyers, custody evaluators, therapists, and other service providers, it is clear there is corruption and abuse and the San Diego courts benefit from it.

      Russell also clearly points out that parental alienation is a real phenomenon, boosting her credibility immensely in my book. I can understand as a mother that she may identify more with other abused moms than with abused dads, but so many of the feminist websites and organizations out there advocate that all men are evil and parental alienation is not real. They blow their credibility completely so far as I am concerned when they make such blanket denials of established research and the personal experiences of millions of children and parents.

  4. CourtWatch
    October 23rd, 2010 at 21:11 | #5

    No need to “burn them” or anyone else. But yes, get them de-robed, and off the bench, and give them some jail time for their crimes, poor judgement decisions.

    Again, no need to burn ’em, just put them into the jails and prisons where there are hardened criminals. They’ll be taken care of nicely there with the rapists, murderers etc….

    And who said they are just the female judges? That’s not at all true. Some of the male judges are equally incompetent. We are getting numerous reports in, of a couple of judges in Vista, San Diego County, that are largely incompetent as well. If I recall, their names begin with the letter “P”? I’ll have to check my reports that came in these last six months or so, but that’s what I recall at the moment. It’s not a male vs. female judge thing.

    The males can put on their panties in the morning, just as the females do. Panty Waist Male judges are on the benches in all courts of this land, down to the lowly family court system as well.

  5. one of thousands
    October 24th, 2010 at 03:06 | #6

    San Diego: Say what you will about individual judges–Salcido’s a narcissistic whacko, Alksne’s an abusive idiot, Schall’s a hothead alcoholic–sure. As they currently act, none of them would survive ten seconds in the top law firms in town.

    The bigger picture isn’t about any individual judge. It’s about our government and those in power. And we’ve screwed up our responsibility to keep it clean. It’s like the old barn out back that we didn’t pay attention to, and now it’s inhabited by a gang of hobos. But this time the hobos have robes and guns and can push us off of our own property.

    Kill them? Tar and feathers? Throw them in a cage? Sure that would do the trick for now, and it’s probably a good idea for most of them. But it’s a big city–if you don’t watch it another gang of stinky bums would move in right behind them. And who’s going to sit out back on hobo-watch? You? Me? We got shit to do–things like paying taxes so the judges–er–hobos can have something to eat while they sit idly in our barn with guns telling us what to do.

    Makes sense right?

    The trick SD is to demand the best from your judges and, for that matter, all politicians. Today the offices are filled with former DAs–generally very weak lawyers. I’m a former prosecutor and practicing lawyer–believe me there are light years of difference between the competence of your average (or even best) DA/CA and the best attorneys in town. We need the best to lead our extremely powerful public institutions.

    Putting these bozos in the drivers seat is the equivalent of putting a pine-mirror ornament owning taxi cab driver in charge of driving the USS Nimitz nuclear aircraft carrier. It’s recklessly irresponsible, but because of our past choices in ignoring the backyard barn full of bozos, we’re stuck with a mile long ship of death run by hobos that smell like each other’s urine.

    San Diego–the solution is to vote them out. Judges are mostly ex-DAs. For the most part they’re weak and/or loser attorneys. They graduate from second or third schools and usually in the bottom of their class. They’re in the job because they have little ability or incentive to think independently, and usually just follow the flock. In other words, they’re like schools of brainless fish–jittering and jumping in unison anytime any one of them blinks. It’s sad, disgusting, and extremely harmful to a great city like SD, but here we are. Welcome to Paradise.

    It’s odd that in a country that prides itself as “free” so few of those intelligent enough to exercise their freedoms do. Then again, since George W (the first one, not the recent airhead), T.J., Pat Henry, etc. handed over our great nation to our care and keeping, exercise has not been one of our strong suits. Our expanding waistlines and shrinking hat sizes will prove that.

    Get off your lazy asses SD judges and protect our citizens or the ship is headed to the disgrace of bankruptcy and decay that it currently deserves.

  6. Janette M. Isaacs
    November 7th, 2010 at 12:20 | #7

    All of the comments in this article pertaining to the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) are accurate and well worth the read. My numerous complaints to the CJP regarding the legal and unjust custodial timeshare kidnappings of my two younger children attributable to fraud, impersonation, malicious prosecution, obstruction of justice and neglect to adjudicate in accordance with the law have been ignored since 2007.

    My most recent complaint (August, 2010) alleging that my Judge Thomas Trent Lewis intentionally embezzled or misappropriated $53,342.54 of my money to further harm me and obstruct justice (which I proved) is still pending an answer.

    The CJP has proven itself to be a worthless body of bureaucratic accomplices to crimes committed by our Judges. They stand by and do nothing while they enjoy their taxpayer funded paychecks. Until we can replace the members of the CJP with alternates who are committed to doing their jobs and addressing the corruption in our judiciary; promoting media awareness as to their incompetency and failure to act is about the best that we can do.

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