Eileen Lasher on San Diego CPS/Family Law Court Misconduct

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Eileen Lasher, San Diego Mother

I’m having a surreal feeling at the moment — almost like I’m an assistant scriptwriter. Let me explain. I just watched a video interview of Eileen Lasher, a mother whose children suffered at the hands of San Diego County’s CPS, family court, police, and DA “organized crime” syndicate for 15 years until her youngest child turned 18. The interviewer, Fred Sottile, used my article San Diego County Grand Jury Cites Further CPS Misconduct as the outline for his interview. I had no idea this was going to be the case when I started watching. It was truly odd to hear him reading the first paragraph of the story and thinking that sounds just like a story I wrote a few months ago. So I looked up the story and compared the words — it’s the same. That’s fine with me, I’m glad my article helped him with his interview.

Fred’s summary of the interview is:

Episode 8 – Eileen Theofanous-Lasher – $440,000 for what? When San Diego County employee Eileen brought documented charges of abuse by her police officer husband, she was charged by family court with attempting “Parental Alienation Syndrome” against him. She was separated from her children by the court for six years, while the court alienated them from her. They returned to her at 16 of their own accord.

I wish they had provided a web link to the story so their viewers could easily see the information from the Grand Jury investigations of San Diego CPS along with my analysis and commentary. Perhaps by posting links back the other way I’ll help their viewers find the full information.

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Fred’s Mission: Expose Anti-Family Government

Fred has decided to help expose the corrupt CPS agencies and family law courts around the country. A large part of his effort is producing video interviews with a variety of people who have been through the nightmarish alternative reality hell that these broken systems have inflicted upon countless but likely millions of children and parents in this country in the last few decades. Eileen Lasher’s interview is but one of 10 filmed so far in his 2009 season of “Face Up to Fred”.

Eileen’s Mission: Exposing Corrupt San Diego Anti-Family Government

Eileen has a mission, too. She’s been speaking out about what the San Diego government did to her children and her. People like her should be applauded. Unless somebody stands up and shouts out what is wrong, improvements will not happen.

Eileen has told a brief version of her story in a posting Report: San Diego County Child Support Services.

Some of Eileen’s recent comments on the ongoing corruption and fraud scandal involving Stephen Doyne and the San Diego family law courts are listed below:

(from San Diego Reader Letters – August 19, 2009)

Waste Haven

The article regarding Dr. Stephen Doyne (“The American Board of Nonexistence,” “City Lights,” July 2) was so significant and just the tip of the problems in San Diego Family Court, which is a haven for waste and corruption. Families are being held hostage in temporary orders without benefit of trial as attorneys use litigants and children as revenue. My children and I were held hostage for 15 years. My children are now 18 and 19 and finally removed themselves from an abusive household even though they had a court-appointed minor’s counsel who has been paid by the State of California — in other words, with your tax dollars. I commend you for having the courage to write about this, but there are thousands of high-conflict cases in San Diego Family Court that are siphoning state and federal funds and also bankrupting families.

Eileen Lasher
via email

(from Custody Evaluator’s Credentials Questioned In Lawsuit)

Eileen Lasher
July 10th, 2009 at 9:25 am
This is a violation of the public’s trust. Upon reviewing this fraudulent conduct on the part of the court I question their motives in allowing this – I am quite sure it is financial. The attorneys, judges and court appointed psychologists are using state funds to run an organized crime ring. The lengths people will go to make a profit; using children as currency under the color of authority is a matter for the US Attorney’s office. These so called high conflict cases are being churned for tremendous fees and bankrupting families.

(from Custody Evaluator’s Credentials Questioned In Lawsuit)

Eileen Lasher
July 10th, 2009 at 10:33 am
This is alarming you have a state entity financed by tax dollars not adhering to the law and checking credentials. It appears there are financial incentives not to check and the children are being used as credentials. Judges, attorneys, court appointed “professionals” lining their pockets by making parents jump thru hoops that aren’t even legal under the guise of what is best for the children. The US Attorney’s office needs to look into this public corruption and examine the money trail to find the bad guys. The alarming fact is the bad guys are operating within the San Diego Family Court.

Raising Public Awareness, Demanding Reforms

There’s a long way to go raising awareness of the corruption of San Diego County courts, law enforcement, and family-related government agencies. If you’ve watched Eileen’s interview and/or been following the recent news regarding scandals in Judge Lorna Alksne’s broken family law courts, do your friends and family in Southern California a favor and forward them some articles on this mess. If public awareness can be raised sufficiently to create a real outcry for reform, perhaps the decades-long corrupt San Diego system can finally be gutted and replaced with a family law and protection system that features some integrity.

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  1. Anthony Peterson
    November 24th, 2009 at 22:55 | #1

    There is an important missing aspect to the story of Baba-Ali wrongful conviction, its the presiding judge in these cases where the premise is custodial parents will/may do nearly anything to spite the non-custodial parent….in this case (as in mine) act against the father of a child(ren). I was fortunate to have my child examined before a similar allegation was lanched against me and (prior to the change of court policy) sneak a tape recorder in the court. Its not so unusual that jurists act their best when the full light of exposure is upon them. In my case, Barry Cozier was the supervising judge of Guy DePhillips. I went as far to fwd a complaint to Cozier as I did to Gage (DePhillips previous supervisor) about DePhillips’ deliberate transgressions. Its clear, in the case of Mr. Baba-Ali, the jurists’ responses/decisions vindicating him were unavoidable. How do we punish these acts and how do we make it right? I haven’t seen my daughter since she was 3 yrs old. She’s 18 now. Why are no criminal actions being sought againt the fabricaters of the lies againt Mr. Baba-Ali? This recent decision in Mr. Baba-Ali’s favor only hides the real truth about judical misconduct and the fact its not being pursued is just another shame.

  2. January 13th, 2011 at 05:28 | #2

    In April 2009 I was in a deep depression and was placed on a 5150 NEVER was I asked to call someone to pick up my girls 10 & 12 @ the time. CPS came in and took them, it’s now 19 months later and my girls are still gone. I spent 3 day’s in the hospital and thrown out with no follow up plan. I was diagnosed AFTER my girls were taken with a mild form of Aspergers & major depressive disorder but NEVER was I offered any kind of treatment nor was I ever offered reunification services. My own parents have been denied custody due to that fact CPS doesn’t want me having any contact. I have raised an adult daughter 26 yrs. old. Both my younger girls have forms of autism as well. My youngest who was on a wheat & gluten free diet of 5 yrs. that transformed her aggressive behavior & cleaned up blood in her stool was taken off by social services and now being feed wheat and due to behavior issues have put her on psychotropic medications, she has been physically abused in foster care being bitten by an adult in the home. My older daughter was placed in a home with same sex parents and after she became uncomfortable being raised by me in a christian home she threatened to run away but social services told her “now that you know their sexual preference won’t you just stay there” she was moved eventually. She was then placed on an airline while in “protective care” to visit her grandparents but as I begged to give her a cell phone they said “No, due to you having no phone contact but she will have someone with her.” My daughter was placed on that flight ALONE no money, no cell phone, and left at L.A. airport for a two-hour layover. I was livid, and in total shock. If she had been kidnapped, raped & murdered she would of been just another CPS case with no fault on their part. My adult daughter has tried to get her sisters to no avail, my mother’s house was approved not once but twice and still no kids. The girls who have NEVER been placed together and been placed 4 different times. Now due to CPS & lies in countless reports I am being alienated from my children it’s been a total of 6 months in the 19 months they have been gone. The emotional trauma I am sure my girls are facing, not only because they are autistic but they only knew a loving, caring wonderful parent. I am in such disbelief this can go on and they literally get away with criminal acts and violation of all our constitutional rights as American citizens. I am a mother, a wonderful caring parent that met every single need and then some for all my children. My youngest was born premature and came home @ only 4 lbs. and never could I imagine the next 7 yrs. would be spent in and out of hospitals but I was their every single time and never once had CPS involved. I am not a drug addict nor do I have issues with alcohol. I am just a adult with a mild form of Aspergers and their saying I am incapable of raising my girls, REALLY ? Please follow my story and share it with the world in hopes of someone who cares just enough to help me and get involved. I need support, I need answers, I need direction so if their is that caring heart out their please contact me @ [email protected] and I will appreciate anything. Give a mother justice in a world of despair just because I have Asperger’s yet I live alone, pay all my own bills, drive my own car I pay for, cook for myself, hold a part time job how can I be incapable of raising my own children ? Thanks & God bless you all.

    Thanks, Linda Souza

  3. January 13th, 2011 at 05:35 | #3


    http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-395984 DISCRIMINATION

    http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-474638 BEING KEPT FROM MY GIRLS.

    http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-439181 BEEN GONE 19 MONTHS FOR WHAT ?

    Read my websites and see the destruction of CPS and San Diego courts.

  4. regina burton
    February 7th, 2011 at 21:13 | #4

    if anyone cares to see just how grave an injustice our so-called child protective services dish out, perhaps they would like to sit in on my daughter’s hearing scheduled for 2/11/11 in dept. 9 (savanna burton )8:30am_no longer closed court as i was mortified to find out upon leaving an audience that witnessed our circus hearing on 1/25/11. my daughter’s needs as an at risk youth with severe psychiatric needs have all but been ignored. i have a long history with cps stemming back to 2000 when i first i contacted them and disclose to them repeatedly my desire to escape my husband and father of our eight children. the penalty for such disclosure would be to lose custody of them twice. my children were scarred by this. first they allow father to

  5. Rhonda Adkins
    May 9th, 2011 at 16:17 | #5

    Eileen call me at 619-807-0795 please

  6. Eileen Lasher
    June 21st, 2011 at 16:30 | #6

    I have received a call from Henry Coker of the San Diego Public Defender’s Office after reporting my concerns of my children’s Court Appointed Minor’s Counsel billing the County of San Diego aka San Diego tax payers for services never rendered as well as falsifying records and lying to US Attorney Mr. Clark and failing to provide my contact information and my children’s after my daughter dialed 911 and was reported missing. Nathan Northrup of the County Counsel referred Henry Coker to me. I expressed concern about not receiving child support for my children and discussed my concerns about the delay in receiving child support and could see there is definitely a disconnect between the Court Appointed Minor’s Counsel and information that the children are now in my care and custody and have been since May of 2007; Natalie 16 and Danny 17. I explained to Henry Coker who had at that time responsiblity for addressing complaints about Court appointed minor’s Counsel. He advised me that a failure to report a change of household is fraud. I expressed that this failure continues to burden me financially as well as the tax payers as their taxes address her salary and Court fees. Henry Coker advised he is required to report this to the District Attorney’s Office. I have yet to be provided with any assistance.

    With the current press on problems within the San Diego Police Department I am reminded that the tax payers really don’t understand that they are paying the bill in part for the SDPD to cover up Police Family Violence. The pension is bankrupting the City but there are other perks provided to police officers that are not assessed. Several Internal Affairs investigations I have come to find out were conducted by the SDPD regarding my daughter being assaulted by her SDPD Officer father. The “investigations” were mock. Police officers contacted my neighbors but when I returned the phone call Officer Moser of Internal Affairs refused to speak with me or my children. In other words the mock investigation was just for show. Our family law case and child support matters continue to remain unresolved. I am currently preparing to go to Court. I am hoping that what will also be addressed is the fraud. A Child was orally copulated in my ex husband’s home by one of his neighbors while the child was in his care. My children’s Court Appointed Minor’s Counsel who was paid by the San Diego Tax Payers covered the matter up worked in collusion with my ex husband’s attorney Dave Schulman to cover the matter up. This was done 11 days after I lost sole custody for reporting that my daughter was assaulted prior to going to school by my ex husband’s live in girlfriend Monica Flores also an employee of the SDPD. The teacher failed to assist my daughter. After a little boy was sexually molested in my ex husband’s home my children were miraculously given back to me by the minor’s counsel Marcia Orenstein but she never reported it to the Court. This enabled the attorneys to work in collusion and make it look like a mistake was never made and the other perk was SDPD Officer got to continue to collect child support for children that he should have been paying child support for. California Family Law Code 2122 and 2124 entitles me to this money back based on the fraud and have the money returned. Hopefully sanctions to the Court will be ordered as well. The attorneys have collected money for covering up crimes against children definitely a benefit separate from the SDPD Pension plan that is of significant cost to the San Diego tax payers.

  7. November 4th, 2011 at 18:41 | #7

    Dear Eileen, Can you help me in any way ? I have been fighting this injustice for 2 1/2 yrs. my girls have been horrifically abused, misused, sexually assualted etc… and nobody will stand up for me. Is there ANY attorney you know who might take my case ? I feel so hopeless @ times and we are entering the holidays again and my youngest who was premature and has moderate autism turns 13 in December and I have been alienated away from her for over a year due to a falsified report by social services.

  8. November 17th, 2011 at 16:26 | #8

    Hi eileen me name is Eugene Harris you probley heard my name befor.I have been going through the same subject that you have but my case is special and a great help to every one that is going through this.I have evidence of so many crimes that the cps and El cajon courts want me elimanated from exsposing them.please take the time to investigate case number-Ej3150 and 0910556e san diego superior court.and case number-D056696 court of appeals of the state of california.4th Appellate District.The court of Appeals will give you more evidence.I have requested that this matter be brought befor the United Nation as a Human crime.This is are Goverment hear thats allowing this.So we must come togeather and exspose this because if not then ther just lining up future generations oof this.The rich get rich and the poor gets elimanated.Thes people are apart of the New World Order that want to reduce the Entire world population so it dont matter if ther kids or not one way or another ther goal is to capatalize the poor and week.I sent a Motion of Decovery to the El Cajon Superior Court Department#1 of the Evidece of the violations of the Americans With Disability Act.Human Rights Violations and these facts can be found in public court record’s of my case.I Notified the court of rules they have to abide by to investigate a Violation of The Americans Disability Act This is a Federal law and they did nothing.Why? Because they are part of the crime syndocate.With the Child Protective Service Protection.You can leave me a comment at Ugene [email protected] Please Leave a comment.

  9. Racheal
    January 5th, 2012 at 14:58 | #9

    @ Eileen Lasher

    Former supervisor of Children’s Services Karen Davis and her son George Davis BIGGEST METHAMPHETAMINE addict in San Diego has been awarded custody of my nieces when Karen Davis knows her son George who lives with her, abuses methamphetamines and brings shady people home exposing the children to abusive addicts! They even evicted my sister when she took a picture of George smoking crack, because they didn’t want to believe what they were seeing!!!! They continually fool the courts with their lies and manipulation! All along my sister is paying the price and is 100% defenseless and without support because no believes her!!! Karen Davis keeps covering for her son all the while finding every way to remove and take custody of my nieces from my sister!!! The corruption continues in her world even after retiring!!!

  10. Liz Barranco
    January 10th, 2012 at 01:02 | #10

    I don’t know how I stumbled on to this site but I recognize Eileen Lasher from years ago when we met to strategize about our custody cases. She had been separated from her kids for two years at that point. I was in my first lf what ended up being five years with no contact, etc., with my three youngest sons. (I never lost custody of their then-14 year old brother.) To this day, I don’t know where one of my sons lives. The last time I saw him was at a supervised visit in my home that cost me $400 in 2004. He is 23 now. Like Eileen, though, one of mine came back to me voluntarily at 16. I got the other one after he ran away from home when he was 15. CPS confirmed that he had experienced long term abuse in his father’s exclusive custody. During those years I had been going ex parte requesting a review of my case and citing hearsay that my kids’ dad was hitting them and that there were CPS referrals. My judge (same as Eileen’s–Huntington) claimed there was no such information in the CPS database. Yet when I finally got my youngest back, the CPS worker who his school contacted said the referrals were regular and constant the entire time. I am so sorry to see from the other posts that San Diego Family Court is the same as it ever was. I honestly think the root of the problem is money and power-tripping judges and cowardly judges who refuse to overturn or contradict the money-grubbing, power-tripping ones. Yuck–that was a terrible time in my life that ruined me and destroyed my family.

  11. One of thousands
    January 12th, 2012 at 02:06 | #11

    Eileen is a hero in more lives than any of us know. She lives in my prayers every night. Thank you Ms Lasher. May God bless you and yours.

    God bless all.

  12. Jason
    March 29th, 2012 at 04:27 | #12

    My fiance has been accused of harming our middle son (5 years), All of their 3 accusations are unfounded and did not happen. All of our 3 boys (9,5, and 11 months) have been removed from our care. this has hit our hearts like a ton of bricks. We are not the wealthiest of family’s, but we are one of the most loving and happy. Everything they have accused her of never happened. I feel so helpless and sad. don’t know what to do or go from here. If there is anyone who can offer some advice, and or help we would more than greatly appreciate it. Jason L. [email protected]

  13. June 13th, 2012 at 02:30 | #13


    Where you can connect the dots and see what all this corruption involves.
    plus you email and more information about San Diego corruption and have it posted and leaked to the public with out anyone knowing who sent it

  14. George D. Jackson
    September 7th, 2012 at 03:31 | #14

    I have been dealing with the San Diego child support services since 1997. I have had my case grossly mishandled by them due to corruption. For years I tried to get my case heard by a judge. It all started when I found out that I was in default on my case and began to be garnished. The child support amount was way to high! They had my estimated income at almost a thousand dollars more than I was earning. I quickly called them and asked for a modification packet. When I received the paper work I filled out my information. I noticed that there was information required about my ex wife and daughter so I called my ex wife and asked her for it. She said she liked everything the way it was and refused to give me the information that I needed. I called DCSS and told them. I have all my information filled out. Can you get the information from your files to complete my paperwork? The woman said. No sir we cannot do that and if its not completely filled out don’t even bother to send it. I asked can your refer me to someone to help me? She said no sir there is no one here to help you.

    When I finally got the information and had the paperwork completely filled out I sent it in. DCSS called me with a hearing date. But the only option they would give me was to go nearly 2,000 miles from Montana to SanDiego to appear after they made my family homeless. I requested a telephone hearing but they said I did not have that option. Through the years they forced me to hide my income from them just to survive. They forced me to be a dead beat dad. I wanted a modification so my family could live and still support my daughter in CA. I now know that it was all deception DCSS was lying to me all along denying me a telephone hearing and information for the family law facilitators office. This deception went on from 1997 to 2008 with dcss lying to me and saying we’ll send you a post default review form to fill out and send back. But it won’t do you any good unless you can come here to appear. I said you people know that I can’t come there! You guys keep making us homeless. This went on till 2008 when I finally got Senator Max Baucus’s office involved and they called them to inquire about my case. Child Support Services quickly sent me information for a telephone hearing and for the family law facilitators office. I quickly got a hold of the facilitator’s office and got a telephone hearing. The facilitator said I don’t know why they took so long to refer you to us? We have been here to help you since ten years before your case began. The facilitator sent me some of my files from DCSS. They say that I called several times through the years to discuss my case. No where does it say that I called and requested a telephone hearing and to be referred to someone to help me. When I finally had my hearing I said I wanted a retroactive modification due to misconduct by DCSS. The hearing commissioner said that DCSS was representing the mother and not me. So he said it was legal for them to with hold information and a telephone hearing from me. I later called the ombudsman and told them what the hearing judge said. The ombudsman said he didn’t believe a judge would say that and wouldn’t discuss it any farther. I tried to have the California Judicial Review Board review the judge’s ruling. But they said hearing commissioners are not subject to the Judicial review.

    I had another hearing and I was still trying to prove misconduct by DCSS. I asked how long has DCSS had the option of a telephone hearing and how long have they been required to refer people to the facilitators office? The DCSS represenitive at the hearing just answered. I don’t know and that was accepted as an answer. He did’nt require an answer or call for a recess while for the information to be obtained. He just accepted the answer. I later asked my DCSS case manager the same question. She acted very nervous and said I don’t know and refused to discuss it with me anymore. Now she won’t even return my calls. It seems that that information is a carefully guarded secret.

    Because of their corruption they have me oweing over eighty thousand dollars in arrears. Because I was never allowed to get my case before a judge to get it modified. I think that whole DA’s office should be investigated for corruption. Also all cases with high arrears should be investigated for misconduct.

  15. October 23rd, 2012 at 20:10 | #15

    I have begun a nonprofit in San Diego, Ca due to my own experience with a definitely paid or blackmailed judge. Not biased, there is no excuse for the things he said and did in court. It is definitely corruption. My site has, or will have all the evidence for all to see.
    Any San Diego victims of our corrupt courts, please contact me. We need to group up and fight.


  16. Michelle Chan
    December 10th, 2016 at 06:28 | #16

    I am the victim of whistleblower retaliation because I know that SF Superior Court Dependency Division and SF Children and Family Services are not following state and federal guidelines. Furthermore, they are violating parents due process rights and rights to competent legal counsel. The court-appointed attorneys, judges, caseworkers, and supervisors are corrupt and I have significant and credible evidence to prove this. The department and courts knowingly placed my son with the abuser, even after I submitted recorded evidence of a four hour incident of domestic violence and child abuse. The department subsequently failed to implement any safety planning for me or my son, even refusing (via email correspondence) to order my abuser to relinquish the keys to my home during a time that I had an emergency protective order against him. They have willfully allowed him to continue abusing me, meanwhile holding my son hostage. I haven’t seen my son for weeks and he is suffering dearly. The charges against me are bogus and I was able to prove it. the hearing keeps getting pushed back while the prosecution engages in dirty tricks in an effort to shut me up. I have evidence to support all my claims. Please help.

  17. shawn mcelhinney
    May 4th, 2019 at 21:00 | #17

    Anybody able to help sick ca parent who as sgl dad kids adopted while sick in septic state as a lifetime federal guy in area of law not civilian has documented 700 violations in one case ncal anybody help im in process of tort and asked for IG help and have assigned poc.

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