FBI Child Pornographers Persecute Innocent Citizens?

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Writer Brian Rothery of website Inquisition 21st Century claims that the American FBI is one of the world’s foremost publishers of illegal child pornography in his article America devours its young. That might sound like a shocking claim, but to those who have seen American “law enforcement” operate, it is totally plausible.

American law enforcement makes a regular practice of violating the Constitution and civil rights by running persecution campaigns to frame, denigrate, and ruin people accused of crimes which they probably never committed. They do this to people who have never even been charged or given a trial, fair or not. Many of these people are in fact victims of crimes such as computer hacking, credit card theft, and false accusations made by people who have something to gain by hurting them. Yet too many cops think that their jobs are attacking and throwing people in jail and that somehow this means that complying with the laws themselves is optional.

Sometimes their terrorism against the citizenry involves the use of evidence that appears to be fabricated. Sometimes it involves perjury by government agents or lies by parties who have something to gain by ruining another person’s life. Many innocent people are being hurt by these government abuses, but they continue because the public apparently has its collective head in the sand hoping the cops don’t target them for abuse next.

The problematic behaviors of American law enforcement are not unique to the United States. Government abuse by Western “law enforcement” agencies is rampant. While these governments conduct framing and persecution campaigns over many crimes which never occurred, one of their easiest jobs is to do this using accusations of child pornography. Even an unproven allegation like this can land one on unconstitutional government black lists for years, lists from which the government will not remove your name even if a court makes a finding of innocence and orders them to comply with removal.

The accused may have done absolutely nothing illegal, yet they can be framed by computer hackers, government agents, or by people who have something to gain by it, such as in the case of “Stewart” who found himself the target of a government persecution campaign over alleged child pornography. It ruined years of his live and left him contemplating suicide even though he didn’t end up prison. Later, he found out that he may have been framed by family members who didn’t want to share an inheritance.

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Law Enforcement Agents Have Become Child Abusers

Make no mistake, child pornography is at a minimum inappropriate and children should be protected from it. But in their zeal to “catch” child pornographers, law enforcement is creating and distributing child pornography and has created a “solution” that is likely worse than the problem it is supposed to address.

Even when there has been actual criminal activity involving child pornography or child abuse, the way government agents torment the children involved and then republish pornography involving them may actually do more damage to the children than the original crimes. But since it is government criminal activity, it is habitually protected by courts which benefit from the endless stream of sham cases keeping the judges busy.

Government terrorism is even turning teenagers, known for their age-typical sexual curiosity and frequent attempts to assert “independence” by doing rather odd things, into targets for persecution and/or prosecution over obscene photographs they took of themselves and texted (which is being called “sexting”) or emailed to their friends thinking they were being funny. In the process, law enforcement has become far more harmful child abusers than many of the people they have arrested who could be shown in a fair trial to have broken the law.

In the decades past, perhaps a kid found a porno magazine spread it around the neighborhood showing other kids. Can you imagine police investigating and prosecuting 11 year old kids in 1980 for such actions? How about the FBI pursuing federal prosecution because a kid hid the nudie magazine in his backpack and took it across state lines to show his cousin on a family trip? If you’re a typical naive American, such atrocities are beyond what you would think the government would do. You would be wrong.

What modern teenagers are doing is not much different in concept from what they did in decades past. The technology has changed, but human nature of innocent children has not. The human nature that has changed is that of the government. It has become a monstrosity that criminalizes everything it can in its zeal to control, dominate, and subjugate its citizens to the power of its politicians and employees.

Computer = Risk for False Child Porn Accusations

If you have a computer in your home and somebody enters your home without your permission and uses it to access child pornography, you may be arrested, charged, and convicted even though you committed no crime at all. That’s right, you as an innocent victim of crime can be charged with a crime that will be punished more severely if you are convicted! This is because the courts and government full of technological illiterates are treating IP addresses as somehow uniquely identifying a computer and its user when this is not at all the case.

Even not owning a computer or cell phone doesn’t mean you and your children are safe from the government. Your children could use a computer at a library or a friend’s home and end up the target of a child pornography persecution. This may happen even if they didn’t access anything illegal. Somebody else may have used the same computer but seem a less plausible target, so your and/or your child will be attacked by the government. Ponder what happens if library records show there were two users of a computer one afternoon and they were a 60 year old Catholic nun and your 15 year old son. The cops find the computer was used to access a child porn site and your son is now the target of a witch hunt because it seems less plausible the nun would have done it. The Church might actually have the money to defend her vigorously while you likely won’t, and the local prosecutor and cops want a win against a criminal they can vilify to make themselves look good. That they wrongly ruin your child’s life doesn’t matter to them. Or maybe it does matter — they or their friends may want to do it as a way to embarrass you.

If this sounds far-out, consider the article FBI Retains Hard Drive With Child Porn which discusses the newsroom computer from a Santa Barbara newspaper (the News-Press) which was used by many newspaper employees. While nobody can prove who put the child porn on the computer, it appears it was easy to find a scapegoat to target even without any prosecution:

(from FBI Retains Hard Drive With Child Porn)

The article – “News-Press Seeks Exam of Computer Used by Ex-Editor Roberts Containing Child Porn” – has been decried by scores of Santa Barbarans, media industry insiders and even a few libel lawyers as a smear piece against former News-Press Executive Editor Jerry Roberts, who at one point – like any number of newsroom employees – had used the computer.

Roberts, the current Daily Nexus Publications Director, is being sued by Ampersand for $25 million for breach of contract. Roberts resigned from the News-Press last July. Since he left, at least 40 other newsroom employees have quit or been fired, many complaining of upper management’s alleged inappropriate meddling in the newsroom.

Scapegoats for “Child Porn” May Even Be Children!

Don’t get the idea that the scapegoat will certainly be an adult, either. Joshua, now an adult, spent more than 3 years under investigation and prosecution and is now serving 8 years in prison for viewing child pornography while he was a teenager. People in his community regard this is a miscarriage of justice. What they don’t understand is that essentially all American children are at risk of being victimized and persecuted like this.

Even more worrisome, victimization of your children by government abuse using sex crime laws doesn’t have to involve anything pornographic at all. American children are being convicted and required to register for life for such crimes as consensually kissing their girlfriends who were more than two years younger.

If you’re caught, pulling the common teenage stunt of “mooning” somebody by dropping pants in public to expose the butt can also land a kid on a life-long sex offender list.

Even not being able to find a bathroom to use significantly elevates the risk of being blacklisted as a sex offender. In many US states, if the police catch your child urinating outside, he or she could be required to register as a sex offender for life. Your children would be better off urinating in the car or in their pants than to take a risk like this.

This extreme treatment of non-violent “sex crimes” is earning the US a reputation as a blatant human rights offender:

(from US: Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good)

Federal law and the laws of all 50 states now require adults and some juveniles convicted of a vast array of crimes that involve sexual conduct to register their addresses and other information with law enforcement agencies. Because registration requirements are overbroad in scope and overlong in duration, there are more than 600,000 registered sex offenders in the US, including individuals convicted of non-violent crimes such as consensual sex between teenagers, prostitution, and public urination, as well as those who committed their only offenses decades ago.

If your child is persecuted for what many would not consider a crime at all but which the government considers a serious sex offense, the consequences are not just life-long registration. Your child may no longer be able to live with you unless you move to the middle of nowhere or you are willing to accept the risk of him or her being arrested at any time for violating residency restrictions.

Even if you are willing to run that risk, are you willing to take the chance that CPS will use the victimization of your child as an excuse to show up with gun-toting cops to take the rest of your children away and charge you with “child endangerment” for allowing your children to live with a “sex offender” who did something horrible like pee in public along a sparsely traveled road with no bathrooms for 50 miles? They don’t even have to convict your child of a crime to claim he or she is a sex offender and/or child abuser. This has been shown repeatedly by CPS cases in which the government makes unproven allegations against one parent that never proceed to charges nor a trial, often due to a combination of a lack of evidence and evidence of innocence, and then show up to take the children away because the parent is still in the home. Don’t think they won’t do this every chance they can. It earns them Title IV-D funding from the US federal government and helps to ensure job security because they can show they are “providing services” to more families.

Where American Law Enforcement Gets “Child Porn” To Publish

The American FBI tries to make itself sound like a protector of children and families in their web page document A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety. The reality, however, is that the FBI is contributing to the creation, distribution, and spreading of child pornography. The FBI helps expose more children to it every day and to further victimize those who have already been victimized.

When a police agency in the US takes custody of computer equipment, it is often transferred to an FBI Regional Computer Forensics Lab extracting evidence. These labs are spread out across the United States as show in this RCFL map. Some jurisdictions have their own crime labs with forensic computer capabilities, but many make use of the FBI labs.

The technicians make back up copies of the data on the computer and are supposed to keep a detailed chain of custody records about any evidence. If the technicians are finding photographs that may be of use to the investigators which they are serving, they will provide copies of those photos to them. While it is not clear if the technicians know how their work is being used, their efforts to do their jobs are being perverted into something truly evil.

What appears to happen in at least some cases is that somewhere along the way these photographs are manipulated and/or posted to illegal websites operated by the FBI and/or other law enforcement agencies. Agents do this as part of the plan to “catch” people viewing and distributing child pornography by spreading it around to create more suspects to arrest and persecute. That they are further victimizing children really doesn’t matter to them.

If your child really is victimized by a child pornographer, don’t be surprised if the law enforcement agencies supposedly there to “protect” citizens instead take the illegal photographs and spread them elsewhere. Your child could be an Internet porn star courtesy of the FBI!

In other cases, photographs that are not child pornography may be found. Perhaps they depict adult pornographic photos, artwork such as sculptures, or even medical images used in training doctors. The government can then manipulate the photos to turn them into “child pornography” by making them appear to be so, even though that was never the case.

For instance, if your kids’ doctor has a photograph of weird injury in a private spot on your child because they are concerned about possible abuse or are tracking progress of an illness and the office gets raided by the government for some reason, you may find that your child becomes an Internet porn star courtesy of the FBI or other law enforcement agency. Such a raid doesn’t have to be because the doctor’s office did anything wrong. It could be something as simple as the FBI swooping in to take all the computers and records because of a claim that somebody working in the office has been in contact with a “known terrorist” the FBI is trying to find. Nazi-style legislation like the Patriot Act helps make this possible.

No Computer, No Credit Card, And Still a Target? Yes!

If you’ve gotten this far and are somehow still under the delusion that you are safe from law enforcement abuse and persecution because you don’t use computers, don’t have a credit card, and nobody is angry at you, think again.

You don’t need to have a computer, a credit card, or anybody making false accusations to ruin you. Yet you can still be targeted for child pornography persecution.

Just ask the Demaree family of Arizona. They made the mistake of having Wal-Mart develop legal photos of their little kids playing around after a bath. Wal-Mart reported them for child pornography. Their lives turned into hell as they lost their children, got blacklisted as sex offenders, and were hounded by police who continue to lie about the nature of the photographs, even including photos that were shown on national television that are clearly not problematic in any way.

US, UK, Canada, and Australia Are Not Safe

You and your children are not safe from the abusive and perverse government behavior described in this article unless you avoid using computers, cell phones, and perhaps even move out of the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia. Move to a safer nation such as China or Cuba which doesn’t waste its resources entrapping and framing apolitical citizens for crimes that never occurred or criminalizing behavior that nobody in their right minds would have dreamed to be criminal just a couple of decades ago.

It’s a sad state of affairs that the human rights and civil rights violations in “free” nations are now often worse that those in “Communist” nations. But although that day arrived years ago, most people living in “free” nations are still ignorant of the abuse and sheer evil promulgated by their governments in the name of being “tough on crime” or whatever other excuse they have. They generally first find out when a friend or family member is wrongly targeted for destruction at the hands of the government.

If you’re going to stay in Nazi-land and you hope to ever be safe again, it’s time for you to act. Start spreading the word about the abusive governments in these nations. Awareness of the problems is the first step towards the populations of these tyrannical nations being able to agitate for restoration of due process, prosecution of dishonest testimony and illegal actions by law enforcement and government employees, and a stop to the civil rights violations, human rights atrocities, and child abuse being perpetrated by law enforcement.

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