CPS and Police Abuse Wrongly Removed Children

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Daniel Weaver is a father who spent five years of his life fighting CPS and family law courts against false abuse allegations. He was finally exonerated. But the damage to his children and him have made him worried for all children and parents.

It is far more common than the public realizes for CPS and police to swoop in and terrorize a family with no evidence or due process. In the process, CPS and the police become child abusers who create extensive psychological damage in children that may take years of therapy to correct, therapy that the government will not pay to provide.

(from Cops & Child Protective Services abuse children when they take them from innocent parents)

I have often argued that Child Protective Services and the police are guilty of abusing children. I don’t mean they are guilty of abuse when they take children from homes where the parents have sexually and physically abused them, or where children have been neglected through starvation and the like. What I mean is that when children are taken from innocent parents, which happens a lot more than the public realizes, they are often abused.

I will be writing some more about this in the coming weeks. Today, however, I wanted to focus on how Child Protective Services and the police traumatize children during the removal process. Can you imagine being four years old or eight years old or even a teenager, and a number of cops and/or Child Protective Services investigators show up at your house. Your parents have done nothing wrong. They have never hurt or neglected you. Yet here is a big cop with a gun, handcuffs and a taser. You start crying. Your mother or father naturally get upset because you are being taken. The cops then threaten your parents. Finally, the cops drag you to the police car, kicking and screaming.

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Weaver has included videos of police and government agents abducting children who obviously don’t want to go with them. This particular video is a home video made in April 2009 by a single black father as white cops take his children away screaming and kicking.

Here is what the father “Jeff” had to say about his situation:

My children were taken from me for no reason. The agency is trying to cover up child abuse of my children by using police force on the children. Three kids were taken from me. My daughter was returned, but the boys are being kept to cover up the abuse that’s occurring. The fact that I am a single BLACK FATHER is the reason this is being done. I have gone to the local paper, TV, and court to present my case, but the cover up has been put in. I feel the only way too get my boys is to show the public what’s really going on. My boys were forced to watch their father and sister be falsely arrested. I even had to watch my daughter get handcuffed and put in a police car. This is a 13 year old girl that was just being abused because the police and agency know they have the courts, TV, and paper on their side. My rights and my children’s rights were just abused. My only chance to save my boys is to make a public spectacle out of this case.

Lawyers please call Jeff at 610-620-7893.

Thank you.

Although it is very hard to make out the police insignia and logos on the cars, it appears that this incident took place in Reading, Pennsylvania, involving officers from the Reading Police Department.

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Government = Equal Opportunity Child Abusers

While Jeff would have us believe that this is all happening because he’s a black father, it is not that simple. It is understandable that he’d think that from his experience, but these kinds of government Gestapo child abuse and abduction tactics are used against people of all races and religions in the United States. The government is an equal opportunity child abuser.

Race Card = Divide and Conquer Strategy

Did the phrase “a single black father as white cops take his children away screaming and kicking” raise your ire making you feel upset about racism? That was intentional, to prove a point.

Creating the belief that the child and family abuse in this country is based upon race actually helps the government abuse more children and families. This is because it causes racial arguments between blacks, whites, and other races who are all being abused by the government.

American governments use the “divide and conquer” strategy of race politics on their citizens on a daily basis in every area of life, not just in family and child politics. Most Americans are too gullible to understand this. The real war in America is not black vs. white vs. Hispanic vs. Asian, it is the citizens vs. evil abusive government. But the evil abusive government has managed to confuse most citizens by playing the race card, thus causing the citizens to fight each other and become easy targets for the government to abuse as it pleases.

“Child protection” agencies target defenseless families, especially families having financial problems, as those families don’t have the funds or political connections to fight them. Families that are experiencing a job loss, divorce, medical crisis, or other economic hardships are particularly easy targets for the CPS Gestapo to harass and earn easy Title IV dollars from the US Federal Government by destroying people’s families and turning their children into wards of the state.

Police = Lawless Co-Conspirators

Police actually do some good as there really are some seriously bad criminals in society who have done a lot of harm and deserve to be locked up. But the police have allowed themselves to become the “enforcers” for the child abusing agencies, providing the muscle and guns to physically intimidate and assault parents and children who get in the way.

The cops are doing the bidding of a sister government agency. They are trained to not think twice about abusing children when they are ordered to do so. Often their paychecks come from the same county or city governments funding the “child protection” agencies, and they know it. So it’s their job to abuse children. They operate in a symbiotic parasitic relationship with CPS, both agencies sucking the life out of families to get paid and both agencies covering each other’s tails when the going gets rough and they are at risk of their abuses being exposed.

Until police officers start obeying the law, they are co-conspirators in the American child abuse industry. What they fail to understand is that obeying government orders is often violating the law. When a CPS social worker tells a cop to break the law, the cop should arrest the CPS social worker rather than follow the order. The CPS social worker should be charged with federal and state crimes involving violation of due process laws and conspiracy to cause violation of those laws. If the CPS social worker resists arrest, the social worker should also be charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Until the citizens can see that abusive CPS social workers are being arrested and tried for their crimes, there is no reason for American families to feel safe in this country. All of us are in danger from the government.

American Citizens = Domesticated Animals

If the government agencies won’t start following the law and ensuring that there is evidence to support actions and due process has been followed, what can be done?

The answer is not much unless the citizens of the United States take back their government. Americans have been turned into domesticated animals, willingly being led to slaughter by Uncle Sam and his minions.

This nation is little better than the dictatorship in Iran in many ways. There the citizens have the guts to protest rigged elections and bad government policy. Here, Americans are brainwashed with political propaganda and there is no “Radio Free USA” to inform the population of what the government is really doing.

Fixing the system peacefully and forcing government compliance with law would be far preferable to violence. However, at what point is it time to give up on the idea of peaceful fixes? The government abuses against families and children have been growing for decades and every attempt to fix them is twisted and deflected. The government always finds new ways to circumvent the law to do what it wants.

Today, social workers often break the law by keeping cases out of court. They threaten and terrorize the families using “taking them to court to permanently remove their children” as a threat to gain their compliance with virtually any abusive action the social worker wants to use to persecute the family or any of its members.

If these cases actually went to court, some of the families would be able to expose the misconduct of social workers and government agencies. The social workers know that, and they have seen that sometimes they are stripped of immunity for their misconduct and occasionally their targets have enough money to pursue them in civil court for their misconduct. Cases such as the Alicia Wade and Dale Akiki debacles of the early 1990s led to county governments being held liable for million of dollars in damages. The government response to this was to find ways to persecute families outside of court, in a battlefield in which the citizens have no legal representation whatsoever.

Today, the social workers find every way they can to persecute families and take their children without going into court while at the same time loading up their case files with lies and distortions to justify what they are doing. If the case ever gets to court after months or years of government abuse, the judge will read thousands of pages of government lies and won’t know what really happened. The judge will sign off on the government abuse because the judge is being manipulated with lies. This is one of the most common methods the social workers use to subvert all laws that are designed to protect children and families from government abuses.

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  1. kindness
    December 23rd, 2009 at 04:15 | #1

    My name is Landa. I live here in Stark County, Ohio. I have 2 kids, both of my kids are in foster care. The police & the intake worker took away my kids. I did not know why my kids were being taken. I only knew my kids were in foster care. CPS has to be stopped. CPS is all about money & lies. I have been fighting for my 2 kids since last year. My kids are being hurt in foster care. My kids are still in the same foster home. My case worker want my kids to be put up for adoption. My kids’ dad side of the family is trying to get both of my kids. The workers in Chicago, Illinois are playing games & telling a lot of lies. We are a black family that needs help fighting CPS. We need a good fighting lawyer. It is time we all come together. We can’t keep being quiet. We have to fight for our kids & rights. We all need a good strong fighting organization in all states. We are all in this fight together. Anyone can send me a e-mail [email protected] . We need everyone to join us in our fight for our kids against CPS & the police. It’s time we wake up.

  2. SCOTT A.
    February 24th, 2010 at 11:56 | #2


  3. brittany salerno and andrew lejeune
    April 29th, 2010 at 09:44 | #3

    We live in Texas in Harris County. We have a nineteen month old little boy. Just two days ago CPS came to get him from us and try to say that we were neglecting him! We have been trying to find a really good attorney to help us fight CPS in court. We and our family told CPS what they did was wrong.

    I was told by a friend last night that they are doing it to a lot of parents right now. They think that kids are games to play with families’ hearts and minds. They just need to leave the families alone that are not hurting the children.

    CPS hurts parents that are treating their kids or kid with what they need and providing with them with love and caring by their parents. It does not matter what race you are!!! They need to look at the ones who are beating on their kids or kid and the ones who do neglect them, not the ones that don’t hurt them!!! Our son is all we have to live for and the stupid god damn CPS put him in the system when they they told us that they weren’t going to… until they checked out my grandmother and our friend!

  4. BELLA
    June 5th, 2010 at 13:37 | #4

    Parents all over Jefferson County, Texas, are now victims of undereducated CPS so-called social workers. Go to Fight CPS False Allegations now! Know your rights and fight to make CPS held accountable by criminal law for removing any child under lies, false accusations, denial to give your so-called “safety plans”. Watch your back, trust none of them. CPS is getting away with kidnapping everyday. Parents, we must end this crime ASAP. Hold these fraudulent CPS high-paid workers accountable! They lie, they take your child. We have the right to have them put into prison! Let’s end this CPS kidnapping NOW!

  5. Jordan
    September 10th, 2010 at 23:48 | #5

    Today I had my kid taken from me and my girlfriend over false allegations. Over a year ago, my ex wife started making false accusations that my dad was molesting my at the time 6 year old step daughter. Then the tables were turned on me saying that I “admitted” to several people that I had sexual “tendencies” to molest her and that was found untrue by two different police departments. They found that it was inconclusive and charges were never filed and the case was dropped due to the fact they thought she was being coached. Here a year and a half later, new baby new mom. The mother of my child’s mother reports to CPS of domestic violence and our baby wasn’t safe in my care. Which now opened another CPS case and they removed our daughter from our care today because of those false accusations a year ago. What can we do to get our daughter back and to bring up a lawsuit against CPS to the extent of the law? I do not know what to do. This is shit that my ex caused in the past, now its coming back to haunt me again.

  6. One of Thousands
    September 11th, 2010 at 19:31 | #6


    Know this: Most (not all) CPS workers have no interest in your children except for the fact that they make the CPS workers money. Job security. And some kind of weird power trip for the losers who make up CPS workers.

    Bizzarre, but true.

    Unfortunately the fact is you can’t trust any government employee. They’re in it for themselves. Not your kids. Not you. Not the public. Them.

    It’s a sad fact of modern America that these losers make a living feeding off of your children and your children’s future, but that’s democracy today.

    Solution? First, know your rights.

    Second, assume anything the government says (CPS, cops, judges, anyone taking a paycheck from the state) is a lie.

    Third, lie back to the bastards. They set the “lie for any purpose” rules. Play by those rules.

    Fourth, protect your child with your life. Not happy to say it, but that’s often the only way to keep these wolves at bay. Whatever it takes, and I mean >>>>whatever it takes<<<<.

    These people are bad–very bad–and deserve no deference or respect. In fact they deserve to have their heads (and nothing else) on the top of a stick.

    Fifth, stay out of the system–whatever it takes. These people do not have your interests in mind. In fact, they've consistently demonstrated they don't give a crap about you or your children. They're reckless at best, vicious more often than not. You are fodder for their well-being. Don't bend over.

    Finally, love your child for all the blessings you've received.

    Fight back. Fight hard, and good luck.

  7. Angel
    May 25th, 2011 at 22:40 | #7

    Absolutely all people, who make false allegations, should be arrested and prosecuted. I had false allegations made by an ex-boyfriend because I was breaking up with him. My sister who is an absolutely hateful person and has always been extremely jealous of my success as a professional ballerina/choreographer, collaberated with him and the SS. I ended up loosing my son because of this. This case was so absolutely bizarre. I still can’t make sense of it. I go to church almost everyday and pray so hard for justice. I have never abused anyone in my life. I love Jesus, life, children, people, animals. I was so depressed that it lead me to loose my job, end up on the street and gang-raped and left for dead. And this is just to say the least. I truly hope you can help make some changes in the system. This should have never happened….

  8. cynthia garcia
    August 20th, 2015 at 16:37 | #8

    My name is Cynthia Garcia,my four children were taken from me the month of May 2006,i ended up going to prison for four years, but at that time i was transported to one of the courts for my children and that’s was it county refused to transport me to the other court hearings.My mother,sister, brother-in-law,and nephew were all there for my children. They all took there background test and passed to get my children but CPS/CWS worker from Tulare County (Robert Chavez) told my mother that its in the best interest of my children to never see me or my family again. As soon as i got of prison i attempted to contact CWS for information and nobody would help me find out anything. My and my families rights were wrongfully taken from us and we need help to fight tulare county cws for taking my children. Tulare County must pay for what they do to families just so they can get bonuses They must be stopped. Please help.

  9. cynthia garcia
    August 20th, 2015 at 16:50 | #9

    Tulare county Cps/Cws workers are the worst people ever to be come across. They thrive on wrongfully taking children from there families. They have it in there heads that they can just take your children with no explanation.Tulare County is wrong for what they do to innocent families. Tulare County should be accused of kidnapping our children.

  10. Leana Love
    June 26th, 2016 at 21:43 | #10

    I will get the ball rolling there’s nobody else willing are able this is something that has to be done International in my opinion this is already pre-planned premeditated starting off with when we purchased the phones and devices and evil things this is not just in one town is the whole United States and in the Bible had warned us about this, this is something no one should have to face alone. they planned this out for years and did a very good job and it worked as you can see that going to the court will not help or any other organization cuz they’re all in on it together judges, public defenders , psychotherapist, the counseling, the foster parents, the county , the city, the state and the police this is what the violations under color of law was waiting for things like this who’s going to uphold it, just as there were laws made that if someone makes fraudulent or false abuse reports they can be fined and put in jail, you can see that’s not happening t he person who made the calls gose free and then they come pick up your kids why because at 3 meals a day and other expense they don’t won’t to pay out but if the federal government where to put money as incentives in foster care removal and services they would arrest them and probably even go as far as making up stories that they call in false reports themselves to be able to them picked up good morning have you been on Justice hush hush this thing is too big you must go and make this Secret public you must go public with this cuz you don’t to have a forced disappearances so the media can help keep an eye on us and our kids keeping secret for CPS and the COURT will not help us no matter How many government agencies we have out here that they say are put in place to help families and all this REFORM CPS with books 600 pages long how its going to change but it never dose this is just a mere distraction just as all the services they offer keep you so busy you can’t even think straight keep you you can’t fight back, this something we have to go outside of the United States for help you can get help here they made sure there was nothing here for us to get help from in order for you to get help it takes thousands of people to pull together to put in enough attention to have somebody do something no matter where you go. If people are not willing to do that then we’re never going to help assist with the situation but you can go to the UN. they have our kids parents very scared they know for a fact that we won’t do anything against them because they have your children they have the most precious thing in your life is your children that you won’t go up against anyone because you want them to get hurt or hurt, I have made a report about the foster parents were abusing my kids can only be hold II get the messages that my kids were missing but they couldn’t find them I’m getting calls to my cell phone leaving messages from social workers telling me this so I took it okay so it’s okay but just reading an article from a lawyer he said that they would do this and I couldn’t belive it was happening right before my eyes, another this he said where this one man I feel so bad for him it was a white man he was saying that the black foster family had his daughter turning racist against him the black foster family was playing the part about the family and turning them against that’s what the CPS paid them to do that to you because they want hurt you any way they can the same thing happens to me it’s who ever they got working for them

  11. peggy carpenter
    June 23rd, 2019 at 22:23 | #11

    We are going though this my grandson got hit by a truck when riding his bike to a friends house to go swimming my grandson was rush to children’s hospital where he was in a coma for over a month the child protective service took my other two grandsons put them with a foster family where they have been getting beat with a belt and my oldest grandson who got hit was release from the hospital t a foster family that has a 18 year old son that is sexual abusing my grandson and nothing being done because the caseworker said that the boys are making up stories because they dont want to be in foster care,and I dont have any money to get help

  12. Tamara Tarango
    November 9th, 2020 at 02:55 | #12

    . My my daughter and my granddaughter we’re at the river my daughter had a mental breakdown from in a domestic violence situation for 6 years the police were called she was 5150 and they put my granddaughter in CPS custody I knew nothing till my daughter called me from a pay phone inside the hospital Saturday morning at 7:40 I went to the hospital they told me they didn’t have anybody by that name or birthdate started calling police departments to find out what was going on and where my granddaughter was and they had no record of any thing with my daughter or my granddaughter’s names anywhere in any Police Department so called the 24-hour CPS resource hotline to find out about my granddaughter hour and 45 minutes I called them back cuz they still had not called me and in hour later they finally called me back gave me the name of a social worker that told me I couldn’t get in touch with him until Monday when I asked why isn’t there anybody I can talk to you today they told me I’m sorry ma’am he is unavailable until Monday Monday morning when I called the the CPS worker he told me if I got a hold of him Saturday then he would have just gave my granddaughter back but because I didn’t they were having a hearing that Monday at 11 a.m. which was only to tell me that I wasn’t allowed to be participate procedures the next day at 1 p.m. they 300 her and made her a ward of the State of California meanwhile my daughter’s been held against her will and given psychiatric drugs that Knock You Out so she was incapable of being evolved in hearings in didn’t even that they were going on now the daughter has never been charged with anything in this incident but they refused to give my granddaughter back to her family they even told me that if they decide to give her to me that my daughter cannot live with us or be around her at all she has done nothing wrong she’s been charged with nothing if there was something so wrong that Riley couldn’t come home then why haven’t they come to check on the welfare of my grandsons help anybody can anybody help me get my granddaughter home where she belongs with her family legally kidnapped her with no probable cause of not returning her who is it that governs these people when they wrongfully take children are there home and traumatized the whole family I don’t know what else to do so I am starting I’m going to go pick it the courthouse try to get the media involved because they’re not doing anything I’m not allowed to be in these proceedings and I’m the grandmother hoping the media will bring enough food licity for them to do the right thing hopefully I can pray and I’m praying every minute that my granddaughter’s away from us that she’s safe

  1. July 29th, 2009 at 14:03 | #1
  2. August 13th, 2009 at 04:38 | #2

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