Former Gov. Jesse Ventura Rightly Labels United States the “Fascist States of America”

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Jesse Ventura is not just a former wrestling star. He’s also the former governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, a former Navy SEAL, and a man disgusted by the fascist United States of America. Almost a year ago, he filed suit against the US government’s TSA (Transportation Security Administration) over its practice of patting him down that is an evident violation of the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure.

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US Constitution Fourth Amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Ventura been a frequent target for pat-downs and other searches because he has a titanium hip implant. But he’s obviously no security threat given his personal history.

What particularly angers Ventura is that his suit was tossed out of Federal court on the grounds that the Federal courts have no jurisdiction over the TSA. Yes, you read that right — the TSA cannot be sued in Federal court unless perhaps you have the money and connections to somehow get a case into the Federal Appeals courts. That essentially means the TSA can essentially do anything it wants because access to those courts is extremely difficult to obtain. The US government’s abusive policies have led him to label the nation as the “Fascist States of America” and vow to seek dual citizenship in Mexico.

Ventura reports that his lawyer cannot even be shown the ruling. It is a state secret. The government claims it is “a matter of national security” and therefore Ventura is denied his right to read his court case decision or even to file suit for violations of the US Constitution by the TSA unless he files an appeal where it can be decided by three US Judges bought and paid for with the same Federal funds that are flowing to the TSA. He will never be allowed a jury trial. “We the People” is a farce in today’s fascist America. “We the Government” make all the decisions and can do anything they want.

America’s Government Is Anti-American

Ventura hits the nail on the head when he calls the USA fascist. A government that does not answer to its citizens and which is immune from legal process is by definition not a democracy or a republic. It’s certainly not the country described in the US Constitution. It might be fascist, communist, or totalitarian, but the particular flavor of tyranny really doesn’t matter much to the citizens whose lives are subject to the whims of whomever is in power and controls the nation’s weapons, government thugs, and kangaroo courts.

Government Terrorism Against American Families

The problem is much bigger than the TSA. The TSA is a small offender compared to the widespread human rights, civil rights, and Constitutional rights violations being committed in the name of “domestic violence and child abuse protection”. You can avoid the TSA by not traveling on airlines or certain other transportation systems and avoiding many large public events. But you can’t avoid the fascism against families unless you chose to never date, marry, or have children.

You are not even safe in your own home with your own children. The US Federal Government finances and backs terrorism against American citizens including children under the auspices of “domestic violence” protection under which any emotionally convincing liar can give the government cause to violate a person’s civil rights and treat them as guilty until proven innocent even absent any evidence whatsoever.

Any politician who calls himself or herself “pro-family” is a liar unless they have worked hard to put a stop to America’s war against families and pushed legislation to stop using children as weapons of war and excuses for fraud. As Ventura points out, both the Republican and Democratic Parties have participated in this two-party tyranny against the citizens and stand to benefit from its continuation and expansion.

Equal Opportunity for Abuse and Persecution

Even if you avoid romantic relationships and don’t have children, you may not be safe. All it takes to become a target is to have an unusual appearance or be nice to some children. Those who make the mistake of doing something foolish like volunteering for a church day care might find themselves falsely accused of entirely fictional abuses such as slaughtering an elephant and a giraffe in front of Sunday school children and land in jail facing years of false prosecution as happened to Dale Akiki in San Diego.

Adam Lee’s documentary on the persecution of Dale Akiki in San Diego County

This is America where this happened, not China or Cuba. Even those nations would never do something this stupidly abusive as they generally reserve their persecution for vociferous political dissidents. But in America, the government considers everybody who is not an employee or friend of an important politician or a major campaign contributor to be an equal opportunity target for abuse and persecution.

Government Can’t Be Trusted

The framers of the US Constitution had reason to distrust government. They tried to imbue the young nation with principals and safeguards to protect the people from future government tyranny. Despite their genuine efforts, that experiment failed. The United States they dreamed of creating died long ago and has been replaced with the “Fascist States of America”. It’s hard to say exactly when this happened, but it has been at least two or three decades since the government brainwashed the masses into believing that an accused person is guilty because they say so, men (except for the rich, politicians, government employees, major political contributors, and their friends) are by definition evil because they aren’t women, and the government will make your life better after you no longer have any rights or choices except what junk food to eat and which vapid “reality TV” show to watch.

Erosion of Civil Rights

The US Constitution says you’re innocent until proven guilty. When you are accused, you are supposed to have the right to know the crime of which you are accused, to see the evidence, and to have a jury trial. But these rights are now routinely ignored in American courts.

Some in the public are aware of how abusive legislation such as the Patriot Act has been used to allow the government to imprison people for years without any real due process. They mistakenly take comfort in the idea that persecution only happens to suspected terrorists. That’s far from the truth — literally everybody in this nation is at risk for being falsely accused, falsely imprisoned, and persecuted without due process safeguards. It happens most often to men, but increasingly women are targets, too. All it takes is some government employee noticing that you are an easy target for profitable abuse or any other reason they see fit and you lose your rights.

Abuse Is Profit-Center For State and Local Governments

California and other states violate all of these Constitutional principals for their own financial gain. They are paid by the Federal government which functions as an organization that finances terrorism against American citizens executed by state and local government terrorists. They do so under various Title IV programs that were supposed to help stop domestic violence and child abuse but which have been turned into rubberstamps for violating people’s rights for profit.

Congress deemed there should be financial incentive to state and local governments to fund child abuse and domestic violence prevention programs and to ensure that children are financially supported by their parents. Fair enough, but they then failed to implement any effective mechanisms to protect against false accusations, provide restitution for those improperly harmed, and to punish corruption, fraud, and criminality. So now there is a nationwide corrupt system in which crime by the government pays handsomely and earns job security for the abusers. Innocence is punished. Liars are friends of the government as they help the government find more targets, so liars are to be rewarded. The state and local governments laugh all the way to the bank as the US Constitution is flushed down the toilet.

These same fascist American governments also routinely seize children and remove them from their families on the basis of nothing more than unsubstantiated false allegations made by people who in some cases are known liars with obvious malicious agendas. Yet when a substantive complaint is made about one of their chosen foster care parents, such the children are showing visible signs of injuries and maltreatment, they often ignore it because keeping kids in foster care is highly lucrative. They do not care about the foster care kids who are abused or killed because in their view there’s nothing wrong with a few deaths when abducting children from their families and farming them out to paid helpers is so profitable.

The death of 3 year old Serenity Gandara in Bakersfield is a prime example of this. Grandparents and relatives warned of child abuse, but CPS didn’t care. One child died and another was abandoned. Given the lack of more recent reports, it appears the allegedly murderous foster parents have still not been caught a year later. When a state or local agency commits such atrocities and crimes, be they falsely removing children from families or getting children killed in foster care homes, their social workers and police are routinely given “immunity” for violating the law. The state and local governments want these abuses to continue because they keep Federal funds flowing into their coffers. Dollars and government jobs are more important than justice or civil rights in the Fascist States of America.

The Feds also reward state and local governments for coercively bullying minors and young adults into signing documents enslaving them to the state government via child support payments that earn more Federal funding. They do this even though it often costs even $5 or more per dollar of child support these agencies collect.

But it is far worse than just financially ridiculous. These agencies have knowingly held people responsible for paying support for children that are not theirs and thus are active participants in fraud. Los Angeles County is among the worst examples of this rampant fraud and abuse, but child support fraud is executed by government employees all over California and the nation. The civil rights organization Fathers & Families recently helped one defrauded man escape the tyranny of child support fraud under threat of false imprisonment in Orange County, California. Orange County intentionally violated state legislative directives that fraudulent child support actions are not to be pursued by child support agencies.

This kind of fraud is epidemic across the United States. State and local governments derive significant income by participating in it. Few of the defrauded can manage to fund a legal battle against a dishonest abusive government that derives a significant portion of its income from crime and wants to continue to commit such crimes. When Los Angeles County lost such a paternity fraud case, the government even had the audacity to demand that the case be sealed from public view so they could continue to abuse and commit fraud. Decisions against the government are rare as judges increasingly realize their paychecks depend upon victimizing citizens for the state’s profit.

Government is Enemy #1

A few fools may say Jesse Ventura is anti-American for calling the USA “fascist”. Nothing could be further from the case. It’s time that the citizenry realize that virtually every right enshrined in the US Constitution has been whittled away and that the government is no longer accountable to the citizens. Politicians and special interest groups buy elections by lying, spending money out of control to keep people down while keeping them dependent upon the government, and pitting socioeconomic groups against one another.

As Jesse Ventura points out, the US is a “two party dictatorship” in which even American veterans and soldiers are often the target for abuse and violation of their rights by the very government they serve. That’s been a common theme where American soldiers on deployment see their spouses or ex-spouses take their children away by lying and violating the law with the full complicity of the courts and law enforcement. For instance, Fathers & Families is aiding an Army nurse whose ex-husband lied about her residency to prevent her from seeing their son. They should remember that they are not serving for and fighting for a just government, they are simply tools of tyrants.

Today’s American government truly is an enemy combatant more dangerous than any foreign adversary or terrorist group. The public needs to wake up and act while they still can, before it is too late to reverse the decline of this nation.

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  1. One of Thousands
    November 9th, 2011 at 16:39 | #1

    Once again Angiemedia provides fair, accurate, and balanced journalism on topics critical the the functioning of our democracy. In fact, Angiemedia’s analysis is far more aligned with journalistic ethics than our mainstream media. As a lawyer unfortunately deeply experienced in family court (they’re scum), published author and former journalist; having read numerous accounts relating to Govenor Ventura, I applaud Angiemedia’s courageous and excellent coverage of these topics–journalism of a far higher quality than any you’ll see in the mainstream media.

    Paul/Ventura 2012? A more interesting ticket hasn’t run since the Whigs unthroned the Tories. It can, and should happen America. Our founding fathers (and mothers of course) devised a peaceful form of civil revolution that has been highacked by Republicans and Democrats–partners in crime. Enjoy the stageplay they provide–steroids in baseball, prosecuting dog fighting, TSA (seen a terrotist lately?) and terrifying our fellow Americans about clearly non-existent ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in a destitute sandbox. Good way to spend those tax dollars, and, it’s so sad that their friends in the “defense industry” can barely afford to hire the goons needed to carry your cash to the bank accounts at the banks they own.

    We can do better. We’re a wealthy country run by crooks, losers, and liars. We can do better. Much, much better.

    Blessings to all.

  2. OneofTensOfMillions
    November 9th, 2011 at 19:58 | #2

    Anyone who has been dragged through BrokeDick Un-family courts for years on-end, very clearly understands Jesse Ventura’s position on both the courts in this once great nation, as well as the reputation of this nation itself.

    Jesse’s “Fascist States of America” phrase has been previously used widely by authors writing about the unfamily courts, and the treatment of parents as criminals by the police, courts and social service agencies. As the phraseology is nothing new, we still do accept, and wholly endorse Jesse Ventura’s description of the USA’s insidious decline into the sewer.

    I highly recommend the following book by Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallup (Polling organization). “THE COMING JOBS WAR”. Either you, or someone you know is unemployed, not by choice, but by poor Governmental decisions regarding trade, limiting entrepreneurship and the free-spirit necessary to start new businesses. We have been growing our GDP by a paltry 2% annually, and China has been growing their GDP by a whopping 10%. In less than thirty short years, China is going to kick our supposed capitalist asses all over the place. Nations will turn away from the USA, and will all turn to China, who will be the one economic might in the world. USAs military will be a joke, and the world will see us as a nation who has slid into the bowels of Hell. Ain’t that somethin’?

    Only thirty short years away. Fart Smellas out there better be encouraging your children to learn to read and write in Chinese. WHY? BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE ALL THE JOBS WILL BE

  3. One of Thousands
    November 10th, 2011 at 05:23 | #3

    Very observant Sir/Madam. Clifton is an outstanding scholar, and has identified that America’s “goons in government” hostility toward it’s own most valuable assets–innovation, entrepreneurship, and family–is dragging this country into the gutter. Folks–scum run the country. Don’t even think about it–trust me I’ve been around the world and worked at all levels of government. We’ve allowed a polluted society.

    However, I can’t agree that China is a model. While it’s true that society needs coordination, standards, some control, and that stupidity should be deterred, we’re simply not China. Maybe we should be, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Cure? Rely on our strengths. Encourage innovators. Protect inventors, patent holders, copyright holders, creators, artists. Today the U.S., in a shocking display of massive stupidity, protects war machines, cops, abusers, family destroyers, and liars. Our Superior Court judges permit massive lawbreaking causing enormous harm to our own people. Internationally the U.S. is the largest offender to Human Rights treaties in the world. Anybody seriously wonder why middle easterners hate us? Given the shameful way we’re treated them, who wouldn’t hate our corporate war machine?

    Wake up people–walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Your courts and most government are incompetent—and this is coming from a former government employee/prosecutor. I’ve seen it up close and it’s ugly. Very, very ugly.

    But there’s good news–the people of our nation still, in my humble opinion, are the most innovative, creative, and determined on the planet. With the right guidance and protections we can succeed. We don’t have that guidance and protection now (we have tyranny by idiots at the present).

    Solution?: Get rid of the two party system, vote independent–shake their asses up. “But if I vote for Ron Paul, etc. it will mean one less vote for …” shut up. It will make whoever soil his/her pants that Americans are thinking for a change, and force the parties forward. Maybe even initiate a multi-party system God willing.

    Good luck folks. We took a great republic and allowed it to be hijacked by tasteless geezers with cash. Ugh.

  4. OneOfTensOfMillions
    November 10th, 2011 at 16:27 | #4

    Thank you for your excellent and thought-provoking feedback.
    Most of what you say makes very good sense.
    Vote the bastards out, and vote independent.
    Vote for people who are human, will not abuse power of the office, and only those who will work overtime, much overtime, to help fix what’s broken in this once great nation.
    As for China not being a model-
    1- We certainly do not want to mimick their model of being the world’s #1 copyright/copycat infringement crooks. They copy everything. From software, to expensive name brand clothing, women’s handbags, computers, you name it. If it’s a consumer product, China has someone/some outfit that is copying it. We certainly do not want to model that.
    2- Innovation is where it’s at. The USA has been known for its innovative products for decades. We don’t copy other nations products. We invent, we innovate, we manufacture.
    Or at least that’s how it used to be. Get the Fed and State Gov’t’s off our ass, and the entrepreneurial spirit will be revived- new thought, new products, and most important of all-

    • November 10th, 2011 at 18:28 | #5

      Violating copyrights or patents on intellectual property that took some significant effort to develop is a big problem. But that doesn’t make all copyrights or patents good.

      Patent trolls in the tech industries specialize in making up obvious “inventions” that others have used in the past or are so simple that anybody working in the industry could think of them in about sixty seconds. Then they dupe the idiots in the US PTO to give them a patent. They then litigate against many victims asking for millions or billions in damages, wasting resources that could be used to drive real innovation.

      The FDA and drug companies also use patents and drug regulations to give monopolies to companies that didn’t even develop anything significantly new. A shocking case in point is the FDA’s recent banning of compounding pharmacies making progesterone injections to save preterm babies from premature birth that often leads to serious complications and death. These shots typically cost less than $20 (some reports say as little as $7) until the FDA and Makena Pharmaceuticals conspired to raise the price to around $1000 to $1500 per injection. For all intents and purposes it is the same drug, yet the FDA made the cost go up over 1000-fold for its own evil purposes of enriching a company that did nothing significant to invent anything truly new but now has a patent on an old drug.

      Typically women with high-risk for preterm delivery need 20 to 30 of these injections, so the cost of having a baby for these women just went up by around $20,000 to $30,000. That is unless they wish to greatly increase the risk of death of the baby. To make this corruption easier to swallow for the American sheep public, the company is offering discounts to poor people who can’t afford to pay that much. And of course the truly rich won’t have to pay anything significant, either, because either they have really good insurance or are so rich that they are self-insured and $30,000 is like a cheap night out on the town for them. Once again, the middle class is parasitically soaked by the government enriching its friends.

      To sum it up, it is now not enough to satisfy the government that it can destroy families and enrich its lawyer friends and create lots of jobs for government abusers in the process. Now they want to start using unborn children months from birth as an unjust enrichment opportunity. The pattern here is clear, the government believes that the people and especially children are its property and they can be treated any way its wants to serve its own purposes. American citizens are livestock used as a food source by parasitic American governments.

  5. One of Thousands
    November 10th, 2011 at 21:41 | #6

    Good points Chris and One of Tens Of Millions. I couldn’t agree more that government regulation has put the economy into an effective seizure. Zero growth. Zero gains (Dow/Nasdaq exactly where it was ten years ago), and Zero incentive for improvement. Why?

    Your tax dollars at work.

    Governments are paid not to grow or innovate, but to control and regulate. I.e., facism. “I don’t have what it takes to make stuff on my own, so I’ll ride your coat tails to put bread on my table.”

    Screw that. They do it in the name of “security” these days. Seen a terrorist lately? Been mugged? Yet they terrify the boneheaded among us–usually geezers–to justify their existence. There’s a reason the framers of the Constitution prohibited federal militia from policing locally–who wants a bastard with a gun patrolling a neighborhood he doesn’t know?

    “Excuse me ma’am, may I see your papers?”

    “Papers? I’ve lived here for 30 years…”

    “I’m from the ______ agency. May I see your _______ (fill in needless taxification paper requirement) please?”

    “I don’t have any–I’ve been here …”

    “You’ll have to come with us ma’am.”

    People–your leaders run the country/state like drunk sailors. It’s obscene. Next time you see a cop, politician, or supporter of this crap, punch the living crap out of them, steal their wallet, take a piss on them, and tell them what Harold Beal said:

    “I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”


  6. OneOfTensOfMillions
    November 12th, 2011 at 20:10 | #7

    Absolutely. Very well said– One of Thousands.

    When we hear about the Federal Obama prospective jobs bill (or whatever bonehead El Presidente is in power at the time), it is humorous, and makes me chuckle.

    Because the politicians/liars in Gov’t don’t know a thing about job-creation, entrepreneurship, inventive minds, local leaders, and how to put them together for successfully building small to medium business that ultimately creates thousands and millions of jobs.

    The Fed Gov’t likes to give large tax breaks to large corporate entities, however, it is not large corporations that generate needed jobs. Anyone who knows a hill of beans about economics, understands fully that small to medium businesses create the majority of jobs in this country.

    Go ahead Presidente, continue to give big Corp.America more tax breaks, and it will result in less jobs– because you’re not concentrating on rewarding the small entrepreneur/inventors of our society to create new/fresh ideas and turn them into new business. Everything trickles down. New ideas/entrepreneurs create new businesses, and most importantly build the perfect business model for that business to be successful.
    Everybody has ideas, but not everybody can produce a business model that makes those ideas successful, and creates customers for that product or service.

    California is one of the worst states to do business. Companies have left in droves due to the unfair tax burden regulations, and plain-old BullCrap of dealing with the Ca Gov’t thugs.

    Read Jim Clifton’s “The Coming Jobs War”. If you’re literate, read it. He puts everything in the clearest of terms so that even a court whore could understand it.

  7. January 21st, 2012 at 19:40 | #8

    I just read “The Coming of Jobs War.” Thanks for the suggestion. You were right- he put it so simply that anyone could follow along!

  8. OneOfTensOfMillions
    February 28th, 2012 at 03:46 | #9

    Right on Holster Chick. By the way, what’cha got in that holster?

  9. Rico
    June 16th, 2012 at 02:17 | #10

    Bravo, very good article and very well presented.

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