Teach Your Children: Government is Dangerous to Their Lives

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While web-surfing today, I ran across a web site called Kidjacked created by Annette Hall, a former victim of child abuse at the hands of CPS. She and other authors on her site are attempting to educate the public about the atrocities committed by CPS across the United States. We as parents need to protect our children by educating them about the dangers of abusive government, how it can harm them, and what they may have to do to protect themselves from it.

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Child Protection Agencies Routinely Violate the Law

One of the most interesting sets of pages on the site is by Thomas Dutkiewicz and Aimee Dutkiewicz. They fought a battle against child protection agency misconduct by DCF in Connecticut:

(from Child Protective Services And The Juvenile Justice System – Introduction)

The authors of this book are not attorneys and do not pretend to be attorneys. The authors were victims of a false report and were falsely accused by DCF in Connecticut without conducting a proper investigation. The authors fought back for 8-months against this corrupt organization whose order of the day was to deny them their 4th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights and to fabricate false charges without evidence. DCF’s charges and petition to the court were nothing more than baseless allegations, never evidence. DCF withdrew the fraudulent petition on December 18, 2002 admitting they had no evidence. The fact of the matter is that they never had any evidence but abused the authors and their children for an 8-month period.

As a direct result of the false charges, manufacturing of evidence and violating the authors 1st, 4th, 6th, 9th and 14th Amendment rights, the authors filed a lawsuit in January 2003 in Federal Court in the District of Connecticut (3:03-cv-109AVC). There are 28 Defendants in this civil action and the authors are representing them selves Pro se. The authors have never been convicted of any child abuse or neglect nor are there any investigations on going. The authors have three children, a 15-year-old and 10-year-old twins.

The author’s goals are that:

  • no other child is illegally abducted from their family
  • CPS and juvenile judges start using common sense before rushing to judgment
  • require CPS agents to conduct their investigations the same as do the police in order to be constitutionally correct and legal
  • CPS must by law comply with the “Warrant Clause” as required by the Constitution and the Federal Courts whereas they are “governmental officials” and are subject to the Constitution as are the police.

There are No Exceptions in the U.S. Constitution for CPS.

This series of web pages by the Dutkiewicz family contains a lot of explanations of what your children’s and your civil rights are when dealing with abusive child protection agencies, police, district attorneys, and courts.

Child Protection Agencies Abuse and Kill Children at High Rates

Furthermore, they dispute the government propaganda that child protection agencies protect children by using the government’s own statistics. In particular, they point to the government’s own evidence that children who are put into custody of CPS agencies die at a rate more than 4 times that of children in custody of their parents and are physically, sexually, and otherwise abused and neglected at far higher rates by child protection agencies and their agents and foster families than children who are allowed to live with their parents.

(from Child Protective Services And The Juvenile Justice System – Section 2)

We can tell you stories for hours, where CPS employees committed criminal acts and were prosecuted and either went to jail and/or were sued for civil rights violations. CPS workers have lied in reports, court documents and coerced others to lie. They have kidnapped children without court order, crossed state lines impersonating police and were later prosecuted. In a number of cases the worker has even killed the child in question.

It is sickening the number of children who have been subjected to abuse, neglect or even killed at the hands of Child Protective Service workers. The numbers below include DCF in Connecticut.

Perpetrators of Maltreatment


















Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. Provided by The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.

Imagine that, 6.4 children die at the hands of the agencies that are supposed to protect them, and only 1.5 at the hands of parents per 100,000 children. CPS perpetrates more abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and has killed more children than parents in the United States. If the citizens of this country held CPS to the same standards that they hold parents to, no judge should ever put another child in the hands of any government agency. Nationwide CPS is guilty of more human rights violations and death of children then the homes they were removed from. When are judges going to wake up to see that they are sending children to their death and a life of abuse when children are removed from safe homes on the mere opinion of social workers?

Basic Childhood Safety: Learn to Distrust Government

Just as we must now educate our children about staying away from strangers trying to lure them into cars, we must also teach our children about the deadly threats to their lives from the government. Children should not grow up believing that people from the government are “there to help them” because they are not. It would be far more accurate for them to believe that people from the government are “there to help themselves by any means they want.” This is exactly how many CPS social workers and police behave.

Even if you disregard the CPS Gestapo abuse and murder of children, American governments kill many thousands of citizens every year through idiotic laws and regulations and illegal government actions.

Such deaths are far more numerous than occasional government sponsored massacres of religious nuts like Waco in 1993 or the wrongful government shootings of the family members of isolationist Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge in 1992. That is because many of these deaths are tied directly to government cover-ups and suppression of medical care committed by the US FDA, an agency that affects every American.

US FDA Kills Millions

The government plays games with our children’s lives and our lives every day by insisting it knows best and depriving us of information and choices. Each year government mishandling of issues such as food and medical product safety end up killing more Americans than are dying in the foreign wars currently being fought. The government hides the facts and deprives us of choices we could make for ourselves if we had the facts they suppress. So rather than allowing us to make our own choices about risk vs. reward, they sentence many of us to death by means such as deprivation of medical care.

Libertarian writer Thomas L. Knapp discusses examples of how the US Food and Drug Administration single-handedly has killed millions of Americans by impeding access to drugs that have already been widely used in other countries and by the US military:

(from Killing Us Softly)

The unfortunate truth, however, is that the Waco massacre was small potatoes in the scheme of things. It was distinguished by its raw brutality, by the fact that it took place in the glare of media attention, and by the fact that its perpetrators found themselves publicly accused of their crimes and compelled to attempt to justify their actions.

In fact, the state kills far more than 76 innocent men, women and children every day, day in and day out, year after year — and those killings go, for the most part, not only unpunished but for all practical purposes unnoticed.

One single US government agency — the Food and Drug Administration — has certainly killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and more likely millions.

The FDA kills with its power to keep lifesaving drugs off the market for years through its bureaucratic approval process, and with the higher prices resulting from the costs of putting a drug through that process.

Americans die when they’re not allowed to use a drug they need because FDA says “no.” Americans die when they can’t afford a drug they need because it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to get FDA to say “yes,” and that cost is passed on to the consumer. Americans die when drugs which would save their lives never make it out of the lab because the figures say that the costs of securing FDA approval would make it unprofitable to bring to market.

The FDA’s delays in approving — or, to put it a different way, the FDA’s prohibition against prescribing until they had approved — a single drug, propranolol, were responsible for at least 30,000, and possibly as many as 100,000, avoidable deaths from heart attack and stroke.

We’ll probably never know exactly how many Americans died unnecessarily of traumatic bleeds, ulcers and other treatable conditions during the 30-year period that FDA sat on approval of cyanoacrylates — “human body glues” — which had proven safe and effective on the battlefields of Vietnam, in numerous trials, in veterinary use in the US, and in general medical use in other countries.

The FDA, of course, is only one government agency. Take any three or four letters of the alphabet and you’ve got another such agency — and another raft of corpses to that agency’s credit.

The millions of needless deaths caused by the FDA are happening even faster now with the rapidly rising costs of medical care and medicines and FDA crack-downs on safe alternative medicines and supplements.

US FDA Covered Up Massive Mercury Contamination of US Food Supply

You might point out that determining drug safety is not an easy thing to do. But consider that the FDA is also responsible for hiding clearly evident safety hazards from the public such as heavy metal contamination of food supplies. It is incontrovertible that the FDA covered up widespread mercury poisoning of the American food supply as we discussed in January 2009 in the article High Fructose Corn Syrup is Dangerous for Many Reasons.

It also appears that they focused the public’s attention on the peanut bacterial contamination scare of early 2009 just as the news about the mercury food supply poisoning cover-up was coming out. The government and media have continued to harp on the peanut scare while burying the bigger story about mercury contamination in virtually every food product that uses the common sweetener High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Given how ruthless and immoral the FDA is, it seems at a minimum plausible that they and/or others working with them manufactured or hyped the peanut contamination scare to draw attention away from the poisoning of Americans on a massive scale due to pervasive contamination of High Fructose Corn Syrup with mercury. The FDA’s own scientists had been trying to force the agency to do something about the widespread mercury contamination since discovering the problem in 2005. It took the agency’s lead researcher on the problem retiring from her government job to break the story three years later, in January 2009:

(from High Fructose Corn Syrup is Dangerous for Many Reasons)

However, much more alarming news about HFCS has been announced this month. Recent studies of samples of HFCS and food products containing it in the United States conducted via two studies found that between 31% and 45% of the samples contained mercury. Mercury is toxic in even small quantities. For years, there have been suspicions that mercury used in vaccines may be related to the rise in autism in the United States. But this mercury contamination issue is much bigger and affects common foods widespread throughout the nation’s food supply. Products tested from big-name manufacturers such as Minute Maid, Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, Quaker, Hunt’s, Manwich, Smucker’s, Kraft, Nutri-Grain, and Yoplait had detectable levels of mercury.

Even more alarming, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew about this mercury contamination problem since 2005 but suppressed the information. The 2005 study which found 45% of the samples had mercury contamination was conducted by the FDA. But the agency kept it quiet and did nothing to correct the situation even behind the scenes! In March 2008, former FDA scientist Renee Dufault retired. As a researcher on that study, she was later able to go public with the news of the HFCS mercury contamination.

Children Must Be Suspicious of Government

Clearly there are ample reasons to distrust American government. But our children are educated with American government propaganda to swallow hook, line, and sinker all the lies and illegal actions of the government. Critical thinking is apparently discouraged because it would endanger government control. This may be part of the reason for the dumbing-down of education in the United States. An ignorant population is easier for the government to control and manipulate.

Children must be very cautious around anybody who identifies themselves as a government agent. These people are prone to violence and abusive conduct and like most criminals do, many government agents act as if they are above the law.

Litigation Against Government: Too Little, Too Late

The legal facts and precedents are well established that child protection agents are not above the law and they must comply with the US Constitution. However, many of these government officials violate the rules anyway because they know they can get away with it. Most families cannot afford to battle with the government. When CPS abuses or kills a child, no amount of financial settlement can ever truly make up for such crimes even if the family can afford to fight in court.

Parents alone cannot do enough to directly protect their children from abusive government as the parents cannot always be with the children. Our children spend time in places every day apart from our influence and control. They go to their schools, daycares, and friends’ homes and we cannot be there. Even when they are in our homes, abusive government agents will take children from their parents, arrest or block the parents from being with their children, and then proceed to put the children in harm’s way.

Children Must Be Taught to Provide For Own Safety

Given these circumstances, the safety and well-being of children in part depends upon educating the children themselves how to be safe. Children must be taught how to recognize threats to their safety, whether they be from a natural gas leak, a neighborhood bully, a pedophile attempting to lure them into a car, a physically abusive adult, or an abusive government agent.

A person with a badge or government agency ID who is acting lawlessly and with hostility is probably more dangerous than a private citizen doing the same. Government employees are supposed to know and obey the law, whereas private citizens often don’t. When a government agent is breaking the law, it is a sign that they are dangerous individuals who believe they are above the law, are exhibiting criminal behavioral patterns, and constitute a very serious threat to the safety and lives of the people around them.

Children must also be taught how to defend themselves against the hostile and illegal actions of people who intend to harm them. This specifically includes hostile and lawless government agents. These methods must include escaping from government custody, finding a way to safety with trusted family or friends, obtaining medical care when the government will not provide it (a method by which government agents have killed many children), and protecting themselves from sexual abuse, physical abuse, and murder by government agents.

Part of the dilemma on exactly what to teach children is that the ones who die the most from government abuse tend to be the youngest and weakest children. These children need most to be able to defend themselves against abusive government agents, yet are the ones who are least able to do so. They are young children who are inexperienced and readily fooled by a “nice sounding” person intent on harming them. They are easily overwhelmed by force even from a relatively weak 5 foot tall social worker, let alone a jack-booted 6 foot tall cop in service of CPS oppressors.

If we teach young children how to use deadly force against such hostile aggressors, the youngest of them may not be able to distinguish between when such force is appropriate and when it is not. We don’t want them killing the troubled neighborhood bully who is two years older than them simply because they were kicked and slapped after his mother verbally abused him yet again and they knew how to use items commonly in their vicinity to inflict serious injury.

So we must train children on some important but abstract concepts that may be difficult to learn:

  1. Identifying the cause of hostile behaviors
  2. Quantifying the risk of hostile behaviors
  3. Determining if compassion is warranted
  4. Attempting to defend with words, not force
  5. Attempting to escape the situation
  6. Selecting appropriate use of force for self-defense if it becomes necessary

Young children are going to need a lot of training to be able to understand and apply these concepts.

Identifying the cause of hostile behaviors is basically asking them to consider why somebody is being hostile and whether those are appropriate reasons or not. If the reasons are appropriate, then perhaps the risk is not so high. If they are not appropriate, then the risk is higher as the person is not behaving reasonably and such a person is more likely to be aggressive and harmful.

Quantifying the risk of hostile behaviors teaches them to use information on the suspected reasons for hostility, behaviors shown, size and strength of the person, the ability such a person should have to behave properly, their surroundings, and the overall context of the situation. From this they can estimate whether they are not likely to be seriously harmed or whether the aggressor may intend to seriously harm them.

Determining if compassion is warranted is most appropriate with other children and people they know well. For instance, if a sibling was upset about a toy being destroyed by a pet and lashes out at them with kicking and hitting, it may be the best thing to do is to tell the sibling that they understand it is really sad that the pet ate the toy but they should ask their parents if they can get a new one.

In many cases, defending with words is a suitable option. Telling somebody who is a threat “No!” loudly and screaming to attract attention is one way that may often be effective at raising attackers’ perceived risk vs. reward to unacceptably high levels so they will back off.

Possibly in many cases, children can use verbal means to make it clear to aggressive government agents that they are afraid of them and want them to leave. This may get some to back off and stop abusing the children. But it may instead aggravate an abusive government agent and increase the danger.

If that doesn’t work, obviously it is best to try to get away from an attacker and to call trusted adults for help before resorting to potentially lethal force against the attacker. But this isn’t always possible for children to do. They need to have options to defend themselves.

Children should be taught methods to disable aggressors and discuss working with their siblings and friends how to do it in a cooperative fashion. For instance, many homes have bug sprays, oven cleaners, and other caustic sprayable chemicals that can be sprayed in the face of a criminal or abusive government agent to gain time to escape without causing lethal harm. But it may take distraction to obtain the chemical agents to use to disable the attacker to buy time for escape. That is where coordination with siblings and friends may be critical.

Children should be taught that under almost all circumstances killing another human being is wrong, but that killing a criminal or abusive government agent who puts them in fear for their lives is a legal and appropriate form self-defense if it is done as a last resort. It’s very sad that it comes down to this, but this is the situation in which our children live today.

Using legal deadly force as self-defense or defense of others against criminals and government agents who are attempting to sexually abuse, seriously physically harm, or kill children who are not committing any crime is entirely appropriate and should be encouraged. Our children and society will be safer with these criminals and government agents dead or incapacitated and thereby permanently removed from the occupations that give them the opportunity to abuse and harm others.

The abuse and death statistics mentioned above by the Dutkiewicz web pages back up this position. They show the government is a far more deadly threat to our children than parents are. Parents, children, and the courts need to understand this.

I don’t believe that government agencies will understand how deadly they are to children until they are forced to do so by countless incidents exposing their deadly abuses and/or the courts repeatedly shutting them down and sending their employees to prison.

Our children today are generally defenseless victims in a massive hidden war against families and citizens being perpetrated by American governments for their agenda that includes profit, job security, and absolute power and control. It appears the only hope we have to improve this dire situation is to learn how to legally fight abusive government agents. As our children are targets, too, we must also teach them how to identify threats and legally defend themselves Unless we do this, far too many of our children will end up abused and even dead at the hands of the government.

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