In US, Baby Bath Pictures Yield Living Hell for Family

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Did you ever see the baby pictures of you as a little kid playing in the bathtub that your parents took? What about the pictures of you learning to use the potty? Most of us have such pictures of ourselves. At most perhaps we felt a little embarrassment. But according to American law enforcement employees, we’re supposed to feel upset and know that our parents are sex criminals who sexually abused us as children.

According to terroristic American government law enforcement agencies, if your parents took such pornographic photos, then your parents are child sexual abusers and pornographers who should be put on sex offender lists without trials. You should have been taken away from your parents for months or permanently until they could prove their innocence, something that is often not possible to do to the government’s satisfaction. Meantime, you as a child should be treated as confiscated contraband subject to whatever treatment the government wants to do to you, even if it damages you for life or kills you.

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Demaree Family Abused by Government

These are among the lessons that the Demaree family of Peoria, Arizona, found out in 2008 to 2009. Parents Lisa and Anthony took 144 family photos during a vacation in San Diego, California, in August 2008. Eight of the photos depicted their small children, ages 5, 4, and 1.5, while the kids were playing in or around the bathtub without being fully clothed. When they returned to Arizona, they went to get the pictures developed at a Wal-Mart. Big mistake. A Wal-Mart photo developing employee reported the family for child pornography. Very soon thereafter, the police and CPS swooped in to take all three children away from their parents for more than a month as the government investigated and turned innocent photos into an excuse to abuse and terrorize the family.

Lisa Demaree, an award-winning teacher in Peoria, was suspended from her job for a year. Both parents were blacklisted on Arizona sex offender watch lists. Somehow they got off, rather miraculous considering that these illegal government blacklists are often nearly impossible to get off of even if courts order the government to remove people’s names after making special findings they are innocent of all accusations.

The Demarees did finally get their children back without constant CPS intrusions and supervision, but only after months of legal battles and some $75,000 wasted on legal fees. All of this damaged was done to their family without the filing of even a single criminal charge against anyone.

Local News Story Regarding Abuse of Demaree Family

Police Report: Lies, Spin, and Defamation

The City of Peoria released a 60 page police report describing the photos as pornographic and erotic. It appears the intent was to harm and defame the Demaree family by mischaracterizing the photographs and misportraying the parents as pornographers. That these lies will hurt the children is of course no concern to the government as they are perfectly fine with psychologically abusing and traumatizing children so long as they are the ones doing the abuse.

City Attorney Steve Kemp says the City of Peoria “stands behind the appropriate actions of our officers.” No surprise there. American local governments regard it as an unwritten law that they must support and legally defend abuse by police officers against citizens lest they be held legally liable for the abusive actions of their employees. It is deemed best by corrupt government officials who violate their oaths of office to uphold the law and Constitution to “support” abusive law enforcement agents. The intent is to make it harder for the abused to fight their cases, win big litigation awards, and to stop the abusive government from abusing more citizens. For common government scum like Steve Kemp, money talks and civil rights walks. Abusing citizens is a means for law enforcement and prosecutors to “win” cases, even cases in which no crime was ever committed by anybody except for the abusive government employees involved.

Lying and Defamation By Government is Standard Procedure

What most Americans don’t realize is that lying and defamation by law enforcement agencies is common practice. You may have not done anything wrong, but the police will lie to people who know you claiming you have committed crimes. This is standard police procedure.

Police are liars by nature. They justify it as a “necessary tactic” to build cases. They think nothing of lying to neighbors that “Mr. So-and-So has been seen sexually abusing his son and daughter, we want to know if you have seen it, too. Did you hear the children screaming as he penetrated them with a screwdriver last night?” That you were out of the country last night, there isn’t a screwdriver in your home, and your children were with their grandmother two states away asleep soundly in their beds and there is no evidence of sexual abuse doesn’t matter. The intent is to make you look bad so people will want to lie about you to help the government. The government truly does not care one iota if the way they “win” a case is by using lies to hurt an innocent person. You may never be charged with a crime, but you can bet the people around you will fear and even hate you after the police get done with ruining your life.

If you don’t believe that is a common dishonest tactic for law enforcement (police, CPS, etc.), you are naive or ignorant. It’s probably because you haven’t been personally attacked by dishonest government agents bent on destroying your life and reputation with lies. Or maybe it is because you swallowed the American government propaganda spouted off in schools that cover up the dirty and unethical practices of American government so that the government can keep using those tactics with support of the foolishly unbelieving public.

Word Choice Conveys Great Power

Government employees also routinely spin and distort reality using inaccurate word choices. Anybody who has studied basic anatomy knows that a “vagina” is an internal body part. A common definition is “a canal in a female mammal that leads from the uterus to the external orifice opening into the vestibule between the labia minora” according to the Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary retrieved on September 23, 2009, from the website.

But to a child victimizing cop or family destroying social worker or lying prosecutor, “vagina” can mean anything they want it to mean to get a rise out of other people by sliming their targets with spin and distortion. This appears to be exactly the kind of thing that the City of Peoria did to the Demaree family:

(from Valley couple sues Wal-Mart after kids get taken away)

According to a police report released by the Peoria Police Department officers viewing the pictures felt the eight of the pictures could be considered child erotica or five could be considered child pornography.

Police detailed each one, “The girls…have their buttocks stuck up in the air and their legs are spread apart showing their anuses and vaginas.”

In another photo officers writes “The next photo is of the girls in the bathtub, the middle daughter appears to by lying on her back …her younger sister is on top of her also on her back…the youngest girls vagina is exposed to the camera.”

For a 18 month old baby as the youngest child was, this sounds like a typical diaper change position. It’s a position that kids learn to hold to make it easier to change diapers. There is nothing sexual about it except in the perverted mind of a government employee.

In the mind of a cop or CPS social worker, this is what they are thinking:

This child is obviously being posed for sexual assault. Clearly evident is the child is being coercively forced to hold her legs apart in an unnatural position. No child would ever lie on their backs like this. Anybody who claims it is common for diaper changes is child sex offender, and we will hunt you down and prosecute you as the evil child molesting scum you are!

Note that it has been difficult to date get the names of the abusive cops involved in nightmare the government has made for the Demaree family, but their quotes certainly spread everywhere. That is because police are wrongly regarded as “untouchable” and above the law and are seldom held accountable for their abusive and defamatory conduct, even when it is unethical, unprofessional, and even clearly illegal.

Children Abused by Government

CPS and the police psychologically traumatized the children with their forensic interviews and sexual abuse medical exams. But perhaps the most trauma inflicted by the government on these children was by keeping them from seeing their parents for several days and banning them from spending time with their parents without CPS supervision for more than a month.

Be very clear: the child abuse done in this case was committed by the government. The government’s position is that it owns your children and can abuse them as it sees fit. Children are property of CPS and police to abuse however they like, be it traumatizing them, terrorizing them, or adopting them out to truly abusive families who will molest them or beat them or even kill them. So long as the government does it, any harm and destruction that is done to confiscated minor humanoid property, more commonly known to citizens as children, is an “acceptable loss” to achieve their goals of “winning” cases.

Demaree Family Files Lawsuits

In response to the government distortions, the Demaree family has released four of the photos that show the kids with bath towels on, photos that an incompetent detective reportedly characterized as child pornography, erotica, and sexually exploitative of children. You can view these four photos via the Good Morning America / ABC News story at Bath Time Photos Prompt Child Porn Allegations: Arizona Couple Sues Wal-Mart for Calling Cops Over Bath Time Photos to see what the government of Peoria, Arizona, considers to be pornography worthy of destroying this family.

The Demaree family is now suing the City of Peoria, State of Arizona, and Arizona Attorney General’s Office for the defamation and harassment from these agencies. Another lawsuit is against Wal-Mart for failing to disclose its photo developing policies.

(from Peoria parents sue Walmart, state over kids’ nude bath pics)

One lawsuit names the state of Arizona, Peoria and the state Attorney General’s Office as defendants, claiming that employees from each party defamed them by telling friends, family members and coworkers that they had “sexually abused” their children by taking pornographic pictures of them.

Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Hunter is specifically accused of making slanderous remarks against the Demarees at a hearing where 35 of their friends and family members showed up to testify in support of the couple.

America: Land of Hypocrisy

The abuse against the Demaree family is just one example of the hypocrisy of the modern United States. While the American Constitution calls for “innocent until proven guilty”, American governments trample people’s civil rights and Constitutional rights on a daily basis. Governments destroy citizen’s lives and their children’s lives without so much as charges, trials, or convictions.

When it comes to “sex crimes against children”, nearly anything can be viewed as a sex crime. In part, it is because of the schizophrenic attitudes Americans have about sexuality and nudity. Anything remotely suggestive of nudity is viewed as disgusting and perverted. Yet Americans spend so much of their time watching soft-porn movies, viewing hardcore porn magazines, talking about sex, visiting prostitutes, and dialing 1-800-SCREWME sex phone lines. Many, especially those working for the government involving anything to do with children, can’t comprehend that children aren’t sexual creatures as they are so busy being perverts themselves that they assume that a baby lying on his or her back as is typical for a diaper change has obviously been put into an erotic pose and is being prepared for sexual assault.

If the government accuses you or even investigates you over anything remotely related to child pornography or child sexual abuse, you and your family will likely be punished and harmed before you even get a trial. Frankly, the hell of a trial may be the only way for you to get some burnt-out fraction of your life back.

That’s because by not charging you with any crime, the government can then decide to take action against you in all sorts of venues apart from criminal court without having to prove anything. They can strip you of business and professional licenses. They can put you on sex offender blacklists and refuse to remove you, thus making it impossible for teachers, daycare providers, doctors, nurses, coaches, or many other people to even get a job. Sometimes it goes so far that these people can’t even find a place to live after being blacklisted.

The government can send their employees into family law courts to lie and attack to help your vicious ex-spouse who made the false allegations they investigated but couldn’t prove. Their goal may be to strip you of all custody permanently because they couldn’t even get you charged with a crime.

Or they can take your children and put them in foster care and ban you from all access for months or years, claiming that they are “investigating serious allegations” when they aren’t doing a thing to find any facts.

All of this can and often is done to families without a single criminal charge against anyone. Even though a judge can reverse such atrocities, it can take many months or even years before any judge will even touch such a case. They all want to “let the government conduct its investigation” as a “precaution”. In my view, these judges are violating their oaths of office to uphold the US Constitution. They don’t care because they would rather wrongly persecute a hundred innocent people than to have one guilty person slip by and make a mess out of their next re-election campaign.

America is not a “free” nation. Each year it becomes more totalitarian with Gestappo government agencies butting their noses, handcuffs, and guns into everything no matter how far from ill-intentioned and illegal it may be. In many ways, the respect for the human rights of Americans is worse than that shown in supposedly totalitarian nations. At least there you know you run the risk of being persecuted if you speak or act against the government. Here in America, you run the risk of being persecuted for being alive and doing nothing illegal and nothing at all against the government.

If you want to have children, don’t do it in the United States. This is one of the most dangerous nations on the planet for families. In other nations, your kids may have to watch out for having a leg blown off in an abandoned minefield or being caught in the cross-fire between drug lords. But in America, your kids are defenseless against the Government Gestapo swooping in over any allegation or suspicion no matter how poorly substantiated, traumatizing them for weeks, months, or even years, and destroying their lives. In some cases, perhaps being killed by a decrepit mine exploding might be more humane than what the government does to children. In nearly all cases, it would at least be more understandable given it’s an accident rather than intentional harm inflicted upon children and families by abusive government agents bent on following their own agendas regardless of how many lives they ruin in the process.

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  1. Wal-Mart Assistant
    September 24th, 2009 at 15:41 | #1

    Re: Open Letter to Wal-Mart (The Real World)

    Dear Wal-Mart Photo Dept.

    I know this letter may find you busy and unable to reply right away, what with the couple of hundred shoplifters in the store and your constant scrutiny of public photos, but I think I have a few leads for you.

    Unlike you, not everybody takes pride in their minimum wage jobs. They don’t pour over that endless pile of family pictures, magnifying glass in hand, searching for anything that might be considered tasteless or obscene. I’m sure you’ve got your hands full – but enough about your bathroom breaks. I’ve found some items that I think you and Wal-Mart should be concerned about. I hope you will not only read this email, but also make time to investigate these situations thoroughly on behalf of America and its citizens. After all, we depend entirely upon Wal-Mart and their employees to steer us in the right direction. You’ve shown that in Peoria.

    The first example will take us back a few years. There has been widespread distribution of a scantily clad cherub in my lifetime. I’ve seen this on walls, in paintings, and even on TV commercials during Valentine’s Day. The age of this cherub is unknown, but he/she appears to be quite young. (pic attached) I believe this perversion began in Rome or Athens, but Wal-Mart should be able to use it’s worldwide resources to locate the source.

    The next one is more current and may still be found staining billboards and beach umbrellas even today. It’s a blatant victimization of a young girl that may be depicting some sort of beastiality along with the shameless nudity that Wal-Mart so abhores. I will attach a sample of this one as well as it is probably the filthiest thing that you have ever seen – even in the Wal-Mart photo department. Please get on this right away before another summer arrives.

    And finally, there are some images that I know most people have seen but nobody seems to be alarmed about them. I’m hoping Wal-Mart and their officers can eliminate this smut-filled collection immediately. I’m talking about the Bible. Now, I’m not sure how old Adam and Eve were when they were in the Garden, but the pictures of them with that snake are just too suggestive. The look in Eve’s eye is disgusting. Add to that, as you flip towards the New Testament, the pictures of the baby Jesus in the manger. Those swaddling clothes simply don’t cover enough of the Saviour to suit most people’s delicate tastes and we need Wal-Mart to step in and clean up the good book once and for all.

    I want to thank you for making sure that all good, clean-living Americans are properly fed and clothed (at a LOW LOW price) and that our sense of morality is being protected by highly skilled and discerning workers like you have in your company. I’m sure we, along with all nine members of the Supreme Court, will delight in your findings.

    Sometimes you don’t even have to ask for help in the real world.

  2. October 14th, 2009 at 19:41 | #2

    Pedophiliaphobia at its finest.

  3. Honest Opinion
    October 27th, 2009 at 08:46 | #3

    Rodney, my friend, the Demaree’s story is only one example of how deranged and unconstitutional our laws have become. NO ONE IS SAFE! There are thousands if not millions of American citizens being harmed by our “new” government’s ideas of what is law and their extreme power to take abusive actions against our citizens! We have all became criminals in the eyes of this government and everyone is under threat of attack, with out warning, at any given time!

    It’s frightening to think that anyone would believe that the Demarees committed a sexual crime! People in America are foolish, blind or just plain ignorant to cheer this government on! Not one of the laws being generated and pursued has anything to do with Megan Kanka being murdered or is a remedy for protecting our children or society from predators.

    For God’s sakes, look at who is being named predators, come on? Even children as young as 10 are being prosecuted and branded. What’s really going on in this country is truly insulting the intelligence of everyone in this Nation and is bringing shame upon the U.S., from all over the world. It is the American government who is preying on it’s own vulnerable citizens, this must STOP! I denounce these laws and of being thought of as a child sexual abuser or that my precious treasured history of my children at bath time as child porn. This is SICK, America, is sick! These laws are disturbing and upsetting and must be abolished. Until then, I am forced to hide my family albums and warn everyone I know about the atrocities of these laws. I beg the people of America to open their eyes and help stop this government abuse! Get educated and involved before it’s to late!

    Who is being registered in this country is shocking!

    Michigan: A 15 year old boy for foolishly grabbing a girl at school, from behind, his hand accidentally brushed her breast is charged with aggravated sexual assault and registered.

    New Jersey: A 12 year old who came upon a douche tried it on himself and his 6 1/2 year old half brother. The Supreme Court found no sexual intention, but the boy was charged with 2nd degree sexual assault, is a tier 2 sex offender registrant, and was ripped from his home and punished.

    Texas: 17 year old boy gets 60 years in prison for consensual teen sex with a girl who misrepresented her age, Free Brandon!

    Georgia: Wendy Whitaker, age 17, had consensual oral sex with 15 year old and is now a lifetime sex offender, forced to move from her home because it’s within 1000 feet of a church day-care

    Texas: Dale Ellis at 14 became a registered sex offender, was bludgeoned to death at 20

    Michigan: Justin Fawcett became a teen sex offender after being pursued by a 14 year old girl who sneaked out of her home at night to have sex with 22 teenagers and young men and documented it in her diary, the same diary in which she admits she was a sexual predator lying to her victims to gain their confidence. Justin committed suicide to avoid sex offender registration that he previously was promised by government would not be required.

    Numerous stories of children at Ethical Treatment For All Youth and their many links. This is what’s happening in America? In the name of Megan, based on her murder a crime in which one man was liable for, this law now holds 674,000 American citizens hostage! Registered, tracked, monitored and under constant threat of imprisonment, forever? This is considered “JUSTICE” in America? Our Supreme Court Justices allows it, God help us!

  4. prudence petals
    November 14th, 2009 at 15:59 | #4

    OMG, a child in the bath & pictures taken by their mother.
    this is horrible. The Walmart employee sounds like a dimwit..but the cops should NOT have pursued this pathetic bit of nothing case. it is their fault…
    Clearly no crime committed & the Hell & 75K this family went through.

  5. cindy louhou
    November 15th, 2009 at 09:19 | #5

    what is next, saying an ultrasound is pornography as it is a picture with nudity & multiple births are orgies

  6. bobbie jo
    November 15th, 2009 at 18:48 | #6

    evil law enforcement…
    I guess if the family pet walks by & appears in the picture it is beastiality & childbirth videos/ pictures are prego fetish porn..

    good grief I hope they win big punitive damages

  7. photo worker anonymous!
    November 19th, 2009 at 13:33 | #7

    Wow, a lot of abuse and presumption. We have is one side saying that OBVIOUSLY it’s all innocent play, a baby in diaper-changing position, and the other side saying it’s OBVIOUSLY sexual, three little girls posed spreading their genitals for display. The only thing that is obvious, though, is that each side has an agenda and wants us to rely on their biased summary of photos that we have not seen.

    You are judging based on your experience as a parent, snapping a quick photo of your toddler taking a bath. Of course it’s innocent; how can anyone think of YOU as a pervert?

    What is obvious to people who work with photos (who are often also parents, with bathtub baby snapshots of their own) is that most people assume their images will never, ever be viewed by a stranger, and so oftentimes photo workers will be faced with very explicit images and strict corporate rules on what is and is not printable.

    The bride-to-be doesn’t think anyone else will see the photo of her performing oral sex on the stripper at her party. The middle aged man doesn’t think anyone else will see his test drive of Viagra. Teenagers (by the ton!) don’t think anyone will see them flashing their business at the camera. And yes, creepy perverts don’t think anyone will see the photo of them manually penetrating a preteen girl.

    The rules that tore this family apart don’t exist because Walmart exists to mock you. They exist because photos of actual abuse have been submitted in the past, and because there can be legal liabilities for the company that prints nude images of minors in what may or may not be a sexual position–like, say, three young girls with their legs spread and their genitals bared for the camera.

    You want to lambast the employee and the company for erring on the side of caution and turning the photo over to the police, but had this report come out differently–“Local couple pimping out preteens! Dropped off nude photos at Walmart for years!”–the same individuals here would be crucifying both the employee and the company for not running to the cops.

  8. dr mark
    November 24th, 2009 at 22:04 | #8

    to photo shop guy:

    The pictures they were on GMA, they were innocent pictures and did not show anything sexual.

    the JUDGE saw the pictures and immediately dismissed the case.

    there is nothing sexual about a child period , I don’t care if they are naked and spreading ,it does not become sexual..I guess if a baby playing and rubs their Teetee and the parents are filming it is clearly porn?????? babies rub and spread at early ages

    it is nothing sexual

  9. dr mark
    November 24th, 2009 at 22:06 | #9

    next time my puppy licks himself is that beastiality

  10. dr mark
    November 24th, 2009 at 22:09 | #10

    @photo worker anonymous!
    DUDE ,You are a wrong head.

    nothing sexual about children no matter what,,, the WAL-MART employee is NOT qualified to determine ..however the scumbag Barney fifes cops should have not “lied on the report” and clearly do not know their anatomy. between a child’s legs is NOT a vagina dude

  11. dr mark
    November 24th, 2009 at 22:13 | #11

    @photo worker anonymous!
    your confusing nudity & porn they are not the same

    nudity is nudity & does not matter child or adult or elderly person
    porn is about SEX NOT nudity, otherwise breastfeeding & childbirth would be porn

  12. george
    November 27th, 2009 at 10:49 | #12

    I was looking at pictures?art of baby Jesus & there were paintings that showed many forms of undress …I guess Mary & Joseph were pornographers too?????

  13. george
    November 27th, 2009 at 10:57 | #13

    @Wal-Mart Assistant

    good job. I agree 100%

    Yes & I guess Mary & Joseph were Pornographers too, with all those filthy baby Jesus pictures…

    how is a Walmart employee qualified to make such a decision… Cops are trained to lie…IE: when they write reports they twist & slant aka LIE……

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