A Vote for Bonnie Dumanis Is A Vote For Corruption And Abuse

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In the heavily contested election race for San Diego mayor, there’s one candidate whom you should clearly not support: Bonnie Dumanis, the District Attorney of San Diego County. It’s probably impossible to create a full list of all the nefarious actions and inactions she has committed during her career, but the following are a few highlights to give you a flavor of what Dumanis represents. You can also find additional concerning reports regarding Dumanis on Maura Larkins’ summary of coverage on the suspicious actions of Bonnie Dumanis.

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Dumanis Ignores Crimes By Lawyers and Government Employees

As the San Diego Union Tribune reported, the San Diego DA office frequently fails to prosecute lawyers and other current or former government employees for serious crimes. DA Bonnie Dumanis is well known for her pattern of irresponsible failure to prosecute people who have connections to the courts and government.

Quoted from Critics: DA should prosecute problem lawyers:

After a trial late last year, the State Bar Court of California concluded that Carlsbad lawyer Patricia Gregory improperly withdrew more than $112,000 from client trust funds.

A judge recommended Gregory for disbarment in March, and the attorney is fighting the decision. She is not eligible to practice law while the review process runs its course.

Gregory has not been prosecuted, nor have several other attorneys who faced such findings from the bar. Critics say the District Attorney’s Office should act in such cases, but the staff says there are many complicating factors, such as different standards of proof and the need to set priorities.

In San Diego County, you can expect that short of mainstream media raising a crime by one of these people to the public’s attention, there will be no prosecution even when it is warranted. A lawyer stealing funds from a client such as former DA employee Patricia Gregory (who was eventually prosecuted for taking over $100,000 in client funds), government employees and contractors perjuring in court and causing millions of dollars in damage to their victims, and engaging in malicious false prosecutions are all among the types of crimes the San Diego DA would like to ignore. Failing to prosecute such crimes in presence of compelling evidence they did occur thereby encourages such criminal conduct to continue.

In the case of Patricia Gregory, Dumanis was forced by public pressure to prosecute her and a conviction was obtained. But how many other cases were brushed under the carpet and stayed there because the public didn’t press the DA to prosecute obvious criminal behaviors for which credible evidence was available?

San Diego family court critic Eileen Lasher has also criticized District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis for failing to protect the community from lawyers committing crimes. One of her examples is how San Diego attorney Theresa Erickson engaged in “baby selling crimes” violating California adoption and surrogacy laws for years as DA Dumanis and the San Diego courts looked the other way. Seemingly because of the severe corruption throughout government and courts in the San Diego region, it took US federal government intervention to put a stop to the baby selling ring.

Dumanis Prosecutes Based Upon Political Agenda

If you are a decision-maker working for the government who is friendly to her or are a wealthy friend of somebody in such a role in San Diego County, Bonnie Dumanis will tend to ignore your violations of the law. That is unless you are running for office against her or one of her friends. Then she is ready to abuse the powers of her office to wrongly harass you for daring to oppose her, even when no crime has been committed. She organized a “Public Integrity Unit” run by Patrick O’Toole which was obviously used to implement this policy.

You only have to look at the bizarre politically motivated prosecutions regarding the Chula Vista Mayor’s race in 2008 to see how corrupt Dumanis is. Patrick O’Toole was used to prosecute a Chula Vista city government employee for taking two hours off work (for which he filled out his timecard stating so) to try to catch Dumanis’s buddy Cheryl Cox with her disgraced family friend David Malcolm. Malcolm was convicted of felony charges over taking bribes regarding the South Bay Power Plant project but continues to remain involved in the region’s government.

Staffer Jason Moore stated he filled out and submitted a timecard before he left work, rather than after. Investigators found that he turned in the timecard after his absence. For that was charged with five felony counts of perjury for lying to investigators, even though the timecard itself was apparently accurate. Moore decided to accept a plea bargain.

How many of you who fill out timecards have not even once filled out or turned in a timecard after the fact, such as for a doctor’s appointment, your child’s school performance, a funeral, or other activity? Was this really a worthwhile use of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars? Such actions appear as part of the Dumanis pattern of using public funds to push her own personal agenda and help out her friends.

In 2008, Dumanis pursued an investigation and prosecution of Chula Vista Council Member Steve Castaneda in what appears to be an attempt to help Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox (wife of San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox) keep her office as Castaneda had opposed her a previous election and was expected to run again for mayor. Again, lots of public funds were spent to further the personal political agenda of Dumanis. This time, however, there was no conviction on any charge.

Dumanis Refused to Prosecute Child Abductor Cindy Dumas

Cindy Dumas is a mother who abducted her three sons and spent years in hiding. She alleged that their father had sexually molested one of them. But repeated investigations yielded no compelling evidence and the stories and allegations coming from Dumas and her brainwashed boys grew over time, a frequent sign of lying. Dumanis declined to prosecute Dumas for child abduction. And so to this day Dumas continues to waste huge amounts of taxpayer resources as she continues to press what are discredited stale allegations in San Diego family law court. Additionally, there is the matter that the child she alienated from his father, Damon Moelter, has reportedly run away and is himself in hiding. This woman has been hugely destructive to her children, her ex, and the community and remains so thanks to Dumanis as she refused to prosecute despite there being compelling evidence that Dumas violated the law and caused serious harm to many.

Judging from reports we have received over the years, San Diego Police Department has a track record of actively participating in harassing parents on behalf of malicious, alienating child abusers who use the cops as a weapon in custody battles. When SDPD fails to arrest or otherwise take actions against these same people when they have filed clearly false police reports and violated restraining orders, SDPD moves from being an unwitting accomplice in abuse to a willing participant.

Media reports suggest that Dumanis has failed to prosecute many law enforcement officers for obvious criminal misconduct. At least one of the reports we have heard regarding divorce related police abuse by SDPD includes allegations that a public relations employee of SDPD was using the police force to harass her ex-husband at supervised child custody exchanges. The harassment reportedly stopped after the victim filed a formal complaint against the department, but the police employees involved remain on the job.

Dumanis clearly thinks the public good is served by ignoring abusive parents and abusive cops and letting them continue their destructive behaviors. If she becomes mayor with oversight over an already abusive and irresponsible SDPD, how much worse could things get for San Diego parents targeted for abuse by a malicious ex?

DA Perverts Due Process

People being prosecuted have the right to gain access to evidence related to the case. In the case of one alleged bicycle thief, the DA denied access to fingerprints that did not match those of the accused party. The DA argued they have no obligation to disclose “inconclusive evidece”. In other words, they argued that they don’t have to reveal evidence that tends to raise questions about the accusations.

This kind of behavior is not new for DA Dumanis. Previously, Cynthia Sommer was convicted of murdering her husband and spent about two years in prison. The conviction was obtained based in large part upon a toxicology report that showed implausibly high arsenic concentrations in a tissue sample from Todd Sommer’s corpse.

Quoted from San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis Attempts to Pervert Justice:

Cynthia Sommer was convicted of the murder based largely upon circumstantial evidence. Such “evidence” included her spending habits, that she received a life insurance payout, and got new breast implants and attended wild parties after her husband’s death. There was no evidence to show that she ever obtained arsenic.

Speculation is that the initial tests that showed very high levels of arsenic were due to contamination. A defense expert witness testified that the initial tests showing arsenic levels 1020 times normal were physiologically improbable and inconsistent. Given the track record of the district attorney’s office, one wonders if the evidence was really inadvertently contaminated.

When the evidence was retested years later, it showed the initial results used in trial were totally wrong. Cynthia Sommer was released from prison. She has filed a $20 Million lawsuit against Dumanis and the lead prosecutor, Laura Gunn, based upon how they continued to investigate and prosecute her despite evidence that Todd Sommer was not murdered by arsenic poisoning as they alleged.

Then there’s the issue of how DA Dumanis has allegedly issued blanket challenges against San Diego judges who sided with defendants regarding DA misconduct.

Perhaps the real reason for Dumanis’s high conviction rate is that she and her colleagues work hard to ensure that even falsely accused defendants will be convicted by depriving them of due process of law.

Bottom Line: Vote For Anybody But Dumanis for Mayor

Bonnie Dumanis appears to think spending taxpayer dollars to persecute her political opponents and falsely accused people is wise law enforcement and appropriate use of precious taxpayer funds. She also appears to show a pattern of ignoring actual criminal behavior by associates.

Is this the kind of person whom you would want in any government position whatsoever? Please be sure to vote accordingly, not just in the mayoral race but in any future elections in which she runs as a candidate.

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