Eric Moelter Speaks Against Cindy Dumas Distortion Campaign

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Eric Moelter has started to speak up a bit about what has happened in the false sexual abuse and child custody abduction case of Cindy Dumas v. Eric Moelter now that all three boys are living with him once again. He believes their mother Cindy Dumas suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and has been waging a distortion campaign against him for years.

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Believing Cindy Dumas Suffers From BPD Is Rational

Having examined this case and being familiar with BPD and distortion campaigns, I believe Moelter has good reason for his perceptions. I do note for objectivity’s sake that I do not have sufficient visibility into the case to be absolutely sure of any diagnosis. There are many other similar mental health disorders that could lead to some of the behaviors Dumas has exhibited. These include Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder in particular. The diagnostic criteria for these have some significant overlap particularly in behavior patterns involving lying and defamation used to control and manipulate others.

It is not unusual for these other personality disorders to be co-morbid with BPD, nor for distortion campaigns to be waged by people with these other personality disorders. Complicating the problem of dealing with people who have such problems, psychological evaluations often fail to diagnose their mental health problems as was recently discussed in our article Personality Disordered Abusers in Psychological Evaluations.

It is also highly common for people suffering from these disorders to have been abused as children. It would be interesting to hear more about the childhood of Cindy Dumas to see if the typical child abuse pattern associated with these personality disorders is something she also experienced.

Moelter’s Updated Website

You can read what Moelter has to say on his updated website. Although this is a change from his usual near silence, it is completely understandable how person who has been vilified as a child sexual abuser would want to defend himself from such allegations, particularly if they are entirely false as Dumas’s claims strongly appear to be.

Children May Be Damaged More By False Allegations Than Real Abuse

Often the trauma inflicted upon children who are claimed by a divorcing parent to have been physically or sexually abused may far exceed any psychological damage from the alleged incident in the first place, even if something did happen to warrant a concern about possible abuse.

Particularly in cases of alleged sexual abuse, these children are put through months of questioning, blocked from access to a parent who they probably love and miss unless either the abuse was severe or they are being subjected to parental alienation. They are often put through years of abuse, like what Cindy Dumas did to her boys, in efforts to train them to support the claims of the divorcing parent making the accusations. For a young child, this is far more abusive and damaging than almost any common one time physical or sexual abuse could be. And if there was no such abuse originally, as appears to be the case for Damon Moelter and many other children in similar situations, the falsely accusing parent and the government to varying degrees have participated in severely abusing these children and their families.

Cindy Dumas Has Badly Hurt Many People

Although it could perhaps be argued that nobody will ever know for sure what happened regarding the original alleged incident that started this long nightmare for this family, I submit that it long ago stopped mattering. Damon may not even have objective or accurate memories of events from so many years ago when he was so young. His memory by now has been polluted by his mother and all the other people who have spent time prodding and probing his mind for several years.

It appears incontrovertible that even if Damon did experience some distress or confusion because of something his father did (note that I am not implying it was anything wrong or illegal), the psychological damage caused by Cindy Dumas to her sons far surpass anything that could be reasonably anticipated even from what Dumas (in my view falsely) originally accused Moelter of doing. What she’s done to the children, Eric Moelter, and his extended family has in my view reached criminal levels of harassment and abuse. Yet it is unlikely she will ever be prosecuted for her crimes. It would be wonderful if she were held liable in a civil suit for her defamation, but it is unlikely that even a multi-million dollar judgment against her could ever make up for what she has done to her victims.

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  1. Average Joe
    April 1st, 2010 at 16:25 | #1

    There’s a comment on another site linking to this posting that the author is trying to excuse sexual abuse. That’s rubbish. So many of these cases of divorcing moms accusing the dads of child sexual abuse involve the father’s reasonable parenting, or at least nothing that was abusive or illegal, being turned into false accusations. Sometimes nothing at all happened, but more often it was something innocuous or even helpful being distorted maliciously.

    For instance, daddy puts medicine on a kid’s bottom to treat a painful rash.

    Mommy turns that into a false child sexual abuse claim by telling her therapist that her daughter is complaining about her father fingering her privates and hurting her. The therapist as a mandatory child abuser report files a report against the father with CPS.

    CPS “investigates” and asks questions such as:

    Did your daddy touch you down there? yes

    Did it hurt? yes

    How did he touch you? he rubbed me

    Did you tell him to stop? yes

    Now the poor kid is banned from seeing her father who has done nothing wrong. The kid wasn’t traumatized by anything her father did, but she is now being abused by her mother and the government in what will likely be many months or even years of ongoing abuse by the falsely accusing parent.

    That is what happens in many of these cases. The accused is not the abuser, the accuser and the government are the abusers.

  2. Unhappy Target
    April 1st, 2010 at 19:40 | #2

    Mr. Moelter should exercise care with his website. I don’t understand why, but some family law judges are intolerant of people who write about the other parent or their case on the Internet, even if only to defend themselves against damaging lies. It seems they think the Internet is used by criminals only.

  3. Cindy Is Crazy
    April 2nd, 2010 at 01:45 | #3

    Cindy Dumas is a nutcase in most ways. In her web page she says: “Damon had also reported to CPS and the police that his father had abused him on his lap during the day in many places, including the monitored visitation, a taxi, a park, while playing video games, etc.”

    Having seen how monitored visitations work in San Diego, I note that they are often videotaped and always watched by one (or sometimes more) trained people often within just a few feet of the child. It’s not likely that anybody could be abusing a kid under these circumstances without being observed doing it. Accusations like this are what make Borderline mothers look so crazy.

  4. A Real Protective Parent
    April 6th, 2010 at 02:34 | #4

    I will admit Cindy Dumas suffers from severe mental illness, hasn’t any empathy for anyone not even her children, but that does not mean Damon should not be saved from Eric. The father has abused Damon, Cindy knew it long before the divorce but did not care until it benefited her. Cindy Dumas is an Adoptive parent that is part of the system and is part of the problem! When will the courts stop taking these children from REAL parents and stop giving them to these crazy monsters out to get the Adoptive parents checks?

  5. Jacklyn Barton
    April 13th, 2010 at 08:30 | #5

    I for one believe Cindy Dumas and Damon because San Diego Family court appointed guardian ad litem Terence M. Chucas has facilitated sex for the perpetrators in approximately ten various cases that I can recall on an instant. In my own case the first San Diego Family Court appointed guardian ad litem Edlene C. McKenzie stated in her report that my Granddaughter had blood in her panties while living at John & Liss’s day care on Barker Way in San Diego, Neither Edlene nor Terence Chucas would order DNA or any type of investigation of the panties to see if the child was raped by John Liss yet both Guardian ad litem’s recommended the child live with Liss. It can’t be that all these little children are lying and their protective mothers are having personality disorders. The consistency is Terence Chucas placing these children in detrimental environments, so Terry Chucas is the figure with the personality disorder.

  6. A Real Protective Parent
    May 14th, 2010 at 18:51 | #6

    Cindy Dumas has totally lost it. First she claims she is equal to Jesus. She claim Jesus was just like her, fighting injustices. Then She Claims her family are in the CIA. Now She has told she was Obama’s Guest at the White House along with terrorist John Allen Muhammad’s wife. I think the San Diego Family Courts have push this Narcissistic lady over the edge. Look out! She has been diagnosing people with mental Illness via e-mail since she has started taking Psychology.

  7. A Real Protective Parent
    May 29th, 2010 at 01:28 | #7

    Have you seen the crazy attacks on Cindy Dumas’ E-mail list.
    The have began to fight among themselves. Cindy Dumas is obviously paranoid of the FBI. Seems like She would want the FBI to investigate if she is a innocent victim. Cindy Dumas might be paranoid of the FBI because she is afraid she had no problem with the sexual abuse before the divorce. Just when she thought she could use it to her advantage, did she quote “care”. Most foster parents are Foster parents for the money and the “benefits” like sexual abuse or free “slave”. Cindy Dumas is a evil lady. click here to hear what king of people support Truthbrigade and Cindy Dumas

  8. August 3rd, 2010 at 23:49 | #8

    Have you guys seen this new website it is sooo funny. The reason it is sooo funny is because it is soooo true about family court I would have to say it is the best paradox ever.

  9. Anthony Peterson
    January 14th, 2011 at 05:39 | #9

    @Unhappy Target
    Judges that operate in obscurity are the judges that do the most harm. They are public servants in public positions subject to public ridicule which is so necessary. Let the light shine. It could be you being victimized.

  10. Anthony Peterson
    January 14th, 2011 at 05:47 | #10

    @Celeste Cortes
    Maybe another time I’ll be ready to laugh at these events, but for now, laughter is not good medicine for me. After 18 years, I still hurt from the manipulation and grieve for my loss.

  11. Carol
    October 18th, 2011 at 22:26 | #11

    There may be corrupt judges but Alksne got it right in this case. Dumas appealed to the San Diego appellate court and it rejected her request to have Alksne’s ruling overturned. The Court did a good job of summarizing the entire tragedy this family has suffered at the hands of Dumas – clearly suffering from borderline personality disorder (not to mention the ongoing, enormous amounts of money wasted at taxpayer expense.

    One good litmus test for attorneys, therapists and judges in these types of cases is is the parent doing what’s in the best interest of the children. If not, it’s a good sign that parent is the abusive one.

  12. Patrick Guisset
    January 24th, 2014 at 23:46 | #12

    Cindy Dumas is responsable with her friend Walter Davis, video producer of all crazy situations you can find in our society, of my son abduction from New Caledonia. My russian ex-wife, Irina Viktorovna Vinogradova had contact with these evil persons to organize, have media, psychologic and financial support to rapt my son from New Caledonia towards Russia. French Justice trusted a while (nearly 2 years) Irina Vinogradova who charge first Red Cross Kindergarden in Noumea, then me, father of Alexandre Guisset, to sexual abuse my son. Local Court, in front of Irina’s determination to continue to put complaints against me, decide to place our son in family custody for more than one year. Then, Court understand that all this Machiavellan scenario was to get custody of our son Alexandre. So, I got custody of my lovely son but Irina Vinogradova decide to organize this child abduction with help of non governemental organizations. Some of them, managed by Cindy Dumas and Walter Davis. Now, I hadn’t any news from my son living somewhere in Russia (may be in Moscow) because my ex-wife Irina is in conflict with her mother Nonna Vinogradova and elder sister living in Tatarstan (1.200 kms east from Moscow) and my son Alexandre has never met his grandmother and aunt side mother. These persons Cindy and Walter are very destructive. Shame on them to destroy children. The best issue for such persons is to kill them, make pellets from their corpses to feed animals.

  13. Patrick Guisset
    January 25th, 2014 at 01:55 | #13

    Cindy Dumas and Walter Davis are cyber criminals by their acts. I don’t know why USA administration don’t arrest them.

  14. 1gREATmOM
    September 2nd, 2014 at 03:26 | #14

    Are you people learning IMPAIRED? Cindy Dumas, has Damon living with her, I saw them together yesterday! You people need to get your facts straight about a woman who has done nothing but attempt to give her son a safe and happy home! Damons law is a necessity! It is valuable in every way for each and every one of the children it may help, and JUDGES ROUTINELY COMPROMISED CHILDRENS SAFETY, AND PARTICIPATE IN UNLAWFUL ACTS OF THINGS SUCH AS FAILING TO DISCLOSE CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS, FAILURE TO PROTECT A CHILD, BIAS, AND PREJUDICE!
    I Thank Cindy for all of her HARD WORK she puts in to aid in amending the laws of our state and country! If you want to begin a fight go pick on someone in your league, like HOWARD STERN, because Cindy Dumas IS WAY WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE!
    CINDY DUMAS, I think is a very real person, she did not say anything about visitation centers sexual abuse blah blah blah, and on that note, WHAT THE HELL IS A VISITATION SUPERVISOR DOING ALLOWING A CHILD WHO ACCUSED THE FATHER OF SEXUAL ABUSE, LETTING THE FATHER HAVE THE CHILD SIT IN HIS LAP? What a disgrace! That is directly outside the scope of WHAT IS ALLOWED IN A SUPERVISED VISITATION LOCATION, BY PROFESSIONALS! So go blow smoke up someone elses arse, because your stupid if you honestly trust and or believe this crap! Cindy, You have my full support!
    For christ sakes, her own son was on youtube at age 11 denouncing the father on his own, in his own words, and ran away for 2 years, to get away from sexually abusive dad! come into reality folks, Cindy Dumas is WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE! KNOW THAT!!!

  15. BJ
    September 15th, 2014 at 18:13 | #15

    @ 1gREATmOM
    Cindy is right about the system not working and the laws being bad. But that doesn’t mean she is right about anything else.

    I think Damon in brainwashed. If Cindy were a great mom, she would not be trashing fathers everywhere. She often paints men as sexual abusers. IMHO, her male-bashing bias reveals she has no credibility. She is so delusional and abusive towards men in general that any rational person should be highly doubtful of what she says.

    Damon should be worried about his future in a world polluted by Cindy’s male-hating ilk. In this world, he may be named a child sexual predator himself just because he is male.

    As for you, a child sitting on a parent’s lap is not sexual abuse. Falsely accusing a parent of child abuse and putting the child into such a situation that routine, healthy, normal physical touch is disallowed is in fact child abuse. Monkey experiments showed the young deprived of physical contact with parents turn out poorly. Human children fare poorly, too.

    Unwarranted supervised visitation is profitable child abuse. The California courts and divorce family abuse industry love this scam. As the state sees it, every child that is abused is a lucrative income stream and a child that is not abused represents a lost income stream. So all children must be abused, if not in reality, then by simply by finding a means to label them as abuse victims. This way the government and its co-conspirators can swoop in and steal the family’s assets and income and earn US govt payments that encourage child abuse services to prey on children and their families.

  16. Celeste
    January 30th, 2016 at 03:35 | #16

    It sounds to me like Cindy Dumas is more interested in getting even with dad than she was acting in her son’s best interest.

  17. LCB
    July 11th, 2016 at 02:21 | #17

    Uh, I would like to point out something I just noticed about Cindy Dumas. On her website “Saving Damon” she includes a page “Declaration by Dr. Doyne” which was written by “Dr.” Doyne in support of the contention that the original custody evaluation that concluded with no evidence of abuse was seriously deficient in both procedure and thoroughness.

    Pay close attention to who wrote that report. “Dr.” Doyne is actually Stephen E. Doyne, the scandalous San Diego Family Court custody evaluator who was exposed in the media as a complete fraud. You can read all about Doyne on this very website.

    Just off the top of my head, these are the lies(that have been proven to be lies by the media etc..) that “Dr.” Doyne tells in the letter:
    -Doyne list that he is “Doyne Ph.D” This is a complete lie. Doyne’s diploma came from a notorious diploma mill. Other professional credentials that he lied about include be a professor of psychology at a local university(the university says they have never employed Doyne in any manner).

    -Doyne states that he teaches continueing ed classes to “mental health professionals across the state of California.” Also untrue. He is also not a clinical psychologist. In fact, he had no professional training ever. He does have a four year college degree in general liberal arts.

    It was determine that Doyne lied to the courts about his credentials and qualifications at least 4,000 times over the course of his career. It is estimated that Doyne pulled down an average of 1,000,000$ a year with his scam.

    Hate to break it to all you supporters of Cindy, but she is complete nutcase fraud.

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