Dr. Richard Warshak Launches “Plutoverse” Parental Alienation Blog

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Dr. Richard Warshak, noted child psychologist and creator of such helpful titles as Divorce Poison New and Updated Edition: How to Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing and a DVD entitled Welcome Back Pluto: Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Parental Alienation, has launched a new blog he is calling Plutoverse. He’s initially focusing on the impact of parental alienation on children and families, particularly from the angle of psychology and his personal treatment experience working with children and parents suffering from the damaging effects of alienation, but expects he’ll be covering other topics, too.

In his introductory email, he explained his motivations for the site:

I am finally taking the plunge and launching a blog. My goal is to use this forum to post ideas and information in a more timely manner than is possible with my website. Also, the blog will direct attention to additions and other material on the site that you may have overlooked.

I expect that the blog will evolve into a place where I will share thoughts on a wide range of interests beyond my work on divorce, child custody, and parental alienation.

Also, I am going to activate the comments feature and see what happens. I am hoping for a dialog that lets me know how my blog entries are being received and helps me sharpen my thinking and writing.

Since I am a novice with the technological aspects of the blog, I ask for your patience if things don’t work as they should. Those more familiar with blogging should feel free to email advice.

We’ve previously previewed the Welcome Back Pluto DVD. We’ll be posting a more complete review it soon. One child psychologist with input on the DVD has noted that it may be more effective at initially getting through to an alienated child than therapy based upon observations of how some therapy-resistant children react to it. This may be because the DVD isn’t perceived as being aligned with the target parent in the same way as a therapist may be. Additionally, it features perspectives from multiple parties and about other families that may help drive home the point that many children are being affected by parental alienation.

Click here to visit Dr. Warhak’s Plutoverse.

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