Holding Family Law Judges Accountable

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February 20th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Guess what group is among top of those showing contempt of court?

Family Law Judges!

Family law courts in the United States are a disgusting and abusive mess. While we can’t blame it all on the judges as many problems are caused by lying litigants, the judges are ultimately responsible for most of the problems. They should be upholding the law, ensuring that people’s rights are not violated, and requiring reasonable proof of allegations before they are acted upon. But in the United States today, that’s not the function of family law judges.

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Family Law Judges Rubber-Stamp Civil Rights Abuses

Today’s family law judges are generally rubber stamps for civil rights abuses. It is routine for due process to be violated. Unequal protection by the law is the norm. The judges generally think this is all OK because family law courts aren’t criminal courts.

Judges complain they don’t have enough time to handle the numerous cases they have. They complain about budget cuts. They complain about needless litigation. Whose fault is all of that? They should look themselves in their mirrors as they have created the problems that have lead to the family law courts being overwhelmed with destructive litigation.

Family Law Courts Reward Criminals, Punish Victims

For starters, their failure to punish perjury results in massive increases in court hearings. It also results in far more complicated cases in which innocent parties who are being truthful are abused by lying litigants with the assistance of incompetent judges. And all of this adds up to spiraling legal costs which often don’t end until after all of the marital assets are depleted.

The judges who don’t punish perjury are often the same incompetent judges who think they can tell the truth without reading court filings and without strong evidentiary standards. Such judges are enablers and co-conspirators of government abuse against honest people. They may argue that they “don’t have time to punish perjury”, but their arguments are invalid. Failure to punish perjury guarantees there will be a lot more of it and that injustices, countless unwarranted court hearings, and abuse of innocent children and parents will be the norm. Failure to punish perjury means the load on the family court system is higher than it would have been if perjury was punished all the way along.

Because incompetent judges reward perjury, dishonest litigants quickly learn that whenever they are unhappy, all they have to do is make up a new set of lies and tell it to the judge who, in his or her “exercising extreme caution” will likely violate the US Constitution, throw due process out the window, and strip those falsely accused by family court liars of their rights.

Typical Family Law Abuses Include “Kick Out” Orders

The victims often don’t even know destruction is coming until after they are served with papers kicking them out of their homes and banning them from seeing their children. Their “due process” consists of being persecuted and severely harmed prior to a chance to defend themselves from false accusations, often months and sometimes years later. And those are the ones who can afford attorneys — many others can’t and have their civil rights totally trampled as the lying ex, her or his attorney, and the incompetent judge skewer people who are already badly harmed and weakened by severe financial and psychological damage caused by the aggression, dishonesty, and lawlessness shown towards them.

Courts Ban Parents From Seeing Children Without Due Process

What rights do people lose because of incompetent judges? They usually lose their access to their children and most of their income for “child support” payments calculated with zero custody time based upon false accusations. Add to those falsely obtained child support payments the horrendously expensive supervised visitations that can cost more than a person makes per month, often at $30 to $100 (or more!) per hour, to be watched like a hawk by strangers while they are with their children. This can last for months or years, bankrupting these victims and eventually meaning they can no longer afford to see their children. Then the courts are likely to rule that they will continue to have zero custody because they didn’t care enough to see their children!

Courts Encourage Financial Victimization by Aggressor Spouses

It’s also common to be kicked out of one’s home with no advance notice. As a result, one may lose all of his or her property for months or years or forever. When this is brought up in court, the judges whine about how they can’t talk about property issues until the end of the divorce case. By then, likely years later, much or all of the property will have been lost, destroyed, sold, and stolen — hmm, it was all already stolen with help of the court — stolen yet again. All of this can’t really be proven because the liar who requested the court to abuse his or her ex didn’t document what the property was, the victim didn’t have a chance to do so, either, and the court will seldom if ever require such documentation and seldom if ever gets neutral third parties to create it. Even if they did, they would provide ample time for the liar to make property disappear prior to a neutral third party showing up to photograph or videotape the property.

Further compounding the damage, the debt on the home one can no longer enter or approach and property which one can no longer have is often ordered to be paid for by the victim of family law courts. The lying ex will be living in it, possibly with the person with whom he or she had an affair. But the victim will be paying for 50% or more of it, sometimes even 100%.

How to Report Bad Family Law Judges

None of this is going to change unless the courts and specifically the judges are held accountable for their incompetent and abusive actions.

How are we, the victims of family law courts, supposed to hold judges accountable?

Generally speaking, except for extreme abuses, it does not appear that state judicial boards take most complaints seriously. However, if they receive massive quantities of detailed complaints about a judge, perhaps they will take note.

You can fill out surveys and post comments about judges across the US at Courthouse Forum.

You can find similarly abused parties in your area and protest the court. Picket it. Be sure to put the name of the abusive judge on big signs when you picket the courthouse. Although death threats may seem appropriate, don’t use them because you might end up with local law enforcement causing even more trouble for you.

Contact local media and explain to them how abusive and irresponsible a judge is being. You might actually get an article written about it, especially if there are many people being abused by the judge. For example, see the Sacramento News & Review article Down by law: Beaten by the system, four fearless Sacramentans coulda been contenders.

Campaign Against Bad Family Law Judges

Most judges at some point have to run for re-election. You can campaign against them. Rally together with people who have been abused to hold them accountable and ensure they are not re-elected. Expose their dirty laundry during the election. Even if it does not affect that particular election, if enough of this is done consistently, it will probably result in candidates in future elections focusing on compliance with US law, punishment of perjury and contempt of court, and use of evidentiary standards of at least “clear and convincing evidence” before people’s rights are stripped away.

It’s up to those abused by the courts to force change. That’s because politicians don’t care and most people have no clue how evil the family law courts in this country have become. They won’t find out until they end up in them, and that’s too late to do much to force change as then they are in the middle of a war that will likely destroy their lives.

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  1. February 22nd, 2009 at 18:09 | #1

    Family Kourts operate under private law established via 14th amendment, which imposed dual citizenship; i.e. government-granted rights of ‘due process’ via ‘naturalization’.

    You didn’t need ‘naturalizing’: You already had a birthright as a ‘state national’.

    Cast off US Citizenship; restore your rightful body politic.

    508 735 6615 for more

    Country of Massachusetts
    Live Federally AND Die
    or Live Free OR Die

  2. Carol
    July 16th, 2009 at 06:52 | #2

    Maybe someone can answer my question. Why do non citizens of the U.S. have any rights in our family court system? They broke a federal law by just being here.

  3. February 26th, 2010 at 10:43 | #3

    Thanks and thumbs up Rob for writing such a realistic article about what truly is happening to so many people that get caught up in our family court system. Hats off to AngiEmedia for all of the effort you are doing to bring awareness to the public with the numerous informative articles you have published thus far.

    The only criticism I can possibly think of about this article is that the language in it is actually too soft! What these Judges, Attorneys, and lying ex’s are doing borders on or actually falls under an Act of Terrorism, Not to mention: Hate Crimes, Abuse, Discrimination, Criminal, and Unconstitutional, etc.

    All one really needs to do is read up on the Anti-Terrorism Bills/Acts that have been enacted, or simply look up the definition of terror, terroristic, and/or terrorism in Websters dictionary and you will come to the same conclusion I have…..

    April 19th, 2010 at 21:36 | #4

    Thank you for posting…. so true..and so sad

  5. Barbie Torrez
    May 13th, 2010 at 18:27 | #5

    Hello, I am a Mother of three little boy’s who have been, and continue to be sexually abused by their father Joe Torrez, our Courts in Jefferson, County, Colorado have accused me a being a coaching and lying Mother, who had it out to hurt their father and make my children lie to hurt him… even though I had witnesses and documents and records of abuse on his fist child, who he won custody of eairler, and lost her due to abuse… our family Judge still awarded him custody and gave me Theriputic visits, this parent has taken all my rights away with the help from all the courts, and still four years later, I am with out my children.. and he continues to Alienate me and my children from eachother, I have fought hard and until my parents and myself are bankrupt, we still have found no help out of this web… my children are being more abused now then before, and our courts do not care.
    can some one help… I am exhausted… and my children need freedom..
    Thank you… 720-628-5481

  6. Barbie Torrez
    May 13th, 2010 at 18:37 | #6

    It’s me again… I thought this would be helpful.. we need to explose these Judges who take the law as a game and hurt families..
    His name is Judge Randell Arp… Jefferson county, Colorado Family Courts, niether of his Magastrates care either… they do not go against eachother….
    I am open to hear any advice, and recieve any help… we are broke ready to hit the street, have lost my car… we are desperate for help… if any one has a car, or has a heart to help finanially we are open, and would appericate all the help, or is you are a Lawyer who want’s to make a difference and can take our case out of the kindness of your heart, you would be a answered prayer, God knows it bothers me to ask for help in this way, however this is what the court system does to innecent families.. this is what we fight to stop…
    you can call or e-mail me any time…
    [email protected]
    Thank you and God Bless…
    also if I can be of any help to anyone out there who is going through something like this, I have trailed many roads.. I will do everything I can… feel free to call…

  7. shan
    May 17th, 2010 at 09:38 | #7

    I want to know what else can we do to change this? We all know the system is flawed but we need to bring attention to this. How can we do that? How can we make a change?

  8. Barbie Torrez
    June 2nd, 2010 at 23:07 | #8

    Shan, Hello, I am so sorry it took so long to get back to your comment, I really don’t know what it will take to change things, God know’s I have tried everything and get nowhere sadly!

    I know that this is happening everywhere, our Judges have too much power, and it gets used in the wrong way a lot of the time.

    I don’t believe that their heart is alway in our cases, it’s about the time restraint, and of course money has always played a huge part in it, if you can afford a great Attorney that knows some one in the system it seems as though things go well, but if not well you end up like my children and I.

    I have thought about a picket in front of the court house, and news but they refuse to get involved, due to conflict.

    I am lost for answers.

    Do you know any one that is in the system? or maybe a Lawyer, I am open believe me, willing to listen, or talk to any one.

    Or if you know anything about fund raisers, to raise money for a Attorney, that would be a Blessing….

  9. Kendra Yosanovich
    July 23rd, 2010 at 21:29 | #9

    Two months in to my fiancee’s quest to gain custody, his ex-wife of more than five years, made allegations that I was “grooming her son, 15 years old for sex”! We were devastated but we stayed the course, cooperated with the investagations ordered by the judge and prayed…A LOT! Three investigations were conducted and all three concluded with “unfound” and “mothers allegations are deemed untruthful; there is no victim.”

    However, in December 2009 the judge set forth an order of no contact for myself and the three minor children. In fact, he stated that he “didn’t care what the investigators reported”. He hand picked each investigating agency! How does this happen in the United States of America???

    Our family has been tormented by a lazy woman, unwilling to work and an uneducated judge who refused to hear me in court. Even our lawyer challenged his ruling with “you can’t do that”. His response, “well I just did.” Today is August 23, 2010. We are still fighting this order. Our relationship has been pushed to the max, the chilrdren (6 between us) have been exposed to emotional upset and distress!
    We are besides ourself! This judge appears to hate us and we never did one wrong thing. We abide the law and God! What more can we do????

    • July 23rd, 2010 at 22:43 | #10

      Family law judges have far too much power to destroy people’s lives simply because they can choose to ignore evidence, admit tainted or fraudulent evidence, or simply lie and use it as a justification for violating people’s rights. They routinely jerk around child custody allocations without justification. It is perhaps the single biggest problem with the family law courts today.

      Kendra’s case is exactly why juries are needed for long-term child custody decisions.

      There also need to be strict limits on what a judge can do with child custody on a temporary basis. Anything but 50/50 custody splits should not be allowed anything but a temporary basis without either an agreement between the parents or some kind of serious criminal conviction against one or both of the parents that clearly shows the children could be affected badly. By this I mean repeated misdemeanors or a felony that would somehow impact children’s safety. A homicide conviction would be a good reason to limit custody, an election or tax law violation would not.

      I can see that when there are serious allegations that could endanger children that a temporary exception to this rule could be reasonable. But each extension of any deviation in custody should be for only 30 days at time and if there is no substantive evidence being brought to the court’s attention, anything past 90 days should not be allowed.

      Further, false allegations must be punished and the punishment should vary with the severity of the allegation and the amount of evidence provided. Perhaps a “three strikes” system would be reasonable. First strike the offender gets “house arrest” with an electronic leash (a GPS tracker or similar) to enforce it to keep costs down. Second strike the same plus a fine payable to the victim. Third strike is a fine plus jail time on weekends when the kids are not with the parent. The duration of the punishment period would be related to the severity of the false accusation. If there was a good option for punishment that didn’t also punish the kids, maybe more judges would use it. This point is certainly worth further discussion.

      In Kendra’s case, the court should have reinstated 50/50 custody and not put ridiculous no contact orders in place. If it wanted to exercise further caution, which it already frankly probably overdid with three investigations, it could have easily ordered therapy every couple of weeks for the children for six months, pending further review, as a monitoring mechanism. Sexual abuse of a 15 year old boy who is being monitored by a therapist is not likely to go unnoticed. The therapy costs would be split between the parents. If at the end of the six months the therapist does not believe there was any cause for concern regarding Kendra or the father, then the malicious mom could be ordered to reimburse them for their half of the therapy. This is minimal impact on the kids and the parents, puts in a safety net, and holds the false accuser accountable at the end of the day.

      Perhaps Kendra should consider filing a complaint against the judge with the Commission on Judicial Performance? We would be happy to help you go after this judge publicly if you are willing to share enough information to help us do so.

      This wouldn’t happen to be in Orange County, would it? We have gotten a number of complaints about a Commissioner Thomas Schulte doing things like you describe and the allegedly abused litigants sometimes report that he’s close friends with the other parent’s attorney or has other improper connections that mean he should have recused from involvement in the case in the first place. Their stories sound too consistent to be totally off the mark, yet they are too afraid of what that man will do to them to fight like they need to be doing if there is any chance of getting a replacement judge.

      This is understandable as many of these abusive family law judges, no matter the location, tend to punish parents for saying anything publicly about their misconduct. They use the dishonest excuse of it being “for the best interests of the children to maintain privacy” yet these kids often have little or no contact with the parent being abused by the judge. That is definitely not in the best interests of the children. You might want to read A Judge’s View of “Best Interests of the Children” to see how twisted these judges can be in justifying anything they want to do for their own benefits via distortions of the “best interests of the children” premise.

      Schulte, by the way, is the judicial officer who bungled the Fontaine child custody case so badly that it ended in the murder-suicide deaths of the children, mother, and grandmother.

  10. Barbie Torrez
    August 27th, 2010 at 15:41 | #11

    Honey, I feel for you, I know just how you feel and sadly there are so many of us, who are going through this, it really is unimagineable how this can happen… we are coming up to our 4th years September 22, and I am devestated that I could be taken away from my children, mind you for trying to protect them from their father?molester….. my boy’s are still suffering and no one seems to care… I file motion after motion and continue to get Denied, his attorney lies like no tomorrow, with out question, yet with a smile, a pat on the back and a great job…
    I can leave you my # 720-628-5481, maybe we all need to work together to change the rights of people who deserve it… right now the law protects the bad people, so many children suffer everfyday… why…… because it’s allowed to happen to them…
    Please keep in touch, and so will I… e need to come together, thats how laws change….

    @Kendra Yosanovich

  11. Barbie Torrez
    August 27th, 2010 at 16:10 | #12

    I read your link…. everything was so true… how do we change thing’s… we need help…. our courts do play God… sadly they will answer for that act… there is only one God… and we all stand before him one day….

  12. August 29th, 2010 at 10:08 | #13

    @ Kendra Yosanovich
    My god….if you can get a reading on what I am into with my divorce it would kill you. I would love to chat to you Kendra if you write me at my e-mail at [email protected] and I will share it with you. I am over a half million dollars in just custody alone and the judge is so bad I am now into an appeal and tons of other people added. I will give you my music so you can read some info on me and I have a song I wrote for that same little girl called “A Miracle” if you listen to it you will know what she means to me MY WHOLE WORLD AND HEARTBEAT and it kills me everyday missing her. I can honestly say I never knew this woman I met and I feel so usedddddd. as I said this is my website http://www.myspace.com/chrisgilltellmehow that should give you alot on me and alot of pictures of my life. I was ready to go on tour BUT my baby comes first. I did write a song called “Look at me look at you” telling parents not to use the kids when separating and can share that also if you wish. Anyway everyone said this has to be the worst in CANADA.

    I am sorry for such rushed e-mail but I havn’t been to bed yet and I have to complete an appeal.

    Hope to hear from you.
    from a loving Parent to another

    Christopher v. Gill

  13. September 25th, 2010 at 04:59 | #14

    I have been robbed of 14 months with my kids and they with me because my wife went to her attorney and said, “I THINK he MIGHT have had inappropriate sexual contact with one or both of our daughters,” KNOWING that there’s not a bone in my body that could even THINK of such a thing, much less act on it. The judge, Judge Karen Cole of Duval County, FL (Jacksonville) said, “hold the press!” and handed her an injunction just as easy as you please without even asking her on what basis she was making such a statement. She never asked for one shred of proof.

    Instead she made me, the innocent one, spend the past 14 months proving I wasn’t guilty. The psych evaluation cost $2,500 plus about 5 trips to Jax from WV, then that was interrupted when her attorney played the game and suggested that I need to take a psycho-sexual evaluation. This, aside from being the single most humiliating and debasing and sickening thing I’ve ever had to do, cost me another $3,000 plus the trip to Jax and back (1500 miles round trip).

    Now, because opposing council’s deposition of the main witness was incomplete, the judge takes the deposition home over the weekend, reads it along with the deposition my attorney did of my wife, and comes back to make her final decision, no real hearing, no cross examination of my wife to expose her lies, her alienation of the kids and me, her theft, her perjury, her submitting false and misleading documentation. Just 14 months of building a case that we never got to present.

    My children desperately want to be with me but nobody’s listening to them. So, because I am a videographer, I will be making it my mission in life to remove this woman from the bench, as well as to make this family court thing a national outcry. I am in the planning phases of doing a documentary on this issue. So if any of you good people who have had your lives turned upside down like I have want your stories told, if you want to fight this issue and try and make a difference somehow, please contact me at [email protected].

    I know I’m not the only one who is screaming with rage at the insanity of the injustice being done to us and our precious children. Help me fight this thing. Contact me and lets all work together.

  14. September 25th, 2010 at 05:04 | #15

    When I say “robbed” of 14 months, I mean that the injunction said that I could not speak to, write to, or see my children or my wife until I proved that the allegations were not true. Now that I have proven them to be not true by using the “experts” the courts appointed, she still awards my wife with majority time. I saw my kids a total of 3 hours during the past 14 months and that was in the office of the court-appointed psychiatrist. Yippee.

  15. October 27th, 2010 at 02:25 | #16

    Barbie, sounds like you have a lot of resentment in you. Not too smart on leaving your # and the names of the other parties. Especially the judge’s. I have dealt with this situation before and it seems there is more to this story than what you are saying. 4 years is a long time for this to happen. Something should have came out by now if your kids are in school. Kids should be withdrawn or you for sure would see some sort of neglect. You seem out for revenge the way you are sharing your thoughts. Just a concerned person.

  16. Barbie Torrez
    November 8th, 2010 at 18:08 | #17

    Really sorry you feel that way, however I have spoken nothing but the truth, until you have gone through something as vile as this, sadly you would not understand…

    This has been a trip from hell, the lies and munipulation,they have been allowed, is wrong.

    I may sound angry because I am, there is a lot more to my story, unfortunately I can not write it all out to you.

    People may think that there is always more to what is being said, but innocent people do get accused of things they never done, just read the post above mine allens post, his story is almost like mine, and because some moms & dad’s use the system with lies, it is hard to be proven innocent, when you are…

    I have left my # because I am a Mother who will leave NO ROCK unturned, there may be help and I am open for it, if people like yourself want to judge and be empty minded to child molestation by a parent, that could be why our world is currupted and there is no help for all the abused children & parents out here…

    I say this kindly and mindfully with no disrespect until you have walked even a moment in our shoes, please don’t have the goal to judge ones being, or question our story, I have fought long and hard, and have been ignored by our system, jefferson county has failed my children, and our court files can prove that… if you’re a Lawyer maybe you can take a look…

    This message board is here to help one another, not question and throw dirt on someone you know nothing about.

    I don’t know you, but I would ask that if you live in this would, to open your mind and heart to other people, what if this was your story and I wrote to you what you wrote to me, how would that make you feel? trust me, it would not find you well….

    So yes I am bitter, must not forget very sad… being without ones children is nothing nice, more so knowing they are with a child molester….is worse… and there’s nothing I can do about it….

    So again I have no regrets sharing my story or leaving my #, and I am thankful that you are not on my Jury…
    I have no revenge in my heart, just sadness, people who act as my childrens father and every other bad parent, cause their own damage, it’s more then what I could ever repay…

    His children will grow up, they know what he has done to them and me, and they will hate him for it… that will be his own revenge…

    So please undertand that we live in a world, where not every one is who they say they are, no matter the position, there are corrupt people….

    I am sorry I sound so harrsh… but that was unfair judgement….

  17. Barbie Torrez
    November 8th, 2010 at 18:17 | #18


    I am moved by your story and would love to speak with you, this really did happen to my children, but because there are moms that lie, it’s judged on those of us who are telling the truth….

    I know with experience there is no help out here either, no money, no good Lawyer, you’re doomed….
    so if you would like to chat… send a message or call me… thanks…

  18. Barbie Torrez
    November 8th, 2010 at 18:26 | #19

    Also Mark, have you not read every one’s posting, I am not the only one with a problem here, this stuff does happen.

    Again I am sorry for my crappy attitude, but please don’t be blinded, I am not saying all Judges and Lawyers are bad, I respect the Law, that is why I am still begging for their help, however in my case it is not right, something has went very wrong and I don’t understand it, I’m confused by it, and have to question what happen.

    Our case is unbelieveable, I wish you could see & read for yourself…. then you would know… I am telling the truth, sadly this posting don’t even touch the surface of it…

    Every Lawyer who I have talked to and showed the proff to has been floored.

    It’s bad….

    Bad things do happen to good people, because of what the bad people do sets the bar for every one else…

  19. One of Thousands
    November 8th, 2010 at 21:53 | #20


    I am so very sorry for what you’ve been through. I’m a lawyer, I do not and would not step foot into the cesspool of family law but for having been dragged there by a very ex-wife. Your many many observations are highly accurate and very even-keeled.

    The solution is to get the bad lawyers out of office by voting or raising holly hell with the CJP. Please see my other posts here for suggestions.

    My most sincere sentiments to you and yours.

  20. Barbie Torrez
    November 9th, 2010 at 03:44 | #21

    Thank you so much…. I felt so mad this morning well reading this Mark’s posting.. it’s very hard and frustrating when people are so quick to judge and have no clue as to what really happens in these court rooms when people and Lawyers and Judges do lie and stick by each other’s sides….

    I am out of energy, and times Pray for the strength to go one more day, my children are with this monster and there is nothing I can do as a Mother, I am powerless, and just as I was so easily judged here, this is what happened in the court room 4 1/2 years ago.

    I feel like I am in a web with no way out. I wish to God that you did family law, if you have any advice for me, I would surely take it…

    Who is the CJP? and where can I fine your other postings, I am so interested….

    Again thank you for your sweet compassion and kindness to me…. God knows it’s been much needed….

    God Bless you…. always and I am so sorry to hear that you have been put through this, an ex spouse can be so ugly and nasty…. sadly they NEVER think of the kids that suffer from the deal…. not until they grow up all messed up and hate life and everything in it….

    The courts wonder why there are so many Prisoners, well they help create them… Thank you for not being a bad Lawyer, we need many more good people to help our world….

    please keep in touch….

    and my sentiments to you and your’s as well !
    @One of Thousands

    • November 9th, 2010 at 04:17 | #22

      CJP is the Commission on Judicial Performance. It’s in California and it supposed to correct judicial misconduct, but it truly acts more as a whitewashing organization that conspires with judicial criminals.

      Many other states and nations have similar organizations. Hopefully at least a few of them work better than California’s CJP.

      You can find some other comments on CJP from Janette Isaacs.

      “One of Thousands” is a frequent commenter, you can find comments from him on a lot of articles tagged with “California”. For instance, the article with the comment from Janette Isaacs also has a couple of comments from “One of Thousands”.

  21. Barbie Torrez
    November 9th, 2010 at 17:02 | #23


    Thank you for the info, I will do my best to hunt for this in Colorado,

    I can’t tell all of you who have taken the time out of your own life to message me and help my children and I just how Thankful and Blessed we are that you would care enough about some on you know nothing about to do that for us.

    Life is so short and only lived once, I am sad that we are faced with different challenges and tragedies, however I do know what doesn’t break you will only make you stronger….

    My children are my life, I have five all together I have a 27 years old son who is amazing and such a support unit and a 26 year old daughter.

    I was a single parent with them, and I had such a hard heart for their father for walking out on us for another woman, I lost all respect for him as a person, with a unexpected turn I gained all respect and more back for the guy, because when he left, he just left… he never tried to hurt me or my kids, he knew that our children needed to be with their Mother and he gave us that, BUT, with the same token, I never said anything bad about their father to them, I never wanted to be the parent that destroyed their relationship, I always figured that one day the time would come when they would have the allowance of working things out together on their own and he could explain himself on his own, that’s how a true parent does things.

    My three boys have suffered at the hands and hate of their father tremendously without him having a second thought about it, some parents do care and know how to seperate the two, AND UNFORTUNATELY SOME DON’T.

    My advice to any parent out their, please for your children’s sake and for your’s in the long run, do not be a hater and Alienate your children from their father or mother,
    IT WILL COME BACK TO BIT YOU IN YOUR A**, It has been proven time and time again, the child will always run from the Alienating parent back to the peace making parent.

    The War that parents face in a ugly divorce has nothing to do with your KIDS……..

    It is your problem LEAVE THEM OUT OF IT……


    I know that is hs helped me……………………..

  22. Barbie Torrez
    November 9th, 2010 at 17:15 | #24

    Allen, I know how you feel, I was given the Therapeutic visitation, one hour three times per week with a counselor, however that has yet to happen, their father has not followed one court order yet, and every motion I file asking to make him has been DENIED, every motion for a parenting time change has been DENIED, I have filed thousands of motions, spent over $ 180,000 dollars on Attorney fee’s to the point were my whole family is bankrupt and we got NOWHERE.

    I have been shut down at every door, I have spent less hours that go into a week, than I have with my children in 4 1/2 years, there’s like a hundred something hours in a week… 168 to be correct.
    And there’s nothing more degrading than someone telling you what to say and do with your children… I have lost all of who I am as a Mother… Our lives are now run by a controlling father, and a system that doesn’t care about the family….

    Keep working hard to get your children and NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ..@Allen Combs

  23. Emad Tadros MD and the San Diego habitually Cheated Families and Children
    December 18th, 2010 at 17:08 | #25

    FYI: This AM I received the post below. I hereby copy, paste and post this one on the internet for the Chronically Cheated Public with the clear-cut evidence of committing Fraud and Perjury in day-light, prompting SD attorneys and Custody Evaluators to violate the TIMELY AND MANDATORY CRC. No surprise, where the needed 1- Remedy 2- Show concern about the already violated families and children 3- Public Apology never been made from such dismantlers or the Administrative Office of the Court/AOC…. yet.

    Again, according to the MANDATORY California Rules of the Court/CRC 5.225 K-1-B, filing and serving the parents with this FL-326 must be 10 days “BEFORE-BEFORE” any Custody work starts. Thereafter those ten days, such so claimed “legally assigned Custody Evaluators” must serve his/her CV/Resume on each parent. After a total of 21 days of singing, filing CENTRALLY AT CLERCK OFFICE and serving both parents with this FL 326 “Under the Penalty of Perjury” by the so claimed legal attached Evaluator; such Evaluator can start Custody work. This TIMELY CRC MANDATE IS FOR A REASON!

    What we discovered is, if these FL326 and FL327 were not filed CENTRALLY AT THE CLERCK OFFICE (FL 327 is under the judicial control), this created an IRS Aduit Vacuum with no paper-trial as to who did what and how much in any possible collective manner? Custody Evlauators do not get 1099 from divorced parents for what they ripp them off for and divorce Industry proceedings are NOT tax exempt. This clearly resulted in Monster Cash Income Machine (Tax-free- cash-income) raping and ripping off families assets and kids college funds in day light and in a very rapid fashion!

    This is a very clever move by the corrupt court family dismantlers, pirating Millions of dollars in a very short time and in day-light, rubber stamped by the court orders. When the corrupt deceiving Dismantlers get this hungry, WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL AND IT IS A MATTER OF TIME.

    The posting is as follows:

    >>> Here’s a whopper. San Diego’s Family Law Specialist leader, Bob Lesh ofhttp://leshlaw.com, advises in an email to the SD Family Law Community to break the law! To be clear, Family Law forms FL-326 and FL-327 are to be filed within 10-days of appointment of a Custody Evaluator when the appointed Evaluator signs under the penalty of perjury that they meet the education and training requirements of the State under Title 5, CA State Rules of Court. Again, it is mandated that the appointed Evaluator MUST file completed form FL-326 within 10-days of appointment to a custody evaluation or they cannot perform the work as a 730 Code Evaluator for litigants that they have been appointed to by a Judge with form FL-327.

    Bob Lesh advised the entire Family Law Community that was on the list-serve to make sure these forms were filled out and filed with the Court, post-haste, if they were not in their clients’ case files already. Bob Lesh ofhttp://leshlaw.com should have advised them to NOT file these forms (if he were any kind of a true, ethical professional, and FL Specialist) as they were to be filed within 10-days of appointment in the first place! So he’s advising them to break the law when it has already been broken in the first place by Evaluators who NEVER filled them out in the first place because of an inept and corrupt San Diego Superior Court that FAILED to adhere to law — failed to administer the Rules of Court CRC 5.225 relating to the forms, in the first place! This is Mr. Michael G. Roddy’s responsibility to administer these rules of court, he’s the SD Superior Court Executive Officer who voted on the creation and amendment of CRC 5.225 (FL-326/FL-327) back in 2001, 2004, and 2006 at Judicial Counsel Meetings, but NEVER administered them for a reason!

    See Mr. Bob Lesh email below… isn’t it the Evaluators’ responsibility to make sure these are filed, the forms are for them, oh, but oh, it is the lazy, greedy, corrupt, inept, uncaring Attorneys who NEVER cared to follow the Law in the first place and do their job well by counseling their clients about these forms when they went into Evaluation with the Evaluators, and the corrupt circle goes ’round and ’round… BTW—the rules are in the Bench Books beside every FL Judge in San Diego…see Bob Lesh email below…

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: jvandoorn at cox.net
    To: tadrosmd at pol.net
    Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 12:34:31 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Email from Robert Lesh to Family Law Community


    Below is a forwarded email I received from an anonymous source who is a member of the San Diego Family Law community. I was told that this email was sent as a mass emailing to all members of the San Diego County Bar Association who practice in family law. I had originally received this email in early October of 2009 and as you recall, had forwarded it to you and various other members of the ‘Doyned’ community at that time.

    If required, I can and will testify under oath as to the conditions that I received this communication under and the integrity of the individual who forwarded this document to me and his/her professional affiliation (a practicing member of the family law section of the San Diego Bar Association) in order that you can legally establish the veracity of this document with the courts.

    John van Doorn

    Robert Lesh [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 5:19 PM
    To: SDCBA Family Law Section
    Subject: [sdcbafamilylaw] Important Custody Evaluation Forms/Orders

    SDCBA Community Message Sent by: W. Lesh. To reply privately to W. Lesh,
    Click Here

    Note: By replying to this message, your response will be e-mailed
    directly to the individual sender. Click “Reply to All” in your e-mail
    client to send your response to all SDCBA Family Law Section members
    instantly. This is a PRIVATE list for members of the SDCBA’s Family Law
    Section. Do not forward messages or post confidential case or client
    data on this list server. For a list of SDCBA list serve guidelines,
    click here.

    To permanently unsubscribe from this listserve, Click Here

    I have been advised that a press conference occurred today (October 1)
    which involved the issue of custody evaluations and the submission to
    the Court of the attached Family Law Forms 326 and 327. As you may be
    aware from a prior e-mail I sent to all of you, these forms are
    mandatory and have been now for some time. Whenever you are involved in
    a custody evaluation matter, you need to make sure that your custody
    evaluators sign form FL-326 and that that gets filed with the Court, as
    there is a strong possibility that the custody evaluator will not be
    paid for work that they perform prior to the form being signed and
    submitted to the Court.

    As to Family Law 327, that also needs to be signed and contained in the
    case file.

    It seems apparent that there is going to be a tremendous amount of
    scrutiny being placed upon these forms and if you have any old cases
    still pending where these forms have not been used, please make sure
    that they are filed appropriately as you risk claims from your client
    that the matter was not properly handled, if they later disagree with
    the recommendations from the evaluator.

    If you have any particular questions regarding this, feel free to
    contact me.

    Bob Lesh
    CFLS Chair


    You are a receiving this email as a member of the San Diego County Bar
    Association’s Family Law Section. This email was generated through a
    listserve, and does not represent the views of the San Diego County Bar
    Association, or the San Diego County Bar Association’s Family Law
    Section. To adjust your list delivery settings and subscription options
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    members of the Family Law Section

    To send your own message, send email to
    [email protected]
    To permanently unsubscribe from the Family Law Section listserve, Click

  24. California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC
    December 18th, 2010 at 19:54 | #26

    September 15,2010
    San Diego

    Dear Senator Boxer:

    The pleadings that are screamed aloud by the violated San Diego Families are real, and are of extreme concern. Our San Diego County Judiciary now fits the criteria of a Fascist establishment that operates in conjunction with a specific group of the private industry, who constantly and illegally fund judges’ election campaigns, all to collude and rip off the families and grandparents of their assets while using the suffering children as PAWNS. “Pay for play,” otherwise the financially capable parent cannot be able to see his/her children. The San Diego Court professionals have been unprofessional thugs violating California Rules/CRC of Court for the last 9 years. The CRC were made Mandatory for a reason! As a result parents and their children have been constantly broken down financially, professionally and as a human being stripped off their basic rights.

    The California Administrative Office of the Courts/AOC (which employs the California Judicial Council that establishes California Rules of the Court/CRC), has been cleverly represented by Mr. Eric Pulido. He is, in my opinion, specifically “hand-picked” to be as diplomatic as he can, absorb, waste time and frustrate the complainants from the “clear as day” violated families! By doing so, families feel hopeless, go no further and throw in the towel. All in my opinion, at the hands of the top of our state, the AOC that is located in San Francisco. The Public is not allowed any formal communication with these public officials. Their email is held “confidential.” The one thing allowed is 866-865-6400 with only a recording and very limited time to leave a message for a maximum of 30-45 seconds or so.

    Repeated Phone calls and pleadings to the AOC have not been returned to many of our citizens for a reason! And when AOC does (with much prompting) The documentation is left up to the interpretation and bias of the AOC listener or complaint taker, Erik Pulido. Nobody knows how and what AOC exactly writes when they take such a phone complaint. They have taken some of our email addresses or contact information and said that they would send us a confirmation of our complaints. So far, AOC has done nothing.

    This is exactly what happened in my case, total silence from the AOC. I met with the Senate Judiciary Committee at the State Capital in Sacramento, they expressed that the AOC is the “Fox in the Hen-House.” Is it true?

    AOC very cleverly established a masked “Performa” Complaint Process. They refuse to give their email out and they tell you to locate their physical address off the internet, but they will not give it to you over the phone and God only knows why the AOC behaves this way?

    The AOC only allow a general fax (never a personal one) and this never confirms whether or not they received anything and how many pages they received to start with? Therefore, the AOC has created a complaint process whereby there is no formal way of documenting anything. The AOC makes sure not to have it formal for a very good reason!

    The thievery, lies and deception all in the name of Justice is atop our nose. We are a group of committed high-functioning San Diego parents numbering in the 100s, and on their behalf, CCFC is NOT going to keep quiet with those local and state corrupt officials who are all conspiring “wide eyed,” ripping off family assets, all in the name of justice.

    We are ready to fly to the White House. Whom should we ask to arrange a meeting with our President? Can you help us out?

    Referenced Google sites are:

    Angeimedia Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family COurt Under Fire

    Channel 10 blog Custody Evaluator’ credentials questioned in a lawsuit

    Stephen Doyne City Search Reviews

    Emad Tadros, M.D.
    Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
    Co-founder/California Coalition for Families and Children

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “benjamin palmer”
    Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 7:29:12 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “Saskia Kim”
    Cc: “Equalparenting” , “cole” , “Eileen Lasher” , “Maureen Miller” , “Harold Rose” , “John Van Doorn”
    Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 7:22:19 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    Dear Senator Saskia:

    On the behalf of San Diego Parents, we are obligated to respect your office and your person as long as your office serves and does not mislead the public! Any silence on what appears to be Organized-Crime, will be carried forwards and WE will go to the White House and IT IS A MATTER OF TIME.

    Please allow me to express to you that I do not appreciate your silence which clearly conveys unprofessional approach, corresponding with my serious concerns, in regards to our County Parents who have constantly been ripped off all her assets by our court Personnel, for many years, conducting illegal activities and flat out violating California Rules of the Court. I do not believe that there should be an iota of any government official who should dream that he/she will ever be “Above the Law.”

    Please take a note that we are documenting any and all email communications with your office. And that we so far, have received nothing from your office.
    Emad Tadros, M.D.

    .—– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “Saskia Kim”
    Cc: “cole staurt” , [email protected] , [email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 3:45:07 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    Dear Senator Saskia:

    Did you receive my May 21 2010 earlier email and its same attachments? If you did, we at California Coaliton for Families and Children/CCFC would appreciate your office’s professional reply.. We have a lot of the ripped off families who lost their shirts because of our San Diego county’s court derelict and unprofessional behavior! You reply is pivotal. Our San Diego County Courts, BAR and judges continue to use Doyne who is the solid CA Rules of the Court CRC/Violator and total fraud as their number one referral source and lecturer to our judges and lawyers. I find this to be quite frustrating and is clearly building more anger in our county and our families…. Are you going to do anything here?
    Thank You..
    Emad Tadros MD

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “Saskia Kim”
    Cc: “cole”
    Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010 3:13:29 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Fwd: [email protected]

    Dear Senator Kim Saskia:

    My name is Emad Tadros, MD, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Your email was sent to me from my previous attorney, Mr. Michael Aguirre who used to be the San Diego City Attorney for many years. I accidentally found your email and discovered that I totally forgot to send my requests to you.

    Mr. Aguirre was handling my case as a plaintiff before the San Diego Superior Court accusing Court officials of Fraud. Mr. Aguirre and I both mutually gave up on his further involvement as long as my case stays in San Diego county Courts. Mr gruirre concluded that a BROAD San Diego formal investigation of our county courts would reveal fraudulent and illegal utilization of state funding by our County Courts.

    We have discovered that San Diego county Superior Court had undertaken unusual and unprofessional steps for the last nine years would mount to serious State and Federal Felony Tax Evasion. Please investigate and I attached My Internal Revenue Service Letters for your convenience.

    Emad Tadros, MD
    San Diego
    [email protected]
    office 619-291-4808
    cell: 858-775-2122

    Attorney Cole Stuart
    “cole” ;

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “michael aguirre”
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 4:13:21 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: [email protected]

    Michael J. Aguirre

    Aguirre, Morris & Severson

    444 West C Street, Suite 210

    San Diego, CA 92129

    (619) 876-5364

    [email protected]

  25. California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC
    December 18th, 2010 at 20:19 | #27

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Emad Tadros”
    To: “eric”
    Cc: ……………………………………………….
    Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 4:18:41 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: Formal email communication to request a Formal Investigation against San Diego Judiciary filed CCFC


    Dear Mr. Pulido:

    We sincerely appreciate your professional approach handling our San Diego matter. While we will try our best to put restraints on our frustrations to your office, we ask your administration to realize the fact that the parties are at immediate harm, and who have been and continue to be at a total loss are the helpless and “silenced” Children.

    For clarification purposes, the court professionals who for decades put legal “duct tape” on the children mouths to make sure never to allow them to vent their frustration and the truth about who those court professional are, have been those same court professionals mostly Minor’s Council and the Illegal 730 Evaluators, sheltered by our judges fostering such behavior! Some of our honorable county judges are also Family Law Lawyers part-time! This is a gross conflict of interest. One of whom has been a total fraud ripping off parents and putting liens on their homes. Yes, this is done by some of the Family law Honorable, whom 33 (out of total 36) are in the habit of not reporting Election Campaign Funds, when in-fact it is the law to report to the public by filing Form 700 and report it in all relevant court hearings.

    Our San Diego CEO Mr. Michael Roddy is well respected and honored to the point he received medals of some judicial and special recognitions. Mr. Roddy was advanced to be one of the most respected executive members of the California Judicial Committee/CJC and this has been the case already for many years. This CJC is the one that is supposed to sincerely listen to the public, act on behalf of the public, and execute CRC as requested, voted and mandated by the Public.

    These CJC Executive members owe us back Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. As a result Mr. Michael Roddy being one of the CJC Executive members, was the guard on the Hen House, the state of California in general and San Diego specific.

    Mr. Roddy is getting annual salary ~ $185,000.00 and to my understanding with “incentives”, he gets paid around half a million more or less annually. As for donation to him or his office and who donates to him, this remains to be a secret?

    Mr. Roddy has been travelling to San Francisco on a regular basis (average twice a year or so since ~~ 2000). Mr. Roddy noticed, approved and seconded the CRC 5.225 to:

    1- Establish FL 325, 326 (both are serious forms and they both are signed under the penalty of perjury from day one for a reason to protect the Public) and 327 as strongly recommended in each CA county. To our Knowledge every CA county has been compliant in using those forms as strongly recommended by our CJC Executive members except San Diego County Superior Court where Mr. Roddy is actually the Court CEO! Why?

    2- Every year thereafter these forms are more and more appreciated and detailed for a reason. Yet Mr. Roddy would travel regularly, but somehow as soon as Roddy lands in San Diego, he suffers from “Selective Amnesia” as to what was being strongly recommended under the penalty of perjury in his own San Diego County where he sits as Court Executive Officer.

    3- Starting January 2005 these forms, besides being under the penalty of perjury and being more detailed annually, had become MANDATORY and again in every CA County. Yet, Mr. Roddy somehow continues to suffer from this “Selective Amnesia” Process especially when they become Mandatory.

    Was there a reason or financial incentive for the churning caused by the illegal 730 evaluations who were constantly ripping off and committing frauds on the naive trusting parents and their helpless children? These Evaluators in San Diego County alone have been charging upwards of $350 per 45-minutes, or an average of $15,000 per Evaluation. This is grossly excessive.
    Each and every Evaluator is a multimillionaire, drives a $100,000 Mercedes funded by the stolen and illegally seized college funds, at the court order. To our knowledge many of them take months vacations “around the world” and are cleverly fraudulent that you do not really know where they invest their illegally stolen property at?

    Those mostly led by the fraudulent Evaluator (who also illegally take on other roles by chameleon the same parents case, with different professional colors, at the court order, such as Mediator, Supervisor, Therapist, Reunification Therapist, Case Manager, Special Master) are not held accountable for any of their fraudulent billings that continue on a day to day basis. This is a custom to keep ripping off families with fraudulent work hours, fraudulent phone calls and fraudulent contacts. Judges would not move an inch or ever allow the public any chance to formally expose such a fraud! It is a custom not to make any court orders of any inquiry or allow any details ordering such frauds who “IN REFUND” constantly and illegally fund the Judges’ Election Campaign. Why is that?

    Most of our county judges have been sitting there for years and they un-contested with, in the first place? I learned that it is unspoken language to never dare to challenge a judge on his/her re-elction. The statistics are very low to challenge any judge and strongly speak against any judge losing re-election! Therefore , why do our San Diego County judges (FL 327 repeated Violators and passive violators of both FL325 and FL326) still allow parties at different attorney/evaluators’ homes held for their re-election Campaign Funds? Is this called Money Laundry or Bribery, committed by our San Diego County Judiciary?

    In late 2009 I advised Jaqueline Hernandez MFT who was one the captives in the Riverside Family Court(70 miles away from San Diego). She gave due diligence over Roy Bradbury, Phd credentials claimed expertise, being taught by Doyne’s own CLE courses and his verified status as a 730 Custody Evaluator. Ever since, Dr. Bradbury has been under the Credentials Microscope. When he was due to formally file his credentials and expose them to the court as mandated by the CJC, he shot himself committing suicide in a parking lot in Riverside County on 5-21-10. It was discovered that Bradbury never filled out the mandated CJC forms, same as Doyne, since 2003. Also records confirm that Bradbury actually never fulfilled the legally required CLE hours, to start with. Clearly such unchecked Bogus Credentials taught by Doyne were ripping off and controlling thousands of families. This is totally expected when CRC were violated. This is FRAUD! Fraud by Mr. Michael Roddy, fraud by the Evaluators!


    We are not just parents who have been violated. We are speaking on the behalf of many intentionally kept silent suffering children. For that, we have been spending much time and finances uncovering every deceptive and fraudulent Court-Professional who dares to mess up with the Children. Seeking immunity and shelter behind the judges’ robes and granting it to those violators, have been the bread and butter practice, fostering Fraud in the name of Justice in our San Diego County.

    As long as I refused to keep quiet and or settle earlier with the Fraud Doyne, I am now ordered to pay the Fraudulent Doyne $80,000 in Attorney fees by the Honorable Bloom who makes sure to hold on to the case personally and never let it take a breath out of our corrupt San Diego county, FOR A REASON. The order to pay the “clear as the sun” Fraudulent Doyne $80,000 is nothing more than “Spread the Fear and Terror” in the hearts and minds of San Diego County parents who dare to speak up and uncover the San Diego Superior and Family Court Chronic Judicial Fraud.

    So far, we have been stopping at nothing. We sincerely thank you and your office for taking us seriously. We are sincerely hoping that you would help us to stop at your office and go no further.

    Emad Tadros, MD
    Diplomate American Board of Psyhciatry and Neurology
    California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC

    Attached Hereto is my Petition for Writ of Mandate, to Recuse Judge Bloom in Tadros V. Doyne.
    Due to email limitations, Petition by the 92 members of the public to Recuse judge Bloom off Tadros V. Doyne filed by the public and filing with the State Supreme Court to recuse judge bloom will be follow on another email.
    Thank you again for your patience and professionalism with us.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Eric Pulido”
    To: “Emad Tadros”
    Cc: “Equalparenting” , “cole” , “Eileen Lasher” , “Maureen Miller”
    Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 4:46:54 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
    Subject: RE: Emad Tadros Reply Brief from CCFC

    Dr. Tadros,

    At this time, today, I am in receipt of four messages with attachments from you with timestamps of 3:27p, 3:31p, 3:39p, and 3:40p.

    I am still reviewing all the documentation that both you and Mr. Siegfried provided on Friday. As you know the volume of those submissions is also very high. I am reviewing the information on a first-in-first out basis.

    At the suggestion of Mr. Siegfried, I am carefully reviewing the documents. In addition to a full workload before your group’s complaints and the high volume of documents submitted so far by members of your group, it will take me some time to get through the information submitted so far. This office is not staffed to handle this volume so I respectfully request your patience and consideration.

    You and your colleagues will receive acknowledgement letters soon. You and others in your group have stated your individual and collective frustration. Considering this, I implore you and others not to misinterpret the language in the letter as my office ignoring your complaints. Due to the sensitive nature of any complaint process not much information is provided.

    The information submitted thus far will be reviewed and if needed further contact will be made. You are still welcome to submit more information; I do want you and your colleagues to be aware it is taking time to get through the information.

    Eric Pulido
    Supervising Internal Auditor
    Internal Audit Services
    Judicial Council of California – Administrative Office of the Courts
    455 Golden Gate Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
    415-865-8030, Fax 415-865-4331, [email protected]

    “Serving the courts for the benefit of all Californians”

    —–Original Message—–.
    From: Emad Tadros [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3:40 PM
    To: Pulido, Eric
    Cc: Equalparenting; cole; Eileen Lasher; Maureen Miller
    Subject: Fwd: Emad Tadros Reply Brief from CCFC


    Dear Mr. Pulido:

    I appreciate you looking into this serious Public matter. Please take a note of this PUBLIC document (Reply Brief to change Venu filed for 6-11 hearing that never took place) as a part of my formal complaint against what appears to clearly corrupt and unprofessional San Diego Superior Court. This document among many serious concerns outlines the flat outright violation of CRC since 2001 and that only 3 out of 26 judges reported election campaign funds in San Diego County.

    Please let me know that if you do not consider this as a formal document without my signature. I will be glad to sign the last page and send it to you.

    We at California Coalition for Families and Children/CCFC appreciate your candor and professionalism approaching this serious matter. Please maintain this email for your records.
    Emad Tadros, MD
    Cofounder California Coalition for Families and Children
    CC: Some Members of CCFC.

    CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: The information transmitted in this e-mail message is intended to be confidential and for the use of only the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you are in possession of privileged information, also, you are hereby notified that any retention, dissemination, distribution or copy of this e-mail message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, immediately notify us via return e-mail at the address above, & discard, remove, delete, & destroy any trace of it.

  26. January 6th, 2011 at 23:50 | #28

    Wow Barbie,

    I am only a concerned person. And from your reply, really? How many times must you reply. I believe you need to step back and think for a second. If you can reply after reply after reply within minutes, there must be a problem within. I said there is 2 sides to every story and you sound so out there that I just wanted to give you an opinion. And from what you wrote just from my comments, wow! You are a troubled person. And nothing has changed in 4 years? You must start to look at yourself.
    You say you tried every court, different judges, law enforcements and what not and still no help? I’m sure there are legit people here on this site but you want to throw me under the bus just from concern. I could imagine what you put your ex through. I feel for you and wish you well. Just don’t let your hatred take conrtol. There must be some reason he has custody and you don’t. In Colorado it is very hard for a dad to get custody of his kids unless the mother is unfit.

  27. Barbie Torrez
    February 8th, 2011 at 09:24 | #29

    Mark, I really, feel sad that you could judge me with out a heart, I do not know if you are a father or not, but if you are , imagine your baby being molested by your wife, and your child comes to you, so naturally as a father your going to protect her, but what if it back fires on you, and now your the bad guy, and to top it off, your the stay at home dad with out money for a Lawyer, but your wife has one, and they are willing to lie about you, munipulate the system, ect,,,, as needed to win. and one day the courts find that your wife the molester has the best interest for your children, and their ripped way from you, you dont see them for a year, talk to them, nothing,,, they are 3, 5 & 7 yrs old and you were their primary care giver all their lives, you never had police record, bad credit, your whole life just got turned upside down, most importantly you as a parent just failed your children, we teach them that bad people touch little kids and if it happens to them, it’s bad, you tell mommy or daddy , so the day comes that your 2 yr old does just that, you trust the Law so you call police, s,s gets involved, and they are all on your side, yet his Lawyer is great friends with the Judge, and in trail the Judge decides he dont need to hear any of your witnesses, hes made his mind up without them, 5 minutes before trail stricks them all from testemony, and for 2 days you are on the stand getting your ass ripped with lies, now your found to be the bad parent, and your children are taken away and given to a convicted sex offender, who molested his daughter prior to my boys, yet in 4 1/2 yrs he refuses to allow my visitation, he controls every thing,,,, there;s so much I can’t tell you…. but yes I am so bitter, I feel like the worse parent in the world, by trying to protect my kids, and trusting the system, I have failed my children, and one more molester has permmission to be a molester, as a father you would be bitter to, I am not a bad person, I am a parent who has been railed, every which way but lose, I do not know how this happened, but I am in the process of our case being investagated, because something is not right,
    to came off on my like I am a craszy liar, and before God I m not, if you really knew it all, you would freak out, people don’t believe this can happen, but it does, I would have never believed it, before it happened to me, but I do now,
    I don’t want to dispute with you, I really have no energe to take on another one, so I hope this helps you understand why I look and sound, and do what I do, I am a parent, and will do anything to help my children come back home where they are safe. if you have children I pray to God you never have to see how far you will go and how hard you will work and search for help, to prove your self and your chilren…
    wish you well…….

  28. February 9th, 2011 at 03:16 | #30

    you know barbie,

    i did a search on your case and you, and i think you are more out there than i could imagine. your police record and bad credit for starters (you said you did not have). this is my last reply to you. i do not want to get involved with you, even though its only conversation. you can’t truly know what kind of person your talking to until some kind of light shines through to give you the info. have a good life

  29. Barbie Torrez
    March 27th, 2011 at 01:45 | #31

    Are you that much of a freak, and a stacker that you would try and find me… i do not have bad credit, nor do i have a police record. what the hell or who the hell do you think you are, for coming down on me the way you have, with out knowing crap, you sure have spent a lot of time getting in my buisness…
    put yr last name on here, so everyone can look you up and see what yr life is about, lets see if you are so great that you have the right to throw the first stone…
    i bet your a freak with more issues then anyone else…
    you think you know me, you know nothing… and for the sake of argument why are you on this line, this is a place for support, not for you to tear someone down…. why would you attempt to do that to someone you don’t even know… i never asked you for anything, so why would you try and target me like you have and try and make me look like a bad person, you know nothing about my life to judge it as you have,
    i have deep concern and now that you have addmitted to looking me up and trying to find out about my life i feel threatened, and feel that i need to make a police report and possible file for a restrainning order against you, this abusive behavior from you toward me is very unsettling and i feel that you have invested to much time in me and my situation… in a very negative way, i feel bad for you, it’s very ovious that you either were not loved as a child, maybe abandoned, or abused.. or your wife left you for another guy and took everything.. what ever happened i’m sorry, but not everyone is bad mark… so leave me alone… find something else to do with your time.. please don’t look for me address, don’t call me… EVERYONE ON THIS LINE NOW KNOWS YOU HAVE DONE A SEARCH ON MY LIFE, SO EVERYONE IF I TURN UP DEAD OR MISSING EVERYONE KNOWS MARK H. HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT… PLEASE REMEMBER ME IF YOU HEAR MY NAME ON THE NEWS… MARK H. REMEMBER MARK H.
    i am sure there are many readers on here that would agree.. does anyone agree that Mark H. is getting extreme by doing a search on me…. if so can you please comment, so that he knows it’s going to far and wrong….
    Mark you have the right to yr opinion, if you think im wrong, stop reading my post…. just leave me alone…………….

  30. angel
    March 27th, 2011 at 02:29 | #32

    we need to help eachother to make a change, for the best interest for all families…. thats what matters.

  31. Joan D’arc
    July 1st, 2011 at 20:55 | #33

    With all respect to Judge Byrd, she changed the orders in my case, that was made in court by our previous Judge Amy Pellman, that consumed many hours of work, attorneys fees, stress and appearances in department 65. Being a very busy court, it made me believe that Judge Byrd skip the solid reasons that Judge Pellam had, in order to give those orders, prior to her transfer.

    Judge Pellman wasn’t convinced the arguments that my ex husband was using- that had cancer and was unable to work, or make as much money as the 5 priors years of our divorce. She requested a forensic account in his business, to be paid by him, since she was informed about his success career, upscale living, cars, trips and amount of business, and also because I didn’t have a job, and couldn’t afford. She also knew he makes cash, most of the time, due to his career as a criminal attorney and his fluency in Spanish. It raised a flag in her head! Judge Pellman stated in court that she would like to know what type of cancer he had, the medications, and she also would like to see his doctor’s declaration, witch he managed to never obey this order. The cancer he still mention is referent to the tumor he had removed in one of his testicle 5 years ago.

    Judge Byrd got my case and I believe she didn’t had the time to really understand the situation on both sides. Per example, she granted an ex parte to my ex husband from her chambers, without seat in her bench in court, nor even gave me the chance to prove her all the lies filled in that ex parte. She also gave order for our house, where I live the past 15 years with my children, and we own together- to be sold, so my ex can pay his debts. I contested (through my attorney) asking for the building, where my ex practice his law- that we also own together – to be sold instead. -(my attorney actually didn’t fight for my house, so he could collect faster the fees I own him out of the sale).

    It was hard to believe I was actually inside a court room, where justice supposed to be the priority reason for the system to exist in first place.

    My ex husband can afford a more competent and expensive attorney than me, and for that reason, my ex is getting everything in court. Why do I even need an attorney in first place? The judges should know and argue the laws better than any attorney, and decide the case upon the law, in order to be fair, and not based who has the best argument or knowledge. Judges don’t realizing that this happens, I believe. No one should beat the judge. It makes me believe that the system is broken.

    Judge Byrd said my ex needs a place to work and generate money? What money? Few minutes ago, he argued that he had cancer, and was unable to work as much! Couldn’t he work from any location? He also has an office in his house!

    The consequences that nobody think, is that children will be relocated from the 3 bedroom house where they were born and grow up, to a much smaller 2 bedroom place, in contrast to my ex husband’s house, leaving me in disadvantage towards my children. Everything is contrast to my children: their parents house, the size, the bed, bedding, food, maids, cars, restaurants, trips, everything. All paid by cash. undeclared cash.

    On top of all, he has total access to our building, where he has his office, and the control of all the rentals from tenants, which I never received one cent from it. I live in a location where I can send my children to a good public school. I got a note of default in my house, due that my ex simply cut the child and spouse support in half (without court approval, and I was unable to pay the mortgage. He is in contempt of court, not me, and still, judge Byrd favored him, allowing him to keep the building, and ordering me to sell the house. I was married 12 years, raising 2 children, and never worked during the marriage.

    Nobody could understand that order. Even my ex was surprised with the ruling and said it was not the right thing (for my surprise). So, my question is: How much a judge can really understand the real situation in a divorce? Can she rule based in the best argument, instead of the law?

    I can’t afford the absurd attorney’s fees to fight in court. Tired of all this, (I don’t know where I’ve got the courage) I decided represent myself in court, but only regarding my children’s custody issues (their step mother is an alcoholic who also supposed to attend AA once a week (ordered by court) but never did. I can’t understand half of the language they use in court.I supposed to file a motion (but I didn’t know it), where the step mother was in contempt in court, and somehow my ex husband’s attorney turned everything upside down leading the judge to think that it was not true. I get tired just to think about my case. this endless case. I wish I had money to hire Stacy Phillips. Only in my dreams. Her retainer is $25.000 – the same amount I own the bank to save my house from bankruptcy. Too late, anyway, the Judge ordered the house to be sold!

    The reason most of people admire Ammy Pellam, is that she would ask question direct to petitioner and responded, (they had the right to remain in silence, of course, but I never lost that opportunity! That was the best part of being in court! She just knew who was lying and deceiving the system, and not only listening to the attorneys and their skills to lie.

    I miss to be in court with Judge Pellman. I was never scared or insecure, and always trusted her decisions, even the ones that favored my ex. It makes a difference.

  32. Joan Kay
    August 15th, 2011 at 20:07 | #34

    I agree with you Mark dont listen to everything you hear some people like to lie for attention.. The reason that Barbie lost her kids is because she was found mentally unable 2 care for them… And I hate when people use the lord to cover there lies its wrong She needs help….

    @Mark H.

  33. Barbie
    October 3rd, 2011 at 01:13 | #35

    Listen Joan you know nothing, I feel bad for people like you who have nothing better to do with their selfs but get into someone elses buisness, the problem was not
    what your saying and I am going to pray that God show you the truth, you know nothing about me, you should becareful, what you sow is what you reap… what if this happened to you, and someone like you would say these bad things about you, that is not the reason I lost my children, and after five years a new Judge see’s I was treated unfair and our trial was not done right, Jesus never fails, the true always comes out…. Remember that Joan.
    and who are you to judge how I use the Lord, do you really think and believe that God is happy with what you are doing against me in your message, considring you dont know anything about me and my family, this board is not to hurt people, it is ment to help one another, if you have a heart from God why would you say and do what you did,
    How sad, I actually feel sorry for you, and I really pray that God dont allow any bad to come back to you for being the kind of person you are, If your this Judgemental and shallow you should be ashamed of yourself, do your kids, husband, family know who you are? if you were my mom I would be ashamed of you and how you treat someone else, a nother person going through something so bad and you make it your buisness to condem me. thats pretty sad, how would you like your life to be turned upside down, and someone say your mentally ill and you know it’s not true, but everyone belives them and not you,
    guess what I used to be kinda like you, I always had something to say, well I had the picture perfect life, but when God showed me when you point and judge you can surely get it back it took this to change me…… becareful Joan, it sucks when it’s YOU.
    In Jesus Name, I forgive you, I have to forgive people like you, sadly it’s people like you that have caused me and my children so much saddness.
    for the sake of your life… please change and use the heart that God gave you to help not hurt!
    God Bless you Barbie

  34. Barbie
    October 3rd, 2011 at 01:24 | #36

    Barbie Torrez :Hello, I am a Mother of three little boy’s who have been, and continue to be sexually abused by their father Joe Torrez, our Courts in Jefferson, County, Colorado have accused me a being a coaching and lying Mother, who had it out to hurt their father and make my children lie to hurt him… even though I had witnesses and documents and records of abuse on his fist child, who he won custody of eairler, and lost her due to abuse… our family Judge still awarded him custody and gave me Theriputic visits, this parent has taken all my rights away with the help from all the courts, and still four years later, I am with out my children.. and he continues to Alienate me and my children from eachother, I have fought hard and until my parents and myself are bankrupt, we still have found no help out of this web… my children are being more abused now then before, and our courts do not care.can some one help… I am exhausted… and my children need freedom..Thank you… 720-628-5481

    Listen Joan you know nothing, I feel bad for people like you who have nothing better to do with their selfs but get into someone elses buisness, the problem was not
    what your saying and I am going to pray that God show you the truth, you know nothing about me, you should becareful, what you sow is what you reap… what if this happened to you, and someone like you would say these bad things about you, that is not the reason I lost my children, and after five years a new Judge see’s I was treated unfair and our trial was not done right, Jesus never fails, the true always comes out…. Remember that Joan.
    and who are you to judge how I use the Lord, do you really think and believe that God is happy with what you are doing against me in your message, considring you dont know anything about me and my family, this board is not to hurt people, it is ment to help one another, if you have a heart from God why would you say and do what you did,
    How sad, I actually feel sorry for you, and I really pray that God dont allow any bad to come back to you for being the kind of person you are, If your this Judgemental and shallow you should be ashamed of yourself, do your kids, husband, family know who you are? if you were my mom I would be ashamed of you and how you treat someone else, a nother person going through something so bad and you make it your buisness to condem me. thats pretty sad, how would you like your life to be turned upside down, and someone say your mentally ill and you know it’s not true, but everyone belives them and not you,
    guess what I used to be kinda like you, I always had something to say, well I had the picture perfect life, but when God showed me when you point and judge you can surely get it back it took this to change me…… becareful Joan, it sucks when it’s YOU.
    In Jesus Name, I forgive you, I have to forgive people like you, sadly it’s people like you that have caused me and my children so much saddness.
    for the sake of your life… please change and use the heart that God gave you to help not hurt!
    God Bless you Barbie

  35. Barbie
    October 3rd, 2011 at 01:28 | #37

    I feel really sad for this Joan person, oviously she has no heart and has never been in a ugly situation, However God has the ability to change that when you are so eger to judge someone else….. what are you doing here? this board is ment to help people not talk crap, tell lies and mock… come on, be a good person, do it right that way when it’s your turn you will recive mercy, and help.

  36. October 3rd, 2011 at 02:22 | #38

    Joan I feel sorry for you, always remember what you sow is what you reap, you say you hate people who use the Lord, I feel that he is sadly disappointed in the way you judge, lie and carry such shallowness about someone you know nothing about…. you have lied about me, and my children and I live saddness because of people like you.
    I forgive you Joan…. Barbie

  37. Barbie acosta
    October 3rd, 2011 at 02:47 | #39

    @Joan Kay
    why must you be so mean, you know nothing about me, I feel bad for you as such a shallow, judgemental person, what about you, what do you think the Lord thinks about you right now Joan, we are where we are because of people like you, but it’s okay I forgive you.

  38. Barbie
    October 3rd, 2011 at 23:56 | #40

    I know I came off a bit stronge last night, however I am tired of what this system has put us through, I;m tired and broken from being judged and having to defend myself as though I am the abuser, no one will never understand unless you walk in these shoes…..
    I Dream of life after all this, a life free with my children, a life free from people like mark & joan.
    God knows just how much we can handle, he will never give more then that.
    to any one out there who faces the demons of this world… I will say to you just “HOLD ON” JESUS NEVER FAILS & HE’S NEVER LATE…..

  39. Maria C.
    November 11th, 2011 at 18:59 | #41

    Well i guess this barbie really has some issues. seems like when a person don’t agree or side with her, her wrath and true colors show. those kids are with their dad for a reason and not with barbie. I believe your right joan. this lady should focus on getting the help she needs if its not to late.

  40. Barbie
    December 8th, 2011 at 03:50 | #42


  41. johnny r.
    December 13th, 2011 at 04:20 | #43

    barbie, just confess ur sins and all will be ok. i can sense a bad spirit in you. you need to let go, and let God cleanse you. i will pray for you.

  42. Jack Andrade
    January 24th, 2012 at 17:04 | #44

    In 2009 Judge Randle Arpe suspended my parenting time after I filed a motion requesting more parenting time after my daughter attempted suicide in her mother’s home. At the hearing on June 9, 2009, he took away my right to represent myself in court, suspended my parenting time, allowed visits only through supervised parenting time, and would not allow me to talk to either child. This past January I finally got my parenting time back. I lost my house, spent over 70k in fees to therapists and lawyers, and filed chapter 13. It was later discovered this Judge was a member of my former wife’s church.

  43. Allen N. Combs
    May 10th, 2012 at 17:59 | #45

    Mark, in response to what you said to Barbie about it sounding like she has a lot of resentment…HELL YES she has resentment and has every damned reason to be FILLED with it! I, too, have a ton of it to spread around! And i don’t apologize for it, not to you, not to anyone. My question for you and anyone who would pass judgement like this is this: have YOU walked in our skin? Even for a DAY much less years? have YOU been unjustly found guilty of something you never did with absolutely ZERO evidence? I suspect not. And if you have and you have no resentment, no anger, no wish to set the record straight, then i’m guessing you’re either an alcoholic or taking major quantities of anti-depressants in order to simply stay sane and get through another day.
    Until you’ve BEEN there, brother, DON’T be telling those of us who are still living it every day that we shouldn’t be angry or resentful and how stupid it is to put judges’ names in print. I’ll tell the whole WORLD how wrong and grossly negligent and incompetent Karen Cole is. She’s so criminal i refuse to even acknowledge her as “Judge” because she simply does NOT have the capacity to do so fairly, which is what a judge is supposed to do. She hasn’t earned that title, neither have most of the family law judges that are practicing today.
    I, for one, am NOT afraid to confront them and call a spade a spade! Or in this case, a criminal a criminal. It is pure EVIL what they are doing and the fact that there is no one to hold them accountable is enraging and simply UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

  44. johnny r.
    June 28th, 2012 at 02:42 | #46

    hey allen. i believe the problem is this barbie. not the judge in this case. you have to read between the lines. look at her responses. she is out there in left field. this is one lady to keep away from. she is lost and don’t want to found.

  45. Shayna
    July 5th, 2012 at 11:55 | #47

    @ Barbie… I may try to contact you but would like you to know that I have the same concerns with Judge Randall Arp.. in fact on the record I was told to stop nursing a young child who refused to be bottle fed so that the young child could begin overnights.. thats just the beginning but definately not in the best interest of a young child of a tender age. It has been a while since you posted but wanted to let you know that others have had difficult experiences with the same judge… hang in there and keep fighting… everytime he is up for re-election I tell everyone I know in Jefferson County to vote him out… Judges need to make decisions that are in the best interest of the minor children.

  46. Patricia
    July 20th, 2012 at 10:00 | #48

    I know personally the skewed, ignorance and INjustice of a court room. From the ex’s attorney specifically waiting for a certain judge to return from vacation so we would appear before him, and this judge did proclaim all jurisdiction over the case. for two years before trial we went back and forth. I lost before I ever went in that court room. Not only from every lie my narcisssistic ex told. but by his attorney never disclosing a 20 plus year relationship as attorneys together with the judge prior to his judgeship, or the firm I hired, who brought an outsider in to end the case, of which I did not have great funds to continue with. This so called attorney of mine read my case one day on a plane en route to his son’s wedding in another state over the weekend. Monday he returned. He lied to me in every aspect and there was a great deal of ignorance. I was told my attorney was going to ask the judge to recuse himself from the case because this judge was my attorney’s attorney at his own divorce. It was the first day of trial he was to do this, instead, within seconds I learned after two years of going into the court room of the relationship between my ex’s attorney and the judge. My attorney did in no way defend me, but they sure took every penny I had. My ex, violated HIPPA laws – twice, falsified court financial statements, took out a loan after he filed which I had to pay back half, and he never used it as he stated. It was never my bill, he cannot create any monetary obligation on me AFTER he has filed for divorce. No one protected me, my children, or my rights. My “so called” attorney on day three of trial, told me he met with my ex, my ex’s attorney at a “hotdog” joint someplace in route to the court house. They three “discussed the case”. He left a few minutes to talk with opposing attorney, came back and told me THE JUDGE WROTE A DECREE and if I DID NOT AGREE I WOULD APPEAR non cooperative and he would take my children from me. A ten month investigation by a court ordered guardian ad litem, stated, every accusation against me was met with contradiction and not only should my children be returned to my full custody, my ex needed to take parenting classes. The judge asked if you are being coerced, or forced into this agreement. What the hell was I going to say to that??? Well your honor you are forcing me, with threats of my children. Everything in my decree is bogus and for ten years my ex has abused every thing he can.

  47. July 23rd, 2012 at 23:00 | #49

    @ Patricia

    How was the violation of HIPPA accomplished? In some areas, violations of HIPPA may also be a violation of state identity theft laws. Although cops often act like they do not care about people breaking such laws, you may be able to press for a prosecution if you can show solid evidence of a crime.

    Judges have too much power and almost zero accountability. This is why many of us are of the mind that only juries should be able to deviate from 50/50 child custody arrangements. It would still not be perfect in some cases, but would be a big improvement over the current system.

  48. Darlene
    August 5th, 2012 at 19:53 | #50

    @ Patricia
    Are you in Sullivan IN the almost the same this is happening to and I have been dealing with this same Judge and Attorney. My ex’s is dragging his feet and will not answer my attorney and the same Judge and Attorney gave my ex back visitation rights after losing them for 2 years due to him beating them up. The mediator said that the judge would be mad at me for not coming to an agreement and then gave my ex visitation. I am back in court again and the judge retired and is still coming back when my case comes up in court, he said that he would always see over my court hearings. How?

  49. Steve Wright
    May 7th, 2013 at 13:46 | #51

    I have spent almost 9 years in court on fabricated and lies by my exwife. I finally got custody of my son in 2009. I found out my exwife changed his name and my adopted daughter’s name in 2007 and 2008. It was blatant fraud and perjury. Both names were corrected in 2012, yet she was never held accountable for the fraud and perjury. This makes it difficult for me in all the cases because she feels invincible.

  50. charmayne JAYNE
    June 8th, 2013 at 21:00 | #52

    The things described in this site is exactly what happened to me, compliments of Tompkins County Family Court ! Special thanks to Abigail Deloache for allowing my ex to brainwash my children and now my youngest is in drug court due to having been raised by an emotionally abusive father!!

  51. Cole Stuart
    June 16th, 2013 at 20:07 | #53

    All: I invite you to review the recently filed Petition for Certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court by Dr. Tadros against the State Bar of California and family law attorney Robert Lesh (below). The website also has many useful tips for parents in dealing with custody evaluators, mediators, and family court.

    Best of luck parents–stay clear of family court. The website uptoparents.org is an excellent free resource to save headaches, money, and your and your children’s future.

    God Bless.


    Sorry Angiemedia–I’m posting a few times for convenience-I apologize if this is spam! 🙂

  52. November 13th, 2013 at 22:49 | #54

    I am organizing and funding a regular meetup as many of the persons I have given free legal help to have asked about a group to work together to change the system. Anyone interested please start giving me an idea of where the zip codes are located. If you want anything to change, you need to at least help and show interest. I donate tee shirts to those who attend court hearings to support anyone there. so wear a COURTWATCHERS tee, go to court and sit and watch a few hearings. Take notes, talk to litigants. Without court reporters, litigants are at the mercy of the wealthier party.

  53. Karen Hess
    March 12th, 2014 at 10:23 | #55

    @ Ginny Are you part of a national organization that helps in these Family Law cases with bad judges? I have a horrible case in Hamilton County Indiana. A lying custody evaluator submitted a fraudulent report to the judge. I lost custody of my 3 children in April 2011 by a phone call with the judge – ex parte and NO hearing. An expert was hired to examine what the evaluator had done with the psych testing and in deposition said the evaluator had manipulated the testing to be favorable to the dad. She omitted all reports from the schools about concerns including grade reports, attendance showing increasing truancy, my oldest son almost being expelled for not doing homework, being unprepared for school and falling asleep in class. My younger son had the same – not doing homework, not preparing, falling asleep. This has been going on for over 8 yrs. My ex was always abusive and continued to exert control. He never complied with one item in the Mediated Agreement or subsequent orders. Parenting time interference and alienation continued but the judge ignored all the contempts against the dad and rewarded him with money – reimbursing him for 100% of expenses including anything I paid for. The ex got retro child support yet stopped paying when he was ordered to pay. We had 50-50 custody initially which I knew would be a disaster and it was. Everything I said would happen has, total educational and medical neglect and abuse of my children. My 2 sons barely made it through high school and are totally addicted to online gaming as they had unlimited time at the expense of their education. My daughter has been cutting herself at her dad’s since Fall 2012 with no medical care. Her depression has increased and cutting became severe this past Fall 2013. I took her to her medical Dr for an annual exam when this problem was revealed. My daughter is 14 and her dad never even met any of the Dr’s at the practice. My daughter is now struggling with other GI / health problems due to poor nutrition. She is allowed to have unlimited candy and junk. The attorneys only maintain the status quo and make things worse. My current atty has done nothing since I hired her mid December 2013 to get rid of this impartial judge who rules against me ever since the fraudulent report and more importantly changing child custody based on several change of circumstances. The psychological and emotional damage inflicted on my kids by their dad destroys their psyche. My younger son came to live with me Summer 2013 after being out of his life almost 4 yrs. He has severe depression and anxiety and is in treatment now. He does not know what to do with his life. He was once an excellent student however was allowed to fail. He saw all his friends go off to college last Summer and it finally hit him about the waste of his education. My daughter’s education is suffering now too. Please provide your contact information if there is help I can connect with about my children and this horrible court.

  54. Nancy Witherell
    March 14th, 2014 at 22:27 | #56

    Ok so that was over 5 years ago – what a travesty of justice that the twisted corrupt system is so well protected it could destroy unimaginable numbers of lives and families and keep their actions from coming to light in any meaningful manner. Until there’s money to be made in exposing the evil, it will remain intact which doesn’t say much for our society. There was a time when people cared about injustice even if it didn’t touch them personally. Now, not so much……..

  55. Karen J Cwayna
    May 13th, 2014 at 21:41 | #57

    I am wanting to know who holds a judge accountable in their decisions?

    When a top notch Neurologist from the Mayo clinic states that a person is no longer competent enough to sign anything after a certain date how is it then that the judge can decide that he feels they were still competent enough to sign over a POA after such date? Though 5 months later the judge did decide that she wasn’t capable of signing a will so that was thrown out. Is this judge a Dr? What are OUR rights? Can we sue the court system for failing? I bet we can’t. If I make a bad decision I am held accountable so why are they not? Why do they get to decide whatever they want?

    When we appealed the next judge stated the same thing??? Is he a Dr. also??? Who holds these people accountable???? A Dr doesn’t pretend to be a judge so how is it that a Judge can pretend to be a Dr. and decide what they want even though the evidence is quite clear that our mother was not competent enough to be signing anything and the only reason she did sign was her husband would threaten to leave her if she didn’t???

    My family and I have gone through hell and back for the last 5 years in the Hennepin County Civil and Probate court system. They have failed our mother’s wishes and have failed us and it is still going on.

    These things need to change!!! I don’t want to see someone else go through what we have had to endure. When it is stated by a neurologist that someone isn’t competent enough to sign anything anymore then anything signed after said date should be thrown out period. Not for a judge to decide what they want.

    I am tired of being held accountable for things I do but a judge isn’t.

    I would love to be a judge so I can make all the decisions whether they are right or wrong.

  56. Juddy Marling
    October 7th, 2014 at 18:39 | #58

    How do I get a judge disbarred? I had a child taken from me and I have not seen her in 5 years…I don’t know where she is, if shes okay. I talked to Indianas lawyers and they wanted so much money. I couldn’t get free help because I didn’t live in Indiana anymore. The state I lived in, Wisconsin in the lawyers wanted to much, so tried getting free help there and since the custody was for a different state so I couldn’t get help from anyone. I talked to an ombudsman and she told that they could not help me because I was removed from her birth certificate…how is that even possible? I received one judgement from the judge saying the father was getting TEMPORARY CUSTODY. When he took her…. he moved THE NEXT DAY. I called the judge and told him that the father moved ,changed his phone numbers the judges secretary told me to go get a lawyer and hung up the phone. This child was in my care for 4 years, I did it alone…no help from father, no child support, no paternity test. And the judge just yanks her from me. I am NOT a drug user! I am NOT abusive! SHE DID NOT DESERVE THIS. what do I do?

  57. Gaylelynne Norwood
    May 6th, 2015 at 18:45 | #59

    I am very interested in seeing change. I am 59 years old and considering going to law school just so that I can address some of these issues. The main problem I see in all areas of our County Courts is there is no accountability. Every public servant should be accountable to someone. I have made several trips to our Capitol and met with many people and I am still fighting a battle. It is not family court it is corruption within county government. However, the change is needed across the board. I have a friend sitting in jail right now because of a crooked judge. He has been lied on and his three children have tried to tell the judge but because she hates men and is in the process of a nasty divorce, there he sits. Please let me know how I can help.

  58. Adar Winzagane
    May 7th, 2015 at 12:18 | #60

    Check out this new expose – https://youtu.be/n-9JYkt66vc – on Suffolk County Support Magistrate Aletha Fields! Her bias against men is finally exposed. She ruined this man’s life and made him homeless.

  59. Mickey
    June 12th, 2015 at 16:02 | #61

    Why do I have to pay 1/2 for insurance for my ex’s new family when I only should be paying for 1/2 of my daughters? Also can the same Judge rule on my ex’s new husbands divorce and hers and mine too?

  60. Glenn Hoover
    July 23rd, 2015 at 18:47 | #62

    I had a feeling something was not right with family law when I filed a motion to modify visitation as the respondent in a seven year old case.
    So glad i found this site, as all the hard work and suffering of others I have read about on this site , will save me from wasting time , money, so as I can come up with another strategy.
    Thank you

    March 5th, 2016 at 23:33 | #63

    I just received a copy of my VA file. It had a “To whom this may concern” statement from my separated spouse in her attempt to get more money. The statement contained allegations that would be included in domestic violence temporary restraining order and Order for Removal from Residence. None of these pleadings or declarations are in the official record. However, a kick out was executed and ordered to pay spousal support. This lady earned more than I, had worked on same job for more than 20 years, and awarded an “ability to earn” of $1,500 per month.. The house was subsequently awarded to the lady by elisor.

    I live with this injustice each day of my life.

  62. Welthy
    July 13th, 2016 at 04:44 | #64

    Sign on to the class action lawsuit. CAPRA parentalrightsclassaction.com/

  63. Welthy
    July 13th, 2016 at 04:48 | #65

    Rena Hughes of Clark County, NV Family court would not listen to my 12 year old who wants to stay with me because she was thriving in my care. Now she is with her emotionally abusive father against her will. I have a no contact order. Disgrace of a Judge!

  64. Welthy
    July 13th, 2016 at 04:49 | #66

    Rena Hughes of Clark County, NV Family court would not listen to my 12 year old who wants to stay with me because she was thriving in my care. Now she is with her emotionally abusive father against her will. I have a no contact order.

  65. anna
    September 27th, 2016 at 17:57 | #67

    Nothing but a bunch of common white collar criminals google it, RICO law violators /Racketeers that misuse the trust of their community to steal children so these crooks can steal from the federal programs meant for children whose parents are actually in jail, dead or unable to care or provide but these state workers falsify records through the courts, mislead the federal government through court cases proceeded under false pretense through malicious intention to malicious prosecute while breaking the civil rights of these families denial of due process, double jeopardy in cases where previous children where stolen and those are grounds used to steal future children born from parents with prior termination cases so parents need to bring this criminal activity to the attention of the Federal funding administrators for an financial audit to hold those white collar criminal accountable to be prosecuted , locked up cases reopened children returned to families funds returned to the federal government by the states that were not entitled to those fund due to obtaining these funds in the process of CRIMINAL ACTION. All parents need to file complaint on state workers the supervisors for misappropriation of state funds. The workers involved in malicious prosecution on case where the state seeks to terminate parental rights on false allegations, proceeding case without merit. The state can fraudulently obtain federal funds for these children placed in state custody, or obtain funds through administrative child support orders from working families. Actions of malicious prosecution , denial of due process parents provide the name of the state office, provide the name of the case worker , provide the name of the workers supervisor.Include the details of the case the court case the location ,the allegations , provide the detail that the child and or children were removed before allegations were ruled substantiated or unsubstantiated. Civil right violations of due process, Obstruction of justice by state official.Misuse of state official authority, court and state records, state official intent to defraud the federal government.
    I ____________________ am writing this letter to request a former investigation for criminal activity by the following state agency being______________________. The state worker name involved in said criminal activity is ______________________. That individuals supervisor through said agency of ___________________, located at the address off __________________ in the state of __________________, in the county of _____________, supervisor name being ,__________________. The laws and criminal activity involved is of the following starting with Misappropriation of state funds of the state of ____________. Funds being misappropriated by this worker are fund applied to court cost in the following court case / cases being _________________, held at the following court ______________, at the address of ______________, in the state of ________________. I the parent of ______________, have / have not been accused of neglect, abuse , child endangerment. There has / hasn’t been any rulings on said allegations so by proceeding with said case this is Misappropriation of state and county resources being the local justice system. and courts. This also is clear violation of civil rights in the area of Malicious prosecution occurring in the court of _____________ with the case being ______________________. The following is the name of the judge or judges involved in the case ____________. The attorneys involved in the case are_________________ for the defendant being the parents of _______________ and the parents name are ____________ and ____________. The attorneys for the plaintiffs being _________________ and the plaintiffs in the case are ____________. Again the criminal activity is Misappropriation of state funds by state workers accused, Misappropriation of state resources being the courts , Civil right violation by case workers being Malicious prosecution, False pretense in court case, Misappropriation of Federal funds obtained for child involved in said allegations , intent to defraud the federal government by illegal placement of child in state custody and other civil right violation of Denial of due process in court case involving said state worker
    For complants on civil right violations this same form may be used but sent it to this address for civl right violations, request of investigation

    Assistant Attorney General
    Civil Rights Division
    Criminal Section
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
    Washington, DC 20530

    International Anti Corruption Resource Center
    Sidley Building, 1501 K Street NW, Suite 700
    Washington, D.C. 20005
    Thomas C. Green, President
    202-736-8069, [email protected]

    HHS Chief Financial Officers and Services Contacts
    HHS Heads of Contracting Activity and Key Managers
    HHS Operating and Staff Division Grant Officials
    Mailing Address and Phone Information
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Office of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources
    Room 514-G, Hubert H. Humphrey Building
    200 Independence Avenue, SW
    Washington, DC 20201
    Telephone: 202-690-6396
    Fax: 202-690-540
    DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST STATE EMPLOYEE The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
    Hubert H. Humphrey Building
    200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20201
    Toll Free Call Center: 1-877-696-6775

    October 30th, 2016 at 04:54 | #68

    Marriage of Mullins D523959 SCCSD
    That kick out order piece is right on. I have been fighting for my real and personal property for the past nine years. I have given myself 10 years. February 6, 2017 will be the date. I am 75 years old and fortunate that this experience happened later in life. To be exposed to injustice of this type early in life would have been devastating.

  67. Dawn
    May 27th, 2018 at 14:36 | #69

    Even Jerry Springer, were he a family court judge, would have enough decency,
    common sense and integrity to never permit the use of adversarial methods of
    dispute resolution between parents of minor children. But family court judges in
    the US order trials and complex litigation between parents of minor children without
    the slightest degree of thought, or concern for the health, safety and well-being
    of minor children and their parents. Where do the family courts find these uber-evil
    people who are serving as judges in our family courts? A good family court judge
    would order 100 sessions of structured family mediation before even thinking about
    ordering a child/life-ruining “trial” between distressed parents of minor children. What system do we have in place for the selection and training of family court judges that
    enables such evil, violent, child/parent-hating cowards to serve as judges in our family courts?

  68. Deanna Herrington
    October 12th, 2018 at 04:29 | #70

    great article..please contact me

  69. cassandra hutson
    December 5th, 2019 at 01:55 | #71

    the same thing is going on with my dad case the judge is false information deind kids of their right wait she didnt even say they where diene she just did it and try to sell home they no i dont have money think iam stuip , i love my dad so much i can beleive whats happening i really de guidece

  70. February 23rd, 2020 at 07:44 | #72

    This is exactly the Truth. Time to stand up.

  71. Vicki A Springer
    May 18th, 2020 at 15:17 | #73

    @Barbie Torrez
    Afford a “great attorney” What is that??? You honor the biggest criminals???

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