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While researching my recent article Gun Collection + Malicious Mom + Government = Life in Ruins, I found a very interesting website focused on governmental abuses against families in Canada. The Equal Parenting British Columbia website discusses the corruption and abuses of the Canadian judicial system, the large number of pedophiles and child sexual abusers in social services and other agencies that come into contact with children, and the war against families trying to replace the notion of biological parents with the state being the parent. The site is definitely worth a look for victims of the government war on families in Canada and other so-called “established democracies” like the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Some of the interesting web pages they have posted and linked to include:

Why I loathe feminism… and believe it will ultimately destroy the family: Erin Pizzey’s personal story about her abusive parents which ultimately led her in 1971 to found the first women’s domestic violence shelter in UK and discovering that most abused women are abusers themselves.

Pedophiles in Public Service: Mini-articles and links to pages on pedophiles working in trusted government positions in which they are enabled to access and abuse children with impunity.

Canadian Senator Anne Cools on False Accusations: Senate testimony about the use of false abuse allegations in child custody battles and how they are often the ultimate weapon for parental alienators.

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