Cleveland Mother Arrested for Abandoning 2-year-old Baby

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Valencia Davis
Valencia Davis

28-year-old Cleveland mother Valencia Davis left her 2-year-old baby Nayla alone in their home. The baby suffers from neural problems and cerebral palsy and therefore is fed via feeding tube, but the feeding bag was empty. She was reportedly born healthy but then developed her medical problems after “swallowing a scrunchie” as an infact. That sounds like child neglect that led to severe injury, but further details aren’t available to us.

Knowing that the mother is irresponsible, the baby’s father James was concerned about his kids and went to the house to check on them. He found that the mother had taken her other two children and left the disabled 2-year-old alone inside the house with nobody to care for her.

(from Police: Disabled Girl, 2, Found Home Alone)

He told police he arrived at the home to find it unlocked and found his daughter alone in a crib.

The caller told officers he left the child in the crib because he was worried that the child’s mother, 28-year-old Valencia Davis, would accuse him of kidnapping. Davis has a temporary restraining order against the caller, police said.

Police said the home was in “ghastly” condition and there was no food in the refrigerator.

Police found the girl with dried mucus on her face and unresponsive to attempts to communicate with her. Paramedics arrived and transported the baby to a local hospital to recover. She was in stable condition at last report. No word on where the other two children ended up.

The father was concerned about how he could be arrested because of a temporary restraining order on him, but he called police anyway to protect his daughter. Unlike the usual police behavior of arresting a TRO violator on sight, the police didn’t arrest him. They must have had reason to believe he had acted appropriately. For instance, child neglect as this mother did is a form of child abuse. So instead, they arrested the mother for child endangerment.

Valencia Davis claims that she’s the victim in all of this. Further, she states that it is not wrong to leave disabled 2 year old children alone at home as she did. Such an irresponsible belief combined with her actions make it clear she is not a safe mother for these children. We can only hope that the father is more responsible and that he will be given an opportunity to care for the children rather than them being dumped into the foster care system or returned to their irresponsible mother.

Child neglect is one of the most common forms of child abuse. It includes abandoning children without supervision and failing to provide for the basic needs of children, including water, food, clothing, housing, medical care, and education.

Fraudulently obtaining temporary restraining orders is a common tactic that women use to deprive men of time with their children and to increase the chances they will be able to trap the man in a situation to have him arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned for what most people would consider to be non-threatening conduct. Sadly, it is often the women who get the temporary restraining orders who have real problems. This appears it could be one such case.

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