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Cleveland Mother Arrested for Abandoning 2-year-old Baby

May 25th, 2009 No comments
Valencia Davis
Valencia Davis

28-year-old Cleveland mother Valencia Davis left her 2-year-old baby Nayla alone in their home. The baby suffers from neural problems and cerebral palsy and therefore is fed via feeding tube, but the feeding bag was empty. She was reportedly born healthy but then developed her medical problems after “swallowing a scrunchie” as an infact. That sounds like child neglect that led to severe injury, but further details aren’t available to us.

Knowing that the mother is irresponsible, the baby’s father James was concerned about his kids and went to the house to check on them. He found that the mother had taken her other two children and left the disabled 2-year-old alone inside the house with nobody to care for her.
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