Canadian Mother Webcasts Self and Toddler Bestiality with Dog

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Contrary to feral feminist propaganda and misguided stereotypes, it’s not biological fathers who are committing most of the sexual abuse against children. Statistically, that is rare. It is far more common that the biological mother’s male lovers molest the children.

Most child sexual abuse allegations against biological fathers are made during child custody battles and are stunts by the mother to gain custody. Sometimes nasty fathers make similar false child sexual abuse allegations against mothers, but generally these are given less credibility because “everybody just knows that mothers won’t sexually abuse kids.” Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Sometimes the sexual abuser really is the biological mother. In the case we’re about to describe, the sexual abuse allegations don’t even involve a child custody battle, but they do involve a mother and child pornography, bestiality, and the Internet.

A Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada mother was arrested in her home in April 2009 for webcasting herself performing sexual acts with her toddler and pit bull dog. It’s not clear what her motivations were, but she was turned in by somebody who saw the sexually abusive broadcast on the web. An excerpt of local news media coverage follows:

(from Woman accused of sex acts with dog, toddler)

The Lakeshore woman — police are keeping her name and age a secret to protect her child’s identity — is charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, sexual exploitation and bestiality.

Further charges related to making, possessing and distributing child pornography are possible, once the OPP E-Crimes unit in Orillia finishes a forensic examination of the woman’s computers. Investigators seized several computers from the woman’s home along with other “possible offence related devices.”

Police aren’t revealing the gender or exact age of the baby victim to ensure its identity will remain a secret. The OPP also wouldn’t give details of the alleged sexual activity involving the toddler and the dog, which was a pitbull, but said it was unsettling.

“It was extreme, very extreme behaviour,” said Hayes. “Disturbing. Incomprehensible, just that someone is able to conduct this type of behaviour. A normal person can’t even really comprehend that it’s possible for someone to behave that way. This is very disturbing.”

Police began investigating after a man called Saturday to report that he’d seen a woman online the night before performing the sex acts on a webcam feed. He originally called Windsor police. They contacted provincial police because the woman lived in Lakeshore, which is OPP territory.

We hope the child is young enough that he or she will be able to forget about this nightmarish abuse and that there are family members who will be able to take care of him or her as it is clear the mother is not capable of caring for the child.

Furthermore, hopefully this will provide a wake up call to the public that child abusers can be anybody, including the mother. While most mothers are not child abusers, the false stereotype that mothers do not abuse children causes maternal child abuse to be covered up and prolonged until it gets more extreme. Unfortunately, this can result in the heinous acts described in this post or worse, the death of an innocent child.

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  1. Bumblebee72
    May 26th, 2009 at 23:14 | #1

    Maybe the mother was trying to make money? Reminds me of that TV show “Heroes” and how one of the characters was a mother who did Internet porn in her garage to make a living but tried to hide her profession from her son.

  2. August 1st, 2010 at 17:46 | #2

    What!!! Please tell me you are not supporting this “mother”!!!

    You cannot compare this to a women who does internet porn by herself! Including a pet and a child is just sick, disgusting and she or anyone who does this, or defends her should be prosecuted to the fullest!!! I feel like throwing up!


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