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Araceli Bravo Arrested for Abducting Daughter Ashley Gonis

May 27th, 2009 No comments

Araceli Bravo, 45

British Columbia has finally gotten around to arresting Araceli Bravo, the 45 year old mother of Ashley Gonis, for the illegal parental abduction of her daughter in violation of a Quebec family law law court’s orders. Nearly 1.5 months after Ashley ran away from her mother and called 911 from a train station and reported her mother was abusing her, BC law enforcement was finally satisfied that the Quebec arrest warrant issued months earlier had been extended to an all-Canada warrant.

Bravo had reportedly been in hiding since a previous court date in BC family law court. It appears her BC lawyer was not aware of the arrest warrant being extended to all of Canada until after being contacted by reporters on May 25. Canadian media reports are vague as to whether Bravo turned herself in to police or they captured her without her cooperation.
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Female Sex Offenders Escape Detection Due to Sexism

May 27th, 2009 1 comment

Inaccurate sexist stereotypes encourage the public to be skeptical of claims of females abusing children. Further, they cause suspicion of men committing child abuse even when they have done nothing abusive. This enables more easy acceptance of female cover stories for child abuse. Yet despite popular misconception, child abuse is not primarily a crime committed by males.

Statistics are very clear that women are actually more abusive against children than men. US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) statistics show that of children abused by parents, about 70% of child abuse and child murders are committed by mothers and 30% by fathers.

In particular, females committing sexual abuse against children seems to be very difficult for the general population to accept. This is a tragedy as it frequently enables female sex offenders to continue their abuse for years against children in their care. The children frequently end up with life-long psychological damage. They seldom talk of the abuse at the hands of their mothers or other female caregivers because they know nobody will believe them. Even those who report being raped or sexually assaulted by a female are often laughed at by police. There is a double-standard at work in which sexual assault and abuse committed by adult females on boys is “seduction” and somehow desirable by boys:
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