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Ben Vonderheide of Daddy Justice is well on the way to assembling a documentary film of his experiences dealing with the abusive courts and government in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We summarized his story in our article Ben Vonderheide Exposes Pennsylvania’s Abusive Child Profiteering Racket last week. While Vonderheide particularly identifies with these abuses being done against fathers, he’s clearly aware of the state attacking and destroying mothers, too, as evidenced by various videos he’s produced and put on his website.

Below is what he has been calling a “trailer” for his movie. At over 21 minutes, it’s much longer than the typical trailer. It features Vonderheide, his son Quinta, and many of the dirty players in the Lancaster County courts and government, and his ex Wendy Flanders and her new boyfriend, Ted Yoder, both of whom were convicted for filing false police reports to get Vonderheide falsely arrested. Video that Ben recorded was important evidence for obtaining the convictions. Flanders then was given probation, rather than jail time, and sole custody of their son. The message is that false accusations pay in Lancaster.

“Daddy Justice” Film Trailer from Ben Vonderheide on Vimeo.

Apparently making malicious false accusations isn’t unusual for people in Lancaster. Vonderheide and his camera operators have captured many moments of the people in this system coming at him and even physically attacking him, yelling, screaming, threatening, and acting far worse than Vonderheide has. Some of them appear to be attempting to frame him for assault.

Being video recorded in public locations upsets a lot of them severely. It seems to draw out their true colors via aggressive behaviors and making threats to get their way. It’s really not much different than what TV news journalists, reality TV show camera crews, and professional documentary producers do on a routine basis. The difference might be that these people know they are in the wrong and don’t want publicity about their actions.

What they have in common is that many of them become irate about being video recorded. But Lancaster reportedly has 70 video cameras around the city in public areas with another 95 on the way, possibly one of the most extensive video surveillance networks in the country for a city this size. In the view of the powers-that-be in Lancaster, it is a great idea for the government to watch, monitor, and record the public, but it is not OK for the public to do the same to them.

About a minute and a half into the video, there’s an interview with a mother who essentially says that if mothers don’t want their kids to see their fathers, then fathers shouldn’t see them any more. They should go have other children with other women. This is truly appalling and disgusting. Not all mothers feel that way, but it is disturbing that any parent thinks in this manner regardless of gender.

About four minutes in, there’s a sad observation from Quinta — “the older you get, the more you get hurt.”

Some may say Ben is pretty rude to several of the people in the video. But as he points out, they have been violating children’s and parent’s rights to severely damage their relationship and harm them personally in violation of any semblance of justice or civil rights. They seem to be doing it for personal gain and don’t care if they hurt innocent people. Of course they don’t want that exposed.

Ben has explained to us in an email his plans are for this movie and related video documentary efforts.

Thanks for posting the Daddy Justice video.

We are currently assembling our “finish crew” and determining venue and distribution partners.

Now in post production for the full length big screen documentary, specifically securing completion funding, and final edit.

In that this issue is fast arising to critical mass, especially through high profile cases — we are in talks to produce a reality series immediately to capitalize on the current model due to the “in the can” production values.

Thanks again.

Daddy Justice

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  1. September 21st, 2010 at 09:38 | #1

    Kudos to Ben Vonderheide for documenting what most people deny happens all the time. Most people self detract and eventually give up fighting to be equal parents, not because they don’t care about their children (and often because they do) but because they feel as if they have no chance of beating the system that is so lopsidedly stacked against them. Often it is exposure that leads to equality. Ben does an outstanding job at exposing those that are often at the root of the evil that permeates thought the family law system. If you can help Ben, you would be helping a lot of children who deserve to have 2 parents involved in their lives . Mike Mastracci

  2. Lina
    October 9th, 2010 at 16:38 | #2

    I have enjoyed watching this video as I have found many similarities to what my husband had to go through with his son’s biological mother. It is extremely sad to see that the family court system often favors the mother and mistreats the father. Women who make false accusations towards their ex partners/husbands just because they want to set a vendetta against them should be prosecuted.I have seen many situations in which men are emotionally abused by their partners/wives. This should not happen in a civilized society. My admiration goes out to Mr. Vonderheide.

  3. ted schroeder
    December 26th, 2012 at 19:03 | #3

    your simply just insane Ben. thats the only reason a judge would take away your right. I watched that 20 minute video that, really, your just insane. I would never allow a child near you. Matter of fact, id make sure you get tagged as an equal to a pedophile and never be allowed near any child. Go to a doctor and get the right meds. your world will improve and then just maybe after a year or so you will be granted visitation. By the way, your son looks beautiful so do it for him to stop the pain you only give him

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