Alleged Family Court Abuses by Missouri Judge Kathryn Davis

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This is part of William Stoneking’s story that he posted after learning that Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis was promoted to circuit court by Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, ignoring her clearly demonstrated misconduct and poor judgement that should disqualify her from being a judge. He cites not only his own experience, but that of multiple others including some people who have died as a result. For instance, Thadd Mize was allegedly murdered by his ex-wife’s father Jimmy Williams and mother Brenda Williams after Judge Davis refused him an Order of Protection (Restraining Order in many other states) to protect him from his ex-wife and her father. In another example, Shawn O’Banion apparently committed suicide due to the alleged abuses of his ex-wife and Judge Kathryn Davis by blocking him from access to his children.

This text was originally posted in multiple pieces at:

It is much easier to read here, plus links have been added to readily order Mr. Stoneking’s book if you want to read more. The site above, however, has continued to accumulate comments of people who are fed up with the abuse of Judge Kathryn Davis.


Hi, My name is Bill Stoneking and I am the author of the book, “The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father’s Struggle.” My book was written to bring to light the judicial misconduct within the Clay County 7th Circuit, particularly in the court of Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis and to the mental instability and ongoing domestic violence put on me and my only child Alexis by my ex and that was condoned by K. Davis.

The long and short of my divorce, I filed (a second time) for divorce 5/9/2002, sadly the day my daughter was born, not knowing where my daughter was and who wasn’t due to be born until May 23rd. I spent the last week of April 2002 in the North Kansas City Hospital where my ex had repeatedly visited my room, harassed my stay and had to have security remove her from room 1040 where I was staying. She promised me that I’d not be alive to see my daughter born and that I’d never see my child. May 1st she had gotten violent and beaten on me. The KCPD refused to arrest her for domestic battery despite marks left on my arms and on May 2nd, I filed for an OOP myself. May 4th, with the help of the KCPD, she attempted to break into my townhouse, in violation of the OOP and with an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Needless to say, for the OOP violation, she wasn’t arrested, for the outstanding warrant she wasn’t arrested. The outstanding warrant was there when 911 responded on May 1st and after they refused to arrest her for domestic battery, low and behold, they didn’t take her in on the outstanding warrant. Every opportunity to arrest a domestically violent and mentally unstable woman came and went and her violence went on, unstopped, unpunished and as the evidence showed then, this behavior would not stop. Alas, it still exists and continues today. A woman who has made false claims of abuse, all the way to the United States Secret Service who visited my home in Chicago in October 2002 (less than 30 days) after I left Kansas City to get away from this abusive stalker, has till this day still tried to take me out. With numerous false police reports filed in Platte County, and obvious mental instability and a threat to the public, Judge Kathryn Davis has ignored this violent person, in total and supported her violent behaviors. A gross sign of judicial corruption and incompetence.

At the end of my divorce, K. Davis made findings as excerpted from the transcripts: Case # WD64091, Stoneking vs. Stoneking, Transcript, Volume 1, pg. 340.

THE COURT:“…Mrs. Stoneking has made it abundantly clear that she is not willing on her own to facilitate a relationship between the child and her father, that she has been unwilling to let Mr. Stoneking have so much as a photograph of the child.”

With the evidence clearly showing a 99.9% probability that I’d never see my child demonstrated by the evidence (see transcript excerpt below), Western District, Case # WD64091, Stoneking vs. Stoneking, Transcript, Volume 1, pg 347-348.(Respondent is my ex, Shirley Anne Rutledge/Whitlock/Stoneking/Now Lincoln).

THE RESPONDENT:“Your Honor, this will also negate the OOP?”

THE COURT:“…The order of protection – I’m going to find that you have maliciously used the adult abuse statute to preclude dad from having contact with his child…”

And the Court obviously acknowledged mother’s conduct that showed 99.9% probability to be a correct estimate, again supported by the Transcript, Western District, Case #WD64091, Stoneking vs. Stoneking, Transcript, Volume 1, pg. 350.

THE COURT:“Do you find that the mother has engaged in a course of conduct to make it very difficult for father to have a relationship with this child?”

MR. ALLEN:“It certainly appears that way, Judge.”

THE COURT:“We’re off the record.[id]”

It was clear that Judge Kathryn Davis had rewarded my ex the custody order she entered because she was a woman. My ex had represented herself Pro Se and there was no evidence to support the custody finding, AT ALL. The same behavior that my ex had engaged in with her first husband divorcing her in Sedgwick County Kansas (Witchita – 00D003314, Whitlock v. Whitlock) and evidence that supported supervised visitation was clearly ignored. Judge Kathryn Davis ignored testimony that my ex had foster children removed from her care for “abuse and neglect” and despite this clear and convincing evidence, awarded primary residency of my infant daughter to the person most likely to strip my daughter of her relationship with me and the person least likely to allow “frequent and meaningful contact.”

The Dissolution order was entered September 30th, 2002, stating that I was to have my daughter, 9/28, 10/5 and 10/12/2002, and then for one week per month, starting the third Saturday of the month. The clear evidence stated above, that would predict that this behavior would not stop and I would not see my daughter,[“…mother has engaged in a course of conduct to make it very difficult for father to have a relationship with this child…“] continued.

My ex then not only violated court orders and interfered with custody, but she tampered with the entire legal process and sadly has been licensed by Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis to continue this domestically violent behavior and to tamper with the well being of my child.

Subsequent to the divorce, my ex was found guilty of contempt of Court by Judge Kathryn Davis and as a reward for her contempt, Judge Davis gave her sole custody.


December 2002, is when my ex was found guilty of contempt and she went from Pro Se to hiring a lawyer who engaged in violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct as well as flagrant violations of Missouri Supreme Court Rule 55.03. False and Perjured Pleadings filed, and Ms. Susan Szczucinski caught red handed, Judge Davis slapped me down and did not sanction her for lying to the court or for fabricating evidence and perpetrating a fraud on the court. This was “ALLOWED BEHAVIOR” in Davis’ courtroom.

Ms. Szczucinski attempted to “sand bag” getting the contempt order entered and tried to financially cripple me so I would loose the legal representation I had. The widely known war of attrition that gets allowed in family courts in Missouri that no one seems to put a stop to.

Needless to say, I filed a motion to adopt the contempt order against my ex which the Court Entered August 11th, 2003, on my proper motion. My Ex then went on to unilaterally veto the Order of Contempt (attached) and violated the Order of Contempt. The domestically violent tampering with custody was again a condoned behavior in Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis’ courtroom.

RSMo 452.340.7 States Clearly “The general assembly finds and declares that it is the public policy of this state that frequent, continuing and meaningful contact with both parents after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage is in the best interest of the child… In order to effectuate this public policy, a court with jurisdiction shall enforce visitation, custody and child support orders in the same manner.”

The State of Illinois issued an order of protection on mine and my daughter’s behalf that is currently in force, however was ignored by Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis. My ex did not just violate the Order of Contempt, as I said earlier, she VETOED IT. 03-OP-1072, Issued from the 18th Judicial Circuit Court of DuPage County Illinois was an action by the Illinois courts due to the miserable failure and refusal of Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis to make a proper custody ruling and for failure to enforce child custody orders.

Refer to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986, 750 ILCS 60 § 103 which states:

(RSMo 455.010 should have this language added for greater clarity in Missouri)

(7) “Harassment” means knowing conduct which is not necessary to accomplish a purpose that is reasonable under the circumstances; would cause a reasonable person emotional distress; and does cause emotional distress to the petitioner. Unless the presumption is rebutted by a preponderance of the evidence, the following types of conduct shall be presumed to cause emotional distress:

(i) creating a disturbance at petitioner’s place of employment or school;

(ii) repeatedly telephoning petitioner’s place of employment, home or residence;

(iii) repeatedly following petitioner about in a public place or places;

(iv) repeatedly keeping petitioner under surveillance by remaining present outside his or her home, school, place of employment, vehicle or other place occupied by petitioner or by peering in petitioner’s windows;

(v) improperly concealing a minor child from petitioner, repeatedly threatening to improperly remove a minor child of petitioner’s from the jurisdiction or from the physical care of petitioner, repeatedly threatening to conceal a minor child from petitioner, or making a single such threat following an actual or attempted improper removal or concealment, unless respondent was fleeing an incident or pattern of domestic violence; or

(vi) threatening physical force, confinement or restraint on one or more occasions.

During custody modification proceedings evidence that my daughter was physically and sexually abused by my ex was hidden from the Court and found by myself and my daughter’s then GAL. The GAL and I concurred that Alexis (my daughter) was to stay in Chicago until the completion of custody proceedings. The evidence was presented and instead of Judge K. Elizabeth Davis ordering supervised visitation to the perpetrator, Shirley Stoneking, she stripped me of my rights as a father for stopping the deprivations of custody, kidnapping and the physical abuse, supported by not only medical records of Children’s Mercy Hospital, but by the Medical Records of Gashland Clinic and Jayhawk Primary Care. Kathryn Davis was adamantly clear that she did not care about domestic violence, she didn’t care about child abuse, the fact that the uncooperative woman who “engaged in a course of conduct to make it very difficult for father to have a relationship with this child” was engaging in vicious attacks on my daughter and this woman was going to have sole custody, NO MATTER WHAT!

Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis didn’t care about the evidence, she didn’t care about the best interest of the child and she didn’t care about the law.

“When one parent embarks on a planned course of action to destroy the parent-child relationship between the child and the other parent, this is not in the best interest of the child…it takes no expert to realize that the resulting damage to the child is incalculable. A parent who will deliberately use such means to further selfish interests is acting in his or her own interests, and not in the child’s interest. Civilized people abhor and condemn sexual child abuse. Bringing false charges of parental sexual abuse of children, and the deliberate use of the children as pawns to try to validate the charges, is equally despicable and condemnable.” Becker v. Becker, 613 So.2d 275

“One kind of parental misconduct that is of particular significance in child abuse cases is a parent’s making false allegations of child abuse against the other parent. Such conduct itself constitutes child abuse” Pallay v Pallay, 605 So2d 582 (Fla App 1992).

During the Course of my daughter being in Chicago during the Pendency of the Court matter, it was brought to my attention by a court deputy and my daughter’s Guardian Ad Litem that on January 26th, 2004, Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis had an exparte meeting with my ex and while her lawyer, Susan D. Szczucinski was out of town on Vacation. Exparte meetings are subject to ejection from the Judiciary. This meeting was confirmed by the electronic recorder in the courtroom and the eye-witnesses that notified me.

Subsequent to the proceedings, I filed a motion to disqualify Judge Kathryn Davis. Four days prior to my hearing on my motion to disqualify the judge, she entered her order awarding a child abuser sole custody, stripping me of my legal rights and ability to protect my daughter from abuse and violating federally protected civil rights under Art. 4, Sec. 2, Cl. 1, stating I cannot remove my daughter from the Kansas City Area for 6 months. Not only did Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis award sole custody contrary to the evidence, Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis did not penalize Shirley Anne Stoneking (now Shirley Anne Lincoln) for violating and vetoing the Judgment of Contempt.

Those same four days prior to the hearing, Kathryn Elizabeth Davis recused herself.

Rule 2.03, Canon 3E,“A judge must recuse in any case in which his or her impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

Would you say that a mother who unilaterally vetoed a judgment of contempt and drew no penalty at all was fair?

“It is vital to public confidence in the legal system that decisions of the court are not only fair, but also appear fair.” State ex rel. Wesolich, 794 S.W.2d at 695.

Prior to my filing of my motion to disqualify, I had sanctioned an investigation which turned up that not only had Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis engaged in having Exparte meetings, she had accepted a cash payment from my ex.

My ex had obtained a title loan on the Corner of Antioch and Vivion Roads. That she had deposited the check from this establishment into the Bank of America location directly across the street and withdrew moneys paid to Judge Davis.

Also, prior to my filing of my motion to disqualify Judge Davis, I spoke with Elizabeth Wright, the former clerk of former Chief Justice Ronnie White. She agreed that Davis should be removed from the Judiciary. Liz is a Chicago Trial Lawyer. She and I met on the train. She and her attorney husband looked at the details and agreed that Davis is a criminal. Why do you think that Judge K. Elizabeth Davis recused herself.

The Docket entries are clearly, from the court system, as follows:

03/01/2004 Docket Entry: Filing:
Text: Petitioner, William Stoneking, files motion or a new trial or in the alternative judgment of custody as a matter of law together with affidavit in support of petitioner’s motion and certificate of service and motion to
disqualify Judge and affidavit in support of petitioner’s motion to disqualify Judge and certificate of service.sac

03/15/2004 Docket Entry: Filing:,
Text: Judgment of modification entered. KED:sac

03/15/2004 Docket Entry: Filing:
Text: Petitioner, pro se files notice calling up petitioner’s motion to disqualify judge and motion for new trial for hearing on 03/22/2004 at 09:00 am. sac

03/19/2004 Docket Entry: Filing:
Text: Upon the Court’s own motion, the Court transfer this cause to AJ for reassignment. KED:sac

It is clear that Davis’ action to enter an order and bail is a perceivable act of spite. Also, what else would justify a judge so grossly overstepping her boundaries? The money trail and exparte meetings say it all. Davis knew that I had found out about the exparte meetings and she knew I found the money trail. To spite me, she entered her order and then thumbed her nose and pulled the cut and run, thinking she’ll never be punished for her actions and that she has absolute immunity. Davis does not have immunity and needs to be held accountable for her overt misconduct.

I have attached several exhibits aside from the samples of 2002 and 2003 above. As the evidence predicted in the divorce, so too did it in the custody modification proceedings and so too did it predict in contempt proceedings and so to did it predict under the watch of James E. Welsh (blunt appointee to the Western District Court of appeals, and another fathers rights violator who condones child abuse), so too did the evidence predict that the behavior of the “mother … engaged in a course of conduct to make it very difficult for father to have a relationship with this child” and who Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis engage in exparte meetings with would continue. As the evidence predicts, the domestic violence and abuse by my ex, licensed, over and over by Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis is not going to stop until she is jailed and has supervised visitation.

But besides me, who else has Kathryn Elizabeth Davis affected in her job as a Judicial Officer? I took the time to download every dissolution case from Clay County from the time Davis was appointed (CV197-000762 DR) filed 2/3/1997 until (CV106-002799 DR) filed on 3/30/2006. 9,424 dissolution cases were filed between these two dates.

In the first year of Davis’ appointment, She factually presided over a case in which she was a prosecutor of past due child support. This of course is a “conflict of interest” and in violation of judicial canons and ethics. Seeing this, I decided to research back a few years in cases I could not download. I found in the matter of Larry and Loren Stitt, CV191-007955 DR. Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis, then APA Davis, had Mr. Stitt jailed for 10 days without proper notice on a contempt filing. As a lawyer, Davis deprived a man of his personal liberty without due process in violation of the 5th and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution. That is a criminal deprivation of civil rights under the color of law. A blatant criminal violation of 18 USC 241.

Moving along in who Kathryn Elizabeth Davis has abused from her position on the bench, let us discuss her involvement in the Murder of Thadd Mize. Kathryn Elizabeth Davis is responsible in part for the MURDER of Young Thadd. Poor Thadd was divorced, CV101-003078 DR, filed 5/3/2001. Thadd Mize filed for two (2) orders of protection. One against his ex-wife (CV101-008102DR – Crysta Mize) and the other against Crysta Mize’s father, Jim Williams (CV101-008103DR). I know the Governor’s office is facing criticism for destroying documents, I know my information on Appellate James E. Welsh was destroyed, but funny thing is that on Missouri Casenet, the above referenced cases have been deleted of Thad Mize’s name and party information. On 11/29/2001, Kathryn Elizabeth Davis denied Mr. Thad Mize his order of protection against both his ex, Crysta and her Father, Jimmy Williams. On December 12th, 2001, Thad Mize was setup by his ex, Crysta Mize and gunned down by Jimmy Williams and his wife Brenda Williams. Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis was quoted in the media when questioned about why she had refused Thad Mize an order of protection. “I was having a bad day.” “A bad day” isn’t allowed when someone asks for protection, particularly from the people that murdered him less than two weeks later.

Who else did my research show Davis has abused? Let us look at more current cases.

Shawn O’Banion.

Case filed 10/4/2001 CV101-007022 DR (Casenet 7CV101007022), through deception the court enters a default judgment on 03/06/2002. Mr. O’Banion is left to the mercy of his ex. Poor Shawn O’Banion is trying to be a father to his children and without notice, etc., is denied his fundamental liberty interest in his children’s lives. Mr. O’Banion’s ex engaged in the same game as my ex. Let’s see the history of cases laid out as displayed below.

OBANION, SHAWN W 7CV101007515 Defendant PROTECTION ORDER FC Adult Abuse w/o Stalking 10/24/2001

OBANION, SHAWN W 07CY-CV00398 Respondent PROTECTION ORDER CC Adult Abuse Stalking 01/16/2007

OBANION, SHAWN W 07CY-CV03013 Respondent PROTECTION ORDER FC Adult Abuse Stalking 03/29/2007

Judge Kathryn Davis recognized that Ms. Angela O’Banion, know known as Angela C. Meyer was engaged in an abuse of the Adult abuse statute (RSMo 455.010) and instead of the system protecting itself, denying an order of protection and reprimanding the abuser of the statute for abusing the system, Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis on 4/26/2007 tells Mr. O’Banion that if he wants his ex out of his life, he’ll accept the full order of protection. That same day, Kathryn Elizabeth Davis did not protect a man from a female abuser abusing the system, she subjugated him and forced him to accept the full order of protection. Mr. O’Banion went on to suffer the deprivation of his parental rights and relationship of his children at the hands of Kathryn Elizabeth Davis. As a direct and proximate cause of Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis’ cavalier attitude and evident GOD complex, Mr. O’Banion had to suffer the emotional and mental distress as I did of being deprived of being a father to his children.

This brings us to current day. Mr. Shawn O’Banion in being deprived of his children and their relationship and has suffered a denial of his federally protected constitutional rights under the color of law in violation of 18 USC 241 by the perpetrator, Kathryn Elizabeth Davis. Mr. O’Banion has had to file a Family Access Motion, 07CY-CV11096 on 11/16/2007 in order to gain access to his children. How much more emotional and mental pain is Kathryn Davis going to inflict on American Families? How much more harm is Kathryn Elizabeth Davis going to be allowed to inflict on the families and Children of the State of Missouri?

On Election Day 2008, “Say NO To Retaining Clay County Judge K. Elizabeth Davis”

On Election Day 2008, “Say NO To Retaining Western District Appellate Court Judge James E. Welsh”

It is time to send the Good Old Boys from Clay County to the Unemployment Line and take back our government.

On Election Day 2008, “Say NO To Retaining Clay County Judge K. Elizabeth Davis” is one of the many feelings that Clay County Missouri Registered Voters will have after reading this compelling true story about a father’s plight and fight to simply be a daddy to his little girl Alexis.

See how Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis subjected a good man to ongoing and torturous domestic violence by his ex who dangled his only child as a pawn and how Kathryn Davis did nothing to stop it. Take a first hand look inside of domestic violence against a father and his child and see the corruption of the Clay County Family Court and how they supported and rewarded it. On Sale Now!

Fathers and their children are frequently the ignored victims of domestic violence and it is time to tell judges to get it right OR find a new job!

The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father’s Struggle, F4J Ltd.ED
Copyright © MMVII by William A. Stoneking Jr
ISBN: 978-1-4303-0198-1

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Comment from Mike Russo:

Gee, no mention of the time Davis spent as a Child Support Enforcement Attorney. I guess that would be because it is a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and also the reason why Davis’ name has been changed around a lot over the years.

Reply from William Stoneking:

Mr. Russo is correct. She has gone by Kathryn Davis, K. Elizabeth Davis, Kathryn Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Davis and K.E. Davis.

Simply put, Davis is an arrogant and hubris riddled abuser. She has a clear and evident god complex and thinks she can do whatever she wants without consequence. Sadly, numerous complaints over the years have fell on the deaf ears of the Commission on the Removal, Retirement and Discipline of judges. The self policing agency doesn’t work and it is left to us, the people to cleanse the bench.

That said, I reiterate,


If the ballot appears confusing, simply say “NO” to evey judge from the Clay County Circuit. The Good Old Boys won’t be happy, but one thing is for damn certain, whoever is listed will need to find a new job. Let us, the people rid ourselves of the Good Old Boy Network and let them know that “WE THE PEOPLE” mean business.

Comment from Charles Dawson:

Clay County Missouri Judge K. Elzabeth Davis is a child abuser. In Clay County Missouri, a mother can put bullet in a child and Davis will still give her custody. The law is the ‘Best interest of the Child’ and not ‘gender favoritism.’ Davis is a corrupt Judge, having an extra-marital affair with a lawyer who practices in her Court, Tom Capps. She is unfaithful to the law and she is unfaithful to her husband. Get HER OUT OF OUR COURTHOUSE AND PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.

William Stoneking’s Blog: Victims of Family Court Violence & Corruption

  1. Bernie
    January 29th, 2009 at 04:42 | #1

    She’s not well liked. Look at the following.

    Judge K.E. Davis

  2. March 1st, 2009 at 20:17 | #2

    I practiced for ten years in Clay County before moving to North Carolina and I had a very similar experience in 1996-98. The lives of my four children have been ruined by the poor judgment/bias of Liz Davis.

    Kevin Denver

  3. Scott Sharkey
    October 10th, 2009 at 10:06 | #3

    I also have been subjected to the corruption of the Clay County Missouri Family Court, Judge Davis and Judge Welch. To date I have 7 Orders of protection Full Orders ect. All this even though my ex-wife stabbed me with a knife in front of my 2 year old son at the time. My ex has also physically assulted me in front of all three of my sons and has lied on all occassions when getting orders of protection and still was granted the orders. The Judge took over $60,000.00 of my money forced me to sell my home that was built with my money and handed it over to my ex. The domestic violence and abuse thing was just a good tool for gaining advantage of the divorce proceedings. My saga started in 2001 and finally in August of 2009 I was given a 50-50 custody arrangement with no child support. This comes after thousands were spent on legal fees and eight years of my life spent battling to have time with my three sons.

    My Name is Scott Sharkey and Clay County Court, Judge Davis, and Judge Welch are with out doubt corrupt.

  4. Scott Sharkey
    October 10th, 2009 at 10:16 | #4

    I might also add that the fact I obtained a 50-50 custody arrangement with no child support came not from any legal posturing or having a good day on the part of my ex but through prayer and God’s grace.

  5. Desperate Father
    March 19th, 2010 at 20:28 | #5

    I have a custody case that is involving my son. I filed in Jackson where his mother had been living and now she is living in Clay County so the judge transferred it there with Judge Davis. My son’s mother is a severe alcoholic with psychiatric conditions. She also is a very good manipulator and knows how to use the system. I am very worried about the safety of my son and having my case handled by Judge Davis. Can anyone please help me?

  6. Investigate St. Charles mo
    June 18th, 2010 at 11:40 | #6

    An Investigation needed in St. Charles Mo ASAP

  7. Dan Abshear
    October 3rd, 2010 at 14:46 | #7

    I was prosecuted by St. Charles county myself, with false allegations of domestic abuse of my now ex wife. My email is: [email protected]. Please contact me.

  8. Anonymous
    November 2nd, 2010 at 14:17 | #8

    On Nov. 2nd 2010 – Vote “NO” for: Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis. She commonly surfs the Web and plays solitaire games during court cases. Even attorneys attest to this nonsense. Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis is clearly not serious about citizens or court cases and therefore not fit to be a judge!

  9. FC
    November 11th, 2010 at 00:46 | #9

    St Charles, Lincoln County and St Louis County all need a clean sweep by the FBI ASAP Family Court Corrupt

  10. December 25th, 2010 at 22:55 | #10


    Gipson vs Gov Jay Nixon et al

    also, “Iraq Vet goes to Congress”

  11. December 25th, 2010 at 23:06 | #11

    File your federal law suit. GOOGLE “Gipson vs Gov Jay Nixon et al

    @Scott Sharkey

  12. Sister In Law: C. Chick
    February 28th, 2012 at 16:09 | #12

    I am Liz Davis’ 62 yr. old sister-in-law in Calif. She is married to my brother, John. For the past 21 yrs. she & he have refused to talk to me & I never met the son they adopted from Russia. I am disabled in a wheelchair. They ‘stole’ my $3M inheritance my mother, Anne Chick Sibley, left me. When my stepfather died in Chicago 4/14/00 they put my mother (Alz’s Dis.) in a ‘locked facility’ and got a TRO preventing me from ever seeing her. To this day I don’t know if she is dead or alive. My mother left me her co-op on Lake Shore Drive & the contents. I have been living on SSD & SSI for 11 yrs. = $860.00/mo. I am going to be homeless in 5 days…I was beaten up in a Sect. 8 bldg. 6 mos. ago & my family would not help me. I just found this info @ library as I don’t own a computer .
    If someone could help me pls. write: C. Chick PO Box 396 Palm Sgs, CA 92263 or call 760-341-1040-lv. msg. for Ms. Chick. Please pray for me. Thank you.

    • February 29th, 2012 at 04:07 | #13

      We’ve passed along your comment to a contact that we believe may be able to help you, or at least would be interested in misconduct by Judge Davis.

      What kind of evidence do you have of the above claims? The contact is wondering about that, so are we. There are plenty of people who would love to nail Judge Davis for misconduct and make a public example of her.

      Regarding finding out if your mother is still alive, you might be able to look her up in the Social Security Death Index. There are a number of sites that help do this, one you might try is as it can search via multiple search engines.

  13. Worried Parent
    March 5th, 2012 at 10:20 | #14

    Judge Davis helped coordinate the kidnapping of my child. She then stripped me of my parental rights because another State took emergency jurisdiction of my child . Stating nobody goes above her head. The parent she returned custody to is a suspect to our other child’s murder. Is there any referals to someone who might be able to help. I have a lot of evidence to back my case.

  14. Jessica
    July 22nd, 2012 at 10:09 | #15

    Jefferson County! Jefferson County!! The rights to my children were terminated. Even though I had conflicts with my judges family she wouldn’t budge. Still the majority of the misconduct came from a contracted caseworker. Nobody would believe me. Although I had proof for every bit of it. After my rights were terminated my judge refused herself when filed for an appeal. The next judge assigned recused herself. Then things got very nasty. I had a daughter six months later. The contracted case worker from Boys and Girls Town had a letter placed in my medical file to contact dfs and then her when I had my baby. I do understand a hotline call in a circumstance with prior TPR. That is in place for children who actually have been abused. I spoke with an actual dfs investigator on the phone she had already checked my background, lab work, spoke with my nurses about conduct ect. She told me she saw no problems and to call her when I got home so she could check my house although so expected no issues no to fact that I lived with my mother who is a liscensed Foster parent and her home is inspected frequently. She said if everything checks out she would close my case. Shortly after a social worker from the hospital came to my room and said there was a petition in front of a judge for emergency removal requested by nonother than the Foster care agency Boys and Girls Town’s caseworker Gail Moss who was previously assigned to my kids for my last case. The affidavit read that she had been contracted by dfs to request removal and assume care because it was determined she was without care custody or control. I told the social worker at the hospital she was not my case worker Tracy from dfs was and to speak only with her. I called Tracy just in case and she verified that Gail hadn’t been contracted and that they wanted to take no action. At that point I requested the hospital call the authorities so I may obtain assistance. The hospital refused. I then called my mother a Foster parent already checked and licensed, as well as a good friend also a Foster parent who had special licensing for emergency placement just in case. About an hour later Gail Moss showed up with signature from a judge and took my baby and disreguarded the family I had there to take my daughter. Gail said no I already have a new family for her, and then had police from a different county escort me from the hospital without discharge. I called Tracy and let her know what happened. She arrainged to come inspect my house anyway assuring me that after explaining in court a couple days later what happened she would be sent home. Inspection went well. We went to court for a protective custody hearing. They never once mentioned any wrong doing or neglect on my part. Even with previous TPR ruling wrong neglect or abuse has to be occurring and it is at the discretion of the actual dfs investigator if further action take place. Tracy (dfs) testified that she had done the investigation all is well and my daughter should returned home. She also told the judge that the affidavit requesting removal was not done by children’s services, the document was perjured and the noterised by Gails daughter. She further mentioned that the prosecutor from my previous case had been bullying and threatening her to request the removal of my child. Then the prosecuted and Gail informed the judge they will be requesting immediate tpr. Feeling OK about what just happened and our testimony. You can imagine our surprise when the judge said temporary custody granted with no cause. I then ask about family placement. She said off the record I have already spoke with the prosecutor and you have no family. ( I have both my parents and four sisters who have all been previously approved as well as a few friends) I then ask about sibling visits. The judge said you were terminated your baby doesn’t have siblings. She granted me one hour per week supervised visits and dismissed us. We immediately requested a new judge and filed for appeal. We were givin a hearing date with a new judge. He refused to hear anything until the court of appeals makes a decision. We provided him with the appropriate statutes giving him continued jurisdiction to possibly correct the issue, modify visitation and to maintain the timelime on manditory proceedings. He still refuses. We currently have nothing scheduled. Gail will not schedule an fst meeting. My daughter will be six months tomorrow. The court of appeals has all their briefs but now they will not schedule our oral argument because they are waiting for the circuit courts to correct this themselves. We don’t know what to do and our court appointed attorney has never dealt with family law ever. She is at a loss. Dfs will not do anything because they were forced to contract Boys and Girls town because they don’t personally provide Foster homes and Gail hired herself. So they are no longer responsible. Boys and Girls Town/Great Circle now may recruit their own business apparently and bypass do process, law and our rights. Then request immediate tpr to ensure payment plus a bonus for perjury, refusing effort, and then quickly adopting them out. My young blue eyed blonde hair healthy baby already has a list of people wanting to adopt her. Jeff. Co. currently has no Casa teams. Office of the child advocate can’t help because of the pending appeal. Ahh. I don’t know what to do.

  15. July 23rd, 2012 at 22:53 | #16

    @ Jessica

    If I’m following your line of discussion correctly, it sounds like you are saying that Gail Moss who is an employee of Boys and Girls Town (which is a contractor for a government child protection agency (DFS)) abused her position to take your daughter from you. It also sounds like you are saying that this was done with the participation of Moss’s own daughter in what you say is perjury and falsification of a court document.

    Next it sounds like you are saying the courts will not correct the problem and the prosecutor in the area is in on this scam, too. And you appear to be saying that there are people who want to adopt your daughter and you fear she will be adopted out to earn money for the local government and its contractor. Certainly there is a basis for rational fear about this given what you describe and how Title IV-D laws reportedly result in frequent payments by the US government to local governments for the “service” of taking a child from his or her family and then more payments for both putting the child into foster care and for adopting that child to another family.

    You raise some good points about how there are not adequate safeguards in this system. But you also face a real challenge in defending your child against government sponsored abuse because they will attempt to portray you as crazy, unsafe, and even criminal when you challenge them.

    Have you tried researching Gail Moss and her actions online? Do you have any more information on her and her accomplices? You may be able to raise your chances of getting into contact with other abused parents if you can share more details about them. Perhaps you can find other families that have been abused by her and you can all go to file a complaint with the state attorney general for child abduction under color of law, fraud, and related crimes.

    Since I don’t know your case and have no way to verify the specifics, it is hard for me to determine what exactly is going on here. But I do agree that what I think you are describing is at least plausible. One only has to read about the abuse of the Wade family by the government of San Diego to understand how the government did in fact seize a child that was not harmed or mistreated in any way by her parents and then raced to ruin the parents, brainwash the child, profit from their crimes by adopting the child to another family, and cover up for a real child rapist.

    Your story reminds me of the Wade case that been extensively investigated and determined to be a clear case of abuse by the government. As usual, the government’s response to it was to pick a scapegoat who was outside of the government to blame for the whole mess while it covered up its own culpability and criminality. But in that case, the parents did get the child back and the government was forced to pay them some damages for the abuse via a civil lawsuit.

  16. clarissa
    November 5th, 2012 at 20:26 | #17

    I understand how you all feel. My fiance is currently in jail once again for non payment and its on a child that davis never gave a paternity test on. She just shoves him in jail for the stupidest reasons and now she is talking throwing him in prison for felony charges. His bound will not be lowered from 1200 dollars and we have our own baby together and i cant afford to get him out.i really wish someone who wasnt a craptastic judge would take over so we can get past all this stuff and he can actually come home and be with his family and not be sitting in a jail cell.

  17. N
    October 4th, 2013 at 00:39 | #18

    We are looking for people that have gone before Judge Davis and have been burned. She needs to be removed. If anyone would like to help us try and get this done please respond.

  18. JoAnn
    March 1st, 2014 at 20:15 | #19

    Definitely interested. Judge Davis and Judge Chamberlain need to be removed.

  19. Renee
    September 21st, 2014 at 01:47 | #20

    I just received a shocking decision from Judge Chamberlain that I am hoping to appeal. My questions are these 1.) If my case is remanded based on abuse of judicial discretion, can we get it assigned to another judge? 2.) The other judge would be Judge Davis. Is her pattern against men in general or against those that levy allegations of abuse no matter the gender? 3.) Has anyone had a successful appeal in a divorce case?

  20. Charla Assel
    February 18th, 2016 at 18:45 | #21

    Judge Davis gave our granddaughter to her sperm donor that she had just met in December, mind you he took her from her school and her family Feb 11. She was crying, frightened, and now is begging to come home. We have hired two lawyers and have gotten nothing but 5 visits in 2 years and very very seldom phone calls. She wants to come home but her so called Guardian AD has seen her twice and her sperm donor has been present both times. She is used to living in the country and moved to Raytown. How do I get in on a law suit to get rid of this uncaring woman. My child is being mistreated and yelled at and sees no drs or counselors any longer? And all he wanted was his child support stopped, when we never got a cent of it to begin with her mother got it, but we had the little girl from her birth!!! Help we are running out of funds trying to get her back home where she belongs. We truly love her and its not about money for us. Furthermore, he told the courts nothing but lies about our family. She is not allowed any of her clothes, gifts nothing there because the other children would get jealous.

  21. Charla
    February 18th, 2016 at 18:51 | #22

    There was not even an option for us to respond to anything that was going on, not a word, so we are miserable without her. She was our baby girl for 10.5 years, she is on our insurance, life, dental, health, and mental health. And its from the Railroad so it rocks! She needs help, and so do we its been a terrible 2 years. She needs to be home with people that adore her and want to spend time with her.

  22. Elizabeth Dodds
    February 20th, 2016 at 13:29 | #23

    This is currently the judge that is on my case in clay county. She has kept me from my kids since 7/26/2012 and has placed my son with his father who beat him while in state custody and didnt charge him with anything and placed him back there with a 1 hour once a month visit with me and nothing else. How do i get her off my case and get my kids back? I cant afford a real attorney to represent me. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  23. March 1st, 2016 at 16:34 | #24

    This Judge Kathryn Davis is not honorable and doesn’t deem the title. She obviously has issue with the opposite sex (MEN). I do agree something has got to change to remove this monster from the bench as she is not making sound decisions. Nor is she looking out for the best interest of a child! I can do the best possible thing and PRAY as GOD controls and vengeance is his!

  24. proseagogo
    December 19th, 2016 at 01:28 | #25

    lots and lots of appeals in missouri divorce cases succeed and fail both. “google scholar” is a kick-ass reference.

  25. proseagogo
    December 19th, 2016 at 01:34 | #26

    this is a really shocking story — either you’re crazy or great circle adoption services steals babies. I hope the comment you made in this thread isn’t the only way you tried to escalate your story to where something could be done — also it was years ago now, I’m curious what happened, if things got any better, if the deadlock between two courts waiting for the other to rule first resolved.

  26. Dan Abshear
  27. SC
    March 27th, 2022 at 19:28 | #28

    She is still destroying lives. What can we do to stop her? If I shared my story I know for a fact she would lose her job

  28. SC
    March 27th, 2022 at 19:29 | #29

    I agree

  29. Josefina Campos
    April 13th, 2022 at 11:50 | #30

    Child abuse still goes in today ! She is not in office now there are different monsters torturing moms . This is sickening !

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