The Problems with No Fault Divorce

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Stephen Baskerville is an advocate for family law reform. In his book Taken into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family, he documents how the era of the no fault divorce as it spread across the United States in the 1970’s lead to the demise of the marriage contract both in social and legal terms. Divorce was no longer voluntary and agreed upon, it became something that could be forced by one party to the detriment of the other and their children. It enabled the government to throw people out of their homes, deprive children of a father or mother, take their property and income, and even deprive them of fundamental civil rights and throw them into jail without due process or trials in violation of the US Constitution.

Now we have multiple generations of children of whom about half have been subjected to no fault adversarial divorce. These children have often been deprived of all or nearly all contact with one of their parents, usually their fathers. The result has been an increase in mental illness, substance abuse, crime, and parental abductions. When the divorce system afflicts a family, it often tears apart children’s lives based upon false allegations by one or both parents fighting to keep the kids in their lives. In the process, it often completely destroys the family financially, expending live savings and forcing the sale of the family home to pay for the bands of lawyers, expert witnesses, custody and psychological evaluators, supervised visitations, court fees, court reporters, “Child Protective Services” social workers, and other artifacts of the no fault adversarial divorce system.

Non-custodial parents are often relegated to the sidelines of their children’s lives. Many want to be involved but have no involvement other than being wage slaves to finance the lifestyle of the custodial parent. Custodial parents often engage in parental alienation to keep it this way. The divorce system benefits from this arrangement as the courts stay busy and lawyers and divorce and mental health professionals get rich. Later, the police, prisons, and criminal courts are kept similarly busy with the parents being turned into criminals deprived of civil rights much as debtors’ prisons used to be used to incarcerate people who were financially broke and unable to pay the financial demands of the government, often through no significant fault of their own. The damaged children grow up seeing broken parents, broken marriages, and broken government. Many turn into adult criminals ready to feed the criminal “justice” system.

As former Los Angeles police office Catherine MacWillie explains, her estimate is that 25% of the crime facing our country, including serious crimes such as murder, is the direct result of the broken family law system:

(excerpted from Custody Calculations Family Law Website; Providing Real Solutions For Children With Special Needs During The Divorce Process)

Chief Executive Officer, Catherine MacWillie, said that she was ignorant of the many issues facing parents of children with special needs at the onset of her research 10 years ago. A prior police officer for 24 years, Catherine MacWillie began researching the issue of divorce after identifying that perhaps as much as 25 percent of all crime in this country is related to family law, homicides, suicides, kidnaps, abductions, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of court orders and more.

The no fault adversarial family law system is in need of drastic reform. It has shown the citizens of the United States that their governments have no respect for the US Constitution or their civil rights and that children are pawns to be abused for the benefit of the government, courts, and people working with those organization. Today’s practice of family law has resulted in the institutionalized approval and encouragement of perjury, parental alienation, false police reports, invasive child abuse allegations that traumatize children based upon lies, and the systematic destruction of families. It breeds nothing but contempt for the principles upon which the United States was founded and ruination of future generations.

Below is a video of Baskerville speaking about the impact of no fault divorce.

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    The Problems with No Fault Divorce

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