William Stoneking’s Blog on Family Court Violence & Corruption

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Those of you who found the posts on William Stoneking’s ongoing problems (click here to see them all) at the hands of the Missouri family law courts may be interested to know that Mr. Stoneking has a blog documenting his continuing battles to see his daughter Alexis. After re-establishing contact with Alexis for a while, his ex has yet again blocked his access. As of January 2009, he hasn’t seen or talked with his daughter in about 6 months. His ex, Shirley Anne Lincoln, is apparently in violation of the custody orders that Alexis should have spent summer 2008 in Illinois with her father.

This case is apparently full of problems with parental alienation, violation of court orders, perjury, and other problems associated with high-conflict divorces involving child custody. If you’re going through such an experience, Mr. Stoneking’s thoughts may be useful to you.

William Stoneking’s Blog: Victims of Family Court Violence & Corruption

  1. FC
    November 22nd, 2010 at 02:56 | #1

    A stunning new book from Rose Waggoner:

    Corruption And Injustice: A Broken System. Rose Pilliard Waggoner is a real estate investigator in St. Charles County, Mo. Her daughters also live in the area. Her son is an airline pilot.

    Rejected by her own father, little Rose ate from dumpsters and found her toys and clothing in the city dump. The Division of Family Services steps in to help, placing her in a sexually abusive home. Later, Rose floats from one harmful marriage to another, and again finds a system designed to protect sabotaging its obligation to society, preventing a mother from rescuing her own daughter. A Hollywood fantasy? Not for Rose Pilliard Waggoner, who finds herself a pawn in a court drama played out before her eyes. Rose files for divorce from Darrell, who hires his prosecuting attorney friend to file charges of child abuse against Rose. When the Missouri Bar Association forces the prosecutor off the case, Darrell continues his shenanigans as the prosecutor hands the case over to his buddy. The baby is taken from Rose, and despite a doctor’s report of no abuse and a strong urging to return the baby immediately to Rose, the lies and deceit continue. The prosecutor is shacking up with the head of the Division of Family Services who ties up the child’s return for nearly a year. Pregnant and recently divorced, Rose discovers Darrell, her 51-year-old ex-husband, is seeking a bizarre type of vengeance once again. He brainwashes, rapes and kidnaps her 15-year-old daughter from a previous marriage before convincing an out-of-state judge the girl is 19. He marries her when she turns 16 against the wishes of her mother and father. All this with the blessing of the court! Is this our courts system doing its job, or is it the worst kind of corruption and injustice? Could you be next?

  2. Linda Kisner
    August 8th, 2011 at 22:13 | #2

    I have been trying to find this book by Rose Waggoner and cant find it anywhere to buy. If anyone can help me please

  1. August 20th, 2010 at 08:41 | #1

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