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Alleged Family Court Abuses by Missouri Judge Kathryn Davis

January 5th, 2009 30 comments

This is part of William Stoneking’s story that he posted after learning that Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis was promoted to circuit court by Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, ignoring her clearly demonstrated misconduct and poor judgement that should disqualify her from being a judge. He cites not only his own experience, but that of multiple others including some people who have died as a result. For instance, Thadd Mize was allegedly murdered by his ex-wife’s father Jimmy Williams and mother Brenda Williams after Judge Davis refused him an Order of Protection (Restraining Order in many other states) to protect him from his ex-wife and her father. In another example, Shawn O’Banion apparently committed suicide due to the alleged abuses of his ex-wife and Judge Kathryn Davis by blocking him from access to his children.

This text was originally posted in multiple pieces at:

It is much easier to read here, plus links have been added to readily order Mr. Stoneking’s book if you want to read more. The site above, however, has continued to accumulate comments of people who are fed up with the abuse of Judge Kathryn Davis.

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