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William Stoneking’s Blog on Family Court Violence & Corruption

January 7th, 2009 2 comments

Those of you who found the posts on William Stoneking’s ongoing problems (click here to see them all) at the hands of the Missouri family law courts may be interested to know that Mr. Stoneking has a blog documenting his continuing battles to see his daughter Alexis. After re-establishing contact with Alexis for a while, his ex has yet again blocked his access. As of January 2009, he hasn’t seen or talked with his daughter in about 6 months. His ex, Shirley Anne Lincoln, is apparently in violation of the custody orders that Alexis should have spent summer 2008 in Illinois with her father.

This case is apparently full of problems with parental alienation, violation of court orders, perjury, and other problems associated with high-conflict divorces involving child custody. If you’re going through such an experience, Mr. Stoneking’s thoughts may be useful to you.

William Stoneking’s Blog: Victims of Family Court Violence & Corruption