FernBlock: Sun Protection In A Pill

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The FDA misled consumers for years about the protection conferred by sunscreen products. Their flawed SPF rating system disregarded the risk of skin damage from UV-A light, the type of UV light most likely to penetrate deep into the skin and cause damage. Old product labels usually disclosed only UV-B protection, mentioning nothing about UV-A and UV-C light. While new product labels on many sun protection products have recently started to disclose the type of UV light against which protection is effective, fundamental weaknesses with sunscreens remain. Consumers often do not apply enough sunscreen or fail to apply it to areas that will receive significant sun exposure. For instance, a white T-shirt may let through a large amount of UV light yet many people will only apply their sunscreen to exposed bare skin. Even when properly applied, perspiration and water exposure can cause the protection to be uneven and incomplete.

In recent years, a few companies have introduced products that allow consumers to gain the benefit of significant sun protection from oral supplements that cause protection to be distributed throughout the skin. One such product is Life Extension’s Enhanced FernBlock with Sendara.

Dr. Steven Joyal of Life Extension Discusses FernBlock

A light-skinned and easily sunburned Caucasian friend of mine has been using this product along with vitamin A (beta carotene form) and astaxanthin supplements in the last year. He’s found that this combination of supplements significantly reduces his tendency to easily sunburn and has noticed no side effects. While sunscreens often achieved mostly similar protection from sunburns for him, he commented that he often missed spots that later burned, especially on the top of the head and the back of the neck. He also commented that sometimes he didn’t have sunscreen available to use either because he forgot it or because it was inconvenient to carry it. With the FernBlock product, he says that isn’t a problem. He can take it in the morning before leaving home or an hour or so before sun exposure and the product spreads through the blood into the skin where it helps reduce the harmful effects of sunlight by both reducing UV absorption and by mopping up free radicals created by UV light that damage the skin.

According to the product usage information, the number of capsules needed ranges from one to three depending upon the intensity and duration of the sun exposure. Life Extension still recommends using a sunscreen lotion and/or protective clothing for long duration or high intensity exposure to the sun, choosing to emphasize the additional protection added by FernBlock in combination with other products.

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If you’d like to try the product, Life Extension is offering Enhanced FernBlock with Sendara at 58% off for $16 for a trial bottle until July 13, 2010.

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