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We thought we would take a break from all the seriousness of the world today and bring you a little spot of lightheartedness from our collection of bathroom reading. Here are some entertaining and senseless bits of trivia for the legally minded. These idiotic laws are excerpted from Uncle John’s Unsinkable Bathroom Reader (Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader).

  • In Providence, Rhode Island, it’s illegal to sell toothbrushes on Sundays. (Toothpaste is OK)
  • It’s against the law in Washington state to pretend that your parents are rich.
  • Women in Corvallis, Oregon, are not legally permitted to drink coffee after 6:00pm
  • By law, Washington drivers must carry an anchor to be used as an emergency brake.
  • In Christiansburg, Virginia, it’s a crime to imitate the sound of a police whistle.
  • It’s against the law in Iowa to charge people to watch a one-armed pianist perform.
  • In Missouri, men are legally required to have a permit to shave.
  • It’s a crime in Long Beach, California, to curse while playing miniature golf.
  • It’s against the law in Oklahoma to display a hypnotized person in the window.
  • In Israel, it’s illegal to pick your nose on the Sabbath.
  • In Florida, widows may not skydive on Sunday afternoons.
  • It’s illegal for a woman in Joliet, Illinois, to try on more than six dresses in one store.
  • It’s ok to wear a fake nose in Aberdeen, Scotland, but only if it doesn’t conceal your identity.
  • Richmond, Virginia, prohibits anyone flipping a coin to determine who will pay a restaurant tab.
  • A man may not legally wear a strapless evening gown in Miami.
  • In Devon, Colorado, it’s illegal to walk backwards after sunset.
  • In Connecticut, it’s against the law to play SCRABBLE while waiting for a politician to speak.
  • It’s illegal to run a three-legged race for money in British Columbia.
  • Eating soup with a fork is against the law in New York.
  • It’s illegal to sell used confetti in Detroit.

It’s no wonder these laws are in a bathroom reader. They’re a load of crap.

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