Vancouver Police Beat Yao Wei Wu After DV Call

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Yao Wei Wu, Victim of Police Brutality
Yao Wei Wu After Police Beating

Here’s a story that illustrates just how out of control and violent police and law enforcement are regarding domestic violence calls. Vancouver police were called by a woman claiming she was being beaten by her husband and she was afraid for her child. Plainclothes cops with guns showed up at the address and knocked on the door. A man answered the door and opened it for the police. The cops say they identified themselves as Vancouver police, but the man says he complied not because he knew they were police but because they had guns. The cops then kicked in the open door, grabbed the man and pulled him out of the home, and proceeded to beat him bloody. They smashed in the bones around one of his eyes, badly bruised his back, and left him with abrasions and bruises all over his face, torso, and knees. The cops then arrested and handcuffed him.

What law had this man broken? Why do police believe they can brutalize a person who answered the door and had no weapon and did nothing to provoke them?

Even if you assume that he was beating his wife, it doesn’t appear the police were justified in their conduct. But it gets far worse the more you learn of the story.

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Cops Beat and Arrested Wrong Man

Only after all of this did they bother to ask him his name. The man can’t speak English well as Cantonese is his primary language. But he understood they were asking for his name and identified himself as Yao Wei Wu.

Oops. They had the wrong man! The 911 call came from another unit in the building.

Cops Attempt to Cover Up Their Crime

They were cops and beating up people is what they do. They probably believed nothing will come of it so long as it is handled the standard police way by using lies and manipulating the public to blame the victim. So they issued a statement falsely claiming that Yao Wei Wu resisted arrest, figuring that would justify the beating to the public.

While lying works well for criminal cops in many cases, especially misconduct in which they beat a member of an ethnic minority, in this case the police chief Jim Chu is also Chinese. Chu a short time later revealed that the initial story being put out by the police trying to blame Yao Wei Wu was not accurate, issued a press release announcing that Wu did not resist arrest, and apologized for what the police did to him. Chu even visited Wu’s home to apologize to him and his wife who had been terrorized as she witnessed the brutal unprovoked beating of her husband by the police.

Chu is at least trying to do his job of upholding the law and keeping the public safe. Although there may be temptation to hang the man for the actions of abusive VPD cops under his command, the reality is that even a saint can’t keep absolute control over the thugs who are part of police forces in every nation.

VPD Apology Not Enough

The couple don’t believe the apology by VPD’s chief of police makes up for what was done to them. As the wife explained to reporters, she does not trust the police. Wu can’t work now due to the injuries inflicted upon him. He worries his eye may not heal to fully restore his vision.

Police Misconduct Common, Cops Usually Get Away With It

For many of us who have had contact with police and government agencies like CPS, we know that not trusting these people is a rational belief. Not all cops are bad, but far too many malicious abusive liars remain on police forces around the world including supposedly free nations such as Canada and the US in which people are claimed to have civil rights but in reality are often mistreated in violation of their rights. These cops involved are generally liars who will hurt innocent citizens without reasonable cause.

When their misconduct is pointed out, they often hurt their victims even more. Police brutality like that done to Yao Wei Wu is just one of the many methods they use. False arrests, falsely obtained search warrants, planted and fabricated evidence, cops lying in court, suborning false witnesses and perjury against a victim, and blacklisting their victims on domestic violence and child abuse lists to destroy their reputations and careers are just some of the means they use to harass those who anger them. Many of these blacklists have been declared as unconstitutional, yet the police break the law by continuing to use them to persecute people who have never been charged with or convicted of any crime.

Government Aligned Media Spin

While minority media reports seem to get the story right that the cops were totally wrong on their actions regardless of whether they apprehended the alleged suspect, some mainstream media sources act as spin-happy apologists for the government. CBC in particular has been spreading the perception that the problem with what happened is that the cops beat up the wrong person. That’s just one of the problems. That the police believe they can act with such unprovoked brutality and treat people as guilty until proven innocent is a much bigger problem.

Spread the Word: Cops are Dangerous

The citizens of nations like Canada and the US are not safe from their police forces. The common person on the street does not yet understand what a threat the police are to their safety and well-being. Please spread the word about this case of police brutality to help hold the abusive cops accountable for their crimes and to warn others of how police forces operate.

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  1. 3DShooter
    January 23rd, 2010 at 23:01 | #1

    This kind of conduct has been going on for decades. Only the Internet has exposed this systemic corruption for what it is.

    That it was done ‘this time’ on a DV call isn’t the first time. In a nearby city in the past year a man was cuffed, beaten to the ground and had a taser applied to his anus and balls – fortunately the tapes didn’t all get erased and I hope he bankrupts the city for their abuse. Will Grigg exposes it regularly on his blog.

    The real terrorists in Amerika aren’t wearing turbans or carrying the Koran – they wear badges and black robes, the gov’t issued costume of the modern brown-shirt.

    For those who have cheered on their various cause ‘du jur’ and now find it creeping into your own homes via the bastardized DV laws – maybe you should take the time to read the words of Martin Niemoller . . .

  2. Police Victim
    January 24th, 2010 at 01:18 | #2

    Here’s an article on the case of the Idado man sexually brutalized by cops using a taser.

    Idaho police sodomize man with Taser

    It’s business as usual for these scum as they got away with it, not even their names were publicly disclosed.

    Cops who illegally assault people deserve to be publicized so others can give them what they so badly deserve.

  3. KCR
    February 24th, 2010 at 23:45 | #3

    They apologized…they are human and unlike other departments take full responsibility. They can’t change what happened. I have been in an abusive relationship, and the Vancouver Police were stellar in their response and support…so my story is one of many that you wouldn’t hear about…and unfortunately the one you do hear about was a mistake…

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