Crimes Against Children: “Zero Tolerance” and “Kids for Cash”

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Our nation’s children are no longer safe in their homes, schools, or anywhere they go. Far too often, the threat is not from traditional miscreants such as school bullies, class-cutters, and neighborhood drug-dealers but rather from the adults entrusted with the care of our children. Intolerant and extremist teachers, school administrators, police officers, district attorneys, and judges are a serious and growing threat to our children. They believe that children who make a minor mistake or dare to express an opinion or personal preference that is not in compliance with government thought control and anti-free-speech policies should be treated like felons. Even having to attend to basic bodily functions like using the bathroom and eating in schools controlled by these extremists can be a threat to the safety of our children.

Our friendly faced jackbooted government goons have made up euphemisms for their agendas. Given their limited intelligence, their choice phrases must be succinct.

“Zero tolerance” is one catch-phrase invented by “safety minded” school employees. No tolerance for dissent, suppression of individuality, banning freedom of speech, enforcement of dogmatic thinking, and criminalization of opinions that are counter to the teachers unions is what it objectively means. Coming from a more sensible age in which I could chose the color of my clothes and a pocket knife was not a weapon of mass destruction but rather a basic tool that many kids carried to school, it seems to me that kids today should be raising civil disobedience groups and learning guerrilla warfare tactics after they have been exposed to this extremism. But oddly it seems to be gradually zapping many of them into mind-numbed drones. Or maybe they are too busy playing Grand Theft Auto and Halo to know that sometimes criminals and conflicts are real.

“Kids for Cash” is another catch-phrase invented by somebody in the government, quite possibly by thousands of them at about the same time. They realized that when they see smiling little kids, they think of $$$ MONEY $$$ in their pockets, so it was a natural expression of their intent to use other people’s children for their own economic security. Although it’s not clear which government agency invented it first, many of them, from the courts to “CPS” to schools, are living by it. Seldom is anything done to distract the government from viewing our children as money sources and pawns for profit except in the most bizarre and extreme cases that even the goons are embarrassed by it. I suspect when something is done to temporarily divert the greedy goons from monetizing our children, it is only because these extreme examples are getting so far out there that it’s amazing that parents and grandparents who love their young ones are not storming courthouses with automatic weapons to protect their offspring from true evil. You’ll see some of these cases below.

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Teacher Will Kick In Your Face If You Use the Potty!

If you’re a kindergartener in Miami, Florida, and go the the bathroom without permission, you might get your face kicked in by your teacher.

(from From Sex to Assault: What’s Up With America’s Teachers? Teachers Busted for Kicking Students, Showing Up Drunk, Having Affairs With Pupils)

For a 5-year-old Miami student who came home from school with a cut lip from being kicked in the face, the bully wasn’t a playground menace — it was, she alleges, her teacher.

The preschooler’s offense? Using the restroom without permission during naptime.

Miami police arrested Head Start teacher Jean Dorvil, 56, on child abuse charges. Miami-Dade Schools Police Sgt. Ivan Silva told that detectives found during the course of their investigation that Dorvil had allegedly kicked two other students during the school year.

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Camping Fork/Spoon/Knife Is A Deadly Weapon for 6 Year Old

If you want to eat at school in Newark, Delaware, and think that eating utensils are a reasonable item to use, you’re taking a big risk. Bring a camping eating utensil to school to eat lunch and you could be suspended for much of the school year from your regular school and shipped off to a school for violent kids, unless public outcry upsets the school board enough to make the “zero intelligence” school staff do its job.

(from Boy, 6, Faces Reform School for Carrying Camping Utensil to School)

Debbie Christie’s son Zachary, a first-grader at Downes Elementary School in Newark, Del., was suspended for carrying a camping utensil that contained a spoon, fork, bottle opener and knife to school.

“I wasn’t really trying to get in trouble,” 6-year-old Zachary said. “I was just trying to eat lunch with it.”

“I got a call from the principal, telling me to come down, that Zach had carried a dangerous weapon into school and was going to be suspended,” Christie told “Good Morning America” today.

School administrators deemed Zachary to be in violation of their zero-tolerance ban on weapons, and he may have to attend the district’s reform school.

School Arranges Prison Time for Teenage Web Poster

If you dare to write disrespectful opinions on a personal web site about a school administrator in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, you could be sent hundreds of miles away to prison camp for your thought and speech crime.

(from Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash)

Hillary Transue did not have an attorney, nor was she told of her right to one, when she appeared in Ciavarella’s courtroom in 2007 for building a MySpace page that lampooned her assistant principal.

Her mother, Laurene Transue, worked for 16 years in the child services department of another county and said she was certain Hillary would get a slap on the wrist. Instead, Ciavarella sentenced her to three months; she got out after a month, with help from a lawyer.

“I felt so disgraced for a while, like, what do people think of me now?” said Hillary, now 17 and a high school senior who plans to become an English teacher.

Laurene Transue said Ciavarella “was playing God. And not only was he doing that, he was getting money for it. He was betraying the trust put in him to do what is best for children.”

Plaid Shirts and Flower Dresses Banned

Heaven forbid that your seven year old girl wears a non-revealing below-the-knees pink dress with red flowers on it in Richmond, Indiana. The school dress police will come at her waving pink papers and screaming “Suspension! Suspension!” for such shocking clothing.

(from Rigid School Dress Code Leads to Suspension of Dozens in Indiana)

When 13-year-old Elijah Bell came home from school on his second day of eighth grade he gave his mother the pink warning slip he’d gotten for violating the school’s dress code.

His outfit? Pants and a button-up, collared shirt. His violation? The shirt was plaid.

His 7-year-old sister Kayvonne Ferguson also got a pink slip the same day. Her offense was wearing houndstooth patterned pants.

The children’s mother, Jacqueline Bell, is one of dozens of parents up in arms about the new dress code at Indiana’s Richmond Community Schools, a public school district. The new rules are so draconian, some say, that more than 150 high school students — about 10 percent of the student body — were suspended the second day of class alone. Dozens more were suspended in the following days, some more than once.

Bell said she was shocked that her children were sent to school in what she considered respectable clothes only to find out that most everything in their wardrobe was now forbidden.

Kicked Out of School for Attempting to Defuse Facebook Argument

If your honors student high schooler attempts to defuse a brewing argument by posting an odd Facebook comment, in Memphis, Tennessee, the school thought police will suspend him for 180 days:

(from Student Suspended 180 Days For Facebook Message)

A couple girls at his school were threatening to fight each other via Facebook messages. Keshaun Harley chimed in and posted, “You’re not going to bust a grape.” While I’d like to believe he was just quoting an LL Cool J song, the principal is chalking this up to “cyber-bullying” and suspending the boy an entire school year. Oh, and let’s remind everyone that none of this took place on school property.

Teen Petty Thief: 7 Months in Slammer!

If your child dares to do some stupid teenage stunt like steal a cheap bottle of spices with no prior offenses, off to the slammer for 7 months with him! Kids are punished far more harshly than repeat offender adults in Luzerne County:

(from Detention scheme was lucrative, harmful)

In many cases, Luzerne County judges handed down harsh sentences to children with no prior records who had committed minor violations, Ms. Levick said.

A 17-year-old who stole a $4 bottle of nutmeg appeared without a lawyer before Judge Ciavarella. He ended up spending more than seven months at three different detention facilities, including Pennsylvania Child Care and Western Pennsylvania Child Care.

“These are situations that never, ever should have crossed the threshold of juvenile detention,” Ms. Levick said.

“I have a 17-year-old daughter, and it’s traumatizing to think about my child at age 14, 15 or 16 being whisked away to a detention center, being out of contact for days except for a five-minute phone call and her being surrounded by strangers. It’s incredibly traumatic, and the travesty is that in Luzerne, it happened to so many kids.”

Our Dance Was a Success! One Gang Rape Tonight!

If you dare to let your child go to a school social event in Richmond, California, that is supposedly being “guarded” by police, he or she just might end up the victim of violence while the police and school staff sit idly by for hours as a student is gang-raped on school grounds:

(from Richmond Stunned By Story Of School Gang Rape)

Neil Smelser, a professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California-Berkeley, said Tuesday that the incident could be categorized as “bystander indifference.”

“The questions become, ‘Why didn’t they do something moral to stop an immoral situation? Why didn’t they behave morally by calling the police, telling school officials?”‘ said Smelser, who has written extensively on collective behavior.

“It’s very likely that they didn’t have any emotional or social ties to the victim,” Smelser continued. “If they had any linkage to her, then maybe we’d have a different outcome.”

Trujillo said there were four police officers and 15 school site supervisors monitoring the dance. He said there were no problems during the dance inside the school gym, calling it “a success.” He said two site supervisors were allowed to leave because they felt they had enough security inside.

(from Friend of gang rape victim blasts school officials over safety)

The next day, Baker learned the ugly truth about what had happened to her friend.

She had been gang raped and beaten for almost two-and-a-half hours and left unconscious under a bench shortly before midnight Saturday night.
“I busted up crying,” Baker said.

The campus incident in the Bay Area city north of Oakland has shaken students and their families. Baker was one of many people connected to the school and the community who lashed out at officials at a public safety hearing Wednesday.

Baker blamed school district officials for not doing enough to protect her school — and her friend. She said none of the four officers who were at the homecoming dance was patrolling the school premises even though there were a dozen young men hanging out just a few feet from the gym entrance. She says school officials chose not to take any action.

“I looked outside of the gym and I saw 12 to 15 guys, sitting there, with no IDs,” Baker said at the hearing. “The officers — not only did they not check the IDs of those students or men sitting outside of our campus, but the security officers who are employed here did no … checking either. The assistant principal looked outside and actually saw those men, and did nothing about it.”

Maybe the cops were too busy oogling the dancing teenage boys and girls? Perhaps the assistant principal was too busy surfing the web to detect and prosecute any thought crimes by students to be concerned about their physical safety? And why didn’t the students who saw the rape in progress do something about it? Perhaps the success of the mind-numbing thought control of schools over students has programmed the little cherubs to disregard morality, ethics, and laws just like their teachers and administrators do.

Schools and Institutions Are Threats to Our Children

The above is just a short list of the intolerant attitudes of the negligent morons and abusive criminals we citizens have entrusted with the well-being of our children. Some of us are too gullible and mind-numbed by decades of government propaganda to understand the threat the current government campaign against children has become. Others of us are faced with the sad reality of having one or both parents work and having no money or other resources to move to a better place for our children, so they are stuck going to government schools run by union mind control teachers who want to stamp out individuality to turn our children into the mindless robots they dream of having in their classrooms.

As a parent, I’m increasing worried about even sending young children into the public domain where they will run into publicly paid demon spawn posing as teachers, school administrators, police officers, and judges who are truly out to ruin the lives of children over the most minor and inconsequential matters.

I can teach children to stay away from illegal drugs and underage drinking, but how do I teach them to stay away from criminally abusive government employees who will chase them down, beat them, and abuse them over even imagined slights?

How do I teach them that freedom of speech and civil rights are important when they are being taught they can’t even show individuality in their dress or words without risking suspension or expulsion?

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Luzerne County: Hell on Earth for Children

The State of Pennsylvania, home of the corrupt Luzerne County courts, has put in place an 11 member panel to investigate the corruption and make recommendations on how to prevent judicial atrocities that wrongly imprisoned thousands of children from occurring again. In case you don’t recall, early in 2009 it was revealed that two juvenile court judges in the county violated the civil rights of thousands of children by denying them trials and legal representation in order to sentence them to time in private prisons for which they received an estimated $2.6 million in kickbacks and bribes.

(from Editorial: The next steps in addressing the Luzerne County ‘cash for kids’ scandal)

In a process reminiscent of the 9/11 Commission, the state has charged an 11-member panel with finding out how thousands of juveniles could be placed in private, profit-making facilities with seemingly total disregard for their legal rights or the law and recommending how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The charge is hefty and the panel is being asked to submit its final report by May 31. For their work to have any meaning, the recommendations must have real teeth.

At the heart of the scheme were two corrupt characters, former judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conohan who took bribes in exchange for sending children to a private detention facility. Their fate will soon be determined, but locking them up and fining them is only part of the issue.

These judges thought nothing of sentencing teenagers to prison time for non-crimes including writing disparaging and entirely legal remarks about school staff they disliked on web sites. Even first offense petty crimes resulted in months of private prison. The schools involved were apparently in favor of illegal persecution of their students, too. No surprise, corrupt and lawless government always like to crush anybody who speaks out against it. The corrupt government of the present United States and its public schools are no different. They are engaged in a war against families and children, a war they are winning by rapidly criminalizing and vilifying nearly anybody they can portray hatefully or who lacks the political and financial power to defend themselves in an attempt to divide, conquer, and dominate our children and our nation’s future.

Death Penalty Usually Questionable, But Not In This Case

I’m normally against the death penalty because frequently the government gets it wrong and witnesses, especially government witnesses or those associated with anybody who has something to gain from harm against another, tend to be liars. Furthermore, governments often use executions as a means to terminate their political opposition based upon trumped up accusations. The United States is sadly no exception to this pattern.

Even when there is no political agenda, applying the death penalty to one-time or few-time criminals simply carries far too great a risk of executing an innocent or wrongly convicted person, as happened in the case of the wrongful execution in 1991 in Texas of Cameron Todd Willingham for the death of his three daughters in a house fire. The investigation was poor, and witnesses changed their testimony from Willingham was frantically trying to get back into the house to rescue his kids to indicting him for suspicious behaviors after the government arson investigators decided to blame him for the fire.

But even if former Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conohan are guilty of only 5% of the crimes of which there are multiple witnesses, recordings, and transcripts to show they committed, these men still amply deserve the death penalty. They are the epitome of corruption and subversion of legal government. They are enemies of the citizens, abusers of children, violators of civil rights, tramplers of human rights, and stains on the US Constitution. They have done far more to damage the nation than many other people who have been tried for treason with less just cause and less substantial proof, including such figures as “Tokyo Rose” and Aaron Burr, former US Vice President. They have done far more to damage the nation than people who might have been tried for treason such as “American Taliban” James Walker Lindh but which the government issued other charges because of difficulty of meeting the “two witnesses” criteria for treason.

Systematic Juvenile Judicial Abuse Warrants Death Sentences

Let’s just be straightforward here. For these judges, this wasn’t some onesey-twosey sort of crime. They committed thousands of crimes against largely defenseless and in many cases entirely innocent children. There is no question about the guilt of the judges. Their criminal actions are on the court record, recorded with transcripts and a courtroom full of witnesses, as they broke the law time and again.

The judges should be subjected to the death penalty. Behaviors like theirs deserved to be rewarded with public executions for treasonous violations of the US Constitution and civil rights laws that amount to providing aid and comfort to the enemies of the lawful United States and its citizens. As the US Constitution states:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

What these judges did amounts to treason because it strikes a blow against the very core of a just and lawful government by entirely subverting and perverting the rule of law to such an extreme that it breeds justifiable distrust and hatred for the government. It was seen firsthand by dozens of witnesses. There is no question about their intent given how many times they acted in violation of their oaths of office and the laws and Constitution of the United States and the State of Pennsylvania, turning legal free speech into a criminal offense with prison time:

(from Why we still need the death penalty)

In my ideal world, everyone involved in a prosecution like this, from the school officials to the arresting officers to the judges, would at the very least be fired and forced to pay restitution. But the judges who took the kickbacks would pay the ultimate price. Those who use the power of government to deprive others of their liberty should be aware that if they abuse that power they may lose their lives.

Thomas Jefferson also wrote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

These two would make wonderful fertilizer.

Other Players Deserve Retraining and Punishment

But what to do about the people who let the judges commit their crimes? There is a large cast of characters involved, ranging from court staff, including the bailiffs, to the district attorney. The guilt even goes so far as attorneys working for the public defender’s office as well as private attorneys. Some of them tried to alert the media to the corruption in the courts, but the media as a rule is banned from juvenile court cases and in secrecy the agents of evil are able to do far more damage:

(from Editorial: The next steps in addressing the Luzerne County ‘cash for kids’ scandal)

The Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader published articles in 2004 and 2006 raising concerns about certain juvenile cases but to no avail. The media are largely banned from juvenile courtrooms, a practice that should be under review by the panel.

While the ones who tried to speak out against the corruption should certainly be held immune from prosecution and punishment, the whole lot of others including every single employee of the Luzerne County Courts should at a minimum be required to attend training on how to recognize violations of the law by judges and what to do about reporting those violations to get them corrected.

District Attorney’s Office: Fire and Disbar!

Of special concern are the district attorney and all its employees who appeared in multiple court hearings and trials which violated the rights of the accused without speaking out against it should be disbarred from practicing law in the United States ever again. They allowed a travesty of justice to occur on their watch. A prosecutor’s duty is to uphold the law, not to get false convictions and sham sentences. They violated their duties and should be held accountable for their crimes. If there are those who were especially egregious in their disregard for the law, they should be pursued by class action lawsuit by the juveniles and their families who were wronged by them. Having them disbarred from practicing law will help make this more readily possible as they cannot then turn around and try to prosecute or threaten prosecution of the people who they wronged as a ploy to escape justice.

The government owes those wronged reparations for the damages they have suffered, reparations that should largely come from the pockets of those who either committed the crimes or allowed them to occur because they violated their duties to uphold the law. At least one state legislator is backing a proposal to institute some kind of reparations:

(from Editorial: The next steps in addressing the Luzerne County ‘cash for kids’ scandal)

But the other side of this story that needs additional attention is how to compensate the victims and families of this injustice.

The state Supreme Court named Judge Arthur Grim to review the cases. Grim recently recommended clearing the records of all the juveniles incarcerated, fined or placed on probation by Ciavarella from 2003 through 2008. The state Supreme Court should adopt this policy and clear the records soon.

Similarly, Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Luzerne County, who sponsored legislation to undertake the investigative panel, testified last week that she believes the victims should receive some sort of remuneration — possibly money or at minimum state payment for counseling or other services.

Baker’s call should be heeded.

The work of the panel is vital, but it is not real justice for the teenagers who were wronged in a process where all too many players dropped the ball as we are only starting to learn.

Fire Abusive School Employees, Recall School Boards Which Refuse Firing

Finally, the local school boards should review every single one of the cases referred to the Luzerne County Courts by their school administrators for suitability of criminal prosecution. Every one of the school administrators who pushed children into criminal courts wrongly should lose their jobs and be banned from working in the county’s school ever again.

(from Editorial: The next steps in addressing the Luzerne County ‘cash for kids’ scandal)

Local school administrators praised Ciavarella for his “zero-tolerance” policy. School districts in the area were referring an unusually large number of school incidents to the courts, some that clearly should have been handled by school administrators.

The ramifications of the Luzerne County scandal should give pause to all who favor blanket zero-tolerance.

Luzerne County’s “kids for cash” corruption and violation of its children’s rights by school administrators is just one little piece of the government’s war on children. School boards in the US are by and large elected by local constituencies. If a school board is promulgating these abusive policies and actions, the citizens should recall the school board and replace it with one that is willing to fire each and every school employee who harms children in the pursuit of dogmatic zero-tolerance mind control campaigns.

Taking this a step further, Luzerne County should be turned into an example of what a community of parents irate at the abuses inflicted on their children by evil school staff will do to the school boards and school employees involved. If groups such as the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and NEA (National Education Association) see that teachers who abuse the rights of children and collaborate in abuses against them are fired, prosecuted, and blacklisted, perhaps they will get serious about some internal quality control over their union members.

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