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Many children (and adults) often can’t or won’t swallow tablets or capsules, but they still need vitamin D supplements. A couple of interesting options that Costco is now selling include a vitamin D3 liquid product and “gummy vitamin” style vitamin D3 supplements with or without calcium. For kids, I would recommend they take 1 a day, rather than the suggested dose of 2 a day for adults. Some of these are available in certain stores, but for many customers they must be ordered on Costco’s website and shipped to the customer. Here are links to the products:

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Vitamin D3 Plus Fish Oil for Kids

Finally, Purity Products has updated their I.Q. Essentials: Children’s Omega 3 Fish Oil adding 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving. The product uses 5 very small chewable orange-flavored softgels per serving containing 130mg of EPA and 230mg of DHA, a little more than the omega 3 content in many single large fish oil softgels for adults. DHA is essential for brain and nerve development in children, and vitamin D is also suspected to be important for children’s development to prevent autism, multiple sclerosis, and other health problems.

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Purity Products

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