DSS Threatens to Destroy Family Injured by Car Crash

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Lawson Baby Hospitalized After Car Accident

On July 6, 2009, one year old baby girl Noblely Lawson was hit by a car in Charlotte, North Carolina. The driver of the car lost control, claiming that something was in his eye. The car jumped the curb and crossed a sidewalk, slamming into the stroller in which the baby was being walked by her parents, Shane Lawson and Summer Brown. The car struck both her parents, too.

Police suspect that the driver, Bhagwan Sawroop Gagrani, hit the accelerator rather than the brake. After ruling out involvement of drugs or alcohol, they haven’t charged him with any crime. Maybe his involvement in these tragic events was accidental, but this doesn’t solve the problems now faced by the Lawson family due to the crash.

(from As young girl recovers, family’s future is in question)

Noblely Lawson is now on a ventilator in a full-body cast at CMC-Main, but is expected to recover. According to the girl’s father, the car in question jumped off the curb and hit all three family members, throwing Shane Lawson. He found the baby’s mother under the car, and his daughter under her stroller.

Although Noblely was seriously injured, she is expected to recover. Both of her parents are medically recovering, too. You might think that this is a happy ending to a tragic story. But it’s not. Now the family is being wrongfully attacked by the government. The involvement of the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services (DSS) is looking more criminal by the day.

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Abusive Government Agencies Worse than Car Accidents?

Although the family survived the car accident, they may never recover from what the DSS has threatened to do to them. They have told the family they will take the baby away from her parents, thereby destroying the family.

The little girl’s parents are not rich and are not politically connected, but they did manage to put a roof over her head, feed her, and even throw a small 1st birthday party for her. There are no allegations of drug abuse or child abuse.

So why would DSS make such a threat?

DSS’s official response to questions about it:

(from Parents may lose custody of child who survived crash)

Representatives from the Department of Social Services said privacy laws prevent them from saying anything about an active case.

This is standard government obstructionism and cover-up. You may not have personally experienced this, but it is common knowledge for those who have that government employees are gladly willing to violate people’s civil rights and privacy rights by leaking confidential information or even outright lying to harm them.

But when government stooges perceive their abusive actions might be viewed poorly if the truth becomes known, then they say they “cannot comment” to hide their true intentions and actions.

DSS Preys On Poor And Injured Families

DSS has threatened to take the baby away from her parents because they live in a weekly rental motel because of limited financial means. Father Shane Lawson is employed at a Wendy’s restaurant. It is not a high paying job, but at least he’s trying to meet his family’s needs.

DSS claims the amount of medical equipment that will be needed to care for Noblely after the car accident won’t fit in the motel room. Therefore DSS views the home as “unfit” and believes it is “justified” in threatening to take the child away from her family.

Yes, you read that right:

The car crash didn’t kill their family, so DSS will.

Walking along a street on a sidewalk after buying groceries is not a crime nor an unreasonable thing to do in any way. Nobody is alleging that Noblely didn’t have food to eat, didn’t have a home in which to live, and didn’t have loving parents. Yet because the Lawsons are the poor young victims of car accident they did not cause in any way, DSS will persecute them because they are easy targets who are especially vulnerable after the accident. DSS will provide “family services” by destroying their family and US taxpayers will help cover the tab.

Now that people are starting to speak out against this DSS misconduct, comments in local media are appearing alleging that the parents are bad, are “meth heads”, and so forth. These are probably being spread by DSS and their allies as propaganda to bully the Lawson family into submission. Spreading false claims to injure targets is standard practice for “child protection” agencies.

American Government Is Out to Destroy Families

The Lawson family is yet another set of innocent victims of evil out of control American government agencies bent on destroying families for their own gain. How do they gain? Simply put, the US federal government pays them to destroy families under its Title IV funding programs.

Make no mistake, if you are a US taxpayer, you personally are liable for funding what amounts to terrorism against families like the Lawsons. Your money is used to reward those who wrongly harm children and parents and to expand the number of children and families abused by the government.

DSS, CPS, DHSS, DCFS, CWS, CPS = Evil Government Agencies

DSS is one of the many names for the “child protection” agencies engulfing America with family abuse, child abuse, and civil rights violations. They go by names such as Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), Child Welfare Services (CWS), Child Protective Services (CPS), and so forth. Although the names vary, what remains consistent is that workers for these agencies are trained, instructed, and incentivized to harass and abuse children and families for the benefit of their employers. Protecting children or families is the last thing on their minds. Their agenda is obtaining Title IV funding from the federal government by destroying families, an action they euphemistically call “providing services to families.” For every family they destroy, they are financially rewarded by the US federal government.

The Lawson case is just one of many every year that show the true colors of these oppressive child-abusing agencies. Americans who believe in the power of government to do good have been duped by the political propaganda spread by the government to cover its evil-doings.

If the real intent of DSS was to improve the situation for the Lawson family or for daughter Noblely, they would make financial and logistical arrangements to help the family find enough space to live and care for their injured daughter. Perhaps they would also take actions to hold the driver, Bhagwan Sawroop Gagrani, responsible for the medical and financial damages caused by his driving mistakes.

If DSS cared about making good use of taxpayer money, they would be doing this because it would likely be far less expensive for the taxpayers than taking the child away from the family and putting her in foster care or leaving her hospitalized indefinitely.

But the truth is, Mecklenburg County DSS doesn’t care about any of that.

DSS cares about ensuring the continuation of their power to abuse and control others at their whim. Their power to abuse gains them financial support from the US federal government and shuts up most families who are terrified of what DSS will do to them if they speak out against it. It gains them federal funding and a more stable and growing budget to do more family terrorism. It makes the jobs of their corrupt social workers more secure so they can hurt more families and children and help grow the “family services industry” by victimizing as many families as they can.

Mecklenburg County DSS is Corrupt

The threats being made against the Lawson family are just one of many unethical and improper actions that are business as usual for selfish DSS staff in Mecklenburg County. But Mecklenburg County DSS is perhaps worse than many other such agencies.

Recent audits have shown the agency can’t manage its money and has misplaced hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is run by a director Mary Wilson who believes redecorating her office to her personal tastes is a suitable way to spent $25,000 of limited taxpayer funds. And this whole terrorist organization is controlled by the irresponsible Mecklenberg County Board of Supervisors who brush under the carpet any corruption that is disclosed in local media.

(from Spending probe spreads at DSS)

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– A probe of misspending at a Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services Christmas charity has widened across the agency, and officials now say they are unable to say how much money may have disappeared over the years.

The county’s second-largest agency, often a first stop for the community’s poor or neglected, has recently been reorganized. Director Mary Wilson, hired last summer, ordered audits following reports of suspicious spending.

The audits looked at several spending programs and financial practices throughout the department.

Among the findings:

Mecklenburg County officials cannot account for $162,000 in donations meant to buy gifts for needy children. That includes a $10,000 check made out to an employee.

Of the 840 receipts inspected for that program, 799 had problems, including receipts that were altered, whited out or omitted in photocopying.

The Lawson family is up against an evil, lawless, and powerful organization bent on their destruction.

What Can You Do To Help The Lawson Family?

The Lawsons don’t have the money or political connections to fight DSS. They need the help of people around the world who are willing to fight abusive government.

Here’s what you can do to help them:

  1. Pass around this story and others linked below about DSS harming this family. Help put pressure on DSS to leave this family alone.
  2. If you’re in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and have room to spare in your home and room in your heart to help out an abused family, consider offering space for the Lawson family to live while they recover from the car accident and the DSS threats.
  3. If you have some spare money for a good cause, consider donating to help the Lawson family protect their child from DSS and pay for her medical care:

    Donations may be made to the “Noblely Yvonne Lawson Assistance Fund” at any branch of Wachovia bank or they can be mailed to:

    Wachovia Bank, NA
    Attn: Noblely Yvonne Lawson Assistance Fund
    PO Box 26090
    Richmond, VA 23260-6090

    Please make checks payable to the Noblely Yvonne Lawson Assistance Fund c/o the fund’s administrator, David B. Pevney, Attorney at Law, PLLC.

  4. If you know the Charlotte, North Carolina, DSS personnel involved in the abuses against the Lawson family, spread their names and contact information around to as many people as you can. Encourage people to contact these DSS staff to make them personally accountable for their abusive conduct. Telephone them, email them, and fax them to let them know that you do not appreciate their abusive and corrupt behaviors.

    Director Mary E. Wilson
    email: [email protected]
    704-336-2472 (main)
    704-336-6279 (direct)
    704-336-5887 (fax)
  5. Tell everyone you know about DSS being a corrupt and abusive organization that wastes taxpayer dollars and trains its employees to abuse children and families for the financial benefit of DSS.
  6. If you live in Mecklenburg County, vote out the current county supervisors. Talk with your neighbors about the rampant corruption, illicit hiring practices that smack of nepotism and benefit those in power, irresponsible spending, financial “controls” that can’t account for hundreds of thousands of dollars in missing money, and targeting of families like the Lawsons for abuse to obtain financial gain for DSS.

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  1. lisa andrews
    July 28th, 2009 at 15:42 | #1

    I feel for this family My prayers go out to them that justice will prevail. It is not a crime to be POOR. I know I am a poor working single mother.
    My children and I are a victim of DSS in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
    We are left “hanging out on a line” now that DSS here has HELPED us.
    My husband beat my daughter with his fist-has never been charged although DSS knows this- threatened to kill both children repeatedly and has taken all the marital belongings and is holding them hostage on his brother-in-law- the law enforcement officer- property.

  2. david
    February 23rd, 2010 at 19:03 | #2

    I feel for your family…. I know the the pain you’re feeling … I have a friend who is accused of being on drugs which she is not…. Her social worker Cassie Moore is a precocious little self centered bitch. She has been married only a short time with no children of her own. She gets to judge a woman with three children about the way she raises her children. There’s got to be a pay off to DSS. If they adopt out a young three old… I’m going to find the catch … This isn’t about the three year old its about money for that bitch and DSS its the only thing that makes any sense …She/ they need to be stopped … What does DSS get monetarily or the social worker?????. Her ex husband turned her child in the local corrupt DSS bastards. Then he terminated his rights .. All of my friends psychology testing negative…. All drug testing negative… I sat in on her hearing in February ….. It was the sorriest spectacle I’ve ever seen…. One social worker took the stand and she had her head up her ass … couldn’t answer a single question without stammering or studdering… She was a joke… I watched both social workers sitting at their table snickering as the hearing proceeded….. Department of Health and Human Services is suppose to keep families together. My friend has two other children… I can’t even imagine what she will say to her other children if she loses her daughter to these vultures…. DSS/government is out of control ….. I’m contacting Sue Myrick and the rest of our govt until they hear this. My friend is not on drugs if she was I wouldnt be talking to you…She is a warm funny caring mom. This is a witch hunt…..Screw you DSS

  3. david
    February 23rd, 2010 at 19:12 | #3

    DSS is trying to legally kidnap my friend’s child for their own gain… its sick, its disgusting, its immoral…. i understand now why people do drastic things to wake up our government

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