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Springer Publishing Company has announced a new peer-reviewed quarterly journal called Partner Abuse: New Directions in Research, Intervention, and Policy. The editorial board includes noted researchers Donald Dutton, Murray Straus, Richard Gelles, and many others. Click the above link for more information or to subscribe.

The publisher describes the intent of the journal as:

Partner Abuse seeks to advance research, treatment and policy on PA in new directions. A basic premise of the journal is that partner abuse is a human problem, and that the particular role of gender in the etiology, perpetration and consequences of emotional and physical partner abuse cannot be assumed, but rather must be subjected to the same empirical scrutiny as any other factor. Just as treatment decisions ought to be based on sound assessment protocols, policies on partner abuse ought to be based on an understanding of the full range of available research, without regard to political considerations. The journal is therefore open to original research papers and articles on controversial subjects such as mutual abuse, female perpetrators, male victims, alternative types of batterer intervention programs, couples and family counseling, and the limitations of current arrest and prosecution policies such as mandatory arrest and one-size-fits-all” mandated batterer treatment. Contributions are also sought on partner abuse within the LGBT community and among ethnic minority groups.

The subscription prices varies from $120 per year for individuals in the US receiving the PDF version of the journal to $555 per year for libraries outside the US receiving both print and PDF versions.

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