Republicans Fail to Offer Family-Friendly Policy Choices

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With mainstream media regurgitating stories about the demise of the Republican Party, you’d think the Republicans would be working hard to identify issues that would address serious needs and crises that are ignored by the Democratic Party. Yet Republicans seem to be simulating an “ostriches on the beach orgy” when it comes to issues close to the hearts and minds of Americans. These include family issues which the GOP ignores while its members stick their collective heads in the sands of gay marriage and abortion.

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Gay Marriage is Not a Major Issue

For the Republicans and other like-mindless politicians who apparently need remedial basic math classes, let me remind you that if the “10% of society is gay” claim is even approximately true (which could be the case given estimates of between 2% to 13% of society being homosexual), it’s likely the rest of us — approximately 90% — have issues that are more personally important than gay marriage regardless of whether we are for or against it. Republicans apparently believe 90% rounds to 0, so they fail to pay attention to our problems.

Abortion is Not a Major Issue

As for abortion being a major issue, when’s the last time you heard of a man having an abortion? You haven’t? Don’t you think that might be a clue as to why abortion is not a top 10 political issue for most men? In the US, most women don’t have abortions, either. Estimates are that by age 45, around the end of natural child-bearing years, about 1/3 of women have had abortions. So maybe abortion isn’t a top 10 issue for most voting-age women, either.

Litmus Tests for Irrelevancy

Republicans are overjoyed to proclaim how their members must pass the “litmus test” on important issues like gay marriage and abortion. Yet the whole party fails the “relevant political party” litmus test by focusing on issues that are not of major concern to most Americans. It’s time for the party to wake up and get with the picture or deservingly fade into oblivion.

Parent/Child Rights, Child Abuse, and Due Process Are Major Issues

If Republicans would stop beating around the Bush, they might realize that there are critical issues badly handled by the feminist-brainwashed Democrats that matter far more to typical adults than gay marriage and abortion. Perhaps if they would read a bit about these issues and think about the implications, they’d be able to extricate their election results out of the abyss. They could formulate policies to correct widespread family problems and thereby appeal to a large number of voters who already know they have been royally screwed over by the Democratic Party, the lap-donkies of the extreme feminists and their gender warfare campaigns.

For starters, here are several family issues for which solutions would benefit the majority of Americans significantly:

  1. Fix the steady erosion of American civil rights due to abusive legislation that makes accusations punishable without trial. Thinks this doesn’t happen? Read about restraining orders and domestic violence and you’ll see it is commonplace. Make US and state laws comply with the US Constitution as people deserve due process before their lives are irreparably trashed. Terminate VAWA and replace it with a “Violence Against Families Act” that fixes real problems and respects due process rather than promulgating gender warfare, perverting American freedoms and values, and flushing “innocent until proven guilty” down the Congressional toilet.
  2. Roll back the exploding number of false allegations made during separations and divorces involving child custody disputes. These false allegations often devastate their targets and emotionally abuse children by subjecting them to parental alienation, abusive interrogations by police and CPS, and wrongful elimination of one or both parents from their lives. Punish false allegations that are made without reasonable basis for concerns, and punish government employees who violate civil rights in their campaign to persecute the accused without a trial.
  3. Move to remedy the inability to peacefully share children and co-parent because of “family law courts” and inadequate mental health care systems that encourage conflict that results in life-altering abuse of our children at the hands of vindictive parents and meddling overzealous government agents. Eliminate family law courts from most divorces by making mediation and mental health counseling mandatory and the first method of resolving conflicts. More importantly, assign parenting coordinators to all families with custody disputes immediately upon the start of these disputes, and keep them in place until the children all turn age 18. Reward the families who learn to get along by allowing them to work on their disagreements and conflicts themselves. Punish the parents who block visitations and custody exchanges, lie about medical care, and expose their children to dangerous people and living conditions by making them pay for the time of the parental coordinators who have to help the responsible parent fix the mess.
  4. End most child support by passing laws to enable and require parents to share custody of their children except in cases in which it is clearly demonstrable that it would be harmful to the children. Many American states refuse to allow qualified and interested parents to spend much time with their children. Then then force them to pay often outrageous child support awards and then criminalize them for losing their jobs and being unable to pay up during what is now the worst recession in decades. Bizarrely enough, as a percentage of parents ordered to pay child support, there are more “deadbeat moms” than “deadbeat dads.” You’d think the feminists might care about this issue, too, as it is criminalizing women and depriving some of them time with their kids, also. But feminists don’t care about this because they have managed to spread so much misleading propaganda that most Americans know only the propaganda, not the issues. The feminists and the Democratic Party have transformed the “child support crisis” into weapons of mass destruction aimed at the heads of fathers everywhere. If you’re an extreme feminist, wayward detonations that splatter a few women’s innards are “acceptable losses” to exterminate a far large number of men. The rest of us, however, are tired of the gender wars and want them to stop.
  5. Stop the cycles of domestic violence and child abuse by dealing with real root causes such as substance abuse and mental illness. Deal with all but the the most serious substance abuse offenses as medical conditions and spend the dollars now wasted on prisons instead on treatment that would rehabilitate substance abusers and allow them to play positive roles in their children’s lives.
  6. End the financial incentives to states and counties for families to be victimized, attacked, and abused for support payments to CPS agencies. Also end the financial incentives for unequal custody assignments that encourage child support to be awarded so that governments can parasitically skim off a few percent to grow their numbers of employees. Require that 100% of child support dollars go to supporting children, and provide means for parents who must pay child support to ensure that their money is going to benefit their children and not be wasted on fancy clothes and vacations for the vindictive ex-spouse who hauls them into court every year in yet another attempt to terminate their child custody and extract more money from them.
  7. End no-fault divorce. It encourages divorces by making it too easy to throw away marriages and families, often when one of the parties is still willing to work on saving the marriage. Many people may think that “no fault divorce” means that some of the adversarial process in courts is avoided. That’s not the case. If anything, there is even more adversarial conflict.
  8. Require pre-divorce counseling, and require more of it for families with children. Parents need to be prepared to put aside their personal hatred for each other and understand that they will be expected and required to share their children and to ensure their children will not be caught in the cross-fire between them. Today’s methods encourage conflict to erupt into open warfare with the children in the middle of parental and judicial battlegrounds. Not only is this psychologically abusive to the children, it creates huge long-term problems that radically increase long-term government costs dealing with the resulting mess of child abuse, child abduction, teenage pregnancies, juvenile crime, school drop-outs, and all the other negative outcomes frequently brought about by divorces.
  9. Stop enabling people with personality disorders and other destructive mental illnesses to ruin the lives of others. Provide realistic ways to force them to get effective treatment and to stop victimizing their children and ex-spouses. Aim for effective solutions that are compassionate as many, perhaps most, of these sociopathic people are the way they are because of child abuse inflicted upon them and/or genetic problems that they can’t control.

Political Payoff Could Come from Fixing Family Problems

Call me hopelessly optimistic, but perhaps a few politicians actually care about children and families. For the rest, perhaps they can get their minds around winning some votes with real solutions rather than outdated rhetoric. I’m sick of hearing about how gay marriages are going to destroy the universe and that women should have the right to control their own bodies but will go to hell if they don’t chose what somebody else wants them to choose.

The people who are so gun-ho stuck on either extremist end of those debates are small minorities. Most of us are “live and let live” and can realize that although abortion is not a great option, there are cases in which it may be preferable to the other available options and that we’re not the ones to be making those decisions for other people.

Meanwhile, many of us are suffering at the hands of the government and its allies as we’re bankrupted, abused, criminalized, victimized, falsely persecuted and prosecuted, and more for the mistakes of marrying the wrong person or having children with somebody who was abused as a child or suffers from a personality disorder or is just plain vindictive and nasty. And then there are those of us who have suffered the misfortune of being born in the United States, the psychopathic nation where the freedom of personality disorder victims to abuse and terrorize the rest of us is a supreme unalienable right.

If the Republican Party can’t get up the gumption to advance policies to address these real problems affecting typical Americans from all economic backgrounds, then it is worthy of its own demise, just as are all the other political parties with similar failures to perform for their citizens.

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  1. Josh
    June 3rd, 2009 at 19:06 | #1

    I used to think Republicans stood for small government and respecting the law. Bush nixed the small government, he was just like a Democrat with his spending. Of course Obama is even worse…

    Going through a divorce that was started by my nutcase of a wife who has tried every dirty stunt under the sun, I’m thinking getting married in the US isn’t worth the danger. There are so many psycho women who think they own children and can make ex-husbands their eternal financial slaves, and they will not take no for an answer. My wife has had her lover stalk me, committed identity theft against me, filed false DV accusations, false child abuse accusations, slandered me with friends and employers, and done all she can to make my life unbearable. She does this because she won’t accept a 50/50 custody split and because she is a mentally screwed up child abuse victim who has learned how to play victim very well. We’ve been financially ruined, our kids are suffering psychologically, and she just won’t stop her attacks.

    I hear these stories from other friends, too.

    Democrats may get the female vote for women who want to abuse and victimize men. Maybe Republicans should go after the male vote and the votes of women who aren’t child owner/child abuser types and think that perjury and filing false accusations to harm another person is a crime. There are still some of them out there, I hope.

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