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The Parent Custody Blog frequently posts links to news and video clips on topics such as parental alienation, CPS abuses against children, and divorce child custody battles.

The author of the site describe his motivation as follows:

I am a father of three boys. I have one of them living with me as his mother had some “issues”. I am the one with parent custody (placement is the actual correct term here). The other two are living with their mom and I haven’t seen them in about a year and a half due to her new husband and father in law both being lawyers and some mistakes in dealing with her on my part. So obviously in this case she is the one who has parent custody.

One of the problems that I have seen in this system, which has worked both for and against me, is that unless you can afford a lawyer, your rights usually are not enforced. This is something that can be good and bad, but will rarely take into account what is best for the child or children. If both parties are reasonable, they can usually work things out, even if neither is entirely comfortable with the end result. This is usually when both parents are looking out for the child as opposed to their own self-interests.

The flip side of this is that one or both parties are not reasonable. This is far more common, and will usually end with either the person who is able to best afford the lawyer getting their way, assuming it’s not totally outrageous, or an ongoing legal battle in which the children become pawns. Neither of these options are good for the kids more often than not.

People need to learn to drop their agendas, their personal hurts, their own selfish wants and whatever bad feelings are left over for the sake of their kids. This in and of itself would solve a lot of issues when it comes to the parent custody issue. Think about it, and then think of your kids. It can make all the difference in the world.

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