angiemedia Now Using Twitter!

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Use of Our Content (Reposting and Quoting)
April 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

(Click here for more information on our web site features.)

We’re trying out the idea of posting Twitter tweets containing links to our new posts to make it easier for fans of that service to follow our writings and news.

Click on the logo to the left (or upper right of our web page) to visit our Twitter page. Add a comment to let us know if you like it.

We’re using a WordPress plug-in called WordTwit to do this. At first there were there were some technical issue with getting it to work for “local URLs”, so we used the tinyURL service to shorten up the URLs in the tweet. But we came up with a workaround, and are now able to use our own URLs in the tweets.

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