Texas Doctor’s Life Destroyed by Government Abuse

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Tim Emerson, M.D., is a doctor. Or more accurately, was, until the Texas and US governments destroyed his life on behalf of his adulterous lying wife Sacha. She had an affair with her hairdresser and wanted to keep their 4 year old daughter to herself, so in 1998 as part of her divorce tactics to get what she wanted, she falsely accused him of domestic violence. The government was pleased to be able to help her destroy her ex-husband.

Texas and US Federal governments went after him in court on varying charges. The Texas state cases were dismissed. So was the first Federal case. But Janet Reno (of Waco infamy) decided the Clinton Administration should make an example out Dr. Emerson, so they appealed and got a conviction, throwing Dr. Emerson into federal prison for 2.5 years.

After more than 8 years of legal battles, Tim Emerson had been unable to see his young child for more than 5 years. His career had been destroyed, he was near penniless, he had major health problems from the abuses against him, and he was either living in prison or lived as a criminal under draconian rules that made him unable to drive, unable to leave his home between 10pm and 6pm, and unable to work. Yet he was subject to re-arrest and jail time for being unable to make child support payments even though he could not work and the cause was the series of abuses heaped upon him by the governments who targeted him due to false allegations made against him as a divorce tactic.

As of April 2008, Dr. Emerson was out of jail and working as a desk clerk at a hotel. He was nearly broke, in bad health and without medical insurance, and still getting jerked around by the government. He was still hoping to see his daughter Logan again someday.

If you’re falsely accused of domestic violence, you could end up like Tim Emerson, too. Domestic violence allegations are treated as if you are guilty and cannot be proven innocent by many courts and law enforcement agencies. Although this is a violation of the US Constitution, it is but one of dozens of common unconstitutional laws and practices used by liars to “win” divorce cases. These unjust and illegal practices are unlikely to stop because they help make big money for the counties, states, and lawyers.

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