Personality Disorders and Police Abuse

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Often in the course of a relationship with a victim of a personality disorder, the victim will resort to false reports to the police. They do this to establish control over the people around them. They don’t see it as a wrong in their own minds. They believe anything that helps them is right and anything that does not is wrong. They may be unable to determine the reality or truth of a situation as they are so caught up in their mental illnesses and internal pain. So they use others to help them. Police are one of the first targets to be misled and used to attack and control others.

Some police figure this out. Others are readily duped by the personality disorder victim. They cannot see beyond the emotional intensity and take it as an indicator of the truth. They develop “confirmatory bias” in which they believe any bad thing said about the falsely accused by the personality disorder victim. They completely lose their objectivity.

Some of them go even further. They will break the rules, common practices, and even laws to attack the falsely accused. They toss due process out the window. They may lie to many people, even prosecutors and judges. They may resort to threats of violence, threats of law suits, and threats of more investigations. They buy into the distorted world of the personality disorder victim as they are inadequately trained and refuse to listen to and/or examine evidence that contradicts their prejudiced notions.

These cops are abusers and essentially criminals. They should be reported for their incompetence and willingness to engage in unethical and illegal behaviors to victimize the falsely accused on behalf of themselves and the personality disorder victim. They shouldn’t be working as police as they are a danger to others and to their own police departments as well.

The following site contains information on where to report bad police officers in San Diego, California.

Report Bad Cops!

Other areas should have similar methods of reporting police abuse. Search for phrases such as “police internal affairs” and “grand jury” and “attorney general” in your area.

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